Best 100 ft Extension Cord: 10 Most Tested & Compared for 2020

Extension Cord is a lifesaver when you can’t reach an electrical outlet. Not having to connect multiple devices in a nearby outlet is fairly frustrating. Also, electrical appliances seem to have a short built-in cord. Want relief from this struggle? You can make use of a 100 ft extension cord. Take a look at the 10 extension cable below and make your life breezy.

Best Extension Cord Comparison

If you don’t have enough time for going through the reviews of the cord, take look at their essential details from this part. You will develop some specific ideas about them by this and it will allow you to compare the products.

To get the real comprehensive ideas about them we strongly recommend you go for the reviews. As a result, you will know which extension cord suits your purpose thoroughly and you find the best 100 ft extension cord for target equipment.






Southwire 25890002 100 Feet Extension Cord

12 Gauge

AmazonBasics Heavy Duty 100 Foot Extension Cord

12 Gauge

GoGreen Power 100 fit Extension Cord

16 Gauge

AmazonBasics Vinyl 100-Foot Extension Cord

16 Gauge

Southwire 2549SWUSA1 100-Feet Extension Cord

12 Gauge

ShineKee 100 ft Extension Cord

12 Gauge

SIMBR 100 FT 12/3 Extension Cord

12 Gauge

US Wire and Cable 100ft Extension Cord

12 Gauge

Yellow Jacket 100 ft Extension Cord

12 Gauge

VCZHS Tech 100 ft Extension Cord

10 Gauge

10 Best Extension Cord 2020:  Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Here, you will get familiar with important features of the extension cord along with how they are going to benefit you. You will get a buying guide following the reviews ensuring your money is not going in vain. In the end, we have answered some commonly asked questions making sure you have in-depth knowledge of buying the best kind of extension cord.

Not to mention, there are many brands in the market. You are not going walk straight up to a shop and buy an extension cord, are you? If not, then make yourself familiar with the top-tier extension cord in the market. Let’s dive into the reviews-

1. Southwire 25890002 100 Feet Extension Cord

Southwire 25890002 100 Feet Extension Cord

Southwire is one of the highly recognized cable names in the electrical appliance industry. You will be saving a good amount of money if you go for this one. Besides, it’s standing out for assuring secure uses and excellent performance.

It’s a multipurpose extension cord. If you are looking for a 100 ft outdoor extension cord then you can consider buying this one. However, you can utilize it indoor and outdoor both. Attaching it to an outlet is no-sweat as it has a light on its edge, which makes is truly user-friendly. Now, let’s look at some main features of this one. 

Easily Visible

As this has a bright yellow vinyl outer jacket you will see it easily in the darkness. We all know the challenge of finding out the cord among many.

But, for its beaming yellow jacket, you will find it easier to sort and re-coil it without any hassle.

Water Resistant Connector

If the cord you are buying is not water-resistant then you can’t claim it completely safe product if the vendor says so. So, gladly, the connectors of this wire are water resistance.

Moreover, the vinyl jacket protects it from being scraped. It can endure sunlight and any damped area as well.

Durable Use For Hardened Blade

The connector is covered with a strong blade. As a result, the prongs don’t break or bend even after a prolonged time of use.

Confirmed Safety

The vinyl jacket confirms the safe uses of the cord. Also, it doesn’t leave marks on any surface.

  • Flexible
  • Copper wire
  • Bright Color
  • Tough blades
  • Water-resistant
  • Robust outer jacket
  • Receptor contains light
  • Only suitable for 15 amps household outlets

2. AmazonBasics Heavy Duty 100 Foot Extension Cord

AmazonBasics 12/3 Heavy Duty 100 Foot Extension Cord

This cord is well-known for its reliable service. Any situation that calls for an extension cord you can use the cord and rest assured as it will serve you efficiently. This heavy-duty cable from AmazonBasics is suitable for operating any electronic tools around you. Lawnmowers, snowblowers any utility tools can be powered by this cord.

As it’s a 100 ft 12 gauge extension cord with 3-wire you can make use of this in various places. Having an outdoor party? Consider buying this one. Take a look at the main features in detail below.

