Best Digital Voltmeter (10 Most Tested & Compared for 2020

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If your purpose is to find out the voltage only, there is no point in spending your money on a multimeter. Multimeters are multipurpose, and they are useful, but they cost more than a voltmeter. If you don’t need to know the current and resistance, why spend much? In this article, we will cover the ten best voltmeters.

The article covers ten detailed product reviews, a practical buying guide, and answers to some frequently asked questions. We have tried to make the article simple so that a novice can easily connect.

Anyway, if you are a newbie in this sector, I am sure you will know everything about voltmeters at the end of the article. Let’s begin the real journey without wasting your time anymore:

But before I begin, what is a voltmeter?

It is a device that measures the volts between two nodes. They are required for electric works. There are many voltmeters available in the market. Some of them are for AC current, whereas some of them are for DC current. Some latest models even measure both AC and DC.

Top Rated Digital Voltmeter 2021

Busy life, can’t deny! Every one of us is busy with our schedule. I can understand you might not have time to go through the entire article, that’s okay for me.

In this section, I will give a brief overview of each product. Have a look and then decide which product feels suitable for your need. Once detected that product, read only the review of that particular product. Save your time, no problem. The overview is here:




Max Volt


Bayite DC 6.5-100V Voltage Meter

Bayite Voltage Meter



Cllena Triple Function LED Voltmeter

Cllena Voltmeter



RioRand Waterproof 12 V LED Digital Voltmeter

RioRand Digital Voltmeter



Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter

Cllena LED Voltmeter



MICTUNING LED Digital Panel Double Voltmeter




10 Best Digital Voltmeter for 2021 – Detailed Review

There was a time when finding a single multimeter or voltmeter was one of the most challenging jobs. Before, there was hardly any option for the users. But the scenario has changed a lot in the last couple of years.

Now voltmeters are not unusual rather ubiquitous. Lots of options can make it difficult for you to even find the best one. Also, it is arduous to research just to find a little voltmeter.

Luckily for you, we have completed the market survey. We studied hundreds of voltmeters and multimeters to find out the ten most effective voltmeters of the current times.

So we will give you a useful voltmeter review based on our market survey. After the review, you will also get some practical tips to buy a voltmeter. Without further ado, let’s get started with the reviews: 

1. Bayite DC 6.5-100V Voltage Meter

Bayite DC 6.5-100V Voltage Meter
1% Measuring Accuracy
Power Consumption: 0.2W
Best for indoor applications

Good voltmeters are hard to find, that’s an ancient myth. Yeah, that was true a few years back. But now the market offers a wide variety of voltmeters. So, that statement has become a legend. You will find a handful of quality voltmeters, and bayite DC 6.5-100V Voltage meter is an example of that.

At present, it is one of the classiest voltmeters for home use. This device has everything you could ask for. The construction is superb, and the performance is up to the mark. Let me show what this voltmeter has to offer: 


They have formed the DC 6.5-100V Voltage meter with some of the most sufficient quality material. Bayite didn’t compromise a bit in terms of built-quality. Therefore, the device is reliable, stable, and long-lasting. If you use it with proper care, it will serve you many years without causing any issue.


The performance of the voltmeter is just as advertise. It provides pretty accurate results. But it is a small meter suitable for home use. You should not try to use it outdoor.

Quality Display

bayite also features an outstanding LED screen where you can read the figures without any problem. Even the screen is highly readable in daylight.

  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent customer service
  • Big and bright LCD screen
  • Automatic backlight turn on and off feature
  • Not ideal for outdoor use

2. DROK 90538 Digital LCD Voltmeter

DROK 90538 Digital LCD Voltmeter
Input Voltage: 3.2-10V
Current Range: 0-3A
Measuring Range: AC 80-300V

If you are longing for the best digital voltmeter, take a deep breath, relax, and read the review of DROK 90538. After that, you don’t have to search anymore. Indeed, it is one of the finest digital voltmeters and, according to the expert’s it is one of the best of its kind.

The device is loaded with all the essential features, and DROK formed it with premium quality materials. You can use it for an extended period. Let me discuss the top feature of this tiny little champion:

Display and Backlit

The device ensures exceptionally well readability. It shows the result accurately, as well. Also, the backlit not only ensures readability but also works as a great night light. You can use it as an RV night light if you wish.

