Best Plastic Glue for 2021 – Strongest Glue for Hard Plastic

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Tell you what, you may have tried those simple glues on a broken plastic toy when you were a kid, didn’t you? Let’s guess; it didn’t work. Why would it? Plastic is different from paper and other thinner materials that just don’t join without a dedicated gum type.

Now, is there a fixative that works best for plastic? Sure there is! In fact, there are hundreds out there. That’s why picking up the best plastic glue is not just a piece of cake. But when you do need one, you can’t wait for the best one to magically appear!

So, no magic needed. We are here with the top 10 list for the most functional adhesives for plastic. Skim through the list to find out the ultimate one!

Top Rated Glue for Plastic Bonding 2021

In a rush? You can check out the comparison table to take a glance at the major differences the products have.




Pack Type


J-B Weld Plastic Bonder 50133

J-B Weld Plastic Bonder 50133



Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram

Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram



J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder

J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder



Gorilla 7700104

Gorilla 7700104



Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue



10 Best Strongest Glue for Plastic – Reviews

We value your time. Scanning through hundreds of products just to find the one you need is a time-consuming task. In order to buy you some precious time, here is a list of some strong glues that can join any plastic parts!

1. J-B Weld Plastic Bonder 50133

J-B Weld Plastic Bonder 50133
Strong and lasting
Strongest plastic bonder
Perfect for multiple uses

To begin with, we have the Plastic Bonder 50133 from J-B Weld. While the producers do claim it to be the world’s strongest bond, in reality, it doesn’t actually deviate from the claim.

The packaging comes in a syringe setup with a couple of tubes in it. Both the tubes hold two different types of glues that need to be mixed up together before application. Thanks to the syringe-style packaging, the mixing needs only a bit of push from your fingers.

After the mixture is done, the adhesive is ready to be applied on any plastic surface. Plus, this one is also a very good choice if you are trying to fill up gaps between materials.

It takes only 15 minutes for the glue to set, and it does its magic within half an hour. As for the strength it delivers, you can tell it from the 3770 PSI of tensile strength. Yes, it is pretty strong!

  • Sets down within 15 minutes
  • Heavy tensile strength of 3770 PSI
  • Re-sealable cap to prevent leakage
  • Comes with an easy-to-use syringe setup
  • A full-bonding needs more than an hour to achieve

Q. Can this be used on the dashboard?

A. Yes, it can be used on the dashboard.

Q. Does this dry hard?

A. If you can mix it properly, it will dry hard.

Q. Can this replace Bondo for car scratches?

A. No, it will not do that.

2. Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder 1363118 

Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder 1363118
Water resistant
Bonds difficult plastics
Ideal for multiple uses

Another celebrated name in the field of plastic bonder glue is Loctite. For thelast half a century, Loctite has been producing some of the best quality products.

Loctite’s premium quality epoxy adhesive, Plastic Bonder 1363118, comes in a double syringe dispensing system that ensures an equal amount of deposits for both components. Once mixed up correctly, the bond takes only 20 minutes to form one of the strongest adhesive bonds.

Apply it safely on any plastic or PVC items, including polycarbonate and nylon. You can even use it on stainless steel, as well. The best part of this champ is that it is extremely resistant to water, humidity, moisture, and other resisting impacts. Bond for life, huh?

  • Effectively resists water and moisture
  • Takes only 20 minutes to set completely
  • Can be applied to a range of plastic materials
  • The adhesive comes in a dual-dispensing syringe set up
  • It smells when it is in use, thus recommended in open-spaces

Q. What color does it become when dried?

A. It takes more of a grey color. 

Q. Will this work to seal a car headlight corners?

A. Probably not. That’s more like a job for clear silicone.

Q. Will it work on clear rubber?

A. No, it will not work.

3. Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram

Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram
Ensuring an airtight seal
Insure long-lasting repair

On number three on our list for best super glue for plastic, comes the Gorilla Super Glue. As you can get it from the name, this one is tough.

It comes with a unique rubber particle reinforcement to make it more resistant. The increased resistance and strength make sure you can bond any plastic parts almost instantly.

