Best Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit: Review & Guide

Discover the best baffled oil catch can kit for your vehicle with our comprehensive review and guide for 2023!

You have been looking into getting a catch can because your car burned a good amount of oil. And an oil catch can will be an easy fix for the issue as it catches the oil blow-by before it junks up the engine.

But finding a high-quality and functional oil recovery tank is a daunting task as you can find a lot of options out there. Not every air-oil-separator comes with the same specifications. So, it will be challenging to get one that serves the purpose.

Fortunately, this guide on Baffled Oil Catch Can Review includes the top 7 catch cans that are durable, functional, and meet your needs. The best part is- each of them features the baffling system to collect the oil blow-by.

So, stay in tune with us to discover the best-baffled oil catch can to protect your engine from impurities.

What is a baffled oil catch can?

A baffled oil catch can is a type of filter or a series of baffles placed between the PVC and the intake. The oil catch can allow clean air to pass through into the intake but prevents the oil, gas, or air blow into it by separating them.

Therefore, oil catch can also prevents dirt and oil from reaching the air intake. As a result, your car’s engine remains clean under hard driving conditions without losing driving performance.

Nonetheless, the catch can helps to increase horsepower and prolongs the engine’s life.

Baffled oil catch can vs non baffled – Which one do you buy?

A baffled oil catch tank cools the hot vapor and turns it into liquid to keep the oil mist in the oil tank. Indeed, the burning oil or any particles can’t reach your car engine and can’t build a deposit because of the oil catch can. 

So, your engine remains clean, which prolongs the durability of the engine and maintains its performance. 

On the other hand, a non-baffled oil catch can fail to stop the re-entry of the impurities to your car engine. As a result, oil blow-by will form in the air intake of your car engine and bring damage to it, decreasing both lifespan and performance. 

To sum up, you should buy a baffled oil catch can as it serves your needs (prevent oil blow-by from reaching your engine). 

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Best Rated Baffled Oil Catch Can: Top Pick in 2023






Ruien Polish Baffled Universal Catch Can

Ruien Polish Baffled Catch Can


EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can

EVIL ENERGY Baffled Oil Catch Can


Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-11SBE Baffled Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can


EIGIIS Universal Car Oil Catch Can Kit

EIGIIS Oil Catch Can


PQY Oil Catch Can Baffled

PQY Oil Catch Can Baffled



Best Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit 2023: Review & Guide

After conducting thorough research, we enlisted these top 7 baffled oil catch cans. Each of them is durable, collects the oil optimally, and protects your car engine from the oil blow-by. Now, let’s explore the ins and out of the oil recovery tanks.

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1. Ruien Polish Baffled Universal Catch Can

6 fittings
Include high-pressure fuel hose
Feature necessary bracket & screws
The oil catch tank is made of aluminum

We compared many products & prices for oil catch cans and added Ruien Polish Baffled Catch Can at the top of our list. Its built-in quality, ability to catch the oil or dirt, and easy emptying system convince us to pick this oil catch can.

The baffled oil catch can trap & catch oil and moisture optimally and prevent carbon and sludge build-up into your car air intake. Due to the baffle system, the oil catch can catch oil or dirt and stops them from reaching your car engine & air intake. In return, your car engine remains clean and increases horsepower.

Turns out, Ruien Oil Catch Can comes with six fittings- three for the inlet and the other three for the outlet. Because of this, it can match any hose size. Above all, it includes some Teflon tape to wrap on the threads of the fittings to create a tight seal.

Therefore, you can effortlessly mount the oil catch can and empty it. It has a dipstick screwed on the top. You can unscrew it and check when you need to drain it.
Now, let’s move on to the construction material. The oil catch tank uses aluminum for added longevity.

Apart from these goods, this oil tank has some downsides also. For example, the hose it includes is cheap and useless. The hose collapses easily when the vacuum is present. So, we recommend you spend extra five bucks to get a high-quality hose.

