Best Berkey Water Filters Reviews in 2021 – Tested & Compared

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Whether you live in a conventional home or a domestic on wheels, access to smooth water is critical. For years, few trendy humans have been the use of Berkey’s water filtration device to get rid of toxic chemicals.

Hopefully, on your quest for the fine Berkey water filters system, you find this analytic article helpful. First of all, you want to know what a Berkey water filter is and what does it do? Let’s get to that-

How is a Berkey Water Filter?

The world’s most effective and value-friendly private water treatment machine is a Berkey Water filter gadget.

Gravity water filtration device is engaged inside the elimination of harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria and loads of different water pollution without destroying the critical minerals and without using strength.

Berkey provides alternatives to suit every scale and price range of the family. You can shape this in most kitchens comfortably.

Berkey gadgets may be used outside tenting or uncommon get-together events too. Berkey devices can correctly easy faucet waters from far-flung lakes and rivers, or maybe fresh, untreated waters.

Best Berkey Water Filters Comparison 2021






Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter


1.5 Gallon

Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Filters

Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Filters


1.5 Gallon

Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water Filter


2.75 Gallon

Crown Berkey Water Filter 

Crown Berkey Water Filter 


6 Gallon

Berkey Water Filters Review – 2021 Edition

In this post, we will also talk approximately the 4 best Berkey water filters for your house and exterior at the side of the information one needs to understand approximately the use of Berkey water filters. Names are highlighted below:

1. Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter
1.5 Gallon Capacity
Powerful Purification
Economical & Long Lasting

The Berkey gravitational water clear out is lightweight and built for use on the domestic and outdoor lane. It is 18 inches long and 7.5 inches in diameter, making it easy to carry it through wearing or through the vehicle.

However, the clear-out has two chambers that can be disassembled quickly for even extra portability. Each of the chambers has a complete of 1.5 gallons.

It is healthy enough for 2-three human beings to drink all day, as the average weight loss plan in step with the person according to today is 0.5 gallons.

The filter out will, of course, serve greater users as long as you still fill the tank. Remember that however, the water float is very slow, so in case you are a large party, then you can find two of them.

This water filters out is thought for its resilient features, the Black Berkey Purification Elements set. It facilitates the filter no longer most effective eliminate stable impurities, but also microscopic organisms along with protozoa and viruses.

This additionally functions well with the elimination of heavy metals, consisting of zinc, arsenic, and chromium. Its filtration functionality applies handiest to ibuprofen, triclosan and acetaminophen inorganic, and prescription narcotics.

  • It requires no electricity.
  • Easy installation technique.
  • Reliable in a time of porting.
  • Long-period lasting and price range-friendly.
  • Eliminates a good deal contaminant of water.
  • Long-period lasting and price range-friendly.

Q) Is it smooth to smooth?
 Yes. You don’t require to clean it frequently.

Q) Are the Filters BPA free?
: Yes.

Q) How well arsenic has filtered the use of it?
Ans: It is one in every of the first-class in that case.

2. Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black

Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Filters
Holds 1.5 Gallons of Water
Includes 2 Black Berkey Filters
Best for Avid Camper or Outdoorsman

A compacted tool that is ideal for use for the duration of transportation and all other events outdoors or unforeseen emergencies is a Transportation Berkey water filter out. Because the Travel Berkey water filter out can be the smallest unit, the overall performance of the water purification is quite effective.

Its production standards would follow the category necessarily. This tool is answerable for critically eliminating loads of contaminants: microbes and viruses, heavy metals inclusive of lead and arsenic, VOCs and harmful materials along with benzene, chlorine and chromium-6, pesticides, and prescription narcotics and more.

You can take your personal on holiday with you; you’ll in no way think approximately the safety and purity of water. So, hurry to get a Berkey on your safety, consolation, and pleasure!

  • Easy installation.
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable and very tons reliable.
  • Providing 2 Berkey filters and a couple of fluoride water filters.
  • It can serve as much as 30-60 human beings a day for the duration of any emergency.
  • Take 2 hrs. For filtration according to the gallon.

Q) Will it filter fluoride and chorine?

Q) How lengthy it’s going to take to filter the entire gallon?
 It will take 8-10 hours.

3. Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification
2.75 Gallon Capacity
Remove 99.999% of Viruses
Powerful Water Purification System

The Berkey Light machine is a low weighing solution for domestic use, cycling, outside and unexpected circumstances. This efficient system cleanses filtered water and untreated wastewater from distant reservoirs, ponds, polluted swimming pools and availability of water.