The bottle comes with an anti-clog cap. What this does basically is keeping the gum away from the contact with air. This prevents the adhesive from drying out quickly.

As for the adhesive doing what it does, it creates a strong bond within minutes. It takes only 10 to 45 seconds for the fixative to dry up, depending on the volume you apply. You don’t need to use any clamp to make it work.

  • Dry up time is only 10 to 45 seconds
  • Comes with an anti-clog cap to prevent drying up
  • This superglue can work on a variety of materials, including plastic
  • The gum is reinforced with a unique rubber particle for better resistance
  • It can’t be applied to polyethylene or polypropylene plastic

Q. Is this gum waterproof?

A. Yes, it is waterproof.   

Q. Will it expand like normal adhesive?

A. No. As it is super glue, it will not expand.

Q. Does it work to resist high heat?

A. It will work fine within –65°F to 220°F of temperature.

4. J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder

J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder
Strong and lasting bond
Allowing for multiple uses

Another top-class adhesive from J-B Weld is the 50139. Like the predecessor 50133, this one also comes with a world-class adhesive solution. If you need glue for hard plastic, this should be on your top-priority list.

Why wouldn’t it be? With a tensile strength of 3770 PSI, you can put your trust on this gum on any use. Bonding plastic particles instantly has never been easier. It takes only 15 minutes to set completely.

With no change in the packing, this one too comes in a dual-dispensing syringe. This package makes sure that the composites come out at a clean 1:1 ratio to form the perfect solution.

A re-sealable cap on the syringe head makes it a lot easier for you to keep the adhesive dry. It won’t come into contact with open air. That’s why you can use it multiple times for a good number of months.

  • Takes only 15 minutes to set
  • Comes with a 3770 PSI tensile strength
  • A re-sealable cap makes sure the glue on the pack doesn’t get dried
  • The dual-dispensing syringe lets components come out at an equal amount
  • The dried up black color may not suit on colorful items

Q. What is the cure color of it?

A. It takes a coal-black color.

Q. Does it come with a mixer?

A. You will get a plastic mixer with the package.

Q. Does it work on flexible items?

A. No. It works best on rigid materials.

5. Gorilla 7700104

Gorilla 7700104
Strongest plastic bonds
Dries in 10-30 seconds
Impact resistance & strength

Well, another Gorilla super glue for plastic makes it to our list. The 7700104 is one of the most functioning adhesives from the house of Gorilla.

Now, the best part of this one that you will absolutely love is its no-run control gel formula. Remember the last time you made a mess while applying adhesive on a surface that had a running gel system?

Well, you can say goodbye to those painful experiences. This glue with a no-run gel formula makes it easy for you to apply it to specific places with the optimum amount needed.

The adhesive is a special one on its strand. Being reinforced with a special rubber particle, this one has an increased resistance and strength. That’s why it takes only about 30 seconds to set and ensure a fully strong bond.

  • A functioning no-run gel formation
  • The gum dries up within 30 seconds
  • Sealer cap to keep the remaining glue from drying up
  • Increased resistance by adopting unique rubber particles
  • The bottle is a bit hard to squeeze the fixative out

Q. Is the super glue gel thicker than the normal super gum?

A. Yes. The gel is a bit thicker than regular adhesive.

Q. Does it bond gum to brick?

A. Yes, it will work to bond plastic and brick.

Q. How much heat will it withstand?

A. It will withstand heat between 65°F to 220°F.

6. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue
Durable & flexible
Perfect for hard plastics
Ideal for vertical surfaces

Loctite comes with a surprise with its ultra-gel control super glue. Why is it different than other adhesives? Well, there are plenty of reasons why.

The adhesive comes with a cyanoacrylate super gel formula. This special formula works to increase the resistance power of the gum.

Meaning, this gum will resist water and humidity, and different types of shock and impact. Is it the strongest glue for plastic? Well, many users end up believing so!

Another fascinating feature is the zero-mess formula of it. This no-drip super fixative gel won’t drip out excessive gum that makes a mess for your work.

On the other hand, this one settles down on any plastic surface within a very short time. Count your clock for 1 minute and find it dried up! Plus, the dried glue is transparent, so nothing is going to be ruined!

