Who Makes the Best Drill Bits in the USA – Top Rated Brands & Best Places to Buy

Are you looking for the best drill bits made in the USA in 2023? Our review and guide can help you find the top-rated brands and best places to buy them. Discover our expert recommendations and choose the perfect drill bits that offer superior performance, durability, and precision.

A drill is a must-have tool every DIY enthusiast or professional needs for home renovation projects. But a good drill is useless if you fail to insert the right drill bit into it.

You can discern the importance of picking the correct drill bit when you drill with a cheap Chinese-made one. It may get heated quickly and leave the holes smashed. So, choosing the proper drill bit for a specific job is a must.

But selecting the best drill bit is not a facile task as a lot of brands are available out there. Each of the brands claims they are the best, which can easily confuse you and lead you in the wrong direction.

Now, a question may appear in your mind- who makes the best drill bits?

This guide will give you the correct answer to this question and helps you to end your buying session by picking your ideal drill bits.

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You can find a ton of drill bits that come in different types and sizes. Picking the right one from there for your next project will be challenging.

On the other hand, it will be a nightmare for you to choose the best drill bit if you are a DIY user or just getting your feet wet in the drilling project.

From this chapter, you can learn about every type of drill bit, its uses, and pros & cons.

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1. Countersink Drill Bits

Countersink Drill Bits

Countersink drill bits are such a drill bit used to make a funnel-shaped enlargement at the outer end of the drilled hole.

Using these bits, you can create countersink holes into most machinable surfaces like metal, plywood- except stainless steel.

And countersinking holes ensure the screw sits flush into the workpiece.

  • The countersink drilling method helps to stop exposing the harsh edge.
  • Most countersink drill bits use high-speed steel to ensure more extended durability
  • Allow manufacturers to produce smoother finishes without letting the screws sticking out.
  • The flute design of the countersink bit decreases vibration and eliminates chips better for a better drilling experience.
  • It gets hot excessively when you set the countersink for short screws. The more the bit gets hot, the more residue gathers which increases friction.

2. Twist Drill Bits

Twist Drill Bits

Whether you go for drilling metal, plywood, or plastic, a twist drill bit will be there to support you. You can drill pretty much every material efficiently with this type of drill bit.

However, picking the correct type of twist drill bit is a hassle as many options, sizes, and tips are available out there. The general rule of thumb is- choose an HSS drill bit for simple DIY projects.

We recommend you to get comparatively softer bits made of high-carbon steel for drilling wood. But the downside is- this drill bit gets dull quickly on metal.

For a severe and heavy-weight project like prying out broken bolts, use a hard-metal twist drill bit. To keep the point cool, we suggest you run the hard-metal twist bit at low motor speed and keep it oily.

  • Simple yet highly efficient to drill
  • Multi-functional and works on every material
  • Come in multiple sizes & sharpening methods
  • Titanium nitride coating brings the twist bit to the next level and improves its quality
  • It gets clogged when you drill big holes.
  • Perform the best only for small-sized holes

3. Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

A drill bit that is specially designed to drill masonry materials like concrete, brick, and stone is known as a masonry drill bit. Keep in mind; a masonry drill is only for drilling masonry stuff, not to use on metals or rigid tiles.

It is recommendable to get a 300mm or 400mm bit to drill a masonry wall without facing any issues. To keep the bit sharp, you can sharpen it using a grindstone or drill sharpener. Both are good.

  • Longer drill bits are available to drill masonry wall efficiently
  • You can use this bit pair with hammer drills, hand brace, and power drills
  • Perfect for drilling every masonry material like brick, stone, and concrete
  • Let you drill masonry materials only.

4. Spade Drill Bits

Spade Drill Bits

A spade drill bit is mostly used to bore holes in the wood when it doesn’t matter how the hole looks. You can use this drill bit in woodworking or plumbing projects to make the frame.

Generally, a spade bit helps you to create a hole in the right place where you want by using a pivot point. But the problem with this drill bit is- its wide flat blade crunches through woods. Consequently, it leaves a smashed hole.

  • Ideal for woodworking projects
  • Spade drill bits are affordable compared to other types of drill bits
  • It bores holes quickly, which makes this drill bit ideal for large projects.
  • Produce a splintered hole.
  • It is not perfect for drilling materials like metal or concrete.

USA Made Drill Bits – Who Makes the Best Drill Bits in 2021?

As a DIY enthusiast or professional driller, you know how crucial it is to select the right drill bit when you drill with a cheap Chinese-made bit. Drilling with a low-quality bit affects the cutting quality, or even the bit’s tip may burn.

So, it always is better to go with the native American-made drill bits. Make sure you consider the following American brands when you go shopping a drill bit.

Dewalt – Guaranteed tough

Dewalt is an industry leader and international manufacturer of power tools, accessories, and hand tools. It provides confidence to handle the most challenging job site conditions with ease.

When it comes to the drill bit, Dewalt makes a big name by providing high-quality cordless drill bits & drill bit sets that stay sharp for a long time. Each of the drill bits from Dewalt is excellent for plastic, wood, aluminum, and light steel.