The Berkey Light is a copolyester that does not keep or leave horrific fumes on the drink, which does now not produce BPA / BPS. It is seen to evaluate easily the quantity of water within the pinnacle bottle.

The Black Berkey purification additives encompass self-sterilization and re-cleaning factors that purify water via the removal of pathogens, viruses, cysts and parasites and the elimination of dangerous chemicals, along with herbicides, pesticides, VOC, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes.

The price of the brand’s stainless-steel versions is smaller, more compact and lightweight. The unit also grants the equal exceptional of filtered water as according to the filtration functionality. The device may be bought separately with PF-2 filters.

  • Can serve up to 5 peoples per day.
  • It requires no strength and plumbing.
  • The huge ability of 2.75 gallons is provided.
  • Resistant and essentially unbreakable piece.
  • A pair of Black Berkey purification elements can last up to 6,000 gallons until a Berkey water filter replacement is needed.
  • Filtering sluggish down after using 2 years.

Q) Can lead elements to be filtered?
It removes all viruses and microorganisms because it says on their website.

Q) Do I need to shop for fluoride water filter out one at a time?

Q) Will it exchange the taste of water?
 Since it’ll filter out chloride cloth it will exchange a bit.

4. Crown Berkey Water Filter With 2 Black

Crown Berkey Water Filter With 2 Black and a pair of PF2 Fluoride Filters
6 Gallon Capacity
Designed for of 35+ People
Powerful Water Purification System

The flexible Crown Berkey tool is suitable to be used of small and massive communities, inside the domestic, schools, orphanages in hospitals, out of doors sports activities or in unexpected circumstances.

The efficient gadget cleanses each filtered water and untreated uncooked water from far-flung reservoirs, streams, polluted wetlands and abounding water in many nations, wherein environmental laws can be at the least non-standard.

Great for outside sports activities and a need to where power, water control or water remedy is not possible in a hostile environment. This device is so sturdy that it may extract meals from the water without the assistance of the frame’s minerals.

It can hardly be duplicated by way of any different device. Completed with 2 purification modules, liquored filters and using the ultra-modern developments in technology, the tool is made from finely polished 304 stainless-steel.

This machine has a complete capability of about 6 gallons and is in height 30” whilst operating. The higher chamber nests for transportation in the decrease chamber and is most effective 20″high. The gadget will purify as much as 6.5 gallons an hour whilst equipped with Black-Berkey purification additives.

The water filters out Berkey fluoride (PF2) factors perform with the aid of the addition of fluoride, Pre-oxidized Arsenic III, Arsenic V, MTBE and different heavy ionic metals.

The following contaminants can also be extracted. The fluoride reduction factor can also be used to monitor managed dangerous pollution when directly threaded into the Black Berkey purification elements.

This technique can also be generalized to include eight purification elements. This is one of the best Fluoride water filters currently on market

  • Can serve up to 5 peoples per day.
  • It requires no strength and plumbing.
  • The huge ability of 2.75 gallons is provided.
  • Resistant and essentially unbreakable piece.
  • A pair of Black Berkey purification elements can last up to 6,000 gallons until a Berkey water filter replacement is needed.
  • Filtering sluggish down after using 2 years.

Q) Does it come with a spigot?
Yes, but you need to buy sight glass yourself.

Q) How the filter outlasts?
It relies upon to your uses. From the beginning, it’s a long-lasting product.

Q) What approximately the plastic used in the spigot part? Are the reasonably-priced or reliable?
 They are the first-rate in best. Much reliable.

There are extra records and manuals you want to realize before replacing or shopping for a brand new filter to your use. So, DON’T SKIP anything READ carefully.

Why to Pick Berkey Water Filter?

Air is processed with many additives, such as fluorides, as is the case for other large metropolises. We required a water filtration device to get rid of fluoride and different dangerous contaminants from the water.

Berkey devices can filter out ordinary consuming water quickly or maybe contaminated raw waters without the use of strength from far-flung lakes or streams.

By extracting the precious nutrient minerals required to preserve a balanced body and mind, Berkey destroys microbes, viruses, Chloris, poisons, herbicides, fluorides, and different unhealthy pollutants. It takes just about cents in line with a gallon to purify the gas.

