Best Metal Drill Bits in 2021 – Comparison, Reviews & Ultimate Guide

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Drilling through metal is a simple task. Not, it sounds simple, but the reality is different. You may wonder why? It seems a simple task, add a drill bit, and go on!

But let me elucidate, if the drill bit is not specially manufactured for multiple use, you are doomed! Metal is not soft materials like plastic, wood, or even cement. Therefore, the first thing to consider before drilling through hard material you need to get the right drill bits.

If you want to work on metal surfaces, for example, stainless steel or hardened steel, you have to have the best metal drill bits that are strong and heat resistant.

Regular drill bits cannot handle hard surfaces. If you try, it will take merely a second before they crashed off. It can indeed lead you to an undesirable circumstance.

This article shares some discussions of what is the best drill bit for metal, so you encounter no accident while working on hard material. Also, you can drill through metal like a boss if you have the appropriate bits on your hand. Let us begin:

Metal Drill Bits Comparison in 2021 – Our Top Picks






COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Hardened Metal

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Hardened Metal



COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set



EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set for Metal

EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set for Metal



Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set Metal

Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set Metal



Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set

Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set



8 Best Metal Drill Bit Reviews with Guide

The primary purpose of the drill bits is to drill through diverse materials to generate holes; you already know that. Those are cheap and simple products but pretty useful.

However, the problem arises when you decided to drill a hole in metal. Even though there are numerous drill bits available in the market, but not all of them are described to drill through metal. Many companies declared that their product is useful to drill a hole in metal, but in reality, they are fabricating.

So, how to get rid of this problem? Well, you have to explore a lot, which is an exhausting and time-consuming task. I decided to make the job easier for you by reviewing some of the best drill bit set for metal in 2021 .

Read the article until the end to wash away all your confusion surrounding the drill bits. At the end of the article, you will be an expert on this and be able to advise others. Let’s get started: 

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1. COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Hardened Metal

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Hardened Metal
Twist Design
Best for Widely Use
Built with High Speed Steel 

The COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit is on the first position on our list for many reasons. But let me inform you about an interesting fact about the product.

Lots of individuals have purchased this product just because of its attractive packaging!

Yeah, I am not joking. It doesn’t mean the set is terrible in terms of performance and endurance. It is indeed one of the best set in the market by all means.

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Hardened Metal

COMOWARE Company has constructed this product by using high-speed steel associated with 5% cobalt. So, it will serve you longer compared to regular bits.

It comes with a 135-degree split point, so the bit knows when exactly it needs to contact the surface. Smart, isn’t it? You will also get maximum penetration with minimum pressure, thanks to the angle again! Chip removal task will be more comfortable than ever.

On the set, you will get 15 drill bits of various sizes from 1 to 16 inches to 3/8 inch. The shank of the bits is straight. That means they can be attached to the drill correctly.

Unlike its counterparts, you will not shake while working. All the bits on the set have a twisting flute that will let go of chips and debris effectively while working. Your task will be cleaner.

The cutting edge is strong and sharper as they are made to drill through metals. All the bits are coated with gold oxide. Therefore, they will correctly handle stainless steel, titanium alloy, wood, and plastic.

The set is thoroughly relevant for drilling holes in metal. It possesses everything, yet the price is acceptable. So, why are you waiting for? Pick the best one right now before the stock ends.

  • High quality material
  • Comes with storage case
  • Professional and widely use
  • Build with M35 high speed steel
  • Perfect for hardened metal and stainless steel
  • Little bit expensive

2. Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal – 230pc Kit

Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal – 230pc Kit
Heat for a Faster 
Titanium Coating 
Comes with Heavy-duty Case

If you are seeking a cost-efficient solution, this might not be the proper fit for you. Since it comes in a set that includes 230 pieces, so the cost is higher compared to other products in the market.

Nevertheless, the Titanium Drill Bit Set is a professional option that can deal with any projects and drill through any surfaces. I have a workshop, and this should be the exact choice for you.

Mastercraft formulated the bits on the set with high-speed steel coated with titanium. Therefore, these bits will serve you several years with no complications.

Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal – 230pc Kit

The cutting edge will remain pristine even under heavy working conditions and praises to the titanium coat. When the product is from Mastercraft, the highest level of quality is guaranteed.

That is what you will get from this set. Besides, it overpowered its counterparts in terms of numbers of the pieces as well. You will get all the essential sizes from 1 to 16 inches to ½ inches. No matter how challenging the job is, this Mastercraft Titanium Drill Bit is there to handle.

