Best Extreme Tools Box Reviews 2021 – Tested & Compared

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Whether it is a professional execution of your workshops or simple DIY work, the correct Extreme Tools kit mostly matters. A highly geared toolkit is a must-have from a handset to a practitioner. These boxes ranged from the simplest jack or a screwdriver to more powerful instruments.

In mending and fixing almost anything, they are very helpful, not only in businesses but at home. It is therefore important that practically every house has the right toolbox for that matter.

Top Rated Extreme Tools Box in 2021

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7 Best Extreme Tools Box Reviews 2021- Experts Choice

In these extreme tools box review, we will discuss the greatest toolbox available in the online market which you can get.

1. Extreme Tools EX7217RCBL 17 Drawer Tools Box

Size: 72 in width
Shape: Rectangle
Material: Steel/aluminum
Finish: High gloss powder coat

Extreme tools are well-known tools for the release of top-quality toolboxes. However, unless you encounter Extreme Tools EX5611RCBL you will never enjoy all they have to offer for your use. The Professional Tool Box Extreme Tools Series provides you the finest storage capability.

There is plenty of storage in the Professional Triple Bench 17 Drawer roller case. In creating the things, you desire, we have taken considerable attention. This toolbox has exclusive features that are not available elsewhere, which provide you the hardest money possible.

High Quality built: Extreme Tools EX7217RCBL provide quality products at the most affordable costs that’s why it’s one of the top rated extreme tools box. This product from conventional toolboxes to top-of-the-line tool chests is made to the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. This not only has better designs and features but also costs less than half as much as other large competitors selling the same size toolbox.

Dual steel wall drawers: The double-drawer steel wall front design adds strength to each drawer while also concealing tool dents in the interior. The drawer’s back panel is meant to be sturdy, allowing it to handle the additional weight without sagging or flexing. All drawers are fully extensible and have super heavy-duty ball-bearing slides that can support up to 600 pounds per drawer.

Smooth Aluminum pulls: The drawer pulls are coated in metal and feature a professional look chrome side trim. Additional unbelievable characteristics include EVA drawer tubular high-density liners and key locks, as well as a heavy-duty steel building.

  • Rigid back panel.
  • Front drawers are made with double steel.
  • Aluminum and rust-resistant drawer handle.
  • Full extended 30-inch-deep cabinet installed.
  • Locking system installed on wheels and handling.
  • No cons yet.

2. Extreme Tools (EXTRX412511RCBL) 11-Drawer Tools Box

Base Type: Casters
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 384 pounds
Size: 41-1/2"W x 25"D x 40-1/2"H

The Former Professional Tool Box offers the greatest storage of tools and make it the best extreme tools box. In creating the things, you desire, we have taken considerable attention.

This professional drawer roller cabinet contains distinctive patented features which are not available anywhere else and which are the most suitable for your hard-earned money.

There is room for everything, regardless of whether you have a screwdriver and ratchet or a 48-inch pry bar. If it’s time to lock, you may go away knowing that your coded tube lock protects and secures your instruments.

Dual steel drawers: Each drawer is strengthened by our steel wall double drawer design and is hidden from tools. The drawer’s rear panel is intended to maintain stiffness so that the drawer can handle the additional weight without bending or flex. With 300 – 600 lbs. Slide per drawer, all drawers are completely extensible

Smooth and secured drawer motion: The 30″ deep roller cabinet includes an automatic spring heel action that makes it possible for the locking heel to move to the locking bar for additional security and smoother drawer motion. For fast access, the toolbox features a single lock design. Offering a lockable safety drawer to keep your valuables secure while you open the rest of your toolbox.

Dual welded channel: The bottom of each drawer is reinforced by dual-channel spot-welded support brackets to prevent shrinkage. Strong, sturdy, top sub-weld box. Its innovative modular drawer design makes it possible to rotate and alter the drawer arrangement to meet your needs.

  • Steel frame built.
  • Lockable safety drawer.
  • Anodized aluminum handle.
  • Dual steel front drawer setup.
  • Fully Chemical and stain-resistant.
  • No cons identified yet.

