Best Digital Multimeter – Top Models Reviewed by Experts

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Imagine, you are watching TV and suddenly it has stopped working! Or the light in your room isn’t turning on. For this small problem seeking a professional’s help is unrealistic.

Even if you get an expert’s help, it would be time consuming and expensive. In this situation, if you have a digital multimeter you could easily identify the problem and solve it by yourself!

Well, the digital multimeter or volt-ohm-milliammeter is an electronic measurement device that can measure voltage, current, and resistance. Most of the electricians or the people who are fond of electronic are well aware of this device.

The best part of this device is, except for the electricians, anyone can operate this device without prior technical knowledge. However, among the wide varieties of digital multimeter, it’s very tricky to find out the best digital multimeters.

Moreover, since it is an electronic device, you’ve gotta be very careful buying any random multimeter.

So, are you interested to find what is the best digital multimeter for electronics? Here we are! From the users’ experience and high-quality features, we have picked 8 high-quality digital multimeters for you. Continue reading the following article to find out their reviews and more detail information about the best automotive multimeter.

Top Rated Digital Multimeters 2021 – Comparison






Fluke Digital Multimeter

Fluke Digital Multimeter



Innova Digital Multimeter

Innova Digital Multimeter



Etekcity Digital Multimeters

Etekcity Digital Multimeters



Craftsman Digital Multimeter

Craftsman Digital Multimeter



Neoteck Digital Multimeter

Neoteck Digital Multimeter



The above 5 digital multimeters are not only the best-selling products but also recommend by the professionals and regular users. On our research time, we got these digital multimeters in high rank and the most popular position.

Thousands of digital multimeter available out there. But, all these aren’t of the same quality. So that, from our experience and days of research, we have brought you some heavy-duty digital multimeter.

Here you will get a digital multimeter comparison table and can compare some top-rated digital multimeter of 2021. So, why late? Let’s see the comparison table right now!

8 Best Digital Multimeters – Top Models Reviewed by Experts

You might have already noticed that there is a wide variety of digital multimeter amazon and other marketplaces. They belong to different brands and come with individual features. However, not all of them are of high quality.

Thus, after conducting in-depth research and user recommendation, we are presenting you our authentic digital multimeter review. Let’s not waste any more time and consider them to explore which DMM is waiting for you!

1. Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter
CAT III 600 V Safety Rated
True-RMS Digital Multimeter
Ensure Accurate Measurement

Are you seeking for the best automotive digital multimeter? Then, there is good news for you! The popular brand Fluke has launched Fluke 115 DMM. And, the device also comes in a handy case. It’s the best fluke multimeter into fluke brands.

Yes, after buying the device, you will see there is a polyester case. This case keeps the DMM safe. Also, you can operate the device without actually removing it from the case.

When the product comes with such a durable case, it is easy to take the DMM anywhere easily, isn’t it? Besides the DMM, you can also carry other Fluke tools and accessories in this case.

Now, let’s talk about the DMM. The size of the device is very convenient for personal and professional use. As you operate, the device can check continuity, frequency, capacitance and diode test in a few seconds.

If you are looking for a device that would give you proper measurement, here is the one! The Fluke 115 can give you true RMS for voltage, current reading with 600 count resolution, and capacitance.

Are you worried about safety? Don’t worry. The DMM has the potential for 600 V safety rate. Another great feature of this device is, there is a LED backlight. Using this light, you can work in the dark atmosphere.

So, the Fluke 115 is the first DMM that is great to use for professional and personal usage. The ergonomically designed device is very handy to use and achieve proper measurement.

  • CAT III 600V safety rated
  • True-RMS for accurate measurements
  • Fluke bundle – DMM and a carrying case
  • Check continuity, frequency, capacitance and diode test
  • Measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance
  • Little display

2. Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
RPM Reading
Temperature Reading

The second digital multimeter for automotive is from Innova. It’s a great product for home electricians who tend to fix things by themselves.

In this case, when you are opting for checking your TV, mobile or car batteries, you need a risk free device. Therefore, Innova 3320 has been designed and built to safely deal with automotive and household mechanical issues.

For the ease of operation, another great feature of the device is it contains an auto-ranging scale. It means you don’t need to dial the device to get the correct range. Rather, it will automatically range the scale during electronic measurement.

For an easy understanding of the measurement, the device comes with color-coded LED lights with a digital display.

