Where to Buy Cold Air Intake – Top Rated Brands & Stores 2021

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Clogged or damaged air intake systems hamper a car’s breathing functionality, which reduces performance. To address this issue, upgrading your air intake system to Cold Air Intake(CIA) is a fairly inexpensive way. Cold Air Intake improves air passing systems that amplify the car engine horsepower and gives better mileage.

However, the concern is where to buy cold air intake specific to your engine model. There are online giants like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, who sell anything they can reach. You also may order an aftermarket air intake part for your vehicle from manufacturers like K&N, CARID, SBfilters, and others. Either you choose aftermarket products or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you will have similar user experiences. Nevertheless, the differences lie in the price variations regarding manufacturers.

To provide the best options based on vehicle models, we have listed some of the best air intake manufacturers. We considered every detail, including the pros and cons of each Cold Air Intake model, regarding manufacturers.

Difference Between Aftermarket vs. OEM Cold Air Intake

When it comes to buying spare cold air intakes, Aftermarket and OEM are two leading alternatives. Are they any different?

Both aftermarket and OEM parts are used to replace damaged parts in cars. On the one hand, OEM parts will provide a product warranty, whereas, for Aftermarket parts, we aren’t so sure. Aftermarket parts are generic and will hardly produce any changes internally.

OEM cold air intake is sourced from the car’s manufacturer, making them more reliable. Though Aftermarket products offer a similar user experience, they aren’t related to the car manufacturer.

Note: Don’t confuse an Aftermarket product with a refurbished cold air intake. Both the OEM and Aftermarket products are original car products.

Where to Buy Cold Air Intake? The Best Place to Get Air Intake

Due to the pandemic and law of storage facilities, it is better to find your cold air intake online. If you are wondering where can I buy a cold air intake in the US, look no further. Here are the top leading platforms where you can find and compare the best product for you.

Amazon.com – Explore various brand

For the US market, Amazon may be the best place to buy cold air intake among them all. Here, you can compare the products you need side by side. Turns out, millions of people love using Amazon as they shift products directly. Whether your cold air intake is from K&N, DNA Motoring, or the old aFe, Amazon covers it all.

To break it down, Amazon will make your life a lot easier. The best part is, search your vehicle name along with the product description, and you are done. However, you may need to choose your products carefully, or else your money may go down the drain.

Knfilters.com – Great filters brand and store

When you are a fan of K&N often where to buy k&n cold air intake is a problem. Frankly speaking, it is better to find your way through K&N’s official site. Here you will get tons of options to choose from. Unlike Amazon, you don’t have to pick from a whole stack of products. K&N will find the best cold air intake for you without any hassle.

These air filters are long-lasting and will provide you with maximum engine efficiency. To turn the table around, your fuel efficiency will improve along with the sound clarity as well. With more than 50 years of experience, K&N knows everything the customers need. Besides, you will get matching filters, cabin air filters, oil filters, power sports, and so on from a single site.

Carid.com – Best for all auto parts

Where to buy cheapest cold air intake, other than Amazon? Well, Carid is another online store having the best of everything in a single bite. Similar to Amazon, Carid features top brands like K&N, injen, Volant, Jet, and many more. Replacing an OEM cold air intake has become easier than ever before. Just input your Vehicle model, Year of release, and you are done.

Frankly speaking, you can’t get more real than Carid. Unlike Amazon, where products are sometimes broken, Carid offers you everything packet sealed.

Sbfilters.com – Best for aftermarket auto parts and store

Similar to K&N official website, S&B filters offer you exactly what you need in your vehicle. Suppose you have a GM vehicle. Just select your model, maker, Year and find the best S&B filters at hand. If you are a fan of minimizing air restrictions and dust damage, S&B filters are for you. A signature clear led helps you in keeping the power in check with zero compromises.

It has a massive air filter system, premium silicone components, great looks and so on. You will hardly need to think twice about where to buy the cheapest cold air intake. Now you know who to call.

Summitracing.com – Largest auto parts and store

There are tons of cold air filters and a lot of places where you can buy them. If you don’t know much about the local market and don’t trust Amazon, Summit Racing should be your best option. Here you can get any cold air intakes you like without compromising on quality. Pick a K&N AFE Power, Injen, or S&B, here you will get them all. Just input your keyword and choose from a whole list of options.

However, the only drawback here is, you won’t find a perfect match for your vehicle without a matching keyword. But, if you know your model number, Summit Racing is damn easy.

Top-Rated Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Brands in the USA 2021

If you want to know what is a good cold air intake to buy, you are in luck. Well, there is no single good answer. Here are some air intake systems leading the market with the top performance boost and fuel efficiency.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake – Has great reputation

K&N Cold Air Intake - Has great reputation

When it comes to an awesome filtration system and increased performance, K&N is a complete package. Having a premium-grade construction, K&N offers you top-notch protection and longevity. Turns out, K&N cold air intakes are still improving their technology, offering you a better user experience after each update.

If you have a worn-out air intake system, dirt or contaminants will damage your engine. Premature wear is also an issue when you don’t consider a good quality air intake. Luckily, K&N reduces the risk of engine damage, which makes up for a long lifespan.

The best part is, your vehicle will experience improved power, better torque, and a huge boost in HP. Now, you don’t have to worry about more airflow when the demand is more. AM General, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Jeep, or Lada, K&N has an air intake system for all. Your car will see new lights in performance and fuel efficiency with the K&N cold air intake system. Then buy the cheapest place to buy k&n cold air intake, try searching amazon or K&N’s official page.