  • Dry up time is 1 minute only
  • Resists water, humidity, and impact
  • It comes with a cyanoacrylate formula
  • No-drip gel causes zero-mess while applying
  • The bottle comes with a bit low amount of adhesives

Q. Does this glue dry clear?

A. Yes. It becomes transparent after it dries up.

Q. Is this one waterproof?

A. Yes, this gum is entirely waterproof.

Q. How many ounces are there in one bottle?

A. It has 14 ounces inside the bottle.

7. Loctite Super Glue 681925

Loctite Super Glue 681925
Water resistant
Repairs any plastic
Multipurpose Use

If you have been struggling with polyethylene or polypropylene when it comes to joining such materials, you are in the right place.

The Loctite 681925 is the ultimate gum that can solve your toughest adhesive problems. With a solution that requires no mixing at all, all you need is to apply it gently to the needed plastic surface.

Plus, it is quite useful when it comes to hard-to-join plastic components like polyethylene or polypropylene.

Additionally, this one comes with a two-part system – the gum and the activator. Use the activator on the surface first, and then apply the fixative. This two-step adhesive formula can initiate a strong bond like never before.

  • Dries up within minutes
  • It is designed with a two-step formula
  • Especially active in joining polyethylene or polypropylene
  • Can be used on an array of plastic and non-plastic surfaces
  • The cap on the top is somewhat fragile

Q. Does this bond clear PET plastic?

A. Yes. This super glue can bond clear PET plastic.

Q. Is this one waterproof?

A. Of course. This one is waterproof and humid-resistant.

Q. Can it be used on the plastic part of a laptop cover?

A. Definitely, it can be used on a laptop cover.

8. Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy

Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy
Water resistance 
Great for multiple surface
incredibly strong and durable

If you have used Gorilla glue before, you must have had a satisfactory experience. As Gorilla is committed to producing industry-quality gum, you can tell it from the functions the adhesives come with. If the strongest plastic adhesive had a name, it would be Gorilla for sure!

The 2-part epoxy solution comes in a two tube-syringe package. Both the tubes separately consume resin and hardener. Before applying to plastic material, you need to make sure that these two components are mixed together at an equal ratio.

That’s what the dual-syringe design is meant for. It excellently does the job of applying the same amount of both components at the same time. With the tough build-up, this one can repair broken materials that need a durable bond or filling-up gap.

The best part is, it dries up in 5 minutes. While you may think it is a bit slow, it comes with a benefit. You can alter or change the applied amount to get the perfect fit.

  • Comes in a dual-syringe package
  • Ideal for broken materials and gap-filling
  • It dries up clear, securing a transparent look
  • A 2-part epoxy solution for the ultimate bonding
  • Takes a bit of time to dry up

Q. What color does it take after drying up?

A. It takes a transparent color after it is dry.

Q. Does this work on polypropylene plastic?

A. Unfortunately, it does not work on it. 

Q. Is the dispenser re-sealable?  

A. Yes, you can reseal the cap after use.

9. Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue 1365882
Works faster
Strong & durable
ideal for heavy-duty repairs

Planning on a heavy-duty project? If yes, then don’t forget to get the best adhesive for heavy-duty repairs and projects.

Meet the Loctite 1365882. Its super-strong epoxy formula has made it possible for it to be used in larger projects that need tough and durable gum. If you are looking for the best glue for hard plastic, here’s your deal!

The interesting part of this gum is, as it is applied on the surface, it delivers an extra shine on the product. While most other adhesives are famous for ruining the look, Loctite decided to go the other way in this case.

After drying up, this glue becomes completely transparent to give the repaired product an exact look it had before.

Plus, the tube comes with an extra-long tip that makes it easier for you to reach hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, it reduces the chance of dripping and spillage. It won’t be an exaggeration if said that it is meant to be the best glue for plastic to plastic.

