Best HVAC Multimeter – 7 Most Tested & Compared for 2021

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If you are an HVAC technician or an electric enthusiast, then you must know the value of providing a wireless multimeter of consistency.

No matter whether you are a pro or just a novice in the HVAC field, but whether you want to detect the frequency, resistance, voltage, and temperature during service.

It is very necessary to have a reliable and high-quality HVAC multimeter. One question may arise How to find the best HVAC multimeter in 2021?

For answering that there are a lot of things to clear out. In this article everything will be sorted, so DON’T skip anything read it carefully.

Here is the list of 7 best HVAC multimeter you can buy in 2021-

Best HVAC Multimeter Comparison – Our Top Pick






Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter


AC/DC Resistance

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter


AC/DC Resistance

UEi Test Instruments DL379B Digital HVAC Clamp Meter

UEi Test Instruments DL379B Digital HVAC Clamp Meter


AC/DC Resistance

Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter

Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter


AC/DC Resistance

Fieldpiece HS33 HVAC Manual Multimeter

Fieldpiece HS33 HVAC Manual Multimeter


AC/DC Resistance

7 Best HVAC Multimeters Reviews with Detailed Guide

In the below section all the features, good and bad are described so read them and gather information as much as you can to decide the best.

1. Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

Best HVAC Multimeter - Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter
Ergonomic Design 
Low Input Impedance
Prevent False Readings

You might assume that Fluke 116 is like any other multimeter at first sight, but there are a lot of variations between this multimeter and other HVAC meters.

Fluke one of the best multimeter brand so you can pick the best multimeter from Fluke. The Fluke 116 was designed using the new technologies and is ideal for experienced and inexperienced electricians alike.

All in One

The Fluke 116 was designed especially for the HVAC professional. Count voltage, power, durability, frequency, and capacity in a single device.

The Fluke 116 also calculates the temperature and microamps for HVAC applications in addition to the usual multimeter features.

Safe and reliable

Since 1948, Fluke has been a trustworthy test tool partner that assists you and your team with tools that match or exceed the safety requirements of the area in which you work. In

CAT III 600V settings, the Fluke 116 mm was checked independently for protection.

LED Backlight

This choice will provide you with the right readings needed to evaluate voltages and nonlinear signals with an LED backlight and up to 400 amps in a small cable cabin.

You have the right to use CAT-III 600V measured on one side.

  • Certified by CAT-III.
  • It comes with true RMS.
  • Provide accurate readings.
  • Included Microamps to check flame sensors.
  • Doesn’t have a feature of 100 amps, directly works with microamps.

2. Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter
AC/DC Voltage
Low Battery Indicator
Excellent safety Rating

The Klein Tools MM600 is a good all-round tool for many electricity-interested people and a simple, reasonable RMS-responding DMM.

This is placed at performance, feature set, and price right between the MM400 and MM700, while not a mega exact device with applications, this effectively does what it takes.


Measuring up to 1,000V AC / DC, 10AC / DC power, and 40 M resistance, efficiency, frequency, service cycle, test diodes, and continuity.

Measuring Way

Temperatures of the MM600 are given per voltage, current, resistance, diode measurements, power, frequency, and continuity.

The Fahrenheit and the Celsius can be seen — turn between them by choosing.

Strong Built

The construction standard of Klein Tools MM600 does not mislead. Designed to withstand a 6-foot drop on paper, for example, the case is cooked and holstered. The computer is sturdy but also easy to switch and easy to swap batteries and fuses with a cell.

  • Sturdy built.
  • Clear backlit screen.
  • Provided low battery indicators.
  • Crocodile clips and thermocouple are also included in the package.
  • Measures temperature accurately alongside voltage, current, and resistance.
  • No True RMS gave.

3. UEi Test Instruments DL379B Digital HVAC Clamp Meter

UEi Test Instruments DL379B Digital HVAC Clamp Meter
40MΩ Resistance
AC/DC Multimeter 
Detachable Clamp Head

This innovative HAVC clamp multimeter DL369 was developed by the UEi test instruments for multimeter lovers. Some claim that this is the best HVAC multimeter of allowing to the optimized test lead storage and dual monitor.

You should try if you intend to buy a standard multimeter for HVAC work within a very inexpensive price. Because this system has hundreds of functions, the novices have trouble using the device correctly.

Dual Display

Dual display for exact and simultaneous measurement is available for the UEI Test Instruments DL 369 Digital Clamp-on Meter. Two panels are the min and max displays to calculate and read.


Capacity, 400A AC, 750VAC or 1000VDC, micro-amp continuity, torque, and frequency can be measured using the DL369 digital clamp-on meter.

Extra Features

It is compactly constructed and is contact-free. Certain features included- data lock, automated shutdown, split display, lead check storage, and service cycles. This meter is reliable and accurate, in addition to its exceptional features.

  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Providing Dual Display.
  • Providing a 3-year limited warranty too.
  • It included a pouch bag and handle to carry it.
  • Maintenance is comparatively easier than others.
  • No true RMS.

4. Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter

Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter
True RMS Multimeter
Prevent False Readings
Accurate Measurements

The Fluke hybrid pack is a perfect choice for industrial and residential use even though it is a little costlier on the side.

This alternative has an incorporated thermometer and microamps for fire sensors with a precision of 0.1. You also have a low input indecency function to avoid error reading.


The clamping meter for both AC and DC averages 400 amp and 600 volts. This pattern can also be correctly interpreted in industrial HVAC systems resistance, stability, frequency, and capacitance.

User Friendly

This model features a hard point check guide, thermocouple grip and connector, temperature sensor, and magnetic strap carry case. This option is not so exact to the downside as our first choice. The thermocouple. The magnetic harness is not sturdy enough.

Clear LED

For low light conditions, the Fluke 116 has a large white LED backlight. It is used to measure resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacity and to record signal fluctuations through the min/max/average readings.

  • Certified by CAT III.
  • Included a flame sensor.
  • Clamp providing true RMS.
  • Very much accurate reading.
  • The thermocouple is not that accurate.

5. Fieldpiece HS33 HVAC Manual Multimeter

Fieldpiece HS33 HVAC Manual Multimeter
High Voltage
Manual Ranging 
Built-in Non-contact Voltage

Both the beginners and the experienced, this multi-function digital multimeter is perfect. You can find the manual and template very useful if you are a beginner.

Moreover, the reliability and accuracy of the product will amaze you if you deal with HVAC meters issues every day.


This device does not have an interactive capability. If you are a novice, so occasionally the loss of the self-sufficiency may be a little hectic. But you do have the multimeter range of the manual. A more accurate reading is given by the handbook.


This feature allows the last reading to be saved. And to write the texts, you do not need a pen or paper; simply store them in the memory of HS33.

Auto Shut Off

You certainly don’t want your multimeter to waste the battery. Therefore, this feature automatically shuts the system down even though you fail to turn it off.

  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Gives accurate reading.
  • The display size may be small for some people.

6. Amprobe AM-560 Advanced HVAC Digital Multimeter

 Amprobe AM-560 Advanced HVAC Digital Multimeter
AC/DC Voltage 
Audible Continuity
Drives Variable Frequency 

This cheap alternative will be perfect for you if you are new to the HVAC industry or you need a multimeter for your home use.

This enduring alternative tests AC up to 750 volts and DC up to 1000 volts, plus 10 amps for both. A K-type thermocouple for temperature readings is also available in this model.

High Quality 

For an HVAC operator, the AM-560 Industrial HVAC is a good option. This tests a wide variety of electrical parameters for HVAC applications with dual thermocouples to take differential temperature readings, low-frequency drive pass sensors, engine start-up or working condensers, and fire sensor microamps.


Double reading LCD backlight display, data hold, memory max/min, peak hold, relatively null mode, auto power OFF and low warning battery features the AM-560.

Non-contact voltage

The AM-560 has integrated lighting to see wires and fuses in the dark, and a rubber tilt stand and sensor to send you the third-hand measurements you need.

  • Excellent in troubleshooting.
  • Accurate on the meter reading.
  • Providing K-type thermocouple.
  • Non-contact voltage ensures safety.
  • No true RMS. Which is unexpected.

7. Fieldpiece HS26 HVAC Digital Multimeter

Fieldpiece HS26 HVAC Digital Multimeter
Continuity Indicators
 Conserve Battery Life
Manual Ranging Multimeter

With the portability, tug-of-the-line and modular expandability HVAC / R experts recall the first HS26 Stick Meter. This slim, digital multimeter easily fits in your pocket or in the case you are using.

It contains several electrical parameters, including DC microamps for flame rectifier diode checking and motor-run and engine-start condensers.

It is a manual range meter and has a rugged ABS plastic case with an O-ring to block contaminants, MAX support, high-tension, continuity LEDs, and beepers.


The compact design is where one shines. It won’t take much space in your tool bag, and it certainly fits in the pants pocket if you need it. It is also sturdy enough to fall very well.

Manual Ranging

It’s a manual ranging multimeter and the loss of the self-range might be a little difficult for you if you are a new user. And the loss of the self-range might be a little hectic for you if you are a novice.

You have It is an ABS plastic robust case with an O-ring for blocking contaminants, MAX for holding, higher-voltage, and continuous LEDs and beepers as well as automatic power offset to preserve battery life multimeter range of the manual, however. The manual range provides a more precise reading. The manual range provides a more precise reading.

Low Price

The cheap price makes the HS26 also a brilliant option for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Although it is not as precise or quick as costly meters, it will certainly work well in the home or on the terrain, as the case may be. Because with add-ons you can expand its capacity, you can get whatever you need.

  • Compact design.
  • Max Data holder.
  • Accurate Reading provider.
  • The price is very much affordable.
  • Useful for both enthusiasts and professionals.
  • It’s a bit outdated compared with other multimeters of this age.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best HVAC Multimeter

Having the right information allows you to get the best information at the best multimeters. It is important that you correctly find out what you need and expect in a multimeter before you buy and this is what would solve the dilemma quickly.

