Best Oscillating Tool 2020 & 2021 -Comparison, Reviews & Experts Guide

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The oscillating tool is a quick fixture. Not only the DIYers but also the carpenters, mechanic or a handyman are fond of this versatile multipurpose oscillating tool.

Whether you need to trim down a wooden item, flush cut, sanding or cleaning grout, you can use the oscillating tool however you want. But, how do you find the Best Oscillating Tool?.

As a result, it has been very difficult to identify the top oscillating tool from the thousands. You need to spend a lot of time researching and reading the oscillating multi tool reviews.

Spending around 40 hours on research and conducting different oscillating tool comparison, we have finally picked the best oscillating multi tools for you. To help you invest your money in the best product, here, we have included 8 great quality oscillating multi tool reviews with all the details.

Further, followed by the oscillating tool review, we are providing you additional important information about what oscillating tool is, its types, purposes, how to use and the must-have features to consider to guide to take the right decision.

So, let’s find out the three of the top rated and best-selling oscillating tools’ reviews first!

Top Rated Oscillating Tools 2021 – Comparison






DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit



PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool

PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool



Rockwell Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell Oscillating Multi-Tool



Dremel Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel Oscillating Tool Kit



Makita Oscillating Tool

Makita Oscillating Tool



Best Oscillating Tool Reviews – Editor’s Guide

At first, we are going to introduce you to the top quality oscillating tool 2021 from renowned brands. These devices are not only great for multiple tasks but also highly recommended by the DIYers.

Actually, through our research, we have identified that these tools also come with advanced features and versatility and from renowned brands. So, there is no doubt about their performance and quality! Having full confidence in mind, you can choose any of the below-listed product for your personal or DIY purpose!

If you are excited about knowing which are top rated oscillating tools in the market, keep reading!

1. DEWALT DCS355D1 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

DEWALT DCS355D1 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Strong & Durable
Variable Speed Trigger
Ensure  Accurate Cutting

If you are a regular buyer of tools and accessories, then you must have heard about Dewalt. It’s the topmost brand that produces the quality oscillating tool kit for the DIYers and professionals.

It’s a multi-purpose tool that you can use for sanding, scraping, grouting and cutting materials.

Even though it’s a cordless tool, the battery life is long enough to work for hours on large projects. The package comes with many accessories that you can use for versatile tasks.

Moreover, the quick changing accessory system allows you to switch between different tasks by inserting the required blade in it.

To be specific, you don’t need a wrench to replace the kit. Nevertheless, the device comes with an LED light so that you can comfortably work during night or dark areas.

Also, for easy and convenient storage, the toolkit series come in a storage bag. You can keep the items organize and don’t worry about losing them while using.

Are you wondering about performance? Well, the device not only gives you the freedom to control the speed but also comes with a comfortable grip to work efficiently for long hours. The device also promises to provide 57% more operating time compared to the brushless tool.

The DEWALT DCS355D1 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit is considered to be one of the finest cordless oscillating tools by the professionals and hobbyist. So, you can definitely purchase this tool for small to large projects without any doubt.

  • Dual grip for comfortable holding
  • Features quick-change accessory system
  • Useful for sanding, cutting, scrapping, and grouting
  • Contains LED light, 2.0 Ah battery, and brushless motor for an increased runtime
  • High price

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Cutting Faster
Easy Blade Changing 
Powerful 3-Amp Motor

For the second choice in the review, we have chosen this corded multi toolkit by Porter Cable. It’s also a renowned brand for manufacturing innovative and outstanding quality tools and accessories. In continuation, Porter Cable present to you the best multi tool cutter which contains 31 accessories. Let’s discover its outstanding features!

Since it’s a corded oscillating tool, you can use it for professional purposes as well. Not only that, the device runs on 3 Amp motor so that you can complete your work quickly and efficiently. The motor is so powerful that it can oscillate the tool 10,000 to 20,000 oscillation per minute.

So, you can clearly imagine how amazing the performance of the tool will be! Similar to Dewalt DCS355D1, this oscillating tool is also designed with quick change accessory system. It means you don’t need any additional tools like bolts and wrenches to change the blades.

However, the device is a bit large, you may need some time to adjust the blades and get used to with it.

So, if you are looking for an oscillating toolkit that has the professional features and durability, then you should go for the corded PCE605K Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit by Porter Cable. Trust us, it will give you the perfect finish in less time.