  • Comes with a super-strong epoxy formula
  • The gum sets down without any clamping
  • Provides a shiny shade on the treated surface
  • Its extra-long tip allows easy access to difficult places
  • The liquid at the tip of the nozzle could dry up quickly if left opened

Q. How much time does it take to bond?

A. It achieves maximum bonding strength within 30 seconds.

Q. Does this withstand freeze and heat?

A. Yes. It withstands extreme heat and freezes.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. Yes, it is waterproof and solvent-resistant, as well.

10. J-B Weld 50112 ClearWeld

J-B Weld 50112 ClearWeld
Extremely strong
Great for multiple uses
Insure long-lasting bond

Last but not least, we have the J-B Weld 50112 on our list for the best adhesive for plastic.

Similar to a number of previous models from J-B Weld, this one is also packed in a dual-dispensing syringe pack. It dispenses the liquids in a 1:1 ratio that makes it easy to set a perfect mixture of adhesive.

What can surprise you is the amount of strength you need to pull apart two parts of plastic joined by this gum. It needs around 4400 PSI of tensile strength to do so! That’s one of the highest rates of tensile strength you will ever find on the glue-market!

The only thing that can raise your eyebrows is the time it needs to set and cure. You need to wait around 5 minutes for the solution to set and an hour for it to cure. But that may give you enough time to edit what you applied.

  • Equipped with a plastic mixer
  • Dispenses solution by 1:1 ratio
  • Comes in a dual-dispensing syringe
  • Bonding has a tensile strength of 4400 PSI
  • It takes an hour to cure, which may appear too long for many users

Q. How much time does it take to bond?

A. It takes 5 minutes to set and 1 hour to cure.

Q. What color does it take after the cure?

A. It takes a transparent look.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. Yes, this is waterproof.

What to Look for Before Buying Plastic Glue?

Okay, you now have got a vivid idea about what are some of the strongest glue brands. If you can’t figure out one to hanker after, here’re some pro-tips to make it easier for you.

The Bonding Material

For you, plastic, maybe just plastic. But for the producers of adhesives, the plastic has different names. You can’t use a single adhesive on every single plastic-type. There are soft and hard plastics that need different gums to join.

What you can do is simply go through the reviews of specs of the product. You can easily find if it supports the type of plastic you are trying to apply it to.

Drying Time

The next thing you need to consider is the drying time. When you apply glue to a surface, It may take from half an hour to about a day before it settles down. If you have no problem with waiting for a long time, that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

But many a time, we may need a quick fix that can’t allow us to wait. That’s when you need to consider a gum type that dries up faster.

Thickness of Glue

There are generally three types of adhesives, depending on the thickness. The thickest gum will take a longer time to set and is best suited for hard plastics. It also has the least run-on amount.

The ones with medium thickness come with a medium layer of gum that requires a little bit less time to set compared to the thickest ones.

On the other hand, the thin adhesive takes the least time to set and is applicable to soft plastics, in most cases.

So you need to choose according to your necessity.

Sealer Cap

Although a sealer cap may seem to be a part just to seal off the head of the tube, it does way more than that. It makes sure that the glue on the tip of the nozzle doesn’t get dried up by coming in contact with the air.

So make sure you get a tube with a perfect sealer cap.

Plastic Bonding Glue FAQ’s

Q: What type of glue should be used for plastic?

Ans: It depends on how strong you want the bonding to be. There are a number of gum types dedicated to different strength in bonding. Find out your need and get one accordingly.

Q: Can you bond plastic to wood?

Ans: Yes. If you are using a fixative that has great tensile strength, you can easily bond plastic to wood.

Q: How do I keep the glue fresh in the pack?

Ans: Close the lid of the pack tightly after every use to make sure the adhesive in the tube doesn’t dry up.

Q: Do I need an accelerator?

Ans: If you need a bit of positioning after you have applied gum to a surface, only then you may need an accelerator. Otherwise, it is optional.

Q: What to do if fingers get stuck with superglue?

Ans: Just soak that area in nail polish liquid. After it de-bonds, just rinse it with water. Alternatively, you can use soapy water and warm water, as well.

Final Words

So that’s where we wrap up our discussion on the best plastic glue. We hope our guidelines will help you find out the one you deserve. Keep our buying guide handy if you are not feeling for any of the products we have reviewed. It will definitely help you land on the right page!

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