When you are buying a new HVAC multimeter there are several factors which you need to know most. Those factors are discussed below:

Reading considerations

Volts and amps are two of the most critical parameters you need for large commercial HVAC systems. The majority of multimeters can be read on all of them, so you want to make sure they are right.

Up to 600V and amplifiers up to 300A will be able to measure AC voltage. Up to 300V and 60A are required for DC. Nonetheless, DC amps are not always required, so test your project twice.

Whenever you read the meter, you may need to know if you’re working with DC or AC (DC). The labels on the meter say you for which one. DC corresponds to a straight or dotted line, while AC indicates a wavy one.

You want to see the show, too. A 1 implies no flow in continuity checks when all nulls indicate consistency. Each layout comes with a manual of the owner that describes the unique symbols and meanings.

The exact marks will vary slightly if you move to a particular company or pattern although most are relatively similar.


There are tons of brands on the market, but they all merit your money and your time? Obviously, no! Similar manufacturers have varying rates and you have to look at the best goods of firms making HVAC multimeters.

This is why, because your budget asks you which brand and feature to pick, you have been told to first determine the good budget multimeter. Fieldpiece, Klein, Fluke, Beckman, Extech are among the top brands. They are famous for producing high-quality and inexpensive goods. Nonetheless, do some research and learn about client info.


First of all, nothing is as critical as commodity pricing. Most multimeters cost over $450, and others are less than $50. The inexpensive optical multimeters typically do not scan or listen. You will then determine your spending because that would tell you what product you want to purchase.

When you buy the non-calibrated multimeter, it is much cheaper than average, but you need to calibrate it at least once a year, so that costs you about US$ 50 to keep it reliable at the plant.

The multimeters come priced for over $100. A significant element is also the form of a multimeter. The optical multimeter is without a doubt more expensive than the analog. The bedside versions often cost you more than 1000 dollars, but after the buy you consider your money wasted.


This is, without any doubt, the next thing you can find out when you buy the multimeter. You will have an understanding of the product’s features and requirements. If you don’t work the business, you will be losing.

Each digital screen includes an LCD panel with a decimal display. The optical multimeter measurements are more reliable than the analog multimeter. With the aid of the optical multimeter, you can calculate the current, resistance, AC, or DC voltage.

You may also use it in several other ways. Several means more than one reading can be received. The usage varies according to the features of the multimeter. Check the multimeter ‘s operation manual to figure out what you should do on and off the board. You will operate on a wide variety of voltages if your system is auto-ranged. Purchase the drug according to the characteristics.

Extra Facts

This is also a significant aspect of large HVAC programs. You can calculate warped waves because the instrument has this ability and will the accuracy.

You will find a great voltage that might give you a wrong reading with this choice. You may need to test the resistance in ohms to assess how well a part fits on the circuit. Find a formula that calculates ohms in increments of 5 megaohms, to hold an exact reading.

While the most multimeter feature is very common, you will find one which has an audible detector such that you can be told whether the electric circuit is open or closed.

How to use and configure an HVAC Multimeter

Multimeters are simple and configurable instruments. Those are the conditions they are deprived of learning how to do. When you know what you see, how to set up and read the meter, it’s going to quickly become second nature.

A sequence of alternative settings will be chosen from each of the three key settings which are: amps, volts, and ohms. You want to use a system that provides a reasonably high and low level to calculate the planned performance.

It should be taken into consideration that as long as the black sample is attached to the COMM cable, then the red sample should be wired to the correct amps or ohm ports. The only exception is for single-way diodes. Connecting the reverse diode will give you a 0 reading, which may be incorrect.

HVAC Multimeter – Some Important FAQ’s

Q: Which are the best HVAC multimeter for professional technicians?

Ans: It is not easy to pick the right one for a newbie with multiple HVAC multimeters. Yet what multimeter you select for the starter mechanic must be quick to use, accurate, easy to comprehend, and extremely cost-effective. The newbie can need a lot of time to grasp it. A complex system is frustrating.

Q: How can a capacitor be tested with a digital multimeter?

Ans: If a capacitor can be measured on your digital multimeter, then the condenser is mounted. When the condenser has been disconnected from the condenser tank and drained sufficiently then you can test it.

Q: Will there be any difficulties or any interference if a large current is measured with HVAC multimeter?

Ans: Depends on the type and brand you are using.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t have to be a tough choice to pick the best multimeter for HVAC equipment needs. A digital or analog multimeter is suitable for your regular use with the correct features and choices. You ‘re just good as long as you can stick under your range and get a reliable and long-lasting meter.

It is also necessary for consistency to be told visually or audibly, for example. The ability to read 1/10 of a microamp is considered a major benefit for a condenser tester and a non-contact tester.

The efficiency of best HVAC multimeter in one electrician’s eyes resumes three things: longevity, functionality, and size. You will now consider a lot of goods containing all the benefits and more. Some apps do not matter, just make the work of a technician simpler and better.

Focus on models with intuitive controls, simple functions, and understandable instructions when you begin to understand how multimeters function. If you’re an experienced multimeter user, instead of a builder, you’ll concentrate on the product functionality and reliability.

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