Best Volant Cold Air Intake Reviews 2021 – Tested & Recommended

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Upgrading the air intake system is one of the most efficient ways to enhance your car performance. Factory-installed air intake systems might get clogged, which hampers your car to “breath” and decreases car functionality performance.

Cold air intake (CAI) addresses this problem. It is designed to break those clogs and clear the air passing system that amplifies the car engine horsepower and gives better mileage.

Installing a CAI is not the hardest part but selecting the perfect CAI is like finding the pearl from the sea since there are tons of options out there with different brands. However, sticking to a single brand like Volant will make it easier to choose the best option.

Our experts tested and wrote this article, Volant Cold Air Intake Reviews 2021, to recommend the best Volant Cold Air Intakes, considering car models and specifications. In this review you will find different Volant Cold Air Intake models, their functionality along with a comparison table.

Is it Wise Decision to Buy Cold Air Intake from Volant?

When you drive your car, the combustion engine becomes hot. Turns out, it reduces the efficiency of your car engine. Now on, you will need more fuel to get the same performance from it. The oxygen level gets down, which leads to less horsepower.

You will experience decreased acceleration and less mileage due to the thin layer of air inside the engine.

To eradicate all those problems, the aftermarket Volant cold air intake comes into the market. You will get lots of benefits from it. The advantages include:

Increased horsepower: Volant cold air intake is designed to eradicate the risk of hot air contamination in your combustion engine. It brings cooler air inside the engine. Oxygen combustion increases as well and eventually you get an increased horsepower. You can get up to 5-10 horsepower extra depending on your car configuration.

Provide improved acceleration: You will experience a better responsiveness from your car. The Volant cold air intake brings cool air that thickens the air. More air means better combustion. It allows you to reach the maximum speed within the shortest time.

Increased mileage: When your engine gets more cold air, the air to fuel ratio increases. Increased air means less fuel consumption. You will get higher mileage since the engine needs to burn less fuel.

Louder sound: If you love loud noises to impress everyone, the Volant cold air intake can help here. It increases the air intake in the engine that leads to more combust sound. The more the air gets in, the fuller and louder sound you get. You will even get some cold air intakes that offer silent operation.

Better filters: Your car engine comes with a paper filter that is less effective and durable against dirt and debris. The Volant cold air intake offers reusable filters. You do not need to replace them as quickly as a paper one. It allows you to simply remove and clean to reuse.

Top Rated Volant Cold Air Intake 2021 – Comparison



Fits For



Volant 15453 Cool Air Intake Kit

Volant 15453 Cool Air Intake Kit

GM Pickup & SUV

Volant 154536 Cool Air Intake Kit

Volant 154536 Cool Air Intake Kit


Volant 15153 Cool Air Intake Kit

Volant 15153 Cool Air Intake Kit

Chevy/GM/Cadillac Truck, SUV

Volant 15957 Cool Air Intake Kit

Volant 15957 Cool Air Intake Kit

1996-2000 Suburban/Yukon 5.0L/5.7L

Volant 152536 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

Volant 152536 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

GMC sierra, Chevy


7 Best Volant Cold Air Intake Reviews 2021 – Experts Opinion

Volant manufactures many models. Going through all those options for a newbie is tough. We have narrowed down the list for you to make your decision-making easier.

1. Volant 15453 Cool Air Intake Kit

OE approved
Improves efficiency
Fits for GM Pickup & SUV
Better car engine performance

Volant 15453 is a top rated Volant Cold Air Intake that comes to improve your car performance. The intake is OE approved which shows the authenticity of the parts. It also meets OEM filter standard, which means factory original, unlike any third party aftermarket intakes.

The high-performance intake improves the cold air supply and ensures better combustion. Turns out, it will improve your sound and mileage at the same time.

Improved efficiency: The air ducts are designed to provide less restrictive breathing to your engine. It ensures colder and better airflow. Your engine gets more air to combust and reduce fuel consumption. Consequently, it leads to higher efficiency and better mileage.

Increased performance: It features high-performance silicon connectors to deliver better thermal stability. You will also have better flexibility for maintaining strength. Stainless steel clamps ensure better performance with its solid seal. Better oxygen comes to increase engine output with pleat geometry.

