Best Vapor Canister Purge Valve 2023: Reviews & Guide

Keep your vehicle’s emissions in check with the best vapor canister purge valves of 2023. Our expert guide and reviews cover everything you need to know to choose the perfect valve for your vehicle.

Thanks to the EVAP system in your vehicle so it can trap the excess fuel vapor and let it slowly release into your engine. But the system would be at a dead-lock without having the perfect purge valve.

After discussing with many fellows like you, they said, one of the disturbing issues with a bad purge valve is its stubbornness. As a result, it is not ready to either open or close at the right time. In short, the constant click off is a common problem. However, a new valve will function properly once you reinstall it to the system.

Here we will discuss some of the best sold purge valves. Our review will give you clear guidelines when your non-mechanical thoughts won’t be perceived. By the way, for the bird’s eye view go and check out the table below.

Best Rated Vapor Canister Purge Valve: Top Pick in 2023



Fits For



ACDelco GM 12690512 Original Equipment

ACDelco GM 12690512 Original Equipment

Vehicle Specific

Dorman 911-775 Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Dorman 911-775 Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Ford/Lincoln Models

Bosch 0280142431 OE Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Bosch 0280142431 OE Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Vehicle Specific

Standard Motor Products CVS34 Canister Purge Valve

Standard Motor Products CVS34 Canister Purge Valve

Vehicle Specific

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 55573017

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 55573017

Vehicle Specific


7 Best Vapor Canister Purge Valve 2023: Reviews & Guide

If you don’t use the right canister purge valve, chances are, vacuum leaks won’t stop. Try getting only the best for your vehicle, or else your engine will face the consequences.

Here is the top rated canister purge valve in the year 2023. Find your top choice below.

1. ACDelco GM 12690512 Original Equipment

Lasts for many years
Adapts in all GM vehicles
Fits easily like a cakewalk
Uplifts engine's speed and health

When it comes to premium reliability at a low cost, the ACDelco GM 12690512 is hard to beat. Having a solid factory design, the vapor canister purge valve fits in all GM vehicles. Turns out, you don’t have to go on a hassle, as it fits as a fiddle. The easy fittings ensure better fuel efficiency and engine performance.

But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Look at the features below to determine what your engine needs.

Easy adjustment: As the ACDelco GM is made to resemble a factory version purge valve, your installation will be easy as pie. An easy adjustment feature assures proper locking. Even when your vehicle bounces a lot, the bond will stay in place.

Highly durable: Won’t it be great to find a low-priced machine part, which also lasts long? Well, you are in luck. The ACDelco offers both durability and will last for years. So, forget the need to spend more money on a simple purge valve.

Better engine performance: When your purge valve doesn’t work properly, your engine’s top speed will decrease. The ACDelco 12690512 gives you a performance boost on the go. Now, you don’t have to slow down or decrease acceleration while going uphills.

  • Lasts for years to come.
  • Usable in all GM vehicles.
  • Easily fits and won’t come off.
  • Improves engine health and speed.
  • The packaging isn’t always legit.

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2. Dorman 911-775 Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Quality construction
True value for money
A performance tested one
Provides better engine efficiency 

The Dorman 911-775, with its easy-to-fit design, offers proper functionality and evaporative emissions. Turns out, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, unlike other high-priced Purge valves. Having inbuilt premium materials, the 911-775 offers both long service life and excellent quality.

Just input your make, give your car model and install it. Sometimes the installation can take a while, but for the price, we can hardly complain.

Improved speed: A bad purge valve can give you the cold shoulder, especially when you need to speed up. In many cases, the speed of the car drops to the bare minimum. Fortunately, the Dorman 911-775 will improve your speed without pressuring the engine capacity. Once you fit the canister purge valve in place, the EVAP system won’t leak in any way. You will get a better speed while driving on your favorite vehicle.