  • Includes a 10 feet cord and 31 accessories
  • Easy and quick tool-free blade change system
  • Features a 3-Amp motor for fast and efficient cut
  • Comfortable grip ensured by 3 positions on the front, middle and rear
  • Need extension cords for long range

3. Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool
Power Motor
Variable speed 
Precision Control

For the third of oscillating tool, we have picked another best rated oscillating multi tools by a trustworthy brand Rockwell. Don’t be upset looking at the number of accessories.

Even though it comes with 10 accessories, it’s a unique tool that comes with 1 ton of clamping force. It helps to minimize the risk of blade slipping during work. Now, let’s find out the other specifications!

How versatile this toolkit is? It’s one of rare oscillating tool that comes with two oscillating angles. It can oscillate at 5.0 and 3.4 degrees that the user can choose to work on their suitable angle.

This feature is essential also to accelerate the working speed and efficiently conduct the aggressive cuts. So, if you are working on hard materials, you can definitely use this oscillating tool.

Moreover, you can also use the device for short work such as cross-cutting, ripping, plunge cuts or trim door jambs.

This heavy-duty oscillating tool can also cut the metal pipes, remove adhesives, paint or caulk effectively. Nevertheless, you will be amazed to know that the variable speed of this device ranges from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute.

So, you can easily control and choose the speed as your project need. If you are thinking to buy a great quality corded oscillating tool that gives you the control and safety at the same time, you can consider purchasing this Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool. It has all the extraordinary features that quality tool should have.

Additionally, the clamping force gives you the security you desire. So, what are you waiting for! Grab it before the stock is out!

  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Contains 4.2-amp powerful motor
  • Variable speed ranges from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute
  • Features duo tech oscillation technology with a versatile oscillation angle
  • Comes with easy, quick and secured Hyperlock tool-free blade change system
  • Poor vibration control

4. Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit
High Performance 
Easier Accessory Changes
Throughout Toughest Materials

Here is another corded oscillating toolkit we would suggest you consider. The Dremel MM40 is a multipurpose tool that comes with a powerful motor and a good number of accessories.

You can comfortably use this device from small to large, personal to commercial purposes. Let’s see what else it has got for you!

Besides the 3.8-amp motor, this can oscillate to 3.2 degrees. It’s more than enough to comfortably use for DIY projects.

Moreover, similar to the top three oscillation tool, this tool also comes with a quick blade change feature that will faster your work process and saves your time.

It’s a powerful tool that comes with all the user-friendly features you need. If you are looking for an oscillating tool for cutting woods, drywall, grinding, sanding or scraping, you can definitely consider purchasing this Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit for daily use.

  • Quick-Lock accessory change interface
  • Separate power on/off switch and speed setting
  • Useful for cutting, grinding, sanding, and scraping
  • Contains 3.8-Amp motor with 3.2 degrees of oscillation
  • Poor vibration control

5. Makita XMT03Z 18V Makita Oscillating Tool

Makita XMT03Z 18V Makita Oscillating Tool
Powerful Cutting
Variable Speed Control

Makita products are always good and provide the best output at an affordable price. We have full trust in Makita, thus for the fifth of our cordless oscillating tool, we have chosen Makita XMT03Z 18V Makita Oscillating Tool for you. It’s time to discover its specifications!

One of the remarkable features of the Makita oscillating tool is, it’s very easy to use. Moreover, it comes with 18V lithium-ion battery that promises you to run for hours.

Since it’s cordless you can easily take it anywhere but you don’t need to worry about battery life. You can use this tool for sanding, scraping, grout removing and other purposes and it won’t make any noise when in use.

This powerful device runs on 3 Ah battery life with variable speed control from 6,000 to 12,000 OPM. It’s an ideal device for an aggressive cut or deals with heavy materials in less time. So, how is it? Good enough? Grab it fast!

  • 3.2-degree oscillation angle
  • Comes with 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery for longer use
  • Convenient large on/off slide switch with lock-on button
  • Useful for aggressive cutting, grout removal, and sanding
  • Features variable speed control ranging 6,000 to 20,000 OPM
  • Changing blade requires hex wrench

6. Bosch GOP55-36B StarlockMax Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Bosch GOP55-36B StarlockMax Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Easy to Change
Multi-tool versatility
Delivers Extreme Power

For the 6th oscillating tool kit, we have got one of the most popular corded oscillating tools in the market. You will be glad to know that it’s a Bosch product.

If you have seen their other tools and accessories, you would realize how good quality and user-friendly products they produce! Hence, this Bosch GOP55-36B StarlockMax Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit got huge popularity among the users.