3. Extreme Tools EX5511RCBK 11-Drawer Tools Box

Weight: 872 Pounds
Material: Steel/aluminum
Size: 55 x 30 x 46.38 inches
Finish Type: High gloss powder coat

Professional 11 drawer roller storage roller tool case is a 14-gage heavy durable AKZO powder coated stainless steel frame with high gloss. Deep drawers of 25 inches optimize the potential for storage. Big and long drawers are provided by the full width, deep, and deep drawers. The revolutionary rapid release and the entire width of elastic and polished metal include the self-locking drawer pulls. Drawers employ complete ball-bearing diaphragms.

Gloss powder coated: The surface is covered with a high glitter powder developed to ensure the toolbox is resistant to chemical agents, stains, and scratches.

Spacious Drawers: This toolbox is equipped with 11 spacious drawers with 100 lbs. sliding extension rates. Under the top deck, there is also a further storage compartment.

Heavy-duty construction: EVA drawer liner with high density, key system, and tubular encoded lock, and high-duty construction of steel. The drawer pulls are polished with aluminum and have a professional loo chrome side trim.

  • 11 large drawers.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Aluminum drawer pulls.
  • Chemical and stain-resistant.
  • Price is higher compare with the features.

4. Extreme Tools pws4100txbk PWS Series Tools Box

Material: Steel/aluminum
Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds
Size: 41 x 17.38 x 21.5 inches
Finish: Textured powder coat

Portable workstation Extreme Tools PWS 41 in Black is a powerful storage device. This tool chest may be relocated for optimum adaptation with a portable design. It is a 16 Gauge steel building with welded seams for heavy use which is ideal for your garage.

Sturdy Key rack: Holds and organizes the most important instruments with a key rack that holds 17 SAE, 22 keys, or deep plug connectors. The tray lifts to further storage of tools below, Lockable lid secures instruments when it is closed when unhooked for easy access, gas spring lifts the lid.

Gloss powder coated: This tool storage system has a textured gloss powder coat surface with scratch-resistant qualities that protect the device from usage and tears.

USB connectivity and keylock installed: This USB-connected tool chest is designed to ensure that your tool is prepared and ready for work to be carried out. This portable workstation has a key lock that can be used to secure tools.

  • Lockable lid.
  • Powerful rack.
  • Heavy-duty side handle.
  • 2 USB connectivity strips.
  • 16-gauge steel construction.
  • All types of weather-resistant.
  • No cons.

5. Extreme Tools RX722519RCBL Rx Series Tools Box

Size: 27 x 25.5 x 47 inches
Material: Steel/aluminum
Finish: High gloss powder coat
Weight Capacity: 2000 Pounds

Extreme Tools RX Series D 19-Drawer Rolling Cabinet RX722519RC provides you vast storage and functionalities in a professional toolbox. This gigantic roller case boasts 3 extra-long drawers with increased internal strength to prevent those massive drawers from being distorted or twisted.

PVC coated MVF: Each drawer uses fully extended 150 lbs. to 300 lbs. per drawer bearing slides. To make the PVC drawer linen and a PVC-coated MDF work area on top of the toolbox look amazing.

12-gauge steel built: You can truly load it with tools, thanks to a highly robust 12-gage steel lower frame and our patented Mag Wheel Casters. Quick Release drawer pulls hold cupboards closed even if you move your cabinet.

Quality and budget-friendly: This huge casing offers you plenty of storage space at an economic price with the certainty of the quality of Extreme Tools.

  • Full extended ball bearing slides.
  • 12-gauge steel frame construction.
  • Quick-release self-latching drawer pulls.
  • Solid sturdy aluminum drawer with trims.
  • Not that durable like other toolboxes.

6. Extreme Tools ex5511rcbl 11-Drawer Tools Box

Size: 55 x 30 x 46.38 inches
Finish: High gloss powder coat
Weight Capacity: 2500 Pounds
Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum

The ultimate tool storage is provided with extreme tools, ex-professional toolbox series. In creating the things, you desire, we have taken considerable attention. The professional 55″ 11 drawer roller shelf contains exclusively patented features that cannot be found elsewhere and will give you the most for your hard-earned money.