RV Voltmeter

Many people want ta quality voltmeter for their RV, and to fulfill the demand, it has come into the business. You can use it on your RV to check the voltage. But don’t use the product on damp atmosphere and keep your child away from it.


The device is well-constructed with top quality materials. It will surely last for many years. You have to maintain the product for that, though properly. But it can withstand excessive abuses.

  • Ideal for RV as well
  • User-friendly design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made of high quality material
  • Excellent LCD screen included
  • Automatically On/Off backlit facility included
  • Accuracy could be better

3. MICTUNING Voltmeter

Data Storage Design
Super Large Digital Display
Unique Voltage Alarm Function

MICTUNING, though, clam this device as a voltmeter, but it is actually a multimeter, with its ability to measure voltage, current, power, and energy. Still, they sell this product at voltmeter prices. Thus, it is an excellent buy and value for the money.

The device comes with essential features; it is sturdy and also user-friendly. At this price, you will never get any better voltage meter than this one. Let me talk about the features it has to offer:


MICTUNING Voltmeter comes with a super large digital display that measures 51x30mm. The LCD screen provides a clear view of all figures and status.

You can also control the backlight using the button. Also, the recessed button will let you reset energy value and adjust voltage alarm. Overall, the display is the most exciting feature of this device.


Though it comes in a voltmeter’s name, it is actually a multimeter with fascinating versatility.

The device not only measures voltage but also current, power, and energy of most electrical applications. It offers high accuracy and low power consumption as well.

Alarm Function

The device also has alarm functions included to let you know when the voltage is beyond the alarm threshold. It is one of the most useful features of a voltage meter.

Data Store

You can store data on this device. It has an automatic data storage feature included. Even if your device is suddenly turned off, this boss will keep the previous reading figure stored automatically for you.

  • Energy saving
  • Offers great accuracy
  • Suitable for RV battery
  • Large readable display
  • Comes with voltage alarm
  • Data storage facility included
  • Ideal for large range measurement with additional current shunt
  • Difficult to mount

4. Cllena Triple Function LED Voltmeter

Cllena Triple Function LED Voltmeter
Universal fits
High socket body
Compatible with smartphones

Your quest for the best LED Voltmeter ends with the Cllena Triple Function LED Voltmeter! According to the professionals, it is one of the finest voltmeters with fascinating LED. But it didn’t get the position only because of the quality display.

Several other factors played an essential role in putting this on this list. The overall quality of the product is mesmerizing, yet the price is reasonable. You can give it a go. Before you do that, let me show you the top features:


Cllena Triple Function LED Voltmeter comes with a reliable nylon plastic socket body. Compared to other products in the market, it has the most reliable structure. The Voltmeter can withstand excessive abuse, and it will surely last many years.


It is considered one of the top-rated LED voltmeters, thanks to Cllena, as they included a top-rated display. The display can indicate several things, including charging issue, and voltage measurement results. The display is large and bright. You can read the figures shows on display without any ache.


Cllena Triple Function Voltmeter comes in a user-friendly design. Even a beginner can get used to the device with no time. But they don’t provide any instructions to use the product which I found irritating. Come one, Cllena, an instruction manual. doesn’t cost much!

  • Easy to install
  • Readable display
  • Solid construction
  • User-friendly design
  • Value for the money
  • Attractive design and looks good
  • No instructions included

5. RioRand Waterproof 12 V LED Digital Voltmeter

RioRand Waterproof 12 V LED Digital Voltmeter
Best for car and auto
3.0V - 30V Power Range
DC 3.0V - 30V Power Supply

Figuring out the health of any battery with the RioRand Waterproof 12V LED Digital Voltmeter. It is suitable to use with RV, Trucks, cars, motorcycles, and many other applications. Mounting the product is super simple.

It also has a large and readable display where the figures show large enough not to cause any ache on your eye. The construction is good as well. Let us explain some of the top features off the RioRand Waterproof Voltmeter:

Easy to mount

Most of the voltmeters give a hard time mounting, it is different. You will not get a bit of hardship mounting it on your vehicles. It even fits perfectly in motorcycles. Also, it doesn’t look awkward once mounted. Instead, it gives a pleasant touch in the overall look.


RioRand formed this device using some of the finest quality materials. It is by far one of the solidly built voltmeters. It can withstand excessive use. But if you want to use it for an extended period, it should be appropriately taken care of.


