Where to Buy Propane Tank – 5 Best Places to Get Propane Tank 2021

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Utilizing a propane tank can be difficult if you don’t have the right product in your hand. Turns out, a little mistake can create a lot of issues in the long run. But you don’t want to face that, right? No worries, there are some good places from where you can buy propane tank with top-grade features.

We are all familiar with Amazon, the largest online store ever. But, your expectations shall not end here. Including Amazon, there are many top-rated online stores like- Home Depot, Walmart, Menards, and Lowes.

To not put you in any confusion, we will relate you to all of these online stores. Now, let us not beat around a bush and look towards them.

Where to Refill Propane Tank

The Best Places to Buy Propane Tank in 2021

There is no doubt online stores are making it effortless for consumers to buy anything. In the same way, you can get propane tanks from Amazon and different online pages.

However, all products are top graded is not a guarantee as well. To make sure you own a perfect propane tank, we have prescribed some amazing products you can get from the best places.

1. Propane Tank at Amazon

With its user-friendly interface and product distribution, Amazon is one of the best place to buy propane tanks. Without even holding the product, you can know all of its important features from the description section. Moreover, the customers’ ratings will help you judge out a product more precisely.

In possession of every single product, Amazon deserves hats off. You can also know more about the propane tank you are stalking by going through the comments below. As a result, you can be satisfied if your experience will go fine or not.

All in all, observe those ratings, which have four stars in specific. Lacking one doesn’t make the propane a loss project. Rather, real user reviews are mostly found in four stars ratings.

Still, we can know more about why Amazon is a peak choice for all of us. To figure it out, you can have a look at some of our recommendations below.

Why we recommend to buy propane tank from Amazon

  • All ratings are precise and authentic
  • Given ratings help consumers to judge
  • Sells multiple products with their accessories
  • Offers commendable propane tanks of high-quality
  • Shows a glimpse of experience by the comments below

2. Propane Tank at Home Depot

When we talk about the largest home improvement retailer, Hemot Depot stands there. Along with propane tanks, they supply construction products, supplying tools, and many more. In addition, Home Depot leaves no stone unturned to attract customers.

All exclusive brands love to partner with Home Depot. Be it power tools, outdoor tools, or grout services, and you will get every top leading product there.

We are concerned a lot about packaging and interior safety when a product arrives. Trust is also a key factor. If you are relying on a propane tank from Home Depot, all such hurdles will never appear.

Price ranges bother us in online stores too. When it’s about Home Depot stores, the price is sure to be reasonable.

Why we recommend to buy propane tank from Home Depot

  • Ensures quality at a reasonable price
  • Owns all products of exclusive brands
  • Maintains the entire safety of a product
  • Attracts customers with amazing reviews
  • Provides long time services with effective products

3. Propane Tank at Walmart

It won’t be an overstatement, if we say Walmart is the best propane tank store. Having a user-friendly interface and unique set of rules, Walmart is now merging throughout the world. Furthermore, you will get hundreds of Walmart stores in the US, which seem to be first-rate. You will not only get sealed products here but also a warranty with free shipping.

Do you want to become a top shopper at Walmart? Then go for it. No doubt, they care for their regular customers and provide gift cards with allover usability. Suppose you are still searching for a place where to get propane tanks at the lowest price? Walmart is always ready to serve you 24/7.

All you need to do is, compare the product list and choose your best item. In effect, Walmart keeps everything in control with efficient supply and reliability in products.

Don’t hesitate to change your product here. Walmart is cordial and more concerned about customers’ satisfaction.

Why we recommend to buy propane tank from Walmart

  • Gives free shipping and a warranty
  • Concerns more about customers’ satisfaction
  • Keep everything in control with reliable products
  • Everything where are sealed with the lowest price
  • Owns a user-friendly interface with effective products

4. Propane Tank at Menards

Menards deal with premium quality products where propane tanks are obviously up to the mark. If you are not stingy and prefer premium products only, Menards can be the best choice for you. Without a single spot, you can completely depend on Menards for high-quality propane tanks.

In contrast, the price tags of the products won’t bother you. So, have a nice shopping at Menards with no stress. Anyway, starters can have good customer services, top-notch quality, and firm reliability here.

Sometimes, we do face some sorts of problems in propane tanks. In that situation, you just need to comment on your objects below the page, and customer care will reply to you soon. If you get a single flaw, just return the product easily.

So, don’t make it late and browse a little in Menards online store. Hopefully, you will get your most preferable item from this online store.

Why we recommend to buy propane tank from MENARDS

  • The customer service is very well
  • Never hold any issue against price tags
  • Hardly have any flaws in their products
  • Considers customers’ problems crucially
  • Here all products are high quality and reliable

5. Propane Tank at Lowes

Not restricting your search, do pay heed to Lowes. It is the second-largest hardware chain in the USA. Now, leading and top brands are associating more with Lowes. For a shipshape propane tank, Lowes deserves a reality check.

Maybe you are new to this online store and may consider it as a bad apple. But I am damn sure once you look at Lowes, you will fall in love with its supremacy.

Aside from home improvements, Lowes offers great hardware stores. When you need top-notch propane tanks, just search in Lowes.

Other than empowering sellers, they charm consumers with genuine products. Consequently, you will be proud of your choice after you purchase from Lowes online store. And problems like lack of quality, delay shipping, no warranties will be far away from you.

Why we recommend to buy propane tank from Lowes

  • Every product here are genuine
  • Quality and supremacy is great here
  • Has an association of all top leading brands
  • Provide all types of shipshape propane tanks

Propane Tank FAQ’s

How much is a new propane tank?

Ans: Well, the national average cost of a propane tank is $800. On the other hand, considering the minimum cost, you can expect somewhere about $30. And, at a maximum cost, the price of propane tanks is $3500. Summing up everything, a new propane tank’s average price is $800 to $1000.

How much does a 20 lb propane tank cost?

Ans: A 20 lb propane tank costs from $14 to $20. Overall, the rate you are paying depends on your refilling cost. Usually, to refill, you will need to spend about $3 to $4 per gallon.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last?

Ans: Have you ever thought, why a 20 lb propane tank is used? Generally, we use it for modest tasks, such as cooking. When we look from the rule of thumb, a 20 lb propane tank will last from 18 to 20 hours. This typical time is for when you will be using a medium-sized grill for grilling purposes. In contrast, 20 lb propane tanks last for ten hours in times of having larger grills.

How long will a 500 gallon propane tank last?

Ans: Calculating the average time, a 500 gallon propane tank can last for five months, especially when you use it for meeting household requirements. Most commonly, a 500 gallon propane is used for home furnaces. Even in such circumstances, we don’t think it will last for one year.

How many gallons of propane in a 20 lb tank?

Ans: 20-pound propane tanks are really useful in terms of grill cylinders. And when their gallons are full, it means 20 lb tanks are filled with 4.6 gallons of propane.


First thing first, you should not compromise in quality. So, look for quality in prior whenever you are choosing a propane tank for yourself. Turns out, it has become easier for you to get the best one with online shops.

No question that Amazon serves epic products. But we don’t want to limit our options. There are still available choices for you in the market. If you search only on Amazon, your most preferable product might lose from your hand.

So, go and give a check to all the stores first. You will get to know which propane tank is actually worth your purchase.

Best of luck. Have a nice day.

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