You can use them in DIY, commercial, and residential projects. Every drill bit from Dewalt is easy to load and offers optimum performance, which makes it a must-have tool for everyone.

Makita – Leader in power tool technology

Makita is also an international manufacturing company that is well known for its cordless power tool technology.

The drill bits Makita offers are durable due to their construction material. You can drill almost every material like wood, plastic, concrete, or steel with the bits.

BOSCH – Tools for Professionals

Power tools from Blue! If you guess we talk about Bosch, you are right. This manufacturer claims itself the Professional who offers blue professional power tools & accessories.

Like other power tools, drill bits from Bosch are phenomenal in quality and performance. This brand produces industry-standard drill bits. You can find every type of bit like a twist drill bit, wood drilling bits, and glass & tile bits.

Most drill bits from Bosch use HSS, a titanium-coated bit that lasts for a long time.

Craftsman – Best for durability & quality

Build, Repair, Restore, Maintain! We hope you hear these phrases if you are already a trusted customer like thousands who use Craftsman power tools.

You can find almost every power tool, like a minor tool (drill bit) from a major overhaul to handle every project, regardless of your skillset. Craftsman offers durable, long-lasting, and high-performance drill bits to drill wood, plastic, and other materials.

Like Makita, this brand also manufactures every type of drill bit, including twist bit, countersink bit, spade bit and core drill bits.

Neiko – Constructed with higher quality materials

“We live, breathe, and eat tools.” Have you ever heard these words? Yes, it’s all about Neiko. Over 20 years, this power tool brand provides premium quality tools at a competitive price.

From impact sockets to drill bits, DIY enthusiasts and professionals rely on Neiko to get the everyday tools they need.

Like other brands, Neiko also offers every type of drill bit that is made of durable materials. But we fall in love with the step drill bits it provides.

Irwin – Best quality and a great price

Irwin is also an American power tool brand. It manufactures hand tools and power tool accessories. This brand is best for providing Vise-Grip, locking pliers, pipe wrenches, core drill bits, and so on.

You can find different types of drill bits like masonry bits, wood countersinks, metal twist drill bits, core drill bits and HSS countersinks from Irwin.

We love the wood countersinks most. The tapered drill bit comes with wide flutes, which is excellent for drilling fast.

BLACK+DECKER – Reliable and trusted brand

Black & Decker is an American manufacturer established in 1910. It manufactures power tools & accessories, home improvement equipment, cleaning equipment, and so on.

Black & Decker designs high-performance drill bits for drilling masonry materials, wood, and tile & glass for drilling projects. The specialty of Black & Decker is they ensure quality first to manage the toughest job site conditions.

Viking Drill – Best for quality, consistency and service

Viking Drill is a manufacturer that is solely dedicated to manufacturing high-quality drilling equipment. Their cutting tools are specially designed to cut metals precisely, ensuring the ultimate durability.

This brand uses HSS (high-speed steel) as the drill bit construction material to ensure its longevity. Using the drill bit, you can drill almost every substance like metal, hardwood, or plastic at greater speed.

Drill America – Best for affordable price

Like Viking Drill, Drill America manufactures contractor and industrial cutting tools and provides them to the distributor.

Drill America produces different types of drill bits for drilling various materials. Aircraft Extension Drills, carbide spade drills, countersinks, and masonry drills are some examples of bits you can find on Drill America.

Each of the bits uses durable materials like cobalt, softer grade steel, and tungsten carbide. So, you can pick any of them to get a better drilling experience with longer life.

Where to Buy Drill Bits from Online Stores in the USA?

  • Amazon – Convenience, low prices and free shipping
  • Walmart – Convenience of stores location
  • Lowes – Explore various tools brand
  • eBay – Reliable store
  • Home Depot – Wide variety of products

We include the Big store here, where you can buy drill bits online. So, continue to read.

Amazon – Convenience, low prices and free shipping

Undoubtedly, Amazon is our first go-to recommended online store to buy drill bits with fast & free shipping. To buy a bit, visit the official website of Amazon and type ‘drill bit’ on the search box. Then, choose a drill bit from any brand we recommend and keep it in your add-to-cart list.

Walmart – Convenience of stores location

Walmart is another largest online store where you can find everyday products at low prices. The specialty of Walmart is- it offers its customers Walmart credit cards. Using this card, you can get 5% off on every purchase. Visit the official site of Walmart and purchase a drill bit from there for your next project.

Lowes – Explore various tools brand

Like Walmart, Lowes is also an American online retail company that retails home improvement equipment. Besides, you can shop for power tools, hand tools, and almost every product you need in everyday life at Lowes. The best part is- you will get 30% off on power tools. So, buy a drill bit today and enjoy the discounts.

eBay – Reliable store

eBay is another USA-based global e-commerce company that connects millions of sellers and buyers around the world. From home improvement gadgets to Jobsite tools, you can find everything on eBay at an affordable price with fast delivery. Visit the official website of eBay and get your drill bit today for your next drilling project.

Home Depot – Wide variety of products

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer company that supplies power tools, appliances, home remodeling tools, etc. Like Amazon, you can find a search box on the top menu bar. Use the bar to find drill bits quickly and make your purchase from there with ease.