As from the title, you can already understand that this device comes with an easy snap-in blade attachment system. It’s easy and time-saving when you are in rush to do multiple projects. Just change the blades, and you can use the device for flush-cutting, plunge cutting, sanding, grinding, and many other tasks you need.

To do the tasks quickly, you need a powerful motor too. This device is a little different. Surprisingly, it also comes with an even more powerful 5.5-amp motor unlike other oscillating tools with 3.6-degree oscillation. Also, the motor makes a perfect combination of variable speed dial that rotates from 8,000 to 20,000 strokes per minute.

This corded oscillating tool comes with highly powerful motor and extensive oscillation stroke per minute. So, here is another option for you to choose from our list. You can purchase this tool without a second thought!

  • Durable and user-friendly
  • Features 5.5-amp motor with 3.6-degree oscillating arc
  • Variable-speed dial rotates from 8,000 to 20,000 strokes per minute
  • The no-touch blade-change system makes easy to attach, remove or reposition blades
  • Loud during cutting

7. Fein AFMM 18 QSL Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Fein AFMM18QSL Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool
Less Noise
Powerful and Smoothest
Anti Vibration Technology

You will be astonished when you use this Fein AFMM18QSL Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool. Why? Because it’s extremely lightweight and comfortable to grip that you won’t feel tired even when you use for hours. There are other versatile features that will bring a smile to your face!

The device is not only handy but also provides smooth running. Unlike others, the anti-vibration technology in this oscillating tool makes sure that the device operates quietly while giving a perfect finish.

Even though it comes with soft features considering user-friendliness, it doesn’t lack in performance.

The device comes with a powerful 350-watt motor that can give you the high performance with efficiency. Whether you remove grouts or cut heavy materials, you can also control the speed from setting.

So, here is another oscillating tool for cutting, sanding and scraping for you to purchase. Don’t wait! Buy this Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool before sold out!

  • Pin-less and tool-free quick change system
  • Features 18-volt DC motor and a metal gearhead
  • Anti-vibration technology ensures smooth and quiet operation
  • Perfect for renovation for door jambs, toe kicks and hardwood flooring, sanding, grout removal
  • Loud while cutting

8. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool
Powerful & Durable
Tool-Free Quick-Change

Lastly, we are recommending you the Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool for using in personal to DIY projects. It also comes with all the advanced features and powerful motor. This device is widely used for detail sanding, scraping or removing grouts.

It’s definitely a versatile oscillating tool, thus it comes with a 1.5-amp motor that delivers 21,000 oscillations per minute. Since you can use it for house remodeling, the device is designed with sturdy die-cast aluminum gear housing.

Even though the device is loud during use, it gives you the perfect finish in less time when you utilize it for door jambs, floor carpeting or trimming cabinets.

It’s a lightweight and durable oscillating tool that you can use for any household purposes. Using this device, you can complete your task efficiently in less time.

  • Lightweight and heavy duty
  • Features four-pin flange to hold accessories firmly
  • 1.5 amps’ motor makes 21,000 oscillations per minute
  • Multi-purpose tool for home repair and remodeling, cutting, scraping, and sanding
  • Poor vibration control

What is an oscillating tool and why do you need it?

The oscillating tool is an advanced creation of modern time. It’s also known as a power tool. Often it comes in a combination of many tools and accessories so that you can use them for sanding, scraping, grinding, and even cleaning grouts.

The maximum tools comes in a handy size and lightweight body so that you can comfortably hold and work or take anywhere you need to.

From this brief introduction to the oscillating tool, you might wonder why do you need it. I would say why not! When you can do almost all types of work for your small to a large project using this one device. For example, if you need to do sanding, you can easily sand woods using the sandpaper in the device.

If you need to trim the door or cabinet, you can simply insert a flush cutting blade and use it for trimming with precision. Also, floor grouts are tough to remove especially in the places like corner and edge.

You can easily remove the grout, paint or adhesive just by inserting a scrapper. Probably, you have now got an idea of how amazing this oscillating tool is! It’s a super tool that can solve problems related to installing, repair and fixation.

So, buying an oscillating tool means it will save you money from buying individual products for individual need. It’s also convenient to store and carry anywhere.

What are the types of oscillating tools?

There are two types of oscillating tools available in the market. These are Cordless and corded oscillating tools. Each of them is designed considering the needs and purposes of small and large projects. Therefore, they come with some extraordinary advantages and limitations.