  • Easy to empty & clean
  • Well-built and last for the long.
  • Keep your engine clean in hard driving condition
  • Include every piece of equipment for easy installation
  • Made of machined aluminum that makes the oil catch tank sturdy
  • Prevent dirt and oil from reaching your car engine to increase the lifespan of the engine
  • The hose it includes is not qualitative enough

2. Mishimoto MMBCC-CBTWO-P Baffled Oil Catch Can

Fully serviceable
3 oz internal capacity
50-micron bronze filter
Includes 2 CNC-machines aluminum 1/2" barbed hose fittings

Oil blow-by is a pain in the neck for every car owner. It doesn’t only decrease the lifespan of your car engine but also reduces your car performance. And Mishimoto MMBCC Compact Oil Catch can is here to cure your headache by protecting your car air intake & engine from oil blow-by.

The two-port oil catch can from Mishimoto features a 50-micron bronze filter. With it, this oil catch tank can weed out oil, dirt, and dust from PCV. To improve the oil separation workflow, it has an internal air diverter, which separates oil by increasing air movement.

Indeed, no oil or particles can’t reach your car’s air intake because of the air diverter. On top of this, the baffle system keeps the stored up oil from splashing around under harsh driving conditions. All of these ensure the safety of your car engine and ensure its performance.

For easy installation, the oil catch tank features every attachment including, screws, threads, two black anodized, aluminum fittings, and brackets. Using them, you can effortlessly install the air-oil-separator system.

Therefore, this oil can also feature Viton O-rings to create a tight seal for ensuring all the collected oil remains in the can.

Like other oil catchers, this can also use aluminum as its built-in material to ensure durability. The best part is both filters and can are serviceable. So, you can use it for years to come to protect your air intake and car engine’s from oil blow-by.

  • Compact design
  • Convenient to install with adjustable bracket
  • Add more oil which requires less cleaning workflow
  • Filters the air optimally and prevents particles from reaching car engine
  • Well-built and uses aluminum material to make the oil catch can sturdy
  • The screws it includes are just junk. However, you can buy new screws to make the installation process a breeze.

3. EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can

Built-in dipstick
Crank vent system 
300ML Oil Catch Can
Made of aluminum allow T-6061

No one of us likes the oil mist or burning oil that falls in our car engine and builds up a sticky deposit over time. This byproduct build-up doesn’t only bring damage to the engine but is also responsible for reducing performance. In this case, an oil recovery tank works like a charm by collecting the oil mist.

The oil catch can from Evil Energy will be your best trait to protect your car engine from oil blow-by. It can optimally collect the oil before the burning oil gunks up your vehicle engine. Above all, the manufacturer updates the fuel hose to NBR and includes some steel wool. As a result, you can add them to the baffle to catch extra oil to keep your car engine clean.

A built-in dipstick is a notable feature of this oil catcher tank we spot out. Due to the dipstick, you can check fluid level without opening the can. And the best part is- it’s a reusable oil catch can. It means you can use it repeatedly by emptying & cleaning the oil recovery tank once it gets filled.

It’s time to know about the construction material of this oil catcher can. The oil catcher tank is made of sturdy aluminum. Therefore, it comes with every piece of equipment. So, you can install the oil recovery tank with ease. However, ensure there is enough space in your car to put it.

  • Convenient to install
  • Easy to empty & clean
  • Sturdy and long-lasting oil catch can
  • Allow you to check the fluid level and inform you when you need to empty the can.
  • The hose it features is not qualitative enough.

4. Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-11SBE Baffled Oil Catch Can

Dual-can setup
An in-line check valve
Large 7.5 oz and 12 oz cans
Includes stock-style quick-disconnect fittings

Does the engine of your F-150 choke and trouble taking a breath? If yes, you may notice your driving friend started losing its performance. It occurs when impurities get into the air intake of your car and build carbon deposits. And Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-11SBE is designed to cure your F-150 by preventing oil blow-by from reaching your car engine.

Its built-in dual-can setup optimally collects the accumulated blow-by and keeps the burning oil away from the air intake and valves. As a result, no dirt or accumulation can’t get into your engine to bring any damage to it. It also increases the car’s engine performance.

Therefore, the air-oil-separator comes with two cans to hold more burning oil. So, you don’t need to empty & clean the can often. On top of that, you can reuse both the filter and the can which saves the cost.

To sum up, you must keep this baffled oil catch tank in your lineup if you look for one that will be compatible with the F-150.