For example, when you need to check the switch outlets, fuses, wiring or batteries, you can check the status using the Innova 3320 DMM. There are three LED lights in this device. The green light indicates good, yellow indicates weak and red indicates to replace.

Also, it is an easy functioning device that comes with a single-setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage. Even though it doesn’t come with a case similar to Fluke 115, the device contains built-in protection with rubber corner guards. And, for the suitability of operation, you would get an attachable test leads, stand, and holder.

So, if you are looking for an easy operating yet the high-quality DMM, then the Innova 3300 would be the perfect choice for you. It’s a great device to deal with household electronic problems with accuracy and safety.

  • Easy to Use
  • Built-in stand and wrist strap
  • UL certified auto ranging DMM
  • Single setting resistance function
  • The three color-coded LED to check batteries
  • Protective rubber corner guards for drop protection
  • Single-setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage
  • Green lettering on a dial color

3. Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters

Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters
Diode & Continuity
Easy to Read Large LCD
Easily test AC/DC Voltage

The third best DMM in our list is MSR C600 by Etekcity. If you are looking for a top-rated, yet the best digital multimeter for the money, undoubtedly you can go for the MSR-C600.

The design of the device itself is unique, stylish and user-friendly. As you purchase, you would find the package includes test probes and case along with the device.

This DMM is very easy to use and widely utilized by the professional electricians and hobbyist. You can run this device to measure voltage, resistance, diode and continuity test for AC/DC currents.

Even though it is a budget-friendly multimeter, it comes with all fancy features like any branded DMM. For instance, it has the auto-ranging clamp similar to the Innova 3320. It means, the device will automatically give you the true measurement.

Sometimes, while working on your electronic project, we often forget to turn off the device. Thus, considering this matter, Etekcity has installed automated sleep mode on MSR C600 DMM.

Regarding safety matter, the device has a built-in clamp and insulated test probes. Also, a significant factor of the device is, it can measure AC current up to 28mm while the circuits are connected to electricity. And, for the ease of use, the device contains data hold, maximum reading capacity, and LCD screen.

So, users who are looking for a voltage and resistance measuring device within a limited budget, it can be one of the best DMMs for them. It is a complete and reliable product that an amateur mechanic to professional electrician can rely on the measured data of this Etekcity MSR-C600 DMM.

  • Rechargeable alkaline battery
  • AC/DC voltage and resistance test
  • Contains clamp and portable pouch
  • Capable of diode and continuity test
  • Auto-ranging capacity and sleep mode
  • Safety clamp and insulated cord probes for over voltage
  • Clamp meter can improve

4. Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter

Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter
Multi Function 
Accurate Measurement
Measures up to 600 Volts

Craftsman is one of the renowned digital multimeter brand for manufacturing electronic devices. They are well reputed to incorporate futuristic features along with advance quality in the device.

In the case of DMM, they have maintained consistent quality. This device is mostly used by professionals.

During the installation and repair of auto marine and electronic services, they use it to test current and measure voltage. Unlike other devices, it has manual ranging technology. So, you need to range the data all by yourself.

It is also a suitable device for diode and continuity test besides voltage and resistance measurement. Also, it can effectively check the wiring status by tracking the audible tone.

For the safety matter, the fuse comes with a rubber holster and a tilt stand. According to your comfort level, you can place the device with the stand on the desk.

Here, another unique feature of this device is the data is presented on a liquid crystal display. Also, the package includes a 9-volt battery test.

Overall, it is a great DMM for home electronics appliances. So if you are looking for a Digital Multimeter for regular use, you can invest money in the Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter.

  • Capable to check wiring and shorts
  • Highest range of measurement is 600 volts
  • 2 Megohm resistance for wiring, testing, and repair
  • Used for electronic and marine devices installation and repair
  • It was in expensive

5. Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter

Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter
CE Rated 
Auto Ranging 
DATA Hold Function

Neoteck has come up with the best value digital multimeter at an affordable price. It is a pocket DMM that is also easily portable.

The DMM package includes a 9-volt battery, test leads and a banana plug. As by the appearance, the DMM comes with a colorful protective case and a stand.

The case makes the product resistant to slip and ensure durability. On the other hand, the stand can be used to place the device according to the comfort level.

Compared to other enlisted devices, it can be used for many types of tests such as the diode test, audible continuity test, voltage, measure resistance, current and so on.