Where to Buy Drill Bits from Stores in the USA?

If you want to buy drill bits from physical stores, don’t forget to visit these stores in your local area.

Drill Bits Stores Near in Alabama

Drill Bits Stores Near in Alabama: Harbor Freight Tools: Harbor Freight Tools is a physical hardware store situated at 1821 E Main St, Prattville, AL 36066. You can find many tools like screwdrivers to drill & drill bits, and other power tools here.

Phone: (334) 310-1112

Northern Tool: At Northern Tool + Equipment, you can discover a spectrum of power tools for DIY and construction projects. Electric drills, drill bits, and other equipment are available in that store you can find at good prices. This physical store is located at 495 Southland Dr, Hoover, AL 35226.

Phone: (205) 202-8952

Hayneville Ace Hardware: Hayneville Ace Hardware is a local hardware store that resided at 201 Hayneville Plaza, Hayneville, AL 36040. It sells household tools, power tools, and construction devices like drills and drill bits.

Phone: (334) 548-5002

Drill Bits Stores Near in Arizona

Fisher’s Tools & Handles: Fisher’s Tools stocks everything you need for the job site, even the hardware you don’t know you need. It is the largest showroom for power tools, construction equipment, and safety products. This store is located at 1990 E 3rd St, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Phone: (480) 968-0123

Tonto Basin Ace Hardware: Everything you need under one roof! This sentence represents the Tonto Basin Ace Hardware most. From household tools to grocery products, you can get everything from this local store. It dwells at 45994 AZ-188, Tonto Basin, AZ 85553.

Phone: (928) 479-2000

Kabat’s Hardware: Kabat’s – Handys Ace Hardware is a local hardware store that supplies household tools. You can get every piece of hardware like screws, nuts, bolts, drill bits, and other small stuff here. This physical store is located at 7125 E Main St #8227, Mesa, AZ 85207.

Phone: (480) 830-4000

Drill Bits Stores Near in North Carolina

Westlake Ace Hardware: Westlake Ace Hardware is a local store that stocks almost every hardware you need for DIY and construction projects. You can even find the stuff that you don’t see on Walmart or Home Depot. This store resided at 6196 Falls of Neuse Rd #100, Raleigh, NC 27609.

Phone: (919) 790-8832

Triangle Ace Hardware: What do you need? Triangle Ace Hardware stocks everything from household tools to grocery products. However, if you look for construction-related tools like drill bits, you can get them here at a reasonable price. Location: 4711 Hope Valley Rd #1J, Durham, NC 27707

Phone: (919) 493-5722

Holly Springs Ace Hardware: Are you looking for a hardware store in your local area where you get drill bits? Then, Holly Springs Ace Hardware will be your go-to store for shopping drill bits. It provides every household tool you need. Also, grocery products are available out there. Location: 509 N Main St, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Phone: (919) 567-0233

Drill Bits Stores Near in Tennessee

Workshop Tools: Workshop Tools provides a massive list of tools from mechanics to woodworking. You get the tools that you can find anywhere. And the best part about this store, it offers every hardware that meets your budget.

Location: 2708 Teaster Ln, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Phone: (865) 774-1128

Haynes True Value Hardware: Haynes True Value Hardware is a local store where you get everything, including building materials, construction tools, household tools, lawn & garden tools, and so on. Indeed, it provides almost everything from tools to grocery products you need every day.

Location: 1807 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 893-3173

Hart Ace Hardware: Do you look for an old-school hardware store that includes every tool from mechanics to construction tools? Then, Hart Ace Hardware is your local store that meets your needs. From small tools like drill bits to a major overhaul, this local store provides you everything.

Location: 5304 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205
Phone: (615) 352-5252

Drill Bits Stores Near in Ohio

Sunbury Ace Hardware: Do you need everyday household tools like a dryer & washer or require drill bits to drill woods? Then, Sunbury Ace Hardware is your go-to local store where you will get almost everything. This store provides every piece of hardware you need.

Location: 300 W Granville St, Sunbury, OH 43074
Phone: (740) 965-8080

Ohio Power Tool: Ohio Power Tool provides all types of electric tools, hardware tools, and pneumatic tools. The helpful & experienced staff helps you to get what kind of household tools you need.

Location: 999 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212.
Phone: (614) 481-2111

E&H Ace Hardware: E&H Ace Hardware is a chain retail store that stocks electric tools, household tools, and hardware you need in construction job sites. You can find everything in the store, from small stuff like drill bits to large appliances.

Location: 800 W Central Ave, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 363-1933

Final Verdict

So, who makes the best drill bits?

Dewalt, Craftsman, Bosch, and Makita are some big names that manufacture the best drill bits in the market.

You can get high-quality and high-performance drill bits from these brands, regardless of the types of drill bits. We suggest you choose the drill bit types for your specific jobs and get one from our recommended brands.

Both online and in physical stores, you can find them.

Now, it’s up to you. Which brand are you going to choose to get your ideal drill bits for your next construction project? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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