Light-end Plug

The plug of the cord has a light installed in it. As a result, you can ensure if the cord has been connected to power. With the light on, you will be able it find the cord easily in the darkness.

This is going to save your time as well in terms of figuring out the cord and the power connection. Moreover, the plug is transparent enabling the light to be out clearly.

High Service Cord Outer Jacket

This cable is covered with a high service cord jacket, in other words, SJTW jacket.

This prevents the cable to get easily getting damaged in critical circumstances like- abrasive surface, wet ground/floor, getting hit or stepped on, etc. Point is, it can endure any adverse context.

Sturdy Plug

The transparent plug-in has been built tough. That’s why there is no chance for the plug for getting easily snapped.

Optimal Safety

You have already seen the cable doesn’t break easily and it possesses a great resistance power. Actually, with all these aspects it’s confirming the highest form of safety. You can use it without worrying about potential dangers and accidents caused a broken/ bad quality wear.

  • Study
  • Durable
  • Light end
  • Versatile Use
  • SJTW(High service cord) Jacket
  • Only accommodate up to 15 amp
  • Not recommended for lower temperature

3. GoGreen Power 100 fit Extension Cord

GoGreen Power 100 fit Extension Cord

GoGreen power is also well known among supreme quality cable. The most unique aspect of this heavy-duty extension cord is, it compatible with industrial-strength equipment.

Remember, it is not recommended to use for household electronic tools or to employ for an outdoor party lighting.

However, the robust formation of this cable ensures its longevity and serves you with the greatest safety. Let’s have a look at its main features and see how well it’s going to assist you.

Lasts Long

As the cord contains the best quality materials, it doesn’t get damaged easily. It will sustain in an abrasive surface, extreme heat. It can also resist superficial pressure or any weight.

Ensures Safety

We have already mentioned, for its sturdy construction, it doesn’t snap easily. As a result, this cable can keep you safe any accidents. Moreover, it is water-resistant. You pass it through a damp area without any worry.

Compatible For Heavy-duty Tools

This cable from GoGreen is mainly for heavy-duty equipment. With all of its main features, you can assuredly use it to power any powerful tools.

Strong Formation

The outer jacket of this cable is made of a high service cord. Also, the plug-in is knocked together rigorously. The formation of the cable is excellent.

  • Durable
  • Heavy service cord outer jacket
  • Serves for heavy-duty equipment
  • Comes in only black color

4. AmazonBasics Vinyl 100-Foot Extension Cord

AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl 100-Foot  Extension Cord

This is another 100 foot extension cord from AmazonBasics. But this cable has more gauge than from any other 9 cables. You can use it in any outdoor electrical activity. And, it comes in orange color making it easier for you to the cable out in any given situation. You are less likely to tip over the cable as it is easily noticeable.

It has a strong formation ensuring durability and safety. It is different in another way; you will see it to have a plug-in one end and a socket on the other end. The plug has three prongs and the socket has three conductors. And, the cable is easily bendable enabling you to move it and place it freely. Now, let’s look at its key feature and their details to understand how is it going to help you to power tools.

Robust Formation

This cord is covered with a vinyl outer jacket. As the material is made of vinyl, it can keep the cable undamaged.

As a result, it lasts longer. Also, it has an incredible resistance power. It can go through extreme sunlight, abrasive and damp places.

Efficient Plug & Socket

The plug-in of this cable contains 3 prongs. For your information, 3-prongs cables are safer. They sit plain in a socket. There is no chance for it not to reach power.

The socket on the other hand has 3 conductors. This can again ensure another 3-prong plug is securely attached to it and transfer power properly from one source to another. The plug and socket are bigger in size. You can hold them in your tight and connect them to power.

Fit For Outdoor Activity

From arranging a party to taking care of your backyard, you can use this cable. Also, as it has a flexible formation you can place it in a convenient place. Furthermore, you or your guests at the party are not going to step on it and fall if you guide it by side.