To make the testing easier and understand the measurement clear, the device contains an LCD backlight.

Also, it is an auto-ranging device. So, you don’t need to manually range the measurement after testing. You can understand that it is a multi-functional digital multimeter. The additional features of the DMM are data holding function, auto power off and low battery indication.

So, are you seeking a safe and multipurpose DMM for household electronics? If yes, then you can go for Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter 8233D PRO 2000 Counts Auto Ranging Digital Multimeters. It is not only an easy operative device but also gives you proper measurement!

  • Auto turn off facility
  • 9-volt battery included
  • CE Rated Digital Multimeter
  • Comes with overload protection
  • 15mm LCD display with large backlight
  • Designed with protective orange shell and flexible stand
  • Its smaller

6. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter
Auto Ranging
Wide Range of Tests 
Heavy Duty Capabilities

Next, we are recommending you the digital multimeter by AstroAl. It is considered to be the best value digital multimeter due to its high capacity voltmeter and auto and manual ranging.

This DMM is used for testing voltage, current, resistance along with continuity, frequency, diodes, transistors, temperature and so on. The wide range of measuring feature makes it an idea DMM for the professionals.

Additional features of the DMM is data hold capacity, LCD backlit screen, auto power off. Also, you can use the kickstand or hanging magnet to place the device in your desired position.

Even though you can use it for household electronics, it is one of the best DMM to use for commercial purposes. It’s a heavy duty, high quality and long lasting product that you can use it to measure all day long.

Moreover, the device also has functions such as polarity, low battery, and, overload indication. Whenever the device is beyond its capacity, it will remind you.

The device is also safe to use, as the ceramic tube is resistant to explosion and overload. You don’t need to be extra careful to use the device. So, if you are looking for a DMM with modern features and easy operation, you can definitely give it a try.

  • Easy to use
  • LCD display
  • Temperature test
  • Multi-functional socket
  • TRMS 6000 counts voltmeter
  • Manual and auto-ranging facility
  • Flexible hanging magnet and kickstand
  • Plastic case

7. Klein Tools Digital Multimeter

Klein Tools Digital Multimeter
Measures up to 600V
CAT III 600V Safety Rated
Test Diodes and Continuity

If you still haven’t found the best budget digital multimeter, here is another option for you. This budget-friendly DMM is launched by Klein tools. It’s a great product available at an affordable price.

Similar to most top rated DMM, it can measure temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and diode, and continuity tests. additionally, you can measure temperature and capacitance.

Also, it has the capacity measure in AC/DC voltage up to 600V. The device comes with an auto-ranging facility. You don’t need to worry about safety. Because the device follows the standard safety rate and resistant up to 600V.

It is a user-friendly DMM. Just like a mobile, it will give you a low battery indication. Also, the battery is easily accessible. So, if you are looking for a regular purpose digital multimeter at a reasonable price, you can get this high-quality Klein Tools Digital Multimeter.

  • Low battery indicator
  • Comes with a safety rating
  • Measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage
  • Capable to test diodes and continuity
  • Can measure temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle
  • Poor instructions

8. Thsinde TRMS 6000 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Thsinde TRMS 6000 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter
Multi Tester
Auto Ranging
Leads AC/DC Voltage

This is the 8th best multimeter by Thsinde. Using this device, you can conduct continuity and diode test and measure AC/DC voltage and current, frequency, resistance, diode and continuity NCV test. The package contains test leads, alligator clips, and a 9v Battery.

One of the amazing and unique features of this device is the voltage indicator. Not all DMM comes with this facility.

When the voltage is higher than 700V, the device will indicate through light and buzz. Also, the auto-ranging feature is highly efficient to cover 6000 counts.

The device comes with an indicator when an item is measured. So that the user can check the data in the device.

It’s a 10 function multimeter. Thus, you can have it and use it as a multipurpose device at home or commercial space.

It’s a pro-quality digital multimeter, thus every electrician, professional service provider or DIY lovers can have it in the resource. So, what do you think? Good enough, isn’t it? Grab it fast before sold out!

  • Easy to use
  • Voltage alert
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto-ranging facility
  • Capable of diode and continuity test
  • Hard to read manual instruction

How To Choose Best Digital Multimeter?

The traditional multimeters are out of trend. Now, in the era of DIYers, a digital multimeter is a handy device and easy to operate. Even the professionals also use the device for the electronic purpose.

