Where to Buy Wood Sawdust? 5 Best Places to Get Sawdust

Looking for wood sawdust for your woodworking projects? Our guide covers the top 5 best places to buy sawdust, from specialized suppliers to general hardware stores. Get the right sawdust for your project today!

Sawdust can either be very easy or very hard to get depending on the location and activities of people. It is a by-product of woodworking operations that include sawing, milling, sanding, or planning with a saw or other tools.

The uses of sawdust depend on the different shapes, sizes, or moisture of the product.

What is Sawdust Used for?

If you are searching for buying the best quality of sawdust, you probably already know the uses also. But here is a quick look at the uses anyway.

What is Sawdust Used for
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Sawdust is a great material that is used in multiple ways in everyday life. Gardening, fuel, making plywood, paint absorbing medium, making traction path are some of the uses of sawdust.

In gardening, sawdust can be used as mulch, compost, and a light-medium for the soil. It provides nitrogen to the plants as well.

Sawdust can also be used in the bedding of animals and poultry from better accommodation. It can act as an igniting fuel alongside woods.

The Best Places to Get Wood Sawdust

Getting the premium quality sawdust can be a challenge especially from an online marketplace. That’s where we have come to help you in finding the best quality sawdust for your day-to-day activities. Check this out!

1. Wood Sawdust at Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly the best global online shop to buy any kinds of products that are not readily available in a country or region.

This e-commerce company has allowed over a hundred thousand businesses to run operations under the platform. So, the reliability of this digital marketplace is definitely up to the mark.

Wood Sawdust at Amazon
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Amazon is a global business platform that is currently providing services in 58 countries around the world. If your country is connected to Amazon directly, then you can buy almost anything from those other 57 countries in a matter of a few days.

Sawdust can be found on Amazon in various packs or amounts for the convenience of the customers. You can find different sizes, shapes, packs, and quantities of sawdust based on your preferences.

There are hundreds of international brands that are producing sawdust commercially. Living World, Traeger, Camerons, The Sausage Maker are the names of the highest sellers of sawdust in Amazon.

And the price is reasonable with a chance of a discount on almost all the products. You can see the review of other customers before buying if that suits you.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Wood Sawdust from Amazon?

  • Low-cost, secure, and fast delivery service.
  • Unbiased and transparent reviews from the customers.
  • Discount or great deal offers on several occasions all year round.
  • First of all, the reputation and reliability of this platform are top-notch.

2. Wood Sawdust at Etsy

Etsy is a renowned American online marketplace that has been operating its business globally for the last sixteen years.

The platform provides vintage, handmade, or craft items specifically. Naturally, some of the by-products are included on the sales list of this website.

There is mostly open sawdust found in this place but the quality and quantity are satisfying enough according to the price.

Wood Sawdust at Etsy
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You can find multiple varieties of sawdust from Applewood, Brazilwood, or Oak based on your choice. The Royal Flush Mushrooms, The Yarn Tree USA, Lake Land Wood are the best selling sawdust suppliers on this platform.

The best thing about this platform is, you do not have to worry about the high price of these products. They are unbelievably fair and reasonable.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Wood Sawdust from Etsy?

  • The delivery system is quick and secure.
  • Can be shipped to any corner of the world.
  • The reviews and ratings are authentic and transparent.
  • The detailed description along with the availability of the product is mentioned in every product’s window.

3. Wood Sawdust at ECO Strat

ECO Strat is a North-American-based fuel supplier situated in Ontario, Toronto. This platform works for the consultation, development, and assessment of biomass fuel solutions in various companies.

Bio-market services include chemical-based products, animal bedding, land, and soil amendment, developing or producing compost, mulch, and wood pellets. So, sawdust is sold on this platform in huge quantities.

Wood Sawdust at ECO Strat
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The wood fuels are manufactured and processed by the company based on the customer’s requirements. The wood chips and sawdust come from the sustainable harvesting of forest woods.
Controlling every part of the supply chain of the products, ECO Strat has gained the reliability of providing high-quality products to their customers.

The company does not ship worldwide. However, if you live in North America, you can get fine sawdust from this platform at a very reasonable price.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Wood Sawdust from ECO Strat?

  • Delivery in the US and Canada is fast and swift.
  • Best quality product with the best prices possible.
  • You can get customized sawdust with your preferable amount, size, and shape.
  • You can also get consultation on how to use the sawdust effectively and sustainably.

4. Wood Sawdust at Weaber Lumber

Weaber Lumber is one of the largest hardwood lumber producers in the USA. The products are used for flooring, wallboards, moldings, and many more with the combination of technological advancements.

They put great effort into maintaining the desired standard of their products by controlling the quality from the forest floor to the manufacturing plant.

Wood Sawdust at Weaber Lumber
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The computer technology used in processing the wood by-products makes sure the perfect quality of the sawdust that you are going to buy from them.

You can get a detailed description of the sawdust on their website that says their product contains little amount of moisture within the finely chopped wood chips. This helps the sawdust to become a tool for ideal bedding for horses and poultry.

Why We Recommend to Buy Wood Sawdust from Weaber Lumber?

  • Personal owned forest floor.
  • Affordable and reasonable price.
  • The product delivers the best possible value to the customer
  • Less amount of moisture results in more absorbent power to the sawdust

5. Wood Sawdust at Roberts Lumber

Roberts Lumber is a lumber production house that provides hardwood and softwood for worldwide distribution. The company owns and manages its own forest land to get a variety of hardwood and softwood by-products.

The products usually include native bark mulch, wood fuels, bedding materials for poultry and other animal breeding, etc.

You can expect good quality and pricing from this place as they offer various functionality of the product. They claim to have repeated customers which is a plus point for checking their authenticity.

Wood Sawdust at Roberts Lumber
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Why We Recommend to Buy Wood Sawdust from Roberts Lumber?

  • Repeated customers.
  • Availability of the products
  • Quality product with great pricing
  • You can get sawdust for various reasons and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get sawdust?

Ans: Sawdust is a by-product of wood that is created by cutting, drilling, sanding, or milling the wood by saw or other tools. Sometimes, insects or birds make shelter inside wood that creates a little amount of sawdust on the forest floor.

Why is sawdust used?

Ans: Sawdust is used mostly as a primary material of plywood. It can also be used in gardening as a medium or compost. Another important use of sawdust is as effective fire fuel.

How much does sawdust cost?

Ans: Sawdust can be sold in grams or kilograms. The cost is usually between $5 to $15 per 5 kgs or more.

Does sawdust kill plants?

Ans: Sawdust is used as a weed controller. It kills the seedlings if directly put on them.


Sawdust is a great medium used as a substitute part of wood chips. From being a necessary tool in gardening to being the primary item in making particleboard, sawdust can be used in various other ways in everyday life. Sawdust can be easily recycled and used almost anywhere.

Now that you know where to buy the best quality sawdust at a reasonable price, you’re welcome. Leave a comment if you want to share your experience about buying sawdust from any other marketplace.

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