  • Designed to fit F150
  • Hold more oil in the tank
  • Easy to install as it includes every accessory
  • Large can capacity to hold more byproducts
  • Prevent the can from being pressurized under boost
  • Convenient to install as it comes with every attachment
  • Not fit to other vehicles

5. EIGIIS Universal Car Oil Catch Can Kit

300ml oil tank
Built-in dipstick
Include a breather
Made of high-quality 0046 aluminum

At number 5, we bring EIGIIS Universal Car Oil Catch Can Kit that maintains your car engine performance. The Oil Catch Can Kit prevents filth from accumulating in the air intake and PCV. In return, your car engine will remain clean and prolong its lifespan by removing oil from the air intake.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the fuel consumption of the turbine engine. The filter equipped with the oil catcher tank can trap & catch fine particles and filter the air optimally.

And the baffling system of this can is exceptional. It cools the hot vapor and turns it into liquid so that the burning oil remains in the base. On top of this, the oil catch can feature a 300ml oil tank which stores a lot of oil filth. As a result, you don’t need to empty the can often.

Nonetheless, this oil recovery tank comes with a dipstick to check the fluid level without opening the can.

The easy emptying system is a notable upside we spot out. This oil catch can is TIG welded, and the thread comes with an O-ring gasket. It prevents oil leakage. You don’t need to dismount it, just unscrew the bottom part of the reservoir and clean it.

Lastly, let’s take your eyes to its construction material. For ensuring longevity, it uses high-quality 0046 aluminum. Like other cheap cans in the market, it doesn’t break down quickly and serves you for a long time.

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install
  • Last for the long
  • Let you check the fluid level
  • Well-made and long-lasting oil catch can
  • Increase the lifespan of the car engine by preventing sludge from reaching the engine
  • It’s challenging to install the lower bolts.

6. EVIL ENERGY Polish Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can

Built-in dipstick
Breather oil catch can
Made of T-6061 Light-Weight Aluminum
Universal Oil Catch Can with Breather Filter Kit

EVIL ENERGY Polish Baffled is an excellent substitute to fit in any cam case ventilation system. Most of the time, we have to face the recirculation of oil vapors into our intake of engines. But once you get EVIL ENERGY’s oil, the grudges will run out eventually. Here, you will get a hose as a gift out-of-the-box.

Turns out, this oil adjusts perfectly in any vehicle you throw at it. But make sure you have a nice space in your car for the installation process. And you don’t have to open the can to check the fluid level. As there is a built-in dipstick that comes with this product, you can use it very smoothly for a long time.

When the temperature reaches the freezing point, this oil can help crucially in that regard. Also, it is very compatible in a dimension of 4.45in H and 2.86in D. We all know, T-6061 is a firm metal for any object. And, guess what? EVIL ENERGY is made with this sturdy metal in proper surveils. Hence, there is no doubt about the quality of the product. Also, the warranty is up to the mark of 3 months. So you can have a pleasant experience from it, indeed.

  • Easy to check the oil level without opening the can
  • Optimally collect the blow-by and protect your car engine by preventing the dirt from reaching engine
  • This oil can fit in almost all vehicle engines with its adaptable size. Also, you will be getting a free hose from this product and sustainable quality. And for checking the fluid level, you will not have to open the can and see by its built-in dipstick.
  • You may face some complications while installing the oil can.

7. PQY Oil Catch Can Baffled

Fully serviceable
Aluminum fittings
50-micron bronze filter
Made of 6061 aluminum 

For a well-made solid catch can PQYRACING owns the crown. It has a small body with compact design, which can save the pace of your engine. One thing we all are fed up with is the potential detonation. But once you get PQY Oil Catch Can in your acquisition, there is no chance of availing detonations in your engine.

Turns out, this can is a great product to separate oil particles from CCV and PCV air. All it does is use the 50-micron bronze filter to defend the intercooler, intake system, and other valuable components. Thus, the oil blow will not appear in your engine. With its 6061 aluminum, the product assures the sturdiness and outstanding features of black anodized.

Due to its easy-fitting feature, the installation becomes almost effortless. The capacity you will need to install it is only 4 to 4oz. Though the product comes out to be cheaper, there is no doubt about its quality. And there is nothing to worry about the oil blow as well. So, why think twice? Go and get PQY Oil Can right now.

