Best Paper Cutter in 2021 – Top Models Reviewed

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Crafting is an amazing part-time job. For many of us, it’s a profession too. I’m very much fond of paper crafting. If I am asked to name one thing without which crafting would be impossible? Undoubtedly, I would say a crafting paper cutter.

So, are you looking for the best paper cutter for crafting? You don’t need to go anywhere else. We are here for you. We have done hours of research and found out some high-quality paper cutters among the thousands.

To be honest, there are a variety of paper cutters from different brands. These cutters are used for card making, scrapbooking, office paper, and many other things. To be precise, no matter the type of crafting you do, having the best quality paper cutter is a dire need.

So, are you confused about which cutter to buy? Don’t worry. Here, you will find a review of the 8 heavy duty paper cutters. Before you purchase, go through our review. You will get your desired paper cutters for crafting!

Top Rated Paper Cutter 2021 – Our Top 5 Picks

Thousands of paper cutter available out there. But, all these aren’t of the same quality. So, from our experience and days of research, we have brought you some heavy-duty paper cutter.

Here you will get a paper cutter comparison table and can compare some top-rated paper cutter of 2021. So, why late? Let’s see the comparison table right now!






Jielisi 12-inch Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter

Jielisi Paper Cutter


12 inch

Fiskars 01-005454 Recycled SureCut Trimmer

Fiskars Paper Cutter


12 Inch

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

Firbon Paper Cutter


12 Inch

Swingline Paper Trimmer/Cutter

Swingline Paper Cutter


15 Inch

Westcott 12″ TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Westcott Paper Cutter


12 Inch

8 Best Paper Cutters Reviews & Ultimate Guides

Here you will get a complete review of some high-quality paper cutter. Let’s check out our 8 picks and choose one for you!

1. Jielisi 12-inch Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter

Jielisi 12-inch Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter
Safety Lock
Multiple Uses
Simply Measure

Are you searching for the best paper trimmer for your office? Here it is. The 12-inch paper trimmer is from the famous brand Jielisi.

This is one of the renowned brands for manufacturing heavy-duty paper cutters and trimmers.

This 12-inch trimmer is specially designed for cutting A4 or A5 size papers including card, photo, picture, label, and other paper products.

One of the risk factors for crafters is cutting a straight line. The problem can be solved with this 12-inch trimmer. You can easily cut a straight line on a maximum of 12 papers with one go.

One of the noticeable features of this machine is, you can cut the paper into 45 degrees or 90-degree angle. Besides, the size of the machine makes it a lightweight and handy that can be used for daily purposes.

So, if you have been eagerly waiting for a heavy-duty paper trimmer for crafting or business, I highly recommend this product for office, home, school usage, and personal craft projects.

  • Sleek design
  • It’s heavy duty
  • It’s lightweight
  • 12-inch trimmer is portable
  • Can cut paper, card, photo, label etc.
  • The product comes with a safety lock
  • Beneficial for office, home or crafting projects
  • Capable of cutting a 45-degree to 90-degree angle
  • Plastic material

2. Fiskars 01-005454 Recycled SureCut Trimmer

Fiskars 01-005454 Recycled SureCut Trimmer
Precision Cutting
12 Inch Cutting Length

I think it is a wise decision to compare products before purchase. If you agree with me, then you can consider one of the best office paper trimmers by Fiskars.

So, are you looking for an office trimmer for regular usage? If yes, then you can definitely get this 12-inch lightweight and portable office trimmer.

You can easily trim official papers along with photos, card, and coupons with perfection.

To specify, the trimmer blade comes with interlocks and accuracy check that user can crosscheck the line before cutting papers. This feature also makes it a user-friendly device.

Instead of investing money on several cutting devices, you can use this paper cutter for regular paper, images etc. The Fiskars SureCut Trimmer can also be used as a useful card making cutter for your office.

  • It’s portable
  • Capable of straight cut
  • Best for office papers, photos, and paper items
  • Can cut 12 inches’ papers of maximum 7 sheets
  • The blade comes with interlocks and accuracy check
  • Only cuts scrapbooking papers

3. Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer
Portable and Safe
12 Inch Cutting Length
Accurate Measurement

The editors highly recommend this 12-inch Titanium paper trimmer by the trustworthy brand Firbon. The titanium-paper cutters are beneficial for crafters.

For example, safety is an important factor to consider for any crafters. Therefore, the blade of this trimmer comes with an automatic safeguard. To ensure accuracy while cutting the paper, there is also a side ruler with precision.

This feature is most needed for students’ projects, official papers or important documents.

Moreover, the paper trimmer can be used for A3, A4 and A5 sized papers. This particular aspect of the paper cutter makes it one of the most popular office paper cutters.

Another useful feature of the trimmer is; it is made of plastic. Thus, it is a light-weight product that anyone can easily carry for regular use.

So, if you are looking for the durable paper cutter for scrapbooking, paper crafts and important documents. You can also use this cutter for coupons, label, and card making.

