Best Shocks for Ford F150: Reviews & Guide

Upgrade your Ford F150’s suspension with our comprehensive review and guide to the best shocks for 2023. Our team has researched and tested the top options on the market to bring you the most effective and recommended products.

If you haven’t replaced the worn-out shock absorbers in your F150, then you should do it before your next big ride. Without shock absorbers in your car, you’ll surely end up with a strained spine that’s difficult to move with. 

To avoid these days of discomfort after a drive, get yourself the best shocks for F150! No, not the good or the affordable one, but the absolute best one you can find.

It will cost you double to replace your average shock absorber rather than buy a top-quality product that will last you many rough miles.

So now, without further ado, let’s get to that great list where you’ll find all the best shocks currently available in the market.

Best Rated Rear Shocks for Ford f150: Top Pick in 2023



2WD or 4WD



Bilstein 33253190 Shock Absorber

Bilstein 33253190 Shock Absorber


Rough Country Shocks for F150

Rough Country Shocks for F150


Detroit Axle Shock Absorber for Ford F150 4WD

Detroit Axle Shock Absorber for Ford F150 4WD


Bilstein B8 5100 Shocks Rear Pair for 15-18 Ford F-150 4WD

Bilstein B8 5100 Shocks Rear Pair for 15-18 Ford F-150 4WD


Monroe 58643 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Monroe 58643 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber



7 Best Ford f150 Rear Shocks: Reviews & Guide

The best shock absorbers save your back and your money and time in the long run. To find them, check out this excellent list we made for you.

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1. Bilstein 33253190 Shock Absorber

Bilstein 33253190 Shock Absorber
Easy to install
Monotube design

Now, this is for those of you who have just gotten their F150 and want to throw out the original shocks that came with the car in exchange for a better suspension system that can handle the bumps and shakes of the road much better.

This monotube stainless steel shock absorber will minimize the effects of bumps but not drown them away altogether.

Its best effects will be felt when you’re on a moderately rough road – the wheels will glide smoothly over the average bumps, but the bigger bumps will pass through to you in reduced strength.

The overall effect is going to give you a good amount of relief.

One of the aspects of this shock that you will be pleased with is that it takes a straightforward installation process. You won’t even have to jack your truck up to put the shock in place.

Keep the car at regular ground height, use a few wrenches, a pry bar, and a powerful thread locker to complete the installation process. Within 30 minutes, the shock will be set up properly.

There is one drawback of this shock – it doesn’t have a solid grip on the rear end, and the bumps on the rear wheel will pass through to cause a bit of slight “jerking” in the car – but it’s nothing more than a tiny bit uncomfortable when you’re passing on big bumps.

Considering this read end situation, we would conclude that this Bilstein 33253190 is better for smooth roads and should not be purchased if the truck takes journeys on trails too frequently.

  • Made with high-strength steel
  • Reduces the bump effects significantly
  • Perfect replacement for original shocks
  • Sits a bit higher than the factory shocks
  • The piston will react to changes in velocity
  • The rear end doesn’t get much support – feels shaky
  • Won’t soak up much of the impact from