Best Screwdriver Set 2020 & 2021 – Tested, Compared & Reviews

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A home without a screwdriver is hard to find. For any quick fix or repair any electronic items, the screwdriver becomes a “friend-in-need”.

But, a single screwdriver cannot solve all types of problems. Therefore, choosing the right type of screwdriver set is essential to deal with different sizes of screws of electronics items such as phone, laptop or television.

However, there are many good quality screwdriver sets available out there. All of them might not be suitable for you. Also, it is challenging to find the best screwdriver set of all.

So, if you looking for the right screwdriver set, then we are here for you. After hours of research and evaluation, we have picked some screwdriver set that worth the money.

To facilitate your decision, we would like to introduce you to the different types and features of screwdriver sets before you purchase. Are you interested! Then, keep reading.

Top Reted Screwdriver Set 2021 – Comparison






DEWALT DW2166 45 Piece Screwdriving Set

DEWALT DW2166 Screwdriving Set



Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set

Nanch Screwdriver Set



Kutir Precision Screwdriver Set

Kutir Screwdriver Set



DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screw Driving Set

DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screw Driving Set



Craftsman 9-31798 Screwdriver Set

Craftsman Screwdriver Set



Best Screwdriver Set 2021 – Reviews with Detailed Guide

You can find many screwdriver set amazon. Each comes with different prices, features, and qualities. It’s a confusing and time-consuming job to find out the high-quality screwdrivers among thousands.

So, are you looking for the perfect screwdriver set reviews? If yes, then keep reading below. Here we have picked the right one for you.

1. DEWALT DW2166 45 Piece Screwdriving Set

DEWALT DW2166 45 Piece Screwdriving Set
54 Total Bit Tips
12 Double Ended Bits
Tough Container Case 

Dewalt is one of the most popular screwdriver set brands. It is popular for manufacturing high-quality tools. The DW2166 by Dewalt contains 45 pieces of the screwdriver set with case.

So, the tough case and the quality of the drivers make the total set a durable one. To ensure safety and durability, the set comes with a double case.

As you open the case, the screwdrivers are kept in bit retention system. Thus, it refrains the driver tips from breakage and keeps organized. Also, you can easily pick the screw tip without searching for it.

As you see, there are 12 double-ended screwdriver bits. The bits are of steel material that is difficult to break or bend. Each tip contains the magnetic feature. Therefore, it is easy to pick and hold different sizes of screws without the touch of a hand.

On the right part of the case, there is a total of 54 replaceable tips. From the many types of tips, you can pick the one you require.

Along with the long-lasting tips, a screwdriver set needs to have strong drivers. Therefore, DW2216 drivers are made of steel. They are comfortable and strong to grip, hold and twist the screws.

so, this strong, durable and high-quality screwdriver set can cover many sizes and shapes of the screws. To be precise, only a few brands produce high-quality bit set. The 45 piece containing DW2166 is the best screwdriver bit set that is widely used by DIYers and professionals.

  • Contains 54 tips
  • The drivers are made of steel
  • Includes 12 double-ended bits
  • A complete 45 pcs. screwdrivers
  • The screwdrivers are magnetized
  • The set is secured in a durable case
  • The case is designed with a bit retention system
  • No bit driver

2. Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set

Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set
Ergonomic Screwdriver
Patent Design Screwdriver
Best for Wide Application

Everyone doesn’t need a big screwdriver set. To some, a small precision screwdriver set is enough. To fulfill the need of such users, the brand Nanch has launched a small screwdriver set. The Nanch is a renowned brand for manufacturing the best precision screwdriver set.

Now, with the Nanch small screwdriver set, you can effectively fix your laptop, smartphones, iPhone, eyeglasses, game consoles, and many other electronic items. The 22 tips of various drivers make it a beneficial set of a screwdriver for multi-use.

In this set, you will find high quality and metallic bodied screwdrivers including Philips, Torx, slot, hex, pentalobe and so on. The metallic body and the strong metallic head of the drivers make the screwdriver set a durable and a user-friendly one.

In addition to the material of the drivers, the set comes with an ergonomic design. The driver has an anti-slip area and a free spinning cap. The user can comfortably hold the tool and twist and turn the driver as needed.

The whole set comes in a durable box which is also lightweight. Due to this facility, you can easily carry the screwdriver set anywhere.