The display is large and bright. The figures displays on the screen are large as well. It gives a decent blue illumination that helps to see in the dark. The light is soft and gentle to the eye. The display of this product is good compared to other products in this price range. It will not let you down; that’s for sure.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to mount
  • Provide accuracy
  • Small and attractive
  • Can be used with vehicles
  • Large and bright display
  • Not fully waterproof as advertised

6. Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter

Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter
Best for widely use
Four Hole Panel Base
Excellent performance

To me, Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter is the coolest option available in the market at present. It looks so cool and is loaded with lots of useful features. Also, it is smart and well-constructed.

You can use this device with Cars, Trucks, Marine, Boat, RV, Caravan, Bus, UTV/ATV, and many other 12-24V applications. It offers excellent versatility. This product will last many years, that’s for sure.

For such quality, the price is pretty reasonable. You will never regret mounting it on your vehicle. Without further ado, let’s check out the top features of the product:


This device is a perfectly cut piece of metal that doesn’t have any sharp edges. Also, it is painted accurately in black color. The USB charger that comes with the product is also well-made. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. So, the overall construction of the Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter is fantastic.


The display of the Cllena Dual USB Socket LED Voltmeter is mesmerizing. It looks pretty cool and lets you check the battery voltage status regularly without causing eye ache. If you install this voltmeter, you can indeed extend your battery’s life by constant monitoring.

On/Off Toggle

A Toggle Switch on the voltmeter makes the life more comfortable. You can adjust everything with this handy switch. Also, they offer a universal 12V cigarette lighter socket, which is well-constructed as well.

Dual USB Charger

The device also offers dual USB ports that are very well constructed. They have a single output of 2.1 A. So, and you can charge two devices at a time at maximum speed. It is one of the coolest features you can have on a voltmeter.

  • Small size
  • Easy to install
  • Four hole panel base
  • Useful On/Off Toggle Switch included
  • Looks cool that gives classy atmosphere
  • Ideal to use with different types of vehicles
  • Somewhat expensive, a bit be cheaper price could be better

7. MICTUNING LED Digital Panel Double Voltmeter

MICTUNING LED Digital Panel Double Voltmeter
Universal fits
Double voltmeter
Scratch and corrosion resistant

The sudden death of a vehicle battery is one of the most frustrating scenarios. Often it makes us upset and also perplexed.

We don’t find out why the batteries are dying one after another. This is where we need to call a voltmeter to save our life. But the wrong voltmeter can increase the problem even more. Thus, you are requested to look at the MICTUNING LED Digital Panel Double Voltmeter, clearly one of the finest of its kind.

It shows an accurate volt all the time. It is a modern LED Digital Voltmeter that offers a bright screen so that you can check the status quickly. The device is perfect for most of the 12-24Volt vehicles. Let me give a brief explanation of the top feature of this voltmeter.


The product’s built-quality is fantastic as well, with flame retardant ABS plastic shell and top quality connecting pins. Also, the device is waterproof, wear-resistant with a full-sealed black matte surface cover. Indeed, it will serve you for many years. 


You don’t have to worry about the safety issue anymore. This voltmeter has passed all the safety tests. It has built-in safety features included. Overvoltage and short circuits will never be able to cause any harm. 

Stunning Display

The display of the MICTUNING Voltmeter is the coolest feature in this device. It has two inner 3-bit digital display, which is corrosion resistant and scratch-proof. That means any sudden hit will not create any damage.

You can monitor the voltage all the time with ease. It shows the reading clearly in large figures. If you can check the battery condition all the time, you will understand the issue with the battery and therefore extend the battery life. 

  • Easy to install
  • Secured to use
  • Large LED Screen
  • Shows reading clearly
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Long lasting, waterproof and wear resistant
  • Real time monitoring 2 battery packs of vehicles
  • No On/Off switch included

8. Zeltauto LED Digital Car Voltmeter

Zeltauto LED Digital Car Voltmeter
Easy to use
Digital display
Best for car or vehicles 

Zeltauto LED Digital Car Voltmeter is yet another fantastic product for the price. If all the above products have failed to stir your mind, I am sure this one will.

It is different in terms of performance and price. Even to some extent, it is better than most of the usual models. Zeltauto Car Voltmeter is designed to give extended service.