How Lengthy Does it Take for Berkey to Filter Water?

If the chamber is filled to the rim, ideally, it can pump three, five gallons an hour if it has 2 black Berkey filters. But the flow price also drops because of the water pressure within the top falls. Which is why it’s miles fine to pinnacle it up and pinnacle it again and once more.

And if it’s tour Berkey then it might take 2-three hours to filter out water.

How Long Does Berkey Water Filter out Remaining?

Berkey’s website reviews that the envisioned existence of the filter(s) can be calculated. Take the number and multiply it by 3000 to your precise unit, which offers your filters the full lifestyles span of gallons.

The filters are predicted to ultimate around eight years with no less than 6000 gross gallons of lifestyles used at 2 gallons a day.

What Does the Berkey Water Filter Put Off?

Filters from Black Berkey kill or lower pathogenic microorganisms, cysts, fungi, viruses, trihalomethanes, prescribed drugs or any of the inorganic products, such as ammonia, VOCs, sediments, and rust.

Smells and bad tastes also are eliminated.
This blanketed fluoride filters out calls for pre-oxidized arsenic III and arsenic V, fluoride in addition to heavy metals and MTBE to be eliminated.

But it won’t strip all of the treasured minerals from the stream, unlike many of its competitors, and you can be assured that you select a filter device that supplies a better taste stream.

How to Set Up a Berkey Water Filter?

The calibration of the Berkey takes me one hour. The Berkey looks similar to two stainless-steel tubes, few filters, and adapters in the box. With a set of complete instructions, the program was nicely designed to make the setup simple, but the time consumed.

The first step is sizable washing. The next step is the assembling of parts which include water jelly and fabric. All filters are prepared in the time-consuming stage. If you don’t purchase your Berkey, I strongly advocate shopping for the priming tool. It streamlined my life and avoided problems with no longer printing the filters correctly.

The coated filters work through nozzles and rubber washers into the pinnacle tube. Place a few red meals coloring within the water. To ensure that it’s far safe, take a look at the filtered water.

Note: As filters are screwed to the top of the tube, the fittings become filled with priming water and maintain to drip. That’s good. Don’t let the filters sit for too lengthy or re-priming is required.

If the Berkey has been mounted, apply multiple gallons of water to the pinnacle container. We located that the primary few gallons, most likely from the filters, had a mild flavor for it. Since we first began using Berkey, we brought the fluoride filters. The black Berkey filters are installation these days for our Travel Berkey.

How to Smooth Berkey Water Filter?

Firstly, it’s far crucial to clean the filter out factors periodically. How a lot does it rely upon the consistency and length of your feed supply?

When you already know that processing a sure quantity of water is lots longer, it’s far truly time for another round of washing. Filters that are typically obstructed are also black factors, and you will deal with them. Only take them out of your gadget and smooth their exterior with a broom or pad.

Essentially, rub the exterior coating taking all the impurities off. The method is not overly complicated and doesn’t take more than multiple minutes. When done, re-prime every filter earlier than reinstalling it. Another tip that we stumbled upon in a discussion board is to apply a vegetable peeler and peel away a thin outside layer under strolling water.

Washing the lower chamber with soapy dishwater approximately monthly is probably an awesome idea, as nicely. And if you stay in a place with very difficult water, it can manifest that the spigot will clog up so you will remove it and soak it in vinegar to get off all of the scales.

Where To Buy Berkey Water Filter?

You should purchase a Berkey water filter from any water filter save or you could purchase on Amazon. But ensure all the accessories given to it before buying. For me online ought to be a great choice. In there you can test and discover every viable review about a certain product.

Final Verdict

I agree with this business enterprise and I recognize even more folks who swear through their Big Berkey review. The initial charges may be a bit drawback, but Big Berkey is huge funding in lengthy-time period sustainability, and plays considerably higher than a Brita and is full of the identical lifetime. And low maintenance. Then low maintenance.

The incentive is preliminary Berkey’s which is promised all the time with maximum tranquility. It’s worth every cent in my mind. You and your family deserve to drink pure untreated water and the Big Berkey makes the kid’s water a breeze. I without a doubt suggest having your very own Berkey if that sounds interesting to you.

I desire that this Berkey water filter review was pleasing to you. When you have an issue, proposal or non-public analysis, go to the list. If there may be any query, allow me to know and I’m going to try and support you.

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