Double steel wall: From double steel wall pitches to a locking safety tube, to an 11-gage steel frame with a capacity of 300 lbs. to 600 lbs.

Secure locking: The locking safety drawer protects your valuables even if you unlock the rest of your instrument box. Security locker with a code tube lock to protect and safeguard your stuff.

Rigid back panel: The drawer panel is specifically constructed for stiffness so that the drawer holds greater weight without bending or bending. Dual-channel spot-welded support brackets strengthen the lower panel on the underside of each drawer and avoid slumping. Top soldering maintains a strong and solid top of the box.

  • Strong built frames.
  • Extendable drawers.
  • Highly secure locking system.
  • Patented double steel wall drawers.
  • Aluminum polished rust-resistant box.
  • The top work surface of 18-meter stainless steel.
  • No cons yet.

7. Extreme Tools EX2404SCBL Tools Box Cabinet

Material: Steel/aluminum
Size: 24 x 30.88 x 63.38 inches
Finish: High gloss powder coat
Weight Capacity: 1800 Pounds

Boxes and accessories of the Extreme Tools EX Professional Series have been engineered to last for life. The strongest shelf cabinet you’ll discover is the Extreme 4 Drawer 2. It is fully constructed with a highly robust bracket that tabs underneath the roller case. All four drawers and two racks employ slides that may be easily stored and accessed by your tools and your goods.

4 drawer and 3 shelf cabinet: This 24-inch 4 and 3-shelf side cabinet is completely constructed and provides an extraordinary load capacity of 1800 lbs. The 30-inch-deep version is equipped with a heavy-duty bracket attaching both to the side cabinet and the cabinet so that extra casters are not required. On the market, you really won’t find a greater value.

Mountable in both direction: The cabinet may be fitted to the left or the right, and the cabinet door may be fitted to swing left or right for optimum flexibility. In addition, two of the three racks may be entirely adjusted – you may modify their location, set up the cabinet for bigger or smaller products.

Tubular coded lock system: Lock in this ultra-strong side case any sort of tools and parts. You may also use the tube-coded lock system to be identical to your roller case. Furthermore, racks and drawers are placed on high-quality, load-rated slides up to 300 lbs.

  • 3 Adjustable shelves.
  • Premium PVC drawer liners.
  • 5 full extendable Large drawers.
  • Includes high-density EVA non-slip coating.
  • Sturdy bracket mounted on both sides of the case.
  • Expensive.

What to Look Before Buying Extreme Tools Box

We assess a range of elements in instrument chests. At last, the desired product influences our choices in the end. We also run these in other fields to see their thoughts and to receive their comments. We feel we have a list after comparing with many extreme tools box review on which you can depend and trust once we are through.

Why use a toolbox

A tool or storage box provides a simple and practical storage area to hold tiny goods. Although most toolboxes are not benched arms, they are suitable for ordinary tool storage and protection with basic locks and latches.

The medium toolbox is sufficiently secure to prevent the most motivated theft. Some toolboxes sit over the bed floor, so you may make use of the space above to transport additional or more problematic goods.

Most Popular Types of Toolbox That You Should Considered

There are more types but these 3 types tools box one of the most used of all.

Saddle type: This is perhaps the oldest type of truck toolbox. This pattern stretches over the bed from one side of the bed to the other and floats over the floor.

Side mount type: Ladder-mounted truck boxes frequently run the truck bed length while keeping the middle. This style is good for caravans and casing boards, especially if the box is under the bed railway line.

Chest toolbox: You would have the fundamental elements of a low-profile chest-style camper if you were to take a standard garage toolbox and set it in a pickup bed. Chest boxes normally sit on the floor of the bed and might provide extra room for tools at the price of a single bedroom.

Reliability and Durability

Everyone doesn’t like cheap instrument cabinets with sloppy drawers or slender, rugging metal. Therefore, you get no suggestions how many people are giving them high user ratings don’t matter. You’ve chosen the wrong product if you are concerned if you can slam a drawer closed or if it holds the locking mechanism over time.