You will not run out of options ever, as each the bit has several same length pieces available. The set comes in an exquisite box that includes several compartments so you can keep everything organized and do not have to think about the organization ever.

The complete set weighs only 4.3 pounds, including the box. You can use the set not only on metal surfaces but also on fiberglass, wood, and plastics. It is considered one of the best in the market in terms of construction, performance, and value. Do not miss this excellent product.

  • Maximum durability
  • High speed steel bits
  • 135 degree split points
  • Includes a heavy-duty plastic case
  • Not multiple sizes

3. COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set
Fast Drilling Process
HSS Titanium Coating
Amazing Organized Holder

In drill bits making, COMOWARE is one of the most trusted brands. Almost ninety percent of their products are exquisite. Therefore, you will always get their influence on the reviews of drill bits. One has to mention the best if he is reviewing.

Consequently, we are bound; consequently, this is the second product in here from mighty COMOWARE Company. The COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set is another valuable set in terms of quality performance in metal surfaces.

COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set

This is a 30-piece set where you will get 29 outstanding drill bits and a quick-change adapter. You will get almost all the requisite sizes.

The bits are well-formed with hardened stainless steel and coated with titanium. Therefore, the cutting edge remains sharp even after heavy use. Chatter-free design cutting edge with staggered cutting teeth helps to create smooth and perfect holes in a metal surface. The bits are also durable.

You will notice two flutes form that will keep the bits cleaner by letting chips and debris go smoothly. Cleaning will never be a headache for you. ¼-inch hex shank is ideal in attaching any power tools. There is also a quick-change adapter included that will let you change your bits in a second.

The set comes in an organized box that will keep everything arranged. The price of the set is reasonable. Give it a go for creating perfect holes.  You will thank me later, I know.

  • Quick change
  • HSS titanium coating
  • Includes with organized holder
  • Ensure the precise countersinking
  • Titanium coating for capability and durability
  • Not work on glass

4. EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set for Metal

EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set for Metal
Titanium Coating
Conventional Bits
Ideal for Multi Purposes

If you are seeking the best value pack, the EnterTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set can be an excellent choice for you. This set includes every essential bit, yet the price is reasonable.

You will get 130 pieces of multiple sizes ranging from 3/64 inches to ½ inches. Even you will get multiple bits of the same size so you can never run out of options. This set is ideal for a long time.

EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set for Metal

Unlike most of the bits, this one has a 118-degree point. So, you will get precision drilling from the bits. Besides, while working, you do not have to clean your mess frequently, thanks to the twisting design.

The built quality of these bits is insane with top quality materials. They can create a hole in a metal surface like a boss. You will also get a storage box that has multiple compartments included.

You can find out the right size with no hassle. Also, the box has a metal buckle included so you can carry it from one place to another. Bits will never mix up on the box, thanks to the sponge cushion.

Overall, this titanium-coated bit set is outstanding. The set is ideal not only for metal but also for glass, wood, and plastic. Yet it is available at a reasonable price. You can surely give it a go. I can guarantee you will never regret it.

  • Tough titanium coating
  • Perfect for multiple use
  • Insure maximum durability
  • 230-Piece 118° tip drill bit kit
  • Organized in tough plastic storage case
  • Made in China

5. Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set Metal

Widely Used
Titanium Coated
Strength and Durability

If you are a workshop owner, seeking a complete set that can deal with everything. Congratulations, you have your product. Yeah, the Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set has all you could hope for.

The set gives all the fundamental sizes of bits to use in any project adequately. It is not only appropriate for metal but also diverse materials like wood, plastic, and glass.

Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set Metal

The bits are made of 4241 high-speed steel that made those bits insanely strong and durable. You can surely use the set for an extended period.

They provide a plastic box to keep your bits well organized. Finding the right bit and storing them will never be a problem, thanks to the box.

The best part is the titanium coating that will prevent rusting and increase the hardness of the drill bit. While working, you will not experience excessive heat buildup like other products. It is also wear-resistant.

For all of this, we expect the cost to be high. Here the Hurricane 230 Pieces Set will let us down. The price is proper. You can give it a go before the stock runs out. Hurry up the stock is limited.

  • Titanium coated
  • Insure longer life
  • Reduces heat buildup
  • Insure strength and durability
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Poor performance on steel

6. COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set
Heating Faster
Titanium Coating

This is the ultimate product of COMOWARE. I have reviewed two of the COMOWARE product above. This one is relatively identical to the exceeding two except for the cost and the number of pieces.

