5 Ways to Clean a Shower

When we go to the shower to be clean, it’s a thriving haven for grime and mildew too. We all want our shower clean and tidy always. But, is it such easy? It’s definitely yes! But, you have to follow some proper steps to make the process simple. Otherwise, it will be really a tough job to complete. You may be searching for the easiest way to do it!

To help you keep clean your shower, today we are here with our simple and straightforward DIY tips to clean your shower. You just keep an eagle eye and be careful to follow all the instructions properly. You will surely be able to clean it without having trouble. Here we will discuss step by step for your better understanding. So, let’s start!


Before start cleaning, you have to take preparation. Here, I’m sharing some equipment which you will need to apply to the cleaning process:

Shower cleaner: At the beginning, you have to manage a shower cleaner. There are thousands of shower cleaner available in the market. From them, I keep faith in Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner. You can have a try too.

Double-sided sponge: Then, manage a double-sided sponge. In this purpose, it’s best to choose a non-scratching sponge. You should use a good sponge which won’t harm the finishes of the shower.

Microfiber cloths: Collect microfiber cloths to wipe the tub and walls of the shower.

Baking soda: You will need some baking soda to clean the shower. It’s not a must. You will apply if the shower is too much dirty.

Vinegar: If there is a glass door in your shower, you will need some vinegar to clean it. But, you will apply it if the door is heavily-stained. If not, there is no need to apply it.

5 Ways to Clean a Shower

After taking all the preparation, you are ready to go. Here I’m going to share you 5 easy tips to clean a shower. Each and every step is very important to follow to get a clean shower. So, be careful to follow them step by step.

Step – 1

At first, make your shower totally empty. Don’t keep anything inside the shower; you must remove everything. If there is a bath mat, you should remove it too. Do the job gently. Don’t try to remove everything at a time. Otherwise, some equipment may fall from your hand and damage.

Step – 2

If there are curtains in your shower, remove them too. Or you can flip them up over the shower. But, it’s best to remove them from the place. Because when you are cleaning the shower, they may be dirty. Now, after removing everything, spray the shower cleaner on the wall, tile, and tube. Do the job steadily and, spray everywhere of the shower. You should not miss any of the parts of the shower.

Now, wait for 3 to 5 minutes to set the shower cleaner properly. Please remember that the more time you let it sit, the more it will help you to clean the shower perfectly. If there is a glass door on the shower, put some vinegar on the spray bottle and spray it to the glass door gently. You should spray all the door perfectly. Now, let the vinegar to sit.

Step – 3

It this step, you have to take the double-sided sponge you managed. Now, you have to start scrubbing all the walls of the shower with the scrubby side of the sponge. If there is any soap scum on the wall, pour some baking soda (the amount will be about a tablespoon) on the sponge and make it wet with a little water.

Now, you have to squeeze it for 4 to 5 times to get the best output from the baking soda. After squeezing it, scrub the places where there is soap scum. You have to keep doing it until the walls have been cleaned perfectly. Do not hurry! Take enough time to do it. Otherwise, the soap scum won’t be cleaned totally.

Step – 4

After squeezing all the walls, repeat the step 3 for the tub and tile. Remember, if your tub is made of acrylic, you must use the soft side of the sponge, not the scrubby side. Otherwise, the finish of the tub may ruin! For tile, you will use the scrubby side of the sponge.

Now, come to the glass door. Take some vinegar on the soft side of the sponge and make it wet with a little water. You have to squeeze it too. Now, scrub the door gently. You won’t miss any of the parts of the door to scrub.

Step – 5

You are at the last step! In this step, you have to manage hot water. If there is a source of hot water in your shower, take the opportunity. Now, start spraying water on the walls, door, tub, and tile. Spray enough water properly. Continue spraying until the shower is totally cleaned.

Finishing the spraying, take the microfiber cloth you have managed. Now, wipe the walls, door, tub, and tile and dry them properly. This step will take much time. I suggest you take rest for 2 to 3 time while doing it. After completing this job, you are all done! Now, have a look towards the shower, you will see a fresh and clean shower!

Final Verdict

These are the 5 ways to clean a shower. Were they very hard? I don’t think so. Maybe you too! Follow all these steps every time you are going to clean your shower. Hope you have enjoyed the article and the steps we have shared. If you have some tricks to clean the shower, please share with us! We love to hear from you!

Have A Clean Shower! 🙂

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