Best Injector Cleaner for Diesel 2023: Reviews & Guide

Want to keep your diesel engine running smoothly? Look no further than our guide to the best injector cleaners for 2023. We’ve tested and reviewed the top products on the market to help you choose the perfect cleaner for your engine.

If you are looking for the best of best injector cleaner for diesel for your car, then you are spot on! There are various injectors of fuel that will fuel up a vehicle. Also, injection systems are polluted by the accumulation of ash, pollen, or other waste.

In this case, the fuel injectors are blocked and cannot supply the engine’s right amount of fuel. Despite this, the car slows or competes with pace.

This analysis looks at some of the Good quality diesel injector cleaners to avoid pollution of your petrol.

Best Rated Injector Cleaner for Diesel: Our Top Pick in 2023






LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment

LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment


1 Gallon

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment


16 Oz.

Lucas 10003 Injector Cleaner

Lucas 10003 Injector Cleaner


32 Oz.

Royal Purple Max-Fuel Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Fuel Cleaner


20 Ounce

Liqui Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner


300 ml

Best Injector Cleaner for Diesel 2023: Reviews & Guide

Here is the list of top 10 injector cleaner for diesel on the market. And further below section features of all these products will be given. So please read them carefully and choose the best for best use.

Now, let’s jump to the below section for the features, pros, cons, and extra facts about these listed products.

1. Stanadyne Performance

Stanadyne Performance Diesel Injector Cleaner
Increased Horsepower
Improved Fuel Economy
Treats up to 25 Gallons Oil

The formula is very powerful and dangerous and prevents and eliminates it in seconds. It removes the internal diesel injector (IDID) deposits commonly found in Common Rail and other injector types. You’ll have four bottles, but they are quite small, so this isn’t the cheapest additive.

This is compounded by the fact that this cleaner is often used to obtain the best. Each application can clean a single tank, and no tinkering or repeated topping is needed.

To benefit from the whole expertise that goes some way towards explained prices, Stanadyne produces fuel injectors.

One should expect the best performance and increased fuel efficiency while also noting less noise and smell as all the most powerful diesel injector cleaners.

This addition will help you keep a little bit more involved when you have an older working horse with a diesel truck. Our ultimate choice goes to this fantastic additive of Stanadyne for a safe and punchy diesel injector cleaner from a manufacturer.

  • Reliable for expertise.
  • Cleans engine besides fueling.
  • Less amount of smoke and sound.
  • Enhanced power and performance.
  • For the best result, it needs to be used bi-monthly.

2. LUCAS LUC10013

LUCAS LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment
Increases Power 
Less Fuel Consumption
Ensure Maximum Efficiency

Lucas Fuel Treatment is a high efficiency, multi-purpose fuel cleaner for gas and diesel injectors. It cleans and lubricates fuel tanks, prevents corrosion, and can avoid diesel fuel with low sulfur content. The fluid fits well with almost all engines and also with older cars.

After a single consumption, the engine output in terms of power decreased fuel mileage, and an improved octane rating would dramatically differ.

Lucas diesel injector cleaner also reduces carbon deposits and prevents deposition in inner motor components from occurring. A 400-gallon fuel tank is appropriate for a container.

Yet by using the solvent, you should be vigilant as it stains gel coats and waxes in your vehicle. If the car gets leaked, it will leave a lasting black mark.

And although the fluid is advertised as a multifunctional liquid also suitable for GDI injectors, the efficiency of the liquid is mainly restricted to diesel injectors.

  • Protects every component.
  • The response gets improved.
  • Clean almost 100% in one use.
  • A single bottle carries 400-gallon fuel.
  • Not that efficient at this price.

3. Sea Foam SF-16

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment
Stabilize Stored Fuel
Works in Crankcase Oil
EPA Registered Product

As a professional cleaner that cleans injectors, car jets, pumps, passageways, and pistons and valves in diesel and gas motors, the Sea Foam Motor Service provides our roster.

A fuel cleaner system increases energy performance, enhances fuel efficiency, and improves the fuel system’s function. It enhances the performance of your vehicle with a quicker grip and smoother idle response.

The solvent is treated with anti-corrosive chemicals and stabilizes the petrol for up to two years. This is made of 100 percent petroleum and does not contain toxic chemicals.

It is a great lubricant and efficient moisture controller for its oiling structure. The product can be used for most types of motor vehicles and even leaf blowers.