Better Fuel Efficiency: Finding an empty fuel tank can be a disaster during a long road journey. When there is a leak in the purge valve, your engine will start consuming more fuel on the go. If your engine adapts with the Dorman 911-775, fuel efficiency will skyrocket. Now, you don’t have to worry about burning too much fuel.

High Quality Built: Though the price of the 911-775 is kept low, the build quality isn’t bad. You can use it for years without any fixing. Get the best of both worlds in a single package.

  • Performance tested.
  • Great value for money.
  • Better engine efficiency.
  • Direct Replacement to Ford and Lincoln models.
  • Installation may take time, depending on engine models.

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3. Bosch 0280142431 OE Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Quality is incredible 
Price is less with longevity 
Increases the speed of vehicles
Simply releases fuel vapor into atmosphere 

While looking for an evaporative emission control system fix, the Bosch 0280142431 stands up in all parts. It is a piece of original equipment, which prevents fuel vapor from going into the atmosphere after metering all flows.

You can use the Bosch canister purge valve with full confidence all the way. If you want to control your vapor flow amount, this OE purge valve is what you need.

Efficiency: From the Bosch purge valve, you will get quality, reliability, and durability without any doubt. You can also maintain your product cleanly since its wiper blades are parring. A functional purge valve boosts up fuel efficiency and acceleration. Now, you don’t have to worry about slowing down while going uphills.

Longevity: When our acquisition contemplates a lower price with durability, nothing can go better. Bosch serves similarly, where nobody can think of it as a fluke. Rather than hitting the mark, you can just try out this product to support your convenience.

Fine speed: Sometimes the speed does not go as well as we want because of a bad purge valve. Therefore, your car will drop its speed and break your entire enjoyment. Luckily, Bosch has got your back in such problems. After you fit this valve in your vehicle, a better speed will be in your grip.

Quality built: You may be thinking the quality of Bosch 0280142431 will be average because of its low price. But no. Bosch purge valves provide the best of both worlds, be it price or quality. The valve will hardly leak or get stuck with the vapor inside.

  • Ensures a fine quality
  • Fits easily in all models
  • Lasts long at a low price
  • Boosts up the speed of vehicles
  • Frees up fuel vapors into the atmosphere
  • Pipe is missing from time to time

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4. Standard Motor Products CVS34 Canister Purge Valve

Holds a proper locking
Has a good fuel efficiency 
Easily adjust in all vehicles
Ensures a superior performance

CVS34 Canister Purge Valve is not food for thought due to its high-quality construction. So, do not stress on quality and reliability when you have this purge valve with you. Superior performance will be your car’s everyday friend with an aide of CVD34 Canister Purge Valve.

You can be sure and Standard Motor Products are not something to go turkey. But still, let’s see whether the key features satisfy us or not.

Adjusts easily: Do you want something that resembles your factory version of the purge valve? CVS34 can help you conclusively, just like a cakewalk. Anyway, the proper locking of this purge valve will catch your eye and make your decision firm to give it a second thought.

Fuel efficiency: Our route is often longer, and our vehicles’ fuel tanks come out empty. As a result, we need to face the music. Again, a leakage on our purge valve can break the situation by consuming more fuel. But if you have standard products with you, that can be a shot to those problems.

Engine performance: An improper work of the purge valve isn’t something to mess with. It can reduce your engines’ service life, as well as performance. But, we people always want to uplift our vehicles’ performance more. In that regard, CVS34 will work as a spiral for you.

  • Ensures proper locking every time
  • Gives no complaints in adjustability
  • Its fuel efficiency is as good as usual
  • Provides superior performance to all vehicles
  • Not always compatible with evap code

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5. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 55573017

Can control fuel vapors
Do not affect any gas mileage
Meets quality, reliability, and durability 
Manufactured to fit your GM vehicle

Unlike other emission control components, ACDelco GM Original Equipment 55573017 works like magic. Be it quality, reliability, or durability, ACDelco leaves no stone unturned in performing with the best efficiency. Well, the purge valve will help to control the flow of your fuel vapor and intake manifold.