  • Titanium paper cutter
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for school, office or home
  • Automatic safeguard and side ruler
  • Capable of cutting 12 sheets at a time
  • Beneficial for paper craft, coupon, label and card
  • Capable to cut in 45 degrees and 90 degrees’ angle
  • Doesn’t cut thin strips

4. X-ACTO 15×15 Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

X-ACTO 15×15 Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer
Heavy Duty
Safety Guard 
Solid and Stable Platform

Amidst of all types of paper cutters, X-ACTO manufactures one of the most popular guillotine paper cutters. Comparing the top three paper trimmers, the X-Acto trimmer can cut the maximum 20 sheets at once.

Additionally, the x-factor of the X-Acto trimmer lies in the sharpness of the blade with precision. The blades of the device are efficient for cutting papers, photos, films and many more.

Usually, sharp blades need to be maintained carefully. But, the X-Acto trimmer blades come with the self-sharpening system. This feature makes the device a durable one.

Besides the machine’s efficiency and durability, stability is another key feature. The trimmer comes with a wooden and safety guard that makes the device stable and refrain the user from any accidents during paper cutting.

All of the key factors ensure the X-Acto is not just an ideal paper trimmer for office workers but also a good paper cutter for teachers and students. From amateurs to adults, anyone can use the trimmer to cut papers smoothly.

  • It’s durable
  • Capable of cutting 20 sheets at once
  • The self-sharpening system ensures durability
  • The wooden base ensures stability while cutting papers
  • Blade comes with precision for an accurate and straight cut
  • Trimmer is efficient for cutting paper, film, images and paper items
  • Not commercial grade

5. Swingline Paper Trimmer

Swingline Paper Trimmer
15" Cutting Length
Solid and Stable Design
Precision & Accurate Cutting

Haven’t you found the required paper cutter yet? Here it is, the Swingline paper cutter is another quality paper cutter for crafts.

This special feature makes it a popular cutter among the students, crafters, and card making businesses.

The Swingline paper trimmer comes with an alignment grid and dual scale ruler with precision.

Thus, for school projects or invitation cards, it is a necessary factor to maintain accuracy and alignment. The dual ruler makes the job easily done with perfection.

So, if you are looking for a medium duty paper trimmer at an affordable price, you can get this Swingline paper cutter. Even though it is a medium duty cutter and a durable paper trimmer for personal and professional use.

Usually, for the longevity of a product, we need proper maintenance. But, the Swingline trimmer is different. The trimmer comes with a self-sharpening system that you do not need to worry about maintaining sharpness.

Additionally, the blades come with a latch hook that not only ensures perfection but also provides safety. So are you looking for an ideal paper cutter for your kids? You can get them this amazing Swingline Paper Trimmer.

  • It’s durable
  • Swingline paper trimmer
  • Medium duty paper cutter
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Beneficial for crafts, gifts, and cards
  • Capable of cutting 15 sheets at once
  • Effective for cutting edges with perfection
  • The blade comes with a self-sharpening system
  • It’s high quality, sturdy and flawlessly cut paper
  • Comes with alignment grid, blade latch hook and dual scale ruler
  • Doesn’t cut more then 12 page

6. Marigold Paper Guillotine 12″ Paper Cutter

Marigold Paper Guillotine 12″ Paper Cutter
Safety Features
12" Cutting Length
Durable and Solid Construction

There are plenty of high-quality paper cutters for crafting. Not all paper cutters are appropriate for important documents. Such documents require heavy duty and delicate paper cutters.

Here, we are going to recommend you a high-selling paper cutter for official papers, certificates, insurance papers and so on.

In order to ensure, all the papers are aligned properly, the trimmer comes with a metal base and a magnetic paper stop underneath for smooth paper cut.

Using this paper cutter, you can easily cut not only papers but also photos, coupons, cards and different types of papers.

Since the product contains sharp blades, safety is a prior need. Therefore, the trimmer comes with a translucent safety guard to hold the paper and save the fingers.

The Marigold is one of the top rated paper trimmers for crafting, school projects and official use. It can effectively cut different sizes of papers with perfection.

  • It’s lightweight
  • Durable metal base
  • 12-inch cutting blade
  • Capable of cutting 10 sheets at once
  • Built-in translucent protective guard
  • Blade comes with a protective guard
  • Beneficial for home, school and office work
  • Alignment grid and precision mentioned on the base
  • Comes with paper stop with magnetic base for edge perfection
  • There is no lock on the arm

7. Westcott 12″ TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Westcott 12″ TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer
Safety Guard
12" Cutting Length
Contemporary Design

The brand Westcott is an award-winning brand for producing quality titanium paper cutters. At a glance, the wooden base makes it a contemporary looking device that will attract you to buy.

On the other hand, this 12-inch paper trimmer can efficiently cut 30 sheets at once. Are you worried about sharpening the blade?

Not to worry because the trimmer comes with Titanium that keeps the blades sharp. This feature also ensures the longevity of the device.

Another point to mention, the paper cutter also has an ergonomic handle that keeps the user safe from self-cut. Safety is an important matter.

