Tips To Purify Well Water For Drinking

If you are dependent on your personal well for water supply then water purification is a great concern for you. As the municipality is not going to check the contamination or other factors of your well water it is up to you how you are going to keep your well water safe for drinking. Well water can be contaminated by heavy metals, bacteria, parasites etc. 

Consuming contaminated water is harmful to health and it can lead to many diseases like cholera, diarrhea and sometimes even cancer. So water purification is a must for your well so ensure the safety of your near ones.

Tips To Purify Well Water For Drinking

Among all the water purification systems, boiling is the easiest way to do that. Boiling is a very safe and easy process to purify your well water. But it takes a lot of time and energy to boil a huge amount of water and also it is not a solution to every water problem. You have several options for purification of your well water. Check out the following tips given by our expert team.

Filter your water

Filtration is the best way to purify well water. Filtration is a system where a chemical, physical or biological barrier is used to purify the water. The best option is to install an under sink water filter. It is a very simple system because it uses only one faucet to bring water. You need professional help to install an under sink water filter in your well system. And also you can use a countertop water filter.

If the water pressure in your house isn’t good enough you have to install a well pressure tank additionally otherwise your filtration system can’t work properly.  This type of water filter is very affordable and ensures a good result. Filtration eliminates bad odor and taste from the water. This process can remove heavy metals like arsenic and mercury from the well water. It makes your water the safest to drink.

Use water softener

A water softener is a chemical-based product that works to purify the water. You will find many types of water softener in the marketplace. Water softener reduces the percentage of heavy metal from the water. Using a water softener to purify well water is a very wise decision because it comes with many other benefits. As the water has less hardness than before it makes your hair and skin soft and gives you a stain free surface as well. You can use a salt based water softener or a salt free water softener to purify your water. If you want you can use a magnetic water descaler also.


In the distillation process, the steam of the boiling water is collected to condense in a separate container and the solid condiments will leave behind. Distillation is a very effective water purification method because it kills the bacteria and other parasites also. It is one of the best ways to purify well water for drinking.


Disinfection is a chemical or physical process to purify the water. In this process all the bacterias, viruses and parasites are eliminated by using some chemical or physical objects. Basically  chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone are used as chemical disinfectants. As a physical disinfectant you can use things like ultraviolet light, electronic radiation, and heat.

Use ultraviolet light

Using the ultraviolet light is a very successful method to purify well water for drinking. In this process an ultraviolet light is swished around the water for a couple of minutes to purify the water. It kills condiments like bacteria, parasites and viruses in the water. But the problem is the ultraviolet system is not applicable for the heavy metals in your water. So you need to go for a filtration step to purify well water perfectly.

Other ways to purify well water for drinking 

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are many other methods to purify well water for drinking. You can go for methods like Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR), Nanofiltration, Flocculation, Bioremediation to get that job done.


“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”

– W. H. Auden

We can not live without water. Water plays a very critical role in our body as it carries all the nutrients to every cell of our body and it plays a vital role in temperature regulation and digestion. But if your water is not safe enough to drink it can destroy your health. 

Our expert team has designed this article with the most effective methods of water purification. So choose the best method to purify well water for drinking. Because your health is priceless.

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