All you need is, input your valve and give your car control. But to make sure ACDelco is not a bad apple, let’s go through some of its key features.

Increases gas mileage: Often, our purge valve does not open like it should and affects our gas mileage negatively. But, this product covers the flaws in that part as well. By venting out all vapors into the environment, it will give pure combustion to your vehicle for sure.

Controls vapor flow: The canister purge valve is great for controlling vapor flow. The main purpose of ACDelco is to determine when and what amount of vapor enters into vehicles. Both tight and leak valves are bad for the engine. So, what to do now? Find a functional purge valve that fits in the sweet spot of both.

Resists fuel vapors: What bothers us most in our fuel tanks is the appealing fuel vapors. ACDelco purge valve makes sure to restrict fuel vapors and release properly. Now, you don’t have to

Fully functional: What if you purchase a purge valve with a huge amount and the function goes bland? Seems like a risk, right? To avoid such perils, you can look into ACDelco’s product since it works amazingly in form, fit, and function.

  • Does not affect gas mileage
  • Controls vapor flow effectively
  • Performs with the best efficiency
  • Ensures quality, reliability, and durability
  • Releases fuel vapors after determining them
  • Not an affordable product

6. Dorman 911-800 Vapor Canister Purge Valve

Affordable price
Quality is up to the mark
Fits like magic in vehicles
Gives a good performance to vehicles

For a nice evaporative emission, the Dotman 911-800 Vapor Canister Purge Valve stands out in serving. Now, don’t go for mediocre equipment, as Dorman can be your original supply.

What annoys the most in our vehicle is its destructive evaporation system. But why toil on that if you have Dorman 911-800 with you? Turns out, it not only ensures a proper function but also controls the emission system in vehicles. Now, let us not beat around a bush any more and see what’s more to get from this product.

Quality Construction: Suppose your purge valve isn’t top quality. Won’t your engine efficiency decrease? The best feature of the 911-800 is that you will get a longer service life premium. Furthermore, you will not have to stress folding the equipment or adjust it anywhere.

Excellent value: The price of something often determines whether we buy it or not. If you don’t get the best value for money, just turn the table around with a better option. What makes Dorman 911-800 Vapor Canister Purge Valve unavoidable is its low price and solid build. You can serve your GM vehicle smoothly by buying this emission component at a very low price. The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

Quality tested: The only way to increase product goodwill is by quality testing. Turns out, the Dorman 911-800 conforms to ascend in all terms, assuring top-quality performance. It fits like magic in all vehicles and serves for a long time. People hardly complain as they get top user experience.

Ensures fitting: Once you get a hold of the 911-800, you don’t need to worry about GM engine mismatches. Just input the component in your vehicle, and you are good to go.

  • Quality is up to the mark
  • Available at a lower price
  • Fits like magic in GM vehicles
  • Ensures the performance of vehicles
  • Controls emission systems in all vehicles
  • There is still a doubt in durability

7. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 214-1105

Affordable price
Leaves no doubt in durability 
Enough reliable for GM vehicles
Protects the vehicles from vapor canisters

Usually, internal combustion engines discharge toxic gases harmful to the environment. Many of us are still seeking solutions for such problems. If you are one of those, ACDelco GM Original Equipment can be a blessing for you in disguise. A purge valve here will help control your fuel vapor’s flow and prevent vapor canister and intake manifold.

ACDelco GM Original Equipment provides similar performance to any GM vehicle and fits them easily. Moreover, you will not require any special tool for installation. Now, let’s see what more to know about ACDelco’s GM Original component.

Premium Built: What makes ACDelco conquer in every way is its quality? Coming to standards, they are rigorous and hold stakes as a perfect brand. ACDelco hardly produces low quality products and they usually last for years.

Longevity: Unless we get the confidence of durability, everything goes bland in an emission control component. But, guess what? ACDelco equipment assures not only quality, but also durability for long-run usage.