Therefore, it can withstand excessive abuse. The device also has all the necessary features included. Let me explain the features without wasting your time:


With excellent construction using top-quality materials, it is one of the reliable models available at present in the market. If you want something stubborn and harsh, you should go for this one. It is suitable for everyday use. Also, this device will last many years without causing any trouble.


Zeltauto LED Digital Car Voltmeter is safe to use. It has passed many safety tests, and experts also declared it one of the safest products in the market. It will not cause any trouble in everyday use.


The design is simple. It will never cause any trouble operating. Also, the display is large and bright, where you can check the reading quickly. Overall, this is an excellent voltmeter for the price.

  • Good construction
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use and install
  • Provide excellent accuracy
  • Bright and readable display
  • LED light flickers sometimes

9. Mini Waterproof Voltmeter

Mini Waterproof Voltmeter
CE Certified
Easy to use 
Twist-and-lock system

Sxstar has made this product for those who usually adore tiny things. This is a small product but has everything you can ask from a voltmeter. Sxstar has used some of the finest materials to make this device.

Therefore, it is ideal for regular use for an extended period. Not only the performance this Mini Waterproof Voltmeter is praised by the experts because of its performance too. You will get an accurate result every time. Without further ado, let’s check out the top features:

Simple Installation

The installation process of the Sxstar Mini Waterproof Voltmeter is quite simple, especially if you compared it with other products. Most of the voltmeter gives a hard time in installation. But this one will not bother you much.


The built-quality of the voltmeter is perfect as well. Sxstar used premium quality materials to create this product. Also, it is waterproof and can function properly in a damp atmosphere. This device will surely last for many years.


The display is not that big as it is a mini voltmeter. But the tiny display shows everything quite clearly. I can guarantee it will never cause any ache to your eye.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Value for the money
  • Offers good accuracy
  • Made of high quality material
  • Solid structure and ideal for long term use
  • The size seems a bit tiny to us

10. DROK 100105 Voltage Meter

 LCD display
Dual display power monitor
+/-0.5% Measurement Accuracy

Lastly, we have the DROK 100105 Voltage Meter in here. Don’t consider it as a worthless option just because I have put it as the last option. I didn’t maintain any particular order.

Also, DROK 100105 is better than many traditional Voltmeter in the market. You will be amazed by the performance of this champ. Check out the top features below:

Solid Built

DROK 100105 is well-constructed with top quality materials. DROK always tries to come up with something substantial. They did the same with this product. It can withstand excessive abuse; therefore, it will last many years.


You will also get a large 3-digit display where you can check the battery voltage quickly. The display is larger and brighter than many standard voltmeters. Also, it offers a blue light that is pretty useful at night.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Solid construction
  • Provides good accuracy
  • Large and clear 3 digit display
  • Offers blue light that helps at night
  • Not for novice user

Complete Buying Guide: Pick your Voltmeter with Confidence

You have been through the best voltmeter reviews, now it’s time to gather some crucial information. In this section, I will share some practical buying tips so that you can pick wisely. You see, ‘best’ is irrational, and it varies from person to person.  

The best thing in my eyes might not give you the same experience as our requirement is different. Therefore, it is essential to read the buying tips. It will provide you with a useful overview of the aspects you need to consider on a voltmeter, and you can easily match your requirement after that. So, let me share the tips now:


Voltmeters are available in two different types. They are Analog Voltmeter and Digital Voltmeter. If you choose to buy a voltmeter, you have to choose between them. Yeah, you can pick both of them, but there is no point. You should either buy a digital voltmeter or analog voltmeter. But how will you decide? Read below to find the answer:

Analog Voltmeters have a dial across a scale to display the result. On the other hand, digital voltmeters show numerical values on the display. In terms of reading the status, digital meters are more convenient. But the downside is that they will take some time to stabilize on the right value.

On an analog meter, you will notice the dial’s wobbling when the voltage is not stable. Which can be a bit frustrating at times to check out the movement of the dial. But digital meters don’t give that hassle.

Both digital and analog meters have their strengths and weaknesses. The last call is yours, depending on your need. But if you ask me, I will tell you to go with a digital voltmeter as they are easy to use and has multiple functions.  