The downside is built up of Sea Foam Motor Treatment which makes it difficult for the fluid without a funnel to be pumped into the fuel tank.

In comparison, for an averages driver, just 5,000 miles and 2,000 miles under extreme driving conditions are a nice treatment. In contrast with a high-end cleaner that travels up to ten thousand miles, this is small.

  • Pure 100% petroleum.
  • Properly cleans injectors.
  • EPA Consumer Registered.
  • Dissolves crankcase oil reserves.
  • Cleans and dissolves gasoline debris in petroleum systems.
  • Tensioners and VVT actuators clean time chain, silent lifters noisy.
  • Can be a little expensive for many.

4. Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly 2005 Diesel Purge
Increases Power 
Made in Germany
Quality injector cleaner

Liqui Moly is the ideal cleaning fuel injector for optimal efficiency. The formula contains an extremely strong and dangerous one. In seconds, purify and clear the carbon and dust.

Restore the strength of the car to its original state. Each vehicle functions excellently. The engine works smoothly through the injection system using Liqui Moly.

  • Eliminates deposits
  • Cleans injector nozzles smoothly.
  • Decrease the emission of smokes.
  • This can be hazardous.
  • Shipping by air is impossible.

5. Lucas 10003

Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner
Fuel Injection System
Neutralizes the Harmful Effects
Works in Gasoline, Diesel and LPG Engines

The Lubrication and Injector Cleaner Lucas 10003 is our only cleaner that can be washed and lubricated properly regardless of whether it is and the Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner gives a better raise over any other Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner.

In fact, with the everyday usage of the Lucas fuel injector cleaner, you can feel an improved smoothness. With this Lucas fuel injector cleaner, you can reach your perfect miles per gallon. The cleaner works well without toxic emissions and with this Lucas fuel injector cleaner, you can achieve optimum efficiency.

You will control the carburetor and injectors and dramatically improve engine efficiency with this particular long-term Lucas fuel injector cleaner.

However, with the Lucas fuel injector cleaner, you get an instant engine reaction which is best on the market in terms of budget costs. It does not include solvents and kerosene and restores engines that were very badly idled instantly.

  • Easy to use.
  • Fully automotive.
  • Providing super slick oil.
  • Very effective in the long run.
  • May does not apply to motorcycles.

6. Royal Purple

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

Increases Horsepower
Improves Fuel Economy
Max-Clean Fuel System

Royal Purple is a favorite among car lovers, so its diesel injector cleaner will lead the way. This contains everything from an injector cleaner to the contaminants of fuel injectors, combustion tubes, intake valves, and piston curves. This is a versatile liquid that can restore your vehicle.

The startup of your engine can also be improved, so you can go on the road faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the liquid has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%, which saves you money on the pump.

Nevertheless, the option of the BG is close. Just one bottle, though a little bigger, with 20 ounces, is available. Because of its popular name, it is also a bit costlier than other brands.

  • Provides Long run too.
  • Protects the fuel system.
  • Very effective for slashing fuel.
  • Also cleans the engine beside fueling.
  • Not that effective on hotter climate.

7. Lucas 10020

Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment
powerful blend of oils
Increase Fuel Mileage
Best for Gasoline and Diesel engines

Lucas Fuel treatment meets the federal low sulfur standards for use in diesel and non-road, engine, and marine diesel engines. An efficient mix with no solvent-containing oils and additives. Built to maximize fuel and power miles and reduce exhaust emissions by completing combustion.

In both gasoline and diesel engines developed, either carbureted or pumped petrol. The mixture of ultra-slick oils and additives with high detergent operations allows the engine to work at the highest performance.

The carburetor and the injectors are both washed and lubricated and fuel is burned to maximize power and fuel consumption in greater detail.

Lucas Fuel Treatment is definitely to be used for vehicles that require fuel, as it does not cause harmful emissions and replaces the benefits of lead with gasoline. Using it to check for smog. Finally, the destructive impacts of low sulfur diesel fuel are neutralized.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Increase the longevity of the injector.
  • Increases the power miles per gallon.
  • Effectively cleans and lubricates the fuel system of the vehicle.
  • Coming in 5.25 Oz. bottle.

8. Sea Foam SS14

Sea Foam SS14 Spray Top Engine Cleaner
Cleans Intake Valves
Oxygen Sensor Safe
Cleans Critical Areas 

Use on all forms of fuel intake systems for 2 and 4 cycles. Cleans gall heads, vents, and combustion chambers safely and easily. Gasping plates, covers, and large tubes.