Like the above to COMOWARE product, this too appears with superb built quality. The bits are made of hardened stainless steel material coated with titanium. Thus, it will serve you for many years with no inconvenience.

COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

The COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set provides a sharper cutting edge in chatter-free design with staggered cutting teeth. You can use the set multiple times without suffering.

It comes with a 135° split point, gold oxide finish, and a round straight shanks. That means these bits can create perfect holes and clear chips and particles faster compared to other models in the market. For DIY tasks and everyday household use, this is an excellent choice.

You will get 230 pieces of bits that include all the necessary sizes. There is an excellent drill bit holder included so that you can carry the bits and transport them from one place to another. Overall, it is a noteworthy product for the value. Give it a go now.

  • Precise countersinking
  • Easy storage and organizing
  • Twist design & performance
  • Ensures chips move smoothly
  • HSS construction with titanium coating
  • May improve larger bits

7. Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set

Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set
Reduce Clogging
Precious & Hardness
HSS Titanium Coating

The Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set is praised all over the world for its excellent portability. These bits come in a round drill box that can be carried anywhere with no hassle.

Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set

You can attach the set on your waist and walk or run from one place to another. So, people who need to move a lot while working will surely love it. The case is also shatter-proof and water-resistant.

The set includes 29 bits of different sizes. You will get only the fundamental bits to handle most of the projects. These bits are made of premium grade high-speed steel.

Therefore, they are insanely strong and durable. You can use them on various materials apart from steel. They can handle wood, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and whatnot.

The Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set comes with a 135-degree spilt point tip that enhances its convenience.

The price of the product is not very high. You can surely give the set a go. I am sure it will benefit you. Hurry up! The stock is limited.

  • Easy to carry drill set
  • 135 Degree split point tip
  • Comes in a plastic storage case
  • Build with high speed HSS steel
  • Increases the hardness of the drill bit
  • No warranty

8. Chicago Latrobe 150 Series Drill Bit

Chicago Latrobe 150 Series Drill Bit
High-speed Steel 
Reduces Bit Wear

Last but not the least; We have the Chicago Latrobe 150 Series Drill Bit here for your consideration. Currently, many experts have declared as one of the best in the market for metalwork.

Chicago Latrobe 150 Series Drill Bit

The set contains 29 drill bits formulated with high-speed steel. Thus, they are firm and durable. You can use them for an extended period with no problem.

All the bits have a black oxide finish; that is the reason for the sets being inexpensive. These bits are heat resistant and corrosion resistant, for which we should thank the black oxide finish.

You will get a 118-degree rigid point so you can use the set for general-purpose applications on rigid components.

The price of the set is acceptable, as well. Overall, the Chicago Latrobe 150 Series Drill Bit is fantastic. It will astonish in every probable way. Don’t miss it, get on the link right now and ensure your one before everyone else.

  • Precise countersinking
  • Suitable for general purpose
  • Built with high-speed steel (HSS)
  • Comes with epoxy-coated steel index case
  • Case should be improved


I am done with the reviews of best metal drill bits surfaces. You have already seen the choices above and their specs. I am sure you have adopted one already from the above list.

Before you hit the link and ensure your product, let us go through the following section. There I will discuss some useful buying tips. After that, you will understand which product is useful for your task and which one demands to ignore.

Things To Consider Before Buying Drill Bits

Though I have reviewed some of the best drill bit for metal, yet you should not make any deal. Are you wondering why? It is because the best depends on your requirements.

If you need something and your drill bit provides something, no matter how good it is, the product is of no use to you. This is the reason you should carefully read this section to know all the subtle details of drill bits. Let’s get started without wasting any more of your time.


The first thing to consider is the material. If you need to drill some holes on the metal surface, material plays the most significant role. Not all the materials can deal with the hardness of the metal, right?

You need to have the bit that is even harder than the surface you wish to work on. There are certain options for you in terms of materials. Let’s see and consider which material type is required for metal.

Soft-Low Carbon Steel Material:

  • Cheapest materials
  • Low carbon percentage
  • Don’t hold the edge correctly on metal
  • Needs recurrent sharpening

High-Carbon Steel Material: 

  • Known as Carbide
  • Work well on metal
  • Lose sharpness on the edge if exposed to high temperature for an extended period
  • Useful on Wood as well

High-Speed Steel Material:

  • Heat resistant and harder compared to High-Carbon Steel
  • Ideal for extended projects
  • Offers quicker cutting speed
  • Good for metal surface

Cobalt Steel Alloys Material:

  • Best for hardened drill bits
  • Contains a higher percentage of cobalt
  • The higher temperature is not a problem
  • A bit more bitter compared to other materials

Tungsten Carbide Materials:

  • Hardest among all the materials
  • Ideal for an extended period
  • For metal, they are the most effective material

I have included all the materials and their features above. I will not tell you to pick this or pick that. It is up to you now.