  • Set contains 22 magnetic tips
  • Best small screwdriver set for multi-use
  • It’s portable and durable screwdriver set
  • Metal body with slip-resistant and free spinning end cap
  • Includes Philips, Torx, slotted, hex, pentalobe, triangle and other screwdriver tips
  • Beneficial for electronic items, smartphones, computer, optics, watches, game consoles and many more
  • T4 bit need improvement

3. Kutir Precision Screwdriver Set

Kutir Precision Screwdriver Set
6 Different Sizes
Designed for Longevity & Durability

Here is another precision screwdriver set for you by Kutir. The 6 pieces of screwdrivers contain flathead and Phillips screwdriver in different sizes.

To specify, the tips of the drivers are magnetized that fastens the work process. It is one of the highly recommended professional toolkit to repair electronics items, phones, eyeglasses, and many other items.

Since the screwdriver set can be used for professional or personal use, durability is one of the key factors. Thus, the screwdriver is made of chrome vanadium. The cover of the handles is made of such material that it is non-slippery and easily rotatable during any critical job.

Also, during an emergency, searching for the right screwdriver is a waste of time. To remove the hassle, each driver is labeled with dual colors. It not only makes the set attractive but also clearly visible.

Another feature that ensures durability is the rust-proof blades. The shafts of the screwdrivers are tempered with black oxide. Thus, the propensity of getting stains is reduced. Also, the screwdrivers are designed with a long rod and handle that help to repair small parts with clear vision.

So, if you are looking for a special kind of screwdrivers to conduct your electronics projects, you can have the Kutir’s precision screwdriver set. It is one of the most popular precision screwdriver set for electronics.

  • It’s durable
  • Comes with magnetic tip
  • Flexible and easily rotate
  • Contains a long rod and handle
  • The set is packed in a zipper bag
  • Strong grip with wet and oily hand
  • 6 sizes of precision screwdriver set
  • Made of chrome vanadium material
  • Handles come with dual color coated
  • Hard tempered black oxide shafts ensure rustproof blades
  • Small, but not small enough

4. DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screw Driving Set

DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screw Driving Set
Screw Lock system
40-Piece Impact Ready Set
Reduces Wobbles & Breakage

You already have found Dewalt as a famous brand for manufacturing quality electrician screwdriver set. People have complete faith on Dewalt products due to the satisfactory performances they receive after usage.

Here is another Dewalt screwdriver set we are suggesting to you. It is one of the top-selling set containing 40 pieces of screwdriver bits. Similar to other top-rated screwdrivers, it comes with a magnetization feature.

Most of the tips of the set come with magnetization which reduces the risk of screw drop and breakage. Due to this feature, the tips can be used with any drivers.

Moreover, the remarkable feature of the screwdriver set contains flextorq bit. It is so flexible that you can twist up to 15 degrees. This feature also ensures the tool’s durability.

It is a heavy duty screwdriver tool containing a wide range of bits that electricians can complete their job with perfection. So, if you need a variety of screwdriver tips, you can definitely get the Dewalt DWA2T40IR Impact ready screwdriver set to fix various types of electronics items.

  • 10x Magnetic Screw Lock
  • 40 pieces screwdriver set
  • It’s durable and dependable
  • FlexTorq allows bits to flex up to 15 degrees
  • The magnetic tip which reduces screw drops and breakage
  • Bad packaging

5. Craftsman 9-31798 Screwdriver Set

Craftsman 9-31798 Screwdriver Set
10 Piece Bit Set 
Color-coded Handle
Ensure Maximum Durability

Have you been searching for the best mechanics screwdriver set? If yes, then check out the review of Craftsman 9-31798 screwdriver set.

Unlike other screwdriver sets, the brand Craftsman has come up with 13 individual pieces of screwdrivers of different tip heads. It is one of the strong features of this set.

Most of the time, when you need to use a driver and change the tips, you cannot use two tips at once. But with the Craftsman’s 9-31798, you can use with multiple drivers at a time.

Also, in this multi-purpose screwdriver, there is a mixture of 9 Philips head and 6 Torx head screwdrivers. Additionally, you will get a four in 1 pocket chain.

So, while you are working with the screwdriver set, you can tie the chain with your belt strip and clip four screwdrivers at once. It will help to keep the drivers close to you.