The style and structure of their garage equivalents are echoed in the truck toolboxes. As with ordinary toolboxes, aluminum, steel, and plastic are typical materials for truck boxes. The material you need depends on your safety and mobility requirements. Plastic and aluminum materials are quite lightweight, but steel is the greatest material for weather and robbery.


The correct size of a toolbox for a truck is enough room to fit within the lorry itself. Many boxes have a restricted width, but you may find a certain diversity of lengths and depth between the bed rails of different model trucks. For truck bed tool bins, most full-size trucks are more universal.


A toolbox is not simply for transporting instruments; it is also utilized as an easy to obtain storage alternative. To avoid tools becoming piled, the storage of large tools requires compartments, drawers, cubbies, and trays. You don’t want your nails and bolts lost between hammers and clamps.

Furthermore, detachable trays are preferable to a larger tool, with removable trays being removed, which provides additional room. The more flexible, the better.


Some tool chests include tons of narrow drawers that are good for tiny clamps and drivers. A decent combination is our preference. The style you pick should, however, govern your demands. Automotive processing often favors a greater number of smaller drawers that house all the specialized selections, wrenches, and hand tools that simplify their work.

Weather protection

In addition to organizing, the major purpose of a toolbox is protection. In addition to robbery prevention, the weather is the finest protection that a toolbox can give.

In the form of excellent external materials and an effective seal of the weather, weatherproof protection is provided around the seams. Rain and a few hail impacts or corrosion from water can be kept from the best choices.

Take a look at stainless steel boxes and high-performance aluminum toolboxes with a good powder cover for optimal protection against corrosion.

Locking system

Robbery prevention, as the inherent security in contained cargo compartments like trunks, is an important element of lorry beds in general. A high-quality, fluid-locked toolbox makes it harder to open the lid to prevent casual robbers from taking the goods within it.

On extreme tool Boxes, we adore the safety lock-out. More than one drawer can’t be opened at a time. This stops the box from always knocking on you. This is not a feature you get in lower-cost boxes, so if you go high-end you get a little more for your money.


Budget toolboxes are generally designed with no fills. Most of the alternatives in this category of boxes are basic, compact boxes, often without locks and an interior structure. In their design, intermediate boxes tend to add additional comfort and organizational elements. In this field also, most professional-use boxes begin.

Ultimate toolboxes are primarily intended for professional applications where the misuse of throwing equipment might ruin lower choices. The $2000 mark boxes tend to provide the room and internal structure.

Important FAQ of Extreme Tools Box

Q: Is an Extreme Tools Box reliable?

Ans: Extreme tools in quality toolboxes provide amazing and most competitive prices. All its products come from basic toolboxes to its top-of-the-line chests with the highest quality and attention to detail. They are hence trustworthy.

Q: Who makes the best Tools Box?

Ans: There are presently numerous brands that produce good quality and work toolboxes. But Extreme Tools produce the greatest toolboxes, in my view.

Q: Is it a good decision to buy Extreme Tools Box?

Ans: Chaos are created in the market for their features, quality and durability by extreme toolboxes, therefore it is a smart choice to acquire and replace an extreme toolbox with your old toolboxes.

Q: Where to buy Extreme Tools Box?

Ans: Extreme Toolboxes are available on both the Online and Offline markets. You can easily get it on Amazon.

Q: How much does an Extreme Tools Box cost?

Ans: Cost matters on various points. There are a variety of toolboxes at various prices. There are tools on low range from $500-$1000, Mid from $1000-$2000 and there are also expensive products from $2000 up to $4000. They vary in features and quality.

Final words

An excellent toolbox that meets your needs never deceives. And the winner for the best toolbox would be Extreme Tool Box. Extra Large Tough System if we were to select our favorite brand, we would choose the Extreme toolbox for sure.

For its huge storage capacity and several drawers and compartments, it takes the crown. Thanks to the separators, you would never spend time seeking a certain tool.

Presently, the Extreme Rolling Tool Box is the finest one to seek for a toolbox on wheels. The large storage capacity makes it easier to move through very heavy equipment and the wheel.

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