Coating is another most essential factor to consider while buying drill bits for metal materials. The coating is necessary for the durability of drill bits. Let’s see different types of coatings and their features. In the end, you will be able to determine which coating is suitable and which coating is not.

Black Oxide:

  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Excellent heat resistant
  • Low Friction
  • Boost durability
  • Good corrosion resistance

Titanium Nitride:

  • Comparatively hard
  • Works well against a wear-resistant surface
  • Increase durability
  • Made of ceramic

Bronze Oxide:

  • Auxiliary coating
  • Commonly used with cobalt steel or Black Oxide coated drill bits
  • Help with stress relieving

Now you know the benefits of the top three types of coating. It is your turn to decide. I am not suggesting anything as I have already told you the benefits of each coating method. Decide wisely according to your needs.


Now you know about drill bit materials and coating, it is your time to know about the types. You will notice several drill bit types on the market. Let’s see each of them briefly:

  • Twist: Most common, can be used with manual and electric drills both.
  • Screwdriver: Comes with a hexagonal shank, limited power, ideal for pilot holes.
  • Masonry: Used for brick, concrete and tiles, cutting edge is made of tungsten carbide and spiraled steel shaft.
  • Spur Bits: Comes at size ranges from 3mm to 10mm, ideal for Wood, Plastic, and metal surfaces.
  • Tile Bit: Ideal for glass and tiles, made of the tungsten carbide tip, looking simple and easy to use.
  • Flat Wood: Used commonly with a power drill, ideal for Wood.
  • Hole Saw: Used to fix large holes, able to dig into 18mm deep.

All the types mentioned above are ideal for various tasks. You can pick one or multiple tips. On our best metal drill bits articles, you will find several options that have every type of bit included. You can select any of them if you need all kinds of drill bits.

Shank Design: Shank is the part of the bit that attaches to the machine. Considering the shake design is another essential factor to consider. If the design of the shank does not match with your chuck of the power tool, firm attachment is impossible.

You should check the chuck of your machine and go for a bit that has a round shank or hexagonal shank. Hexagonal Shank is better as they provide a better attachment with the chuck.

Number of Pieces:

It depends on you actually and on your requirements. If you have a workshop, a set of 230 to 250 pieces will be an ideal choice. For home use, you can pick a set that contains less than 50 pieces.

Important FAQ of Metal Drill Bits

Q) What type of drill bit is best for metal?

A) Not all drill bits are specially designed for metal surfaces. To deal with metal, you have to pick hardened drill bits like cobalt or titanium coating over high-speed Steel.

Q) Will a metal drill bit work on concrete?

A) It is better not to try metal drill bit to work on concrete. Instead, try masonry drill bits with tungsten carbide and spiraled steel shaft.

Q) Will a metal drill bit work on Steel?

A) Standard metal drill bits are okay to work on steel surfaces. Try to use high-speed steel drill bits with titanium oxide coating for Steel.

Q) Will a metal drill bit work on Wood?

A) That depends on the type of Wood and diameter. Metal drill bits can increase splintering and tear-out if used in the wooden surface. It is not recommended still if you want to use, research properly.

Q) Will a metal drill bit work on Plastic?

A) To some extent, yes, but not all of them are designed to work on Plastic. You had better look for a set that contains multiple drill bits. There you will surely find something that is specially designed for all the material, including Plastic, Wood, and metal.

Q) Will a metal drill bit work on tile?

A) Some may work, but that requires a hell lot of skill; otherwise, you may ruin the tile. We do not recommend picking metal drill bit for tile. You will find specially designed drill bit for tiles in the market. Go for one of them.

Final Words

I am not gonna declare any best pick from the above options. In my eyes, all those eight products are best in every possible way. They just differ in number and cost. All of them can provide high versatility and incredible features. Pick any of the above that suits your requirements. You will be amazed, I guaranteed.

Remember having the best metal drill bits will make your job more comfortable as well as safer. Moreover, wrong product choice can lead you to a horrible experience. In the end, your safety is what matters the most.

It is time to say goodbye. Hope to see you soon enough with many more. Till then:

Keep reading our blog, and stay safe!


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