Additionally, you will get 10-bit set and an offset screwdriver. To hold the small screws and secure from slip, there is a magnetic screwdriver in the set.

Besides having diverse tips of screwdrivers, the body and handle of the tool are equally important. Each of the drivers contains ball handles. To identify the driver, you need a printed label on the handle of the drivers.

So, craftsman’s 9-31798 is the right mechanics screwdriver set. However, you can use these drivers for automobile or plumbing.  Even though it is a 41 pieces screwdriver set, you can use them individually when needed.

  • 9 Phillips screwdrivers
  • Includes 6 Torx screwdrivers
  • Comes with 1 offset screwdriver
  • Comes with a 4 in 1 pocket keychain
  • 13 screwdrivers with different tip head.
  • Contains a magnetic screwdriver and 10-piece bit set
  • Exclusive ball handles with a long-lasting satin nickel finish
  • No bag included

6. Milwaukee 48-22-2202 Screwdriver Set

Milwaukee 48-22-2202 Screwdriver Set
Impact Resistance
High Quality & Durable
Ensure Safety Protection 

To deal with electronics items, safety is the primary concern. Therefore, we are recommending to you the best electronic screwdriver by Milwaukee. The Milwaukee 48-22-2202 has launched 3 pieces insulated screwdriver set. There are Phillips head, slot head and ECX screwdrivers in the set.

As mentioned already, one of the significant features of this screwdriver set is insulation. The insulation is coated with two colors – red and yellow. The colors will indicate damage and risk level to the user.

So, the insulated drivers are resistant to spark and flame. While dealing with electronics issues such as switch, lights or electronics wires, there is a risk of getting an electric shock.

To be precise, the handle of the drivers can resist up to 1000 volt. Additionally, the handles are labeled so that you can easily identify the drivers you require.

Nevertheless, maintenance is another factor to consider. To keep the screwdrivers in a safer place, there is a lanyard hole along with the handles. You can hang it on the wall or in a case.

So, are you looking for an electronic screwdriver set? Undoubtedly, the Milwaukee 48-22-2202 would be the right choice for you. It is one of the most popular electronic screwdriver set in Amazon.

  • Labeled handles
  • Flame resistant handle
  • Dual insulated screwdrivers
  • Capacity to resist up to 1000V of electricity
  • Drivers come with the lanyard holes to hang
  • Not included bag

7. EFFICERE Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

9 Pieces Screwdrivers
Precision Screwdriver Set
Ensure More Durability and Longevity

Here is another top-rated precision screwdriver set by Efficere. The screwdrivers are made of chrome vanadium that makes the tool a strong and durable one. Moreover, the material ensures the product perfect to resist rust and corrosion.

On the other hand, the shafts of the drivers are made of steel, thus they are prolonged lasting and stain proof as well. Talking about the details, this screwdriver set includes 9 pieces of Phillips head, flat head, and torx star head precision screwdrivers.

Each of the drivers comes with magnetized tips. This specific feature helps to hold the screws easily and fasten the work process. While dealing with small screws, there is a chance of losing them. Due to magnetization, the screws are well managed and secured.

To perform a repairing work, the grip is important. Therefore, the screwdrivers are made of non-slippery rubber hand. The user can comfortably grip and force during repairing or unscrewing electronics items.

This set of a tool can be effectively used to fix smartphones, tablets, laptop, desktop, camera, watch, eyeglasses, and many more. So, it may be the right choice for you!

  • It’s durable
  • Magnetic tip for easy holding
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Comes with Philips, flat and torx star head
  • Screwdriver’s body material is chrome vanadium
  • Efficient to fix electronics items including laptop, smartphone, tablet, eyeglasses, desktop and so on
  • Does not come with a case

8. Stanley FMHT62052 6 Piece Screwdriver Set

Stanley FMHT62052 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
Sturdy & Durable
Corrosion Resistance
Ensure Maximum Tip Torque

If you still haven’t got the mini screwdriver set you require, here is another suggestion for you. It is also available in affordable price.

The brand Stanley has launched a 6 pieces set of screwdrivers. The set contains three straight edges and 3 Phillips flat heads screwdrivers of different sizes.

Since every screwdriver is individual, it makes the work process faster. Also, you can carry the ones you need wherever you want.