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Catch and prevent particles from reaching the car engine.
  • PQY Oil Can is a great product to reduce the potential denotations and maintain the proper octane levels. Moreover, it owns the title of universal fitment, and consumers praise it a lot for its compact size. And the installation is entirely effortless and fits in any car with a click.
  • Sometimes duplicate products arrive as the real ones.

What to Look Before Buying Baffled Oil Catch Can

Oil Catch Can is the device that prevents oil blow-by from reaching your car engine and protects the engine. But not all oil catch tanks in the market are the same and come with equal specifications. So, you should pick an oil recovery tank thoughtfully so that it meets its purposes. The following considerations will help you to choose the best oil catch can.


First off, consider what substance an oil recovery tank uses. The construction element of the can determine how long it will last. Therefore, the weight of an oil catcher also depends on the built-up material. We recommend you choose an air-oil-separator made of sturdy aluminum. Such an oil catch can is durable yet lightweight for easy carrying.

Come with Filter or Not

What’s the purpose of installing an oil catch can? You install the oil recovery tank to stop the impurities from getting into the air intake. And an oil catch can with a filter helps to prevent the re-entry of the gunk to the air intake of your car engine.

However, not every air-oil-separator features the filter. So, get an oil catch can that includes a filter. Regarding this, MMBCC-CBTWO-P Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can will be your best trait. It comes with a bronze filter to prevent the reuptake of collected oil from reaching your car engine.

Feature the baffling system or Not

Like the filter, a baffling system of an air-oil-separator helps to re-entry the gunk of burning oil into the air intake. Fortunately, every oil catcher tank we enlisted features the baffle option. So, you can choose any of them.

Made to fit or Not

Most of the oil catch cans in the market are designed to fit multiple vehicles. As a result, they are compatible with every car except a few. We recommend you get an oil catch tank that has a universal fit. However, if your vehicle requires a special one, it would be best to choose the more customized air-oil-separator.

Can Size

The Can size also matters a lot. Oil catch can comes in different sizes. The bigger the can size will be the more impurities it will hold. As a result, you don’t need to empty & clean it often. But the downside is- a large can size is challenging to install as it requires more space in your car engine. On the other hand, a small can is easy to install but it needs you to clean often because of its lower capacity.

Include a dipstick or Not

When you go to the market to purchase an oil catch can, you should consider whether the can includes a dipstick or not. It is inevitable because you can check the oil level without opening the can. Otherwise, you need to open the can often, which is a pain in the neck.

Ease of Installation

Unfortunately, no oil catch can on this list comes with a manual. So, you need to have a little knowledge about installation. Also, ensure whether the air-oil-separator comes with necessary accessories or not. If it doesn’t include the essential equipment like mounting brackets, screws, and others, it will be challenging to install and cost you extra bucks to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an oil catch worth it?

Ans: Yes, it’s worth buying an oil catch can as it prevents the carbon deposits or particles from reaching your car engine. Therefore, it also ensures that only clean air will pass through the air intake. So, no build-up will form over your car engine which prolongs the lifespan of the engine and increases the performance.

Does an oil catch can add horsepower?

Ans: Yes, the oil catch tank helps to increase horsepower. It prevents byproducts from reaching the car engine. As no burning oil will enter, the oil catch can ensure you only pure air will pass through. And the more air will draw into the engine, the more horsepower will increase to gain peak performance.

Can a catch can damage engine?

Ans: Fortunately, an air-oil-separator doesn’t bring any damage to the engine as it collects mist oil and stops them from entering your car engine.

What happens if you don’t empty the oil catch can?

Ans: If you don’t empty the oil catch can, the can will fill up and start covering the air intake and the engine begins to stumble.

Does an oil catch can improve performance?

Ans: An Oil Catch Can is an inevitable component. It doesn’t only help to get rid of oil residue from the air intake but also prolongs the car engine and increases performance.


From the above guide on Baffled oil catch can review, we learned about the best oil recovery tanks in the market.

Each of the oil catch can is long-lasting, functional, and affordable. So, you can buy any of them to protect your car engine from oil blow-by.

However, we recommend the Mishimoto MMBCC-CBTWO-P most. It is durable, comes with every accessory for easy installation, and features an air diverter and baffling system.

On the other hand, if you want to get a specific oil catch can for your F-150, go for Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-11SBE.

You can also choose other oil catch cans from the list based on your personal preferences.

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