Fit For Home Appliance

You can make use of this cable to power household equipment that contains up to 10amps, 1250 watts, 125 VAC. So, you can call it a multipurpose cord.

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Easily noticeable
  • Optimum endurance
  • Better plug and socket
  • Plug is not light-end
  • Only accommodate up to 10 amps

5. Southwire 2549SWUSA1 100-Feet Extension Cord

Southwire 2549SWUSA1 100-Feet Extension Cord

This is another cable from Southwire. It’s manufactured by an American company. They are so proud of their service that they have made this cable containing a color combination of the USA flag! That’s an interesting feature of this cable.

You can consider using this cord both indoor and outdoor. So, it’s safe to say it can serve you in various ways. Besides, it has a strong outer cover. So, it is durable and ensures safety. It works properly and doesn’t get stiff easily in cold weather. The plug has 3 prongs, which make sure the cable is connected to the power source accurately.

Multi-purpose Use

You can use to power any household tools that are up to 15 amps.

Also, it can serve it like a champ in the outdoor needs as well.

Light End Socket

The socket has light in it. If you connect it to the power, the light is the indicator that it’s connected.

So, easier for you to tell if it has reached power successfully. Besides, it will help you to sort the end out in lower light.

Most Durable

It has been constructed strongly using a heavy service outer jacket. Although we are saying the outer jacket is strong, but it is actually flexible. That makes the cable more useful and you can guide through a safe place, and keep it aside securely.

Also, it easily goes through critical situations, such as- extreme heat, getting in connect with water, getting stepped on, getting hit by something, etc.

  • Flexible
  • Light-end socket
  • 3-prong connector
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Hold up in cold weather
  • Endures adverse context
  • Capable of supporting up to 15 amps
  • Only stays flexible from 0-10 degree

6. ShineKee 100 ft Extension Cord

ShineKee 100 ft Extension Cord

It’s a quality assured cable brand although it falls under the commercial category. You truly have nothing to worry about while using it because it has adequate resistance power. And, it ensures safety with its strong formation. You employ this wire to power tools both indoor and outdoor.

The best thing about this cord is you can power three appliances at a time with it. Isn’t that crazy? It’s very rare to get a cable with quality that can power multiple tools at the same time. However, let’s take a look at its feature and see how it’s going to help with its capability.

Powering 3 Tools At The Same Time

No more frustration of using one tool at a time. The socket end of this cable has three different slots to connect 3 appliances. Moreover, the slots have 3-conductors which will secure the other cord with it. 

Indoor & Outdoor Uses

You can make use of this cable for powering home tools. You can also use the cable to operate anything outside your home. Also, with the multiple sockets in it, you can power tools indoor and outdoor at the same time!

Strongly Built Outer Jacket

Although it’s made of PVC they use top-notch PVC to build the outer cover. Just like any other high-quality outer jacket, the PVC jacket will confirm the cable holds in an adverse situation. That way it also makes sure you get to use it for a prolonged period of time.

If you are wondering about the heat condition, this wire will work best from -40 degree to 130 degree. Overall, there will be no lacking in its performance and you can use it without worry.   

  • Copper wire
  • 3-prong plug
  • Highest wattage
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Best quality PVC jacket
  • Outlets have 3-conductors
  • Can power 3 tools at a time
  • Strongly built plug and socket
  • Resist temperature -40 to 130 degree
  • No light-end
  • Commercial grade
  • Not easily detectable
  • Comes in only back color

7. SIMBR 100 FT 12/3 Extension Cord

SIMBR 100 FT 12/3 Extension Cord

This 100 ft extension cord is high-recommended for its reliable service. It’s a cable that contains all most all the requirements of the best quality cord! It’s a long-lasting cable because is a strong outer construction. As a result, it can endure the dire situation.

You can use it anywhere you want. It’s has been built that way to assist you with indoor and outdoor powering activities. Also, the color of the outer jacket makes it easily visible. It’s no-sweat to identify the place where the cable is lying. Besides, it’s a tested cable providing the highest security. Let’s go over its main feature below-


You could use it any place you want. Office, household tools, any outdoor equipment, party lighting, any high-powered tools- all of these can be connected to electricity with this cord.