More importantly, the screwdrivers’ handles are coated in phosphate. Thus, the grip is not only resistant to slip but also secure from erosion. This feature also makes the screwdrivers comfortable to use for a long time.

As you get the set, you will find different sizes of screwdrivers. Therefore, you can easily work with different sizes of electronic products including laptop, computers, gaming consoles, air conditioners and so on.

We were happy to find out the ergonomic quad-lobe designed screwdrivers. This ensures the longevity and efficiency of the tipping torque.

Another feature of emphasis is the black phosphate bars on the screwdrivers. The individual screwdrivers are labeled with yellow color on the bar that each tool can be easily identified during usage.

Overall, these are the remarkable features of this Stanley FMHT62052 6 Piece FatMax Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set. So, if you are fond of electronic projects, this portable diamond tip screwdriver set is strongly recommended for you.

  • It’s portable
  • It’s affordable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Phosphate bar on the grip
  • Handles resistant to erosion
  • 6 screwdrivers with diamond technology
  • Magnetic tip ensures toughness and durability
  • Does not comes with case

What are the Types of Screwdriver Sets?

When you hit “the best screwdriver set 2019” in the search bar, 43 million result shows up. Don’t be afraid! No matter how many different types of screwdriver you see, only a few are needed for regular use. For instance,

Slot Head Screwdriver

The slot head screwdrivers are quite popular and affordable in price. It is mostly used by the cabinet makers to deal with the slotted screw. If you need to tighten the screw of furniture like a table or cupboard, you can use the slotted screwdriver.

Phillips Head screwdriver

The Phillips head screwdriver is another version of the slotted screwdriver. The slot is deeper and intense that can effectively hold and twist the screw without slip. It also prevents the screw from breakage.

Cross Screwdriver

The cross screwdriver is of two slots. One is perpendicular to the other. If one slot is damaged, you can use the other slot.

Torx screwdriver

The Torx screwdriver is not commonly used, however, it is one of the latest edition screwdrivers. The head is like a star with six-pointed edges. You can easily place the screwdriver, hold it tight and twist to tighten or remove.

What Factors to Consider while Buying Screwdriver?

Even though there are many screwdriver sets available, most of them are fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to keep some factors into consideration during purchase.

  • The tip of the screwdriver is the most important portion of a screwdriver. The tip needs to be hard that it doesn’t break with a force or twist.
  • The grip is important to fix any screw. Thus, the handle needs to be comfortable and resistant to slip
  • The shaft of the screwdriver also needs to be strong enough. Cheap screwdrivers are made of steel wire. Thus, the shaft tends to bend with little force.
  • The screwdrivers with a magnetic tip are easy to deal with any size of screws.


Q) What is the best screwdriver set?

Ans: Among all the varieties and different qualities, it is difficult to suggest one screwdriver set as the best. However, from my personal experience and studies, the DEWALT DW2166 45 Piece Screwdriving Set seems the best one.

Q) What is the best precision screwdriver set?

Ans: There are many precision sets available on Amazon. Thus, it is challenging to suggest one precision screwdriver set.

Considering your required size and types of screwdriver bit, you can choose the small Precision Screwdriver Set by Nanch, Kutir Precision Screwdriver SET or Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set from Efficere.

Q) Is screwdriver set durable?

Ans: There are hundreds of screwdrivers available from different brands who promises to be durable. But, to be honest, all of them are not trustworthy.

The durability depends on its material used for the tip, handle and body of the screwdriver. We have discussed the durable screwdrivers in our 8 best screwdriver list. You can choose anyone from them for you.

Q) Does this tool come in a storage case?

Ans: Yes. Also, some screwdriver sets come in a holder or a zipper bag.

Final Verdict

A screwdriver is a necessary tool for home, office or professional work. It is a repairing tool that we often use during an emergency, therefore, having the best screwdriver with high quality is a natural demand. Considering the factor and necessary features in mind, we have researched, analyzed and reviewed the 8 best screwdriver sets for you.

We have tried our best to address all the features along with the benefits of our analysis. Hope our hard work has been beneficial for you. However, we can assure you that if you buy any of the above-listed screwdrivers, you will be a winner.

Before you go to buy, please remember to consider the factors and your requirements to identify the type of screwdrivers you may need. We wish for your right purchase!

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