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2. aFe Power – Has proven performance

aFe Power – Has proven performance

Won’t it be nice to find an air intake system with up to 68% more outflow? Well, aFe Power is here to the rescue. A 3-Layer non-oiled synthetic media protects your engine from dust, debris, and micro-damage. You can also wash it and reuse it as long as you want.

Sometimes, ease of installation is the only thing we care for. aFe Power system has a bolt-on-kit and requires minimal cutting and drilling. Having a USA manufacturer in its design, you are sure to have a top-grade performance every time.

More airflow means more torque during the uphill drive. You will hardly face performance or lack of HP any time soon. Fortunately, the whole system is Dyno Tested, so your user experience will stay consistent. Then again, aFe Power product offers your vehicle a better sound output without compromising fuel efficiency.

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3. Spectre Performance – Quality construction

Spectre Performance – Quality construction

Spectre Performance Air intake kit comes with up to 50% more airflow, which increases HP and overall torque. It is totally worth buying. If you need more acceleration during towing, the throttle response will improve automatically. You can hear the power under the hood.

Every air intake needs to have a top-grade protection feature. Or else, micro dust and debris can give your engine some nasty scratches. Won’t it be great to find a replacement that breaks all the engine limits? Turns out, the Spectre Performance cold air intakes give you just everything you want.

If you aren’t keen on cleaning your filter every once in a while, try Spectre. Here the cleaning requirements are so less that you can go on for 100000 miles without maintenance. A bolt-on design offers you easy installation, and a few basic tools will help you all the way. Finally, your engine warranty will not be void or reduced in any way.

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4. Injen – High performance air filters

Injen – High performance air filters

Injen cold air intakes provide you with an innovative design, high performance, and top durability. You will get up to 5 times more resistance against dust and debris in the filter media section. With an Injen air intake system, you hardly need any oil for a quick and easy setup.

Injen Technology offers its built-in velocity stack, which sucks up cold air according to demand. Your engine will feel the roar like a beast right after installation. A total of 10 mins will be enough for the total installation process.

TIG-welded hardware and adaptor provide your engine with great HP and torque gains. While installation, you will find the filter elements precisely coated with oil. If you are a corrosion resistance fan, Injen’s aerospace-quality aluminum will serve you well.

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5. Volant – Deliver maximum power

Volant – Deliver maximum power

Don’t get chivy on who makes the best cold air intake in the US. There are a lot of options. If you consider reusable five-layer cotton filters and increased vehicle performance, Volant is hard to beat. Whether you have a Chevy, GM, or Cadillac Truck, Volant has a cold air intake option for all.

The best part of Volant is, it has cross-link polyethylene material inside for maximum durability. All volant products are OEM standard, so your warranty won’t invalidate any time soon. When you want a full enclosure with a sealed lid, a Volant masterpiece won’t disappoint you.

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6. DC Sports – Develop for best performance

DC Sports – Develop for best performance

How would you feel if you knew premium cold air filters had become a reality? DC Sports has it covered, improving your engine performance in the process. Maintaining fuel efficiency and OEM reliability to maximum, DC Sports offers durability at a cheap price. If you don’t want to buy extra stuff out of the box, DC Sports has it covered just for you.

When it comes to installation, chances are you will need a few minutes to finish. Washing the filter system for reuse is also easy as pie.

Cold air intakes improve the throttle response too and offers you a better uphill response. A crab-compliant feature and reusable dry filter combine to make the perfect air intake setting for you.

7. Flowmaster – Best quality and a great price

Flowmaster – Best quality and a great price

Flowmaster, with its cross-linked polyethylene intake tubes, offers high airflow and engine performance.

It has an 8-layer cotton gauze air filter, which ensures dirt and dust capture. If you want better mileage and iconic exhaust, Flowmaster cold air intakes are legendary.

It has silicone couplers, Stainless steel hardware, a powder-coated heat shield, and so on for maximum durability. If you want to say updated, Flowmaster won’t disappoint you at all.

8. DNA Motoring – Tools for professionals

DNA Motoring – Tools for professionals

Everyone wants to improve their engine’s performance with just a few tweaks. DNA Motoring turns the table around with top-class durability and strength.

The air intake system sucks up more air into the engine, which results in better throttle response.

When it comes to the filter system, you will get a whopping 95% efficiency without any compromises.

The best part is, your vehicle will experience 6-9% more efficiency with an added torque improvement.

9. HPS Performance – Reliable and trusted brand

HPS Performance – Reliable and trusted brand

Depending on your car and model, the HPS performance will adjust and improve your on-road performance. In most cases, the performance gain increases, giving you better control every time. If you are not a fan of slow installations, HPS is just what you need.

The build quality of the cold air intake system will last for years to come. With a 100% stainless steel construction, you will hardly find an alternative to HPS. Then again, the fuel consumption won’t break the bank due to more air gushing in a while needed.

Final Verdict

Did you find who makes the best cold air intake for your vehicle?

For us, a good answer depends on where you live and the model. If you happen to live in the city area, Amazon is the one to call. Sometimes, buying an OEM or an Aftermarket air filter is best done from their official shops.

Try K&N, S&B, or other sites where you can order online. Sometimes, finding the right fit for your vehicle can be a problem. No matter where you buy, get the model number and car name in check.

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