Cordless oscillating tools

The cordless oscillating tools are battery operated. Therefore, whenever you want to take the tool at different job sites, indoor and outdoor places, you can take it anywhere you want. You don’t need to worry about power connection because the battery will run the device smoothly.

When the battery is finished, you can just replace the battery and the device will be ready to use again.

Moreover, it’s an ideal device for small projects and small areas where you can’t reach your hands easily. The maintenance cost is less, so you don’t need to worry about investing bulk amount for parts replacement.

Surely, cordless oscillating tools is a lightweight and portable device. The device comes with many accessories that ensure the versatility of the device.

Since the performance of the cordless oscillating tools depends on its battery life, you cannot expect it to last like the corded ones. However, they are the perfect and ideal choice for DIY projects or household purposes.

Corded oscillating tools

Now, let’s talk about the corded oscillating tools. You have already understood this device runs on power. So, you don’t need to worry about limited battery like the cordless one. Therefore, it’s widely preferred for professional and large projects to finish the job faster with perfection.

Similar to cordless ones, you can also use it for small spaces where reaching the hand is a challenge. It’s also a heavy duty device that comes with a strong body and durability.

Even though initially you need to spend a good amount of money for the corded oscillating tools, the good news is the probability of replacing parts is less. Once you invest, you don’t feel the need to change the parts anytime soon.

What are the benefits of using an oscillating tool?

Now that you know what is an oscillating tool, its types, and purpose of use. We feel the need to explain how can you extract the utmost benefits.

Even though you have already got an ideal one from the reviews, it’s always beneficial to have profound knowledge. Moreover, you will have an overall idea on which situation you can operate such a device.

In an oscillating tool, the blade is visible. It basically works as the side to side movement. When turned on, it feels like a vibration. The oscillating in the device is up to 3 degrees and the fastest stroke per minute is 20000. Now, continue reading to learn the other benefits that you can get by using an oscillating tool.

Oscillating tool for trimming wood items:

Suppose you have made a wooden item or furniture. Then you see a section which needs trimming. You don’t need to detach all the parts to furnish and rejoin them again. Simply take the oscillating tool and insert a straightedge from the straight cut, then trim the required area. Keep the device in control to get the perfect finish.

Plunge cuts and long cuts:

Use a straight blade in the oscillation device for plunge-cuts. If you need to do long or linear cuts, choose a round blade. This blade is good for an accurate cut.

Flush cut:

If you need to do scrapping or slicing the door jambs, insert a flush cut blade in the device. It will smoothly cut through and leave your place straight and clean.

Cut stained or rugged nuts:

Rugged or rusty nuts are difficult to remove. When you try to remove them with force, it may break and destroy the whole thing.

Using an oscillating device, you can easily cut the jammed nuts. Just insert a bimetal cutting blade, angle the tool by the nut and run the device at slow speed. Then fasten the speed and it will cut the nut in a few minutes.

Remove trim and grout:

When you need to remove the trim from a narrow congested space, it becomes the toughest job. Hours of trials and effort will sweat you out.

If you tend to remove without the right tool, it can damage the whole surface. Take a metal cutting blade into the oscillation tool, it will smoothly trim the metal piece.

Similarly, tile grouts are mostly seen in the toilet, kitchen, and sink. Often we cannot clean them properly because we can’t reach our hand.

In that case, insert a carbide or diamond blade in the device that is suitable for the area to use. Then, operate the device and it will remove the grout easily. Further, your tiles will also be saved.

Sanding with the oscillating tool:

As already mentioned, these tools are used for sanding as well. Even though it’s not a sander that you can use for large projects, you can still work with it for a small area. Using this device, you can remove the small amount of glue, stain or marks on the wall or floor.

Remove paint and adhesive:

Sometimes we often see paint spill over the floor. It becomes difficult to remove from the tile or wooden floor. But using the oscillating tool, you can easily remove paints and other adhesive. Just insert a sander blade and use the device on the required area. It won’t take much time for removing the hard stain or adhesives.

Features to Consider Before Buying an Oscillating Tool?

Whenever we buy a tool, we expect it to last long. You would definitely agree with me that all the oscillating tools in the market aren’t of high quality and durable. That is why it’s difficult to find a heavy-duty multi purpose oscillating tool out of many.

Here are the factors we would like to share with you that we have considered while finding good quality oscillating tools for you. No matter which tool you buy, prioritizing this factors will help you compare and choose the right one for you.

So, keep reading to find out what are they!


If you need an oscillating tool for sanding or scraping, choose a device that has a variable speed operation. Based on the speed, the efficiency and speed of the task would depend. So, consider the speed during purchase.