Light-end & 3-Outlet

It’s been made the most convenient way for you! The socket-end of this cable has a built-in light which makes it easier for you to confirm if it’s connected to power. Also, this feature will be useful if you are handling the cord in a darker place.

Furthermore, the socket-end has 3 outlets. This enables you to connect more than 1 device to power with the cord.

Reliable Construction & Confirmed Safety

The sheath of this wire has been made bulletproof! Point is- it can resist any unfavorable weather and place. That ensures you can use it for a long time with safety assurance.

We have mentioned that it has a robust outer jacket. As this wire is multipurpose and you want to use outdoor, this is why the jacket and plug/socket ends have been strongly molded.

  • Multipurpose
  • Light-end plug
  • Bright color jacket
  • Heavy-duty jacket
  • Powers several tools
  • Doesn’t support more than 15amps

8. US Wire and Cable 100ft Extension Cord

US Wire and Cable 100ft Extension Cord

This wire is the best suit for indoor uses. Any basic household tools can be connected to power by this cable. As they have mainly made it for indoor uses, they didn’t make the outer jacket from glossy vinyl materials.  For your information, they have covered it in 2 layers of the sheath. So, there is no chance for it to get damaged easily despite being made of matte vinyl.

This wire lasts longer with all its strong construction and serves you the best in general purpose. The cable is flexible and survives in low temperature. Let’s look at some of its main features.

Indoor Uses

You can buy this wire to use household equipment. It’s simply not made for powering heavy-duty tools.

Double Cover

The wire is covered in a double jacket. That’s why doesn’t break easily. In the house, if it gets stepped on or hit by any heavy object it will remain unharmed. By the way, the cover is made of vinyl just not a glossy vinyl. Any vinyl sheath with make wires long-lasting


As you will be using it indoor, it is important for the wire to be flexible. And, this cable has been developed like that for you. You can lead it through a corner and keep it in a safer place because nobody wants cables in the middle of a room or a display position.


The plug has a light to indicate it has been connected to power. You can now tell easily if the wire is properly connected to electricity. Also, it will be a great help if you are working in a dark room.

  • Safer
  • Flexible
  • Light-end
  • Double sheaths
  • General-purpose uses
  • High service outer jacket
  • Matte vinyl cover
  • Only suits 15amps
  • Household uses only

9. Yellow Jacket 100 ft Extension Cord

Yellow Jacket 100 ft Extension Cord

It’s a premium quality extension cordbecause it has been different from all the extension cables. This 100 ft 10 gauge extension cord can serve you indoor and outdoor without in any setback. Also, its sturdy formation allows it to last for a prolonged time and keep undamaged.

It supports up to 20amps. The wire is made of copper enabling it to last longer. With its bright colored sheath, you can find it easily in a place. The plug and socket of the cable are strongly molded also, they are bigger in size. The plug has 3 conductors and the socket has 3 prongs T-blade. Let’s have a look at its main features below-


You can employ this cable in the place you want. Home uses, office uses, outdoor uses- anywhere it can serve you with its optimum ability. Also, it’s a heavy-duty cable. So, you can power any tool that requires stronger power with it. It is compatible will a strong-powered tool because this cord can accommodate up to 20amps. That’s simply incredible!

Strong Formation

The cable has been made with a high-service outer jacket ensuring its prolonged use.

It is water-resistant, endures extreme weather, unharmed in the abrasive surface. For its glossy vinyl jacket, it can resist any adverse condition. 

Light end and Strongly Molded

This cable contains light in its plug as result you can see when it’s connected to power. With the light-end feature, you can sort it out faster in a darker condition. The socket and plug have a sleek and strong construction. That’s it ends don’t snap easily and ensure the lifelong use.

  • Durable
  • Light-end
  • Heavy duty
  • Multipurpose
  • Glossy vinyl jacket
  • Robust outer jacket
  • Accommodates up to 20amps
  • Only 1 power outlet

10. VCZHS Tech 100 ft Extension Cord

VCZHS Tech 100 ft Extension Cord

It’s a heavy-duty 12 gauge multipurpose cable. You can employ it for indoor and outdoor activities. Also, you can power any stronger tool with this cable. The formation of this cord is reliable. That’s why it can offer you optimum safety while using the cable.