When carburize and the fuel injection engine are packed, fog and shielded. Carbon, safe to use on painted components and oxygen sensors.

It’s quick as it seems with Sea Foam Spray! Sea Foam Spray helps restore strength and traction by treating the fuel engine intake one or two times a year. Sea Foam Spray also helps to cope with rugged idles, reluctance, stalls, pings, and flat areas!

Using Sea Foam Spray to clear waste and residues securely and effectively from places that additives to fuel tanks cannot touch.

  • Completely safe oxygen sensor.
  • Intake pistons also get cleaned.
  • Perfectly fixes stalls, pings, and flat spots.
  • Can be used for storing fog 2 and 4 cycle engines.
  • Not identified yet.

9. Liqui Moly 2007

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner
Smoother Idling
Cleaner Combustion
Better Throttle Response

A 300-ML cleaner that purifies contaminated petroleum injection systems and removes carbon from fuel pipes, distributes fuel or resend injection valves, is the liquid moly 2007 Jectrone gasoline injection fuel cleaner.

This ensures that the car has fewer problems starting and no slightly rising, smoother rush, good throttle response, and low pollution ensuring compatible combustion. This saves fuel by facilitating precise dosing of injectors and the atomization of petrol.

The fuel consumption is also decreased after being washed and is ideal for engines with catalytic converters after regenerating their original output.

  • Easy to use.
  • Low on price.
  • The efficiency of fuel gets boosts.
  • The throttle response is quite good.
  • Fix a difficult engine starting problem.
  • Chemical substances are dangerous.

10. Hot Shot’s

Hot Shot’s 2qt Secret Diesel Extreme
Increases Mileage
Disperses Moisture
Restores Throttle Response

A popular additive, the legendary Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme, is next in our diesel injector cleaner review. With all of these chemicals, for newer cars, you should be able to achieve the best performance. Anything will be attributed to modern diesel engines.

Another of Secret Diesel Extreme’s main selling points is the ability to remove water from the fuel tank. Whilst you will certainly see the deposits accumulated, which can obstruct the works, this additive is also used to lubricate your engine and stable it so you can bang your buck a lot.

Secret Diesel Extreme’s key benefits include future efficiency enhancement and major cuts in the fuel pump. You can also consider such chemicals to avoid the harmful effects of corrosion in your fuel tank.

You may even check Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme from your business while you’re searching for a budget effective diesel injector cleaner that brings you more kilometers to the gallon and optimizes your engine.

  • Very much affordable.
  • Lasting fuel economy.
  • Engine Power get boosts.
  • Efficiently cleans injectors, lines, and tanks.
  • Not compatible with new cars.
  • Preventive measure is not that good.

Things You Need to Know About Diesel Injector Cleaners

We have noted all the features and information about the 10 best diesel injector cleaner. I hope you have read that carefully. Now in this section, we will discuss the extra facts to know about diesel injector cleaner or the ultimate buying guide to buy a new cleaner.

First of all, everyone needs to know the importance of using injector cleaner. Let’s talk about that directly–

  • An obstructed and dirty injection fuel can transfer harmful solid deposits to internal engine components. It may also restrict fuel supply to the engine, leading to a malfunction of the motor. Clean the fuel injector to remove solid contaminants from tubing, valves, and pistons.
  • The MPG (Miles per Gallon) shows the optical meter in your vehicle. If this number is less than average, fuel injector problems can be solved with an injector cleaner. The lower fuel efficiency may be attributed to filthy fuel injectors contributing to poor air filters, malfunctioning of connectors, and inappropriate pneumatic strain.
  • Diesel fuel also creates tons of fuel system carbon deposits. The filthy diesel goes into the petrol tank and enters the nozzle of the fuel injector. Then the cylinders are emitted and the exhaust pipe is lined with black smoke. Most injector cleaners remove residues of oil, varnish, and other waste which may contribute to harmful emissions. This allows plants and animals to get a healthier living room.
  • A clean diesel injector improves engine performance and improves the response of the gas, smooth rough idle, and horsepower for the vehicle. The cleaner also reduces pressure in the engine’s metal parts and conserves the motor‘s energy.
  • You save a lot of expensive maintenance and the expense of aftermarket parts for essential engine components by washing the fuel injector. In turn, preparing for a contingency to deal with engine maintenance expenses does not have to be stressed.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition used in this cleaners shows you what type and the output quality of the motor it is built for. Such products concentrate on diesel engines as their composition is targeted at the removal of carbon compounds typical to diesel engines. Many cleaners are targeted at gas engines and cannot use fuel injectors.