How can you understand the performance of your targeted oscillating tool? Well, it won’t be labeled on the device, but you can understand it from its speed and power. The performance of the device depends on these two factors. The more power means the better speed.

Usually, a 3-amp power for an oscillating tool is preferred because it can make 20000 oscillations per minute. If you want accuracy in your cut, then slower speed is preferable to bring perfection. So, depending on the type of use and your project, choose the device that has a variable speed feature.

Power source

How do you want to use the oscillating tool! Do you want to carry it to different job sites or keep it at home? depending on the types of use, you need a different power source.

For example, when you are carrying it for the job sites, you need an oscillating tool that is portable and battery operated. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find an electric source to plug in the tool.

On the other hand, when you are using it at home, you can choose a corded oscillating tool. You can just plug in the device and use it when needed. Power source solely depends on your preference. So, consider your need first, then choose the power source of the oscillating tool which would be suitable for you.

Voltage and Ampere

Voltage represents the power and ampere represents the longevity of the battery. In the case of oscillating power, a 3h or 4h battery is considered to be powerful and efficient to do perform in less time. So, check the power consumption and battery life through voltage and ampere, when you purchase.


How will you understand if your oscillating tool is versatile? The versatility of a tool depends on the unique and advanced functionality. Also, the additional accessories you will get along with the product.

If there is a lack of accessories, at least there should be adaptors so that you can purchase external accessories to attach. The additional accessories will let you do multiple tasks with one device. So, it’s an important factor to have in your targeted oscillating tool.


Since the oscillating tool needs to be operated by hands, it must be comfortable to use and control. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the best outcome and you would face difficulty to use. Therefore, always check if the device is ergonomic, lightweight, convenient size and any other criteria you can think of necessary for your comfortability.


In an oscillating tool, you can control the speed and the angle. The more opportunities the device offer, the better it will help you to do many things as you want to have the control in your hand.


The durability of an oscillating tool depends on its construction quality. To understand the durability, check the material used for making the device. Also, go through the reviews to have a better understanding of how long the device can last.


Even though the budget is an important factor, you should not compromise quality over price. Surely, you don’t want to spend money again and again for an oscillating tool. The price of the tool also varies depending on the number of accessories added in the package.

Therefore, suggesting you a budget wouldn’t be right. From the reviews, you can find the best quality oscillating tool within the different price range. Choose the one confidently that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) What is an oscillating tool?

An oscillating tool is a multipurpose device that can be used for sanding, scraping, cutting, removing grouts and many more. The device is available in two types: cordless and corded. This device is mostly used by the DIYers. For a clearer understanding, you can read the “what is an oscillating tool and why do you need it” section of our article.

Q) Which oscillating tools best for DIY?

DIY projects are mostly done in small premises especially in the indoor atmosphere. Whether you are using an oscillating tool for serious project or small repairment, you can get the DEWALT DCS355D1 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit. It’s a multi-tasking tool that has been highly recommended by most users.

Q) Which oscillating tool best for professionals?

The oscillating tool is a handy device that even the professional finds it useful. Since woodworkers use this device for small and quick repair, having the multitasking ability and high quality are a must. Thus, we would recommend the best-selling PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit for professional and commercial use.

Q) What is the best oscillating tool for the money?

Finding the best oscillating tool within a limited budget isn’t easy. When you are in such a situation and want a tool with advanced features, the Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool can be the best choice for you. Compared to the price, the device is an amazing multi toolkit comes with all the required features.

Q) What is the most important factor to consider for an oscillating tool?

There is not just one that you should think about while choosing an oscillating tool. In this article, we have pointed out several factors that you must consider, such as- performance, versatility, power, speed, durability, accessories and so on. When you are buying an oscillating tool, the quality and durability are the most important features. So, keep that in mind during your purchase of the oscillating tool.

Final Verdict

We are at the end of our best oscillating tool review. Was it helpful? Are you amazed to get to know such a versatile device comes at an affordable price?

It was really astounding for me when I first used the oscillating tool for my personal project. Thus, I was tempted to introduce you with some great quality oscillating tools for a household purpose and DIY projects.

You can purchase any of the ones you like out of the top 8. All of them come with advanced and user-friendly features and with many accessories.

You just need to change the blade and the device will be ready to use for sanding, scraping, cutting and so on. But, before you purchase one, we would like to stress on considering the must-have features that we have mentioned in this article.

Hope the best oscillating multi-purpose tool will make your life easy! 🙂

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