Also, the glossy color of this cable makes it easily detectable. The cable is flexible. So, you can keep it aside properly to prevent tipping over it. For its strong formation, it lasts long enduring any unfavorable weather or place. Now, let’s look at some of its main features.

Widely Use

You can use this wire if you want to power more than one tool at the same time. It has three outlets for that. Also, it is multipurpose. You can use this cable for indoor and outdoor uses separately or at the same time with its 3 outlets.

Strong Outer Formation

The cable is made of a glossy vinyl jacket. As a result, it says undamaged in any sort of difficult situation. Also, it has a waterproof plug/socket, and you make use of this cord to water plants and lawn worry free.

Optimum Safety

With its strong formation, you will get the best form of safety. As it doesn’t break easily you won’t get shocked by current handling with the cable. The plug and socket are also constructed strongly. As a result, they don’t get frayed or cracked after long-term use. With the 3-prong plug and 3-conductor socket, you can rest assured after connecting to power and devices.

  • 3-outlet
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Light-end plug
  • Glossy vinyl jacket
  • 3-prong plug and 3-conductor socket
  • Only suits up to 15 amps

A Quick Buying Guide

Before buying an extension cord you need to take into account a few things. Also, it’s not very smart of you to go to the store and simply collect some cable without going through any specifications. Go over the points below to buy the best 100 ft extension cord for you.

Identifying The Right Purpose

You will find cables for varying uses. There are cables for powering heavy-duty tools, indoor and outdoor tools, general-purpose tools, etc. That’s why the very first thing you need to know what sort of tools you need to power with an extension cord.

Knowing The Power Rating

Once you know what tools you want to power your check the amperage power of the tools. Then, after going to the store you match the power of the cord with the target tools.

Checking For The Plug & Socket

The tools you need to power make sure the sockets match with the plug-end of a particular cord. Or, you might end buying a 3-prong plug for a 2-conductor socket or vice-versa.

If you take your account these three things hopefully you will be able to yourself an efficient extension cord.


Considering the weather is important in terms of cables. The outer jacket can’t always hold up in extreme weather conditions.  So, make you take a look at the package of the cord o find out it can endure extreme weather.


It’s unusual for electronics tools to stop working abruptly. They can act up anytime and it very normal. In that case, do make sure you check the warranty before bringing it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is all the extension cable flexible?

Ans: Most of them are flexible. In fact, all high-quality cables are flexible. An extension cord is always constructed with a vinyl jacket. Also, the category of the vinyl jacket can vary depending on its core purpose.

Q: Should I buy an expensive extension cord?

Ans: Buddy, the things you should care about most while buying an extension cord is the purpose, warranty, plug/socket type, power capability, safety assurance, and endurance ability. Now, if you want to spend more, that’s up to you. Besides, even the best quality extension cord is pretty affordable.

Q: What is the common amperage rating for house tools?

Ans: You will find a household tool from 4 to 15 amps. And, you can’t use any extension cable for the tools that support up to 15amps.

Q: What amperage usually a heavy-duty has?

Ans: Actually, it is based on what kind of tool you are using. But, you will find then 20amps. If you buy an extension cord that accommodates up to 20amps you can use them to power the heavy-duty tool.

Q: Can I use a 20amp extension cord for a 15amp tool?

Ans: No! First of all, the power ratings should always match. It’s dangerous not to ensure the compatibility of amps of tools and cord.


That’s all for the review of some of the best 100 feet extension cords of the present time. All the products mentioned below has essential features. You will surely pick one without any tension.

Besides, we tried to enlighten you with some essential information. I hope this will help you to judge.

Using an extension cord can be deadly. Therefore, it is recommended to pick something better and also work with full concentration. I am leaving the rest up to you. Hope you have enjoyed our article. Keep an eye on our blog for many more.

Stay Safe!

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