Usually, we don’t buy such a device very often. Thus, when we buy an electronic device, we expect it to last for years, isn’t it? Thus, we cannot just pick any cheap digital multimeter and expect it to provide lifelong performance. Therefore, it is always wise to buy the best quality digital multimeter.

Before you buy the “best” digital multimeter, there are some key points you need to consider. What are the key points? To know them you need to go through the below section.

  1. When you explore the market, you will find a variety of digital multimeters with diverse features and different price range. Thus, before you purchase one, think about the purpose you are going to use the DMM. If you are looking for a DMM for personal use or hobbies, you can buy a regular DMM device.
  2. The device should have the potential to measure Amps, Volts, and Ohms.
  3. If you need more features in your DMM, you can check the additional features. Some DMM can measure transistor, temperature, capacitance and so on.
  4. Be careful about buying a DMM that gives an average reading. Thus, you will not get the exact data while measuring. If you are looking for a DMM to get exact measuring data, your device should be labeled as True RMS.
  5. To get high performing DMM, they need to have two potential features that are accuracy and resolution. Always check whether the device gives accurate measurement and if the resolution is good enough.
  6. Check for the safety rating feature in the DMM. The device must indicate the risk factors in the electric line.

Important FAQ of Digital Multimeter

Q: How does a multimeter work?

Ans: Whether a multimeter is analog or digital, it displays the measurements on its screen according to its functions. In general, it indicates the intensity of the current, the temperature and even the continuity of the loads, depending on the model. Before looking for where to buy a new multimeter, define what you expect from such an instrument. Some models automatically provide the requested data. Others need manual settings to switch to the desired mode.
It is also possible to test the diode and the transistor.
There are models capable of detecting zero lines.

Q: How to use a multimeter?

Ans: Before using your equipment, check that the cables are in condition to protect you against electrocution. The cards must be free of moisture. If your device is automatic, all you have to do is put the connectors on the cable to be tested. In the event that manual adjustment is required, make sure you are in the correct gauge. The data is displayed on the screen. If you do not have much knowledge of electricity, it would be better to refer to the manual of the equipment. This will help you read the data provided.

Q: How to test a spark plug with a multimeter?

Ans: To perform this test, you first need to know what the normal resistance of your car’s spark plug is. You will find this information in the vehicle’s service manual. This value is expressed in ohms. For the actual test, remove the spark plug cover and disconnect the cables. Then connect your multimeter to the spark plug terminals. Hardware cables, like the coil, have two poles: positive and negative. They will have to be respected. The resistance value is displayed on the screen.

Q: How to test a TV antenna with a multimeter?

Ans: To test a TV antenna, the multimeter must be calibrated on the ohmmeter option. You will need to know the correct value before checking the operation of the antenna. Typically, normal resistance is between zero and two ohms. If this figure is too high, it is because there is a malfunction in the antenna. Connect a lead from the multimeter to the end of the antenna. The other wire will be connected to the cable plug. The screen will display the measurement. Depending on the number shown, you will know if the antenna is in excellent condition or if it needs maintenance or even replacement.

Q: How to test the continuity of an electric wire with a multimeter?

Ans: First, disconnect the wire from the mains. Your multimeter should have an option to do the continuity test, which is usually represented by a volume symbol. Connect the positive wire to the ohmmeter output of your device. Connect the two leads of the multimeter to both ends of the cable to be tested. You should hear a beep sound when the wires touch the plugs of the latter. If this does not happen, reverse the wires. If no sound is emitted, it means that the electric wire is not working.

Q: How do I know if a fuse is blown without a multimeter?

Ans: If you don’t have a multimeter, but need to know whether a fuse is working or not, don’t despair. You can use the bulb of a flashlight. Discover it, to have access to the battery. Connect one side of the fuse to a strip of the battery. At the same time, connect the free side of the fuse to the bulb base. If the fuse works, the bulb should light up. Otherwise, the fuse is blown.

Final Verdict

So these are our 8 best digital multimeters. We have attentively reviewed the products along with detail information. We hope this information will help you to make the best decision while purchasing the ideal Dmm for you.

But, before purchasing, we would also recommend you to read the digital multimeter guide section. We wish you to buy the best value digital multimeter within affordable price.

Have a Great Time with Your Digital Multimeter! 🙂

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