This paper cutter is highly suggested for all ages of users. It is also comfortable to deal with; thus you can cut papers all day long without any hesitant feeling.

Also, the size and shape of the Westcott paper cutter are handy. You can easily carry this paper trimmer in a small bag or backpack.

Students often need to do craft projects and require a trimmer at school. Since the device comes with safeguard, comfortable handle and durable base, it can be easily carried during frequent travel.

So, if you are looking for a strong paper cutter on a daily basis, you can buy this 12-inch TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer by Westcott.

  • It’s durable
  • It’s portable
  • Sleek design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Antimicrobial Product Protection
  • Built-in self-sharpening technology
  • Capable of cutting 30 sheets at once
  • Best suited for home and office usage
  • Titanium-bonded blades stay sharper longer
  • Comes with Titanium blade and safety guard
  • Not proper guide

8. CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer

CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer
18" Cutting Length
Durable Construction
Ensure Accurate Cutting

Rotary papers require delicate trimmers that can assure accuracy and fine cut. So, are you looking for the best rotary paper cutter? Here it is, the professional Rotary paper trimmer by CARL.

This trimmer comes with an 18-inch blade that can be used in the office or home for different types of projects. One of the key features of the trimmer is it has a carbide blade.

This blade ensures smooth operation and fine cut. So, if you are looking for a multi-purpose cutter, then you can get this trimmer.

This rotary trimmer can efficiently cut mat board, card stock, plastic papers and so on. The base of the cutter has a metallic board.

So, the carbide blade and the base ensure the papers are in proper place and cut thoroughly. It also ensures the stability of the device and the user during paper cutting.

Another feature to mention is that the base also comes with a graphic precision for checking accurate cut. The device can finely cut 10 sheets at once.

In order to cut different sizes of paper, there are 11 blades available in different patterns. According to your need, you can change the blade and cut the desired papers.

Even though it is a rotary paper trimmer, you can still use it for school projects, office works, and other purposes. Also, the materials used in base and the carbide blades make the trimmer a durable one.

  • The base is metallic
  • Capable of cutting 10 sheets at once
  • Specially designed rotary paper trimmer
  • Comes with an alignment grid and a ruler
  • Easily cut mat board, card stock, plastic papers
  • Comes with a carbide blade for smooth operation
  • Blades are available in 11 different types and sizes
  • A rail system with a blade to ensure a sharp edge cut
  • Doesn’t give you square cuts

Types of the Paper Cutter – You Should Know

Well, before we introduce you with the top rated paper cutters, we should know them well. Isn’t it? There are hundreds of paper cutters and each one has a specific usage. Keep reading to learn the differences!

Guillotine Paper Cutter

Usually, a guillotine cutter is used to cut writing and printing papers. This type of cutter is often used by teachers, students and for official purposes.

Paper Cutter for Scrapbooking

Crafting with papers on scrapbook is also a cool idea. You can get different shapes of scissors, paper trimmer and other tools to design and shape papers.

Card Making Paper Cutter

There are amazing designs and shapes of paper cutters for making cards. From small to large sizes, you can get professional and fun types of dice and cutters to give the desired design on your card.

Paper Trimmers

The paper trimmers are used for shaping the edges of a bundle of papers with one shot. This machine is used mostly by professionals.

These are some major types that are widely used for business and artifacts. There are some other types of paper cutters in the market as well. Continue reading the review section to get the intensifying idea about the paper cutters.

Important FAQ of Paper Cutter

Q) What is the best paper cutter for scrapbooking?

Ans: There are a variety of paper cutters available for scrapbooking. But, if you seek our recommended, we would suggest you buy the Jielisi 12-inch Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter.

Q) What is a rotary paper cutter?

Ans: Usually, rotary paper cutters come with a round blade and a plastic head for safety measures. The blade is fit on the sliding metal bar. The specialty of rotary paper cutters is; it can perfectly cut papers straight.

The photographic images are cut by rotary paper trimmers. Thus, this type of paper cutters is widely used by photographers, advertising companies, card making companies and similar companies. You can also use them for scrapbooking or photo albums.

Q) Can paper cutter blades be sharpened?

Ans: Yes, and there is a quick trick. You do not need any fancy sharpening object for sharpening the paper cutting blades. When your blades are blunt, just cut several aluminum sheets. Your blades will regain its sharpness.

Q) Can a paper cutter cut fabric?

Ans: Not all type of paper cutters can cut fabric. Rotary paper cutters have the ability to cut different types of objects including papers. Thus, you need an alternative to cut your fabric straight, you can use a rotary paper cutter.

Final Verdict

These are the five best paper cutters we highly recommend. We hope you have got your desired paper cutter to buy.

Among the thousands of paper cutters from different brands, we have picked the high-quality paper cutters for you. These paper trimmers are not only the best craft paper cutter but also useful for office and business papers.

We assure you that if you invest your money buying any of the 8 paper trimmers we have suggested, you won’t regret. Also, do remember to think about your requirement before you buy a paper cutter.

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