Checking Temperature Level

Check the temperature level it can sustain, some for low temperatures, some for high temperatures. You still choose one that holds your car’s engine and does not freeze it, if you live in a cold area. When living in a warm environment, choose the cleaning injector that does not heat your engine.

Fuel for consideration

How much fuel does your car need? Petrol or diesel? It must be ensured. Otherwise, test if it is for a petrol engine or diesel engine. The requirements for each vehicle are different. Trucks, for example, may need a fuel other than the cars.

Container design

The diesel cleaner is meant to be in a tub that makes it simple without contaminating or pouring the solvent cleaner into the fuel tank. The long neck and small mouth bottles are some realistic container designs that make for the best application. Go for a cleaner bottle with a handle for extra comfort.

Getting the required quantity

Liquids injector cleaning comes with 1-gallon jugs in different jars. The number you need depends on the price of the brand and the size of the engine. The majority of 1-gallon jugs will clean up to 400 gallons of gasoline, but you will require roughly four 12-unit flasks to clean 21-gallon gasoline for other items. Many businesses advertise their bottles’ cleaning ability.


Different brands demanding different prices of their product. Starting from 9$ it can go up to 30 or 40$ depending on quantity, quality, and brands. It is up to you which one you want.

Extra Facts

There are several extra facts too to know about diesel injector cleaner. Which aren’t mentioned anywhere in this article? These are some signs of a clogged injector.

  • When your engine huddles or stumbles while it runs, your engine typically does not sustain a proper air-to-fuel ratio, which is almost also a cause for its gas deprivation. The fuel injectors are not necessarily at fault as they can also be triggered by certain factors, but they’re an excellent place to continue.
  • The car is lacking fuel; however certain factors will happen. It’s a frequent source of output loss. It is probably a blocked gas line, dirty air filter, or your spark plugs if it’s not your fuel injectors.
  • Also if bad or broken spark plugs may cause this problem, damaged or dirty injectors can occur.
  • Low gas kilometers are also a common issue for people with obstructed injectors. That is because fuel is inefficient and at the right moment it is not supplied to the engine.
  • Gas dirty filters can allow your car’s petrol to burn unevenly, resulting in more harmful emissions from your tailpipe.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Will diesel cleaners work?

Ans: The more powerful diesel injector cleaners allow fuel saving increases of 2% to 8%. Whilst that may not sound massive considering the increasingly rising petrol costs, over one year the savings will increase. You can also save additional potential because your car should last longer or run better by add-ons that also lubricate and clean the motor rather than the fuel system.

Q. How much do you need diesel injector cleaners?

Ans: Just before you pop into your additive, it will begin to work as you drive. It is a kilometer that doesn’t count time, however. Both chemicals are provided with precise orders but refill after maybe 5000 miles as a general benchmark.

Q. What is causing diesel injectors to fail?

Ans: The most possible flaw in the injection is due to abrasion wear and tear. Only the lowest-performing diesel fuel is poor in all water pollution. The harm from this abrasion can be minimized by good fuel or by a trustworthy fuel provider.

Q. How can I remain in good shape with my diesel engine?

Ans: Regularly check the coolant. Keep cool. Keep safe. The fuel filter is checked and replaced daily. The air filter is to be checked and replaced as needed. Suitable oil modifications would be around every 5 km for engine oil adjustments.

Q. Do all the injector cleaners last for long?

Ans: Usually, fuel injections on the vehicle last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. The time the injector lasts becomes more dependent upon the amount of petrol in the vehicle and the extent of servicing in the engine and improvements in oil filters. Keep an eye in the kilometers and adjust if necessary.

Final words

For cars with diesel engines, fuel injector cleaners are important. It helps not only keep the fuel system clean but also ensure a well-functioning engine, good driving experience, and an increase in the HP and fuel miles.

For good luck, you now have a shortlist of the best diesel injector cleaner and are set, along with a smoother ride and an improved life of your favorite engine, to increase your fuel economy. This is a vital aspect of maintenance. This extracts all types of viruses, bacteria, sand, soil, and oil.

The black smoke emitted by the diesel engine also is removed. You must be sure that your fuel injector cleaner is classified for a diesel engine if your car or truck has a diesel engine.

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