Manual Ranging vs Auto Ranging:

Secondly, you need to choose between manual ranging and auto-ranging voltmeter. Auto-ranging voltmeters are smart, and they can recognize the device you are testing. You don’t need to input any range with an auto-ranging device.

On the other hand, manual ranging devices are not as smart. Therefore, you have to know the range and correctly input to get a better result.

Nowadays, people prefer auto-ranging voltmeters. Nobody wants to take the additional hassle, right? If you are new, you should go for auto-ranging models. They are less complicated and easy to operate.


There is no 100% accurate voltmeter available, period! Some devices provide decent or close to perfect accuracy. Whereas some others don’t give much accuracy. You have to find one that is close to perfection.

Then again, Good voltmeters offer 100% accuracy often, especially for the first few years of your use. Eventually, the device will start giving unsatisfactory results. So, it is better to go for a good product from a well-known brand as they can show accuracy for an extended period.

Design and Construction:

You should consider the built-quality and design as well. Many people overlook this to facts while buying a voltmeter. If you want your voltmeter last for a couple of years, considering the built-quality should be your first priority. Most of the well-known brands form their products with top quality materials. You can pick one from them if you wish.

Design matters when it comes to the convenience of use. If you don’t want any hassle, you should look for a product with a user-friendly design. Especially for the newbies, the design is pretty important.

One without any experience in this sector could not operate a complicated device. They will eventually lose their interest. Therefore, you should seriously go for a device that is well-built and also user-friendly.


Usually, features affect the cost. If the product is well-built, user-friendly, accurate, and loaded with many additional features, it will cost a bit more. In general, the price of a voltmeter is not that much. But costs vary depending on those features and brands.

Well-known brands sell their products at a reasonable price, obviously as they promise quality. In terms of value, my advice is to check the other features and if you think the product can meet your requirement, go for it even if you have to spend a bit more. Think about it as an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to buy a voltmeter or a multimeter?

Ans: If you need to know the voltage only, go for a voltmeter. If you need to know more than voltage, go for a multimeter. This is a simple and straightforward answer for you.

If you need details, let’s explain. Multimeters can handle several applications. You can use them for construction to industrial work. On the other hand, voltmeters are designed for electrical engineers only for household applications. So, decide what will be ideal for you.

Q: Are voltmeters inexpensive?

Ans: If you compare the price with multimeters, defiantly they are not expensive. Multimeters are more costly as they have more features. But the cost of voltmeters varies from brand to brand. But in general, they are inexpensive. 

Q: Are inexpensive Voltmeters Good?

Ans: The worth of a product doesn’t necessarily depend on the price tag. There are few inexpensive products available in the market that has everything one requires. But this is also true that good products come at a price. So, the answer to this question is yes and no. Some inexpensive products are good depends on what you want from it.

Ans: Which of the mentioned voltmeter is right for me?

Ans: Well, I have reviewed ten voltmeters above. If any of these are not worthy, we should never have included that one in our list. We have included only the best products. All of them are amazing in terms of performance and construction. You can pick any of the above products without any hesitation.

Q: Can I use a voltmeter for professional purposes?

Ans: To some extent, you can. But not all of these are designed for professional use, and it is also not recommended. If you need to use something for professional service, go for a multimeter with all the essential features included. Voltmeters are for light home uses. 

Q: Why People install Voltmeters on Car?

Ans: Often car owners complain that the battery of their car doesn’t last. Even sometimes, they could not find out the real problem, which causes real trouble and frustration. If you install a voltmeter in your vehicle, it will continuously monitor the battery, and you will get an idea about the battery. Thus, people like to install voltmeters in their car.

Final Words

Digital Voltmeters are among the handiest tools for the electricians and DIY people who need to know the AC/DC voltage. If you want to regularly deal with electricity, you should buy one of the best voltmeters from the above list without further delay. A voltmeter will keep you secure.

Lots of people will advise you to go for a multimeter, and they are not wrong. Yes, multimeters are versatile and can handle several projects. But if you really don’t need to know more than voltage, wasting money is pointless.

The purpose of this article is to enlighten you with essential information concerning voltmeters. Don’t know whether I am successful or not. But leave it on your hand. Don’t forget to leave a comment on our blog if you find something unusual or have any questions.

We will meet again soon with other useful product reviews, tips, and tricks article. Keep an eye on our blog and share so that we can grow.


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