Reusable and cleanable 5 layer cotton filter: The 15453-model features a pro cotton filter with 5 layers. More layers mean better filtration. It reduces air restriction to optimize the airflow throughout the intake system. The filter is also cleanable. You can clean it when it is dirty to use it for a long time without replacing it.

  • Increases efficiency with higher cool airflow
  • Multiple layer filter for less restriction and more air flow
  • Delivers better engine performance with more oxygen intake
  • Instruction could be more details

2. Volant 154536 Cool Air Intake Kit

OE approved
Easy to install
Maintenance-free use
Eliminate dirt and dust

No Volant cold air intake Silverado reviews should be done without the Volant 154536 model. The features of this model make it one of the best air intake in the aftermarket. It will enhance the airflow to the engine and improve the efficiency of your engine.

You will even get higher performance and a loud roar noise. Since the intake is OE standard, means you are getting the original product. Turns out, it reduces the air restriction. Your car engine will get more oxygen to provide better mileage and higher horsepower.

Easy installation: The installation is easy here. Even if you are a newbie in this field, you can still do it. It takes less than 20 minutes to install the cold air inlet. The design and the manual will show you everything you need to install this amazing intake.

Maintenance-free: The air intake features a 150,000-Donaldson power core dry element that ensures zero maintenance. You do not need any oil or water to cool down your engine. Its long-lasting filter is washable and reusable. The silicon connectors offer sturdiness and thermal stability will not crack easily.

Eliminate dirt and dust: It features a durable and strong OEM filter standard filter that eliminates dirt and dust. Your engine stays dirt-free and clean for better performance. At the same time, the filter does not restrict airflow for even better efficiency.

  • Easy to install
  • Offers less maintenance
  • Keeps your engine clean for better performance
  • The vent tube should be better injection molded.

3. Volant 15153 Cool Air Intake Kit

Increase mileage
Cross link polyethylene material
Cleanable and reusable high-grade filter
Fits for For 2001-2006 Chevy/GM/Cadillac Truck, SUV

If you need the best Volant Cold Air Intake for a 2001-2006 Chevy/GM/Cadillac Truck SUV, this Volant 15153 is a perfect choice. The intake will improve the throttle response to improve overall car performance. You will also find a noticeable improvement in throttle noise.
The installation is super easy. You can take off your previous intake and install it without any prior experience. The manual will help you thoroughly to get the job done. When comfort and better performance are your main concern, consider this one.

Increase mileage: The Polished aluminum or carbon fiber insulated lid does not reduce the air intake. Your engine will get more cool air to combust with fuel. It will result in better fuel efficiency and you can enjoy a decent mileage upgrade when using this air intake.

Cross-link polyethylene material: The metal cover is thin and with a plastic cover. This cross-link polyethylene material works fine for a long time. You can get a longer lifespan that will save you a lot of money every year. It also looks good and makes the installation easier.

Cleanable and reusable high-grade filter: The filter keeps the dirt and debris away from your engine. You will not see any grease or oil. A clean engine performs better. The intake will provide cool air to your engine for improved performance. It is easy to clean and reusable which ensures longevity and durability.

  • Improve the mileage
  • Durable materials provide added longevity
  • Cleanable and reusable filter for saving money
  • Rubber covered would be better

4. Volant 15957 Cool Air Intake Kit

High grade filter
Vehicle specific air ducts
Fits for For 1996-2000 Suburban
Sealed lid for oil and grease protection

Loud engine noise is something every car owner wants for showing off, fun, or self-satisfaction. That is exactly what the Volant 15957 can offer to you. Its high-quality filter lets the cold and clean air in for better combustion. It leads to a nice sound.

The filter is easy to clean and reusable. You do not need to replace the filter, unlike any cheap ones to save your money and time. Installation is easy too. Though the instructions are not well written, you can easily get the job done. A hard plastic hose is durable as well.

Perfect fit: You can easily install it in particular vehicles for its perfect fit. The high-grade X-link polyethylene materials with seamless design make it a perfect fit. It saves your time and money at the same time. Removing the intake is easier for its better fitting facility.

Sealed lid: The sealed lid protects the intake from any water, oil, and grease. Your engine stays protected from any dirt that improves the performance. You can get better acceleration and higher horsepower. It also keeps your engine good for a long time.