Reliability: What makes ACDelco GM Original Equipment reliable is the easy fixing of emission problems in a click. To deal with bad code, you must count on ACDelco’s components and have a nice experience.

Easy installation: Other than GM vehicles, ACDelco suits best in Check Engine lights. So, if you have any problem regarding your evaporation control system, you can pick an ACDelco’s component as an aide.

  • Assures reliability and durability
  • Can control fuel vapor’s flow quickly
  • Prevents the vehicle from vapor canister
  • Does not change the performance of GM vehicles
  • Fixation is complicated, sometimes

What to Look Before Buying Canister Purge Valve

Nothing can be as undemanding when you acquire a purge valve and your entire value goes bland. In such situations, what can help you, is a buying guide. Do you want to know what traits are important in a canister purge valve? Then look below.

Brand Value

Every brand has its worth, including the evaporative purge valves. Try checking customers’ reviews and find out your top choice. Read Amazon reviews or Reddit posts to get a better overview on the product.


There are many fancy odds of purge valves with trendy circulations. If you want minimum flaws and high durability, try out the latest version of purge valves from the market. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Item Value

Unless we get an anticipated value, it doesn’t catch our eye easily. Contrastingly, purge valves with lower prices are somewhere average in features. So let’s not be a miser and go for reliable functions at first. Turns out, canister purge valve replacement cost won’t break the bank anytime soon.


When you don’t get the quality as per your expense, there is no point in having the item. So, look out for the materials, if they convey premium ones or not. Well, the sturdiness of a product makes it the best compared to others. Make sure your purge valve is sturdy enough to last years to come.


Without ensuring reliability, you should not finalize your decision in a purge valve. Make sure your product is tough on both inside and outside. Therefore, you get an assurance that your purge valve will last long with no flaws at all.

Canister Purge Valve FAQ’s

Is a canister purge valve important?

Ans: Yes. A canister purge valve or just purge valve helps lock harmful fuel vapors from entering into the atmosphere. Turns out, a bad purge valve can lead to speed reduction, low torque, and bad overall performance. Getting the best canister purge valve for your model can improve your engine’s health, too.

What happens when a canister purge valve goes bad?

Ans: A bad canister purge valve spreads harmful fuel vapor to the atmosphere. It can affect your engine’s health, causing it to go slow. Other parts of the engine may get damaged if the purge valve isn’t good.

Why do purge valves go bad?

Ans: With time, all vehicle parts can go bad. You can hardly do anything but change the component. Purge valves may go bad due to over usage or just due to the quality.

How long does it take to replace a canister purge valve?

Ans: Frankly speaking, the installation process of a purge valve doesn’t take more than 10 mins. However, opening the whole engine to fix it again can take up to 2 hours. As you have to open the engine to install a new purge valve, you can’t avoid this time.

Can you drive with a bad canister purge valve?

Ans: Technically yes. You can drive with a bad canister purge valve. But, a bad purge valve leaks out harmful fuel vapor, which can be pretty dangerous. Additionally, your EVAP system will be subject to stress. So, it is better not to drive with a bad canister.

Can you fix a purge valve?

Ans: By the term fix a purge valve, we mean replacing it with a new one. Canister purge valve prices don’t break the bank and will cost you about 100-150 dollars. If the quality of the purge valve is premium, it will last for years to come.

End Note

So, did you find the best canister purge valve for your vehicle?

For us, it depends on the model of your vehicle and the build quality. Turns out, a simple mismatch can lead to poor engine quality, reduced speed, and more.

Luckily, manufacturers provide original purge valves. You just have to find your best choice.

If you have a GM engine, ACDelco canister purge valves are hard to beat.

For Ford and Lincoln Models, go for the Dorman 911-775.

There are universal purge valves as well, but you may not get the full user experience. So, before you jump into buying a purge valve, check the user ratings first.

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