Vehicle specific air ducts: The best part about the 15957 model is its vehicle-specific air ducts. It provides restriction-free airflow to your engine. When your engine gets more clean air, it offers higher mileage and better efficiency. It also keeps your engine from being too hot quickly.

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits specific vehicle perfectly
  • Makes the engine noise louder
  • Poor instruction manual

5. Volant 152536 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

Nice engine sound
OEM filter standard
Improves performance
Fits for GMC sierra, chevy and more

The Volant 152536 PowerCore air intake is another excellent choice if you want to keep your engine in good shape. The power core cool air intake kit comes with OEM filter standard filter that ensures a good airflow to your engine. It keeps your engine cool for better performance.

The maintenance-free PowerCore filter allows you to use it for a long time without a hassle. If you are a person who does not like to maintain everything, this one can be a good fit. It also provides better efficiency with its cool air intake technology.

Easy installation: The design makes it easier to install. You do not have to be a professional in this field to install this air intake. The perfect fit design with durable construction makes it even easier for everyone. It will save you money and time for hiring a professional.

Nice engine sound: The sound plays a vital role in your mind’s peace. This model from Volant improves the sound of your engine by delivering cleaner, thicker, and cooler air. The cleaner air the engine will intake, the nice sound it will produce. You can enjoy the nice sound right after the installation of the air intake kit.

Improved performance: Since the air intake provides cleaner and cooler air, you get better engine performance. Cool air is thick which leads to more air supply to the engine. Your engine will get even more oxygen for better combustion. The mileage will increase due to the higher efficiency. You can notice an overall improved performance.

  • Simple to install
  • Provides a louder sound
  • Enhances overall engine performance
  • The cover is plastic made

6. Volant 15857 Cool Air Intake Kit

Cleanable & reusable
Clean up the throttle response 
Fits for For 1992-1995 Suburban
Boost overall engine performance

Up next is the Volant 15857 Cool Air Intake that you will find in most Cold Air Intake reviews. The kit is suitable for 1992-1995 Suburban/Yukon 5.7L. Its insulated lid reduces the restriction on airflow. Your engine will get better airflow and less dust or debris.

Installation is super easy. Turns out, you can install it within 10 minutes without even having any prior experience. Unlike the previous one, the instruction manual comes with it is clear and easy to follow. Its sealed cap keeps your engine protected from grease, oil, or any dirt.

Perfect fit: The instruction is easy and clear to install. But its easy and the perfect fitting facility makes it simple to install. Also, it is not something you can install in any vehicle. The intake is designed for a particular vehicle series. It will perfectly fit on those vehicles.

Boost performance: The advanced design provides better and cooler airflow. Your engine stays cool for long-term performance. It also delivers more oxygen to the engine to improve combustion. The efficiency goes high since the engine gets more air to combust. You can get an overall better performance from it.

Clean up the throttle response: You will get a faster response from the throttle. The mid to high rpm shifting is a matter of a second when you have this intake installed in your car engine. It provides a cool and thick airflow to the engine. When the engine gets cooler and thicker air, it goes from low to high RPM within a short time.

  • Fits perfectly
  • Provides higher airflow
  • Improves the throttle response for quick acceleration
  • No mass airflow system

7. Volant 15253 Cool Air Intake Kit

High grade filter
Quick acceleration
Smoother and louder sound
Fits for 2007-2008 Chevy/GM/Cadillac Truck, SUV

The last one of this volant cai review is the Volant 15253 Cool Air Intake Kit. It will be suitable for the 2007-2008 Chevy/GM/Cadillac Truck SUV. You can fit it perfectly in those recommended vehicles. If you have any of those vehicles, look no further but this one for its ability to improve engine performance.

The reusable filter is easy to wash. You do not have to invest money to replace the filter. It also helps your engine to stay clean and neat for a better working rate. The easy access insulated lid delivers better air inflow. Your engine will stay healthy for a long time.

Easy to install: The installation is simple here. Since the intake is designed only for a few specific and similar models, it ensures a perfect and easy fit. Its simple design also makes it easier to install. You can install it within 10 minutes without having any prior knowledge.

Smoother sound: When the air ducts bring more air into the engine, the air to fuel ratio increases. Your engine gets more air to combust. The more air it gets the fuller sound it makes. If you want to get a smoother sound, it can help a lot. The cold air intake will make the sound like a roar.

Quick acceleration: The top-grade filter provides cool and thick air to the engine. Your car engine gets more oxygen to combust. It improves the throttle response that ultimately leads to quick acceleration. You can enjoy getting a faster response to your acceleration. The result will be visible right after the installation.

  • Provides quick acceleration
  • Improves car engine performance
  • Ensures louder and smoother sound
  • The instruction manual is poor

Things to consider before buying a Volant cold air intake

You should not make any purchase before having complete knowledge of the items. Make sure you consider these important things before buying a Volant cold air intake.


Not all the Volant intakes are suitable for your vehicles. The size of intakes is different from each other depending on the model. Cold air intakes are designed for specific vehicle models. Make sure you check the compatibility. Otherwise, you will end up picking the wrong one and it will not fit on your engine. Your hard-earned money will get wasted.


The materials play a vital role in the durability and longevity of the cold air intake. Your engine gets hot with time and the intake brings cool air to keep the engine cool. If the materials are not that durable, the intake cannot handle the heat. It will then bring hot air inside and damage the engine performance.

Good materials also provide added durability and longevity. So make sure you check the materials it is made of to get the best result out of it.

Installation process

You may not want to hire a professional to install the cold air intake in your car engine. It will cost you more than the cost of the intake. You can do it yourself if the installation process is easier. When buying a cold air intake from Volant, make sure the installation process is easy for you.

Filter system

The filter reduces the restriction of air and makes the air cool. If the filter is not good, the engine will not get enough air. At the same time, a good filter system captures dust and debris to protect your engine. It is also reusable and washable. You can use a good filter system for a long time without replacing it.

Oil and grease filtering

Some good air intake systems offer oil and grease filtering. It keeps your engine dry and clean. A clean and dry engine delivers better performance compared to a wet and dirty engine. Make sure the cold air intake you are buying offers these features.


Not all the aftermarket products are good. Some are original where some are duplicates. How can you know that? Well, just check the approval it has. You will find OE-approved intakes that ensure authenticity. The filter should meet the OEM filter standard.

Volant Cold Air Intake FAQs

Got more questions to ask? Check out our commonly asked questions below.

When to clean Volant cold air intake?

Ans: You should clean the Volant cold air intake when the dirt grows like a mesh. The interval should be 30,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the quality of your intake.

How good is Volant cold air intake?

Ans: Volant cold air intake is great to improve your car engine performance. The intake brings cold air in the engine to provide louder sound, better mileage, and quick acceleration. Your engine will also stay free from dirt, debris, and oil.

How much horsepower does a Volant cold air intake add?

Ans: It depends on the quality and compatibility of the Volant cold air intake. You can get up to 18 horsepower more than your regular one from this intake.

Who makes Volant cold air intake?

Ans: The “Volant” company makes Volant cold air intake. It is a renowned company founded in 1989 by Hank and Bucky Kashiwa brothers. Its headquarter is in Altenmarkt, Salzburg, Austria.

Where to buy Volant cold air intake?

Ans: You can buy Volant cold air intake from amazon or from the official site. We have given the link attached with the review.

How much does a Volant cold air intake cost?

Ans: The cost varies with types and models. You can get it for around 300 dollars.

What is the best Volant cold air intake?

Ans: The Volant 15453 Cool Air Intake Kit is the best cold air intake. It offers durable construction, a high-quality reusable filter, and easy installation.


Our Volant Cold Air Intake Reviews focus on the features, pros, and cons of some amazing intakes from Volant. Each of the intakes is well built, durable, and meets the standard. But if you want to

Get higher efficiency; go for the Volant 15453 Cool Air Intake Kit

You can enjoy higher mileage from Volant 15153 Cool Air Intake Kit

The engine sound will be smoother and louder with the Volant 152536 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

For quick acceleration, go for the Volant 15253 Cool Air Intake Kit

Other threes are good as well and you can pick one to meet your own demand. Finally, make sure you know the compatibility and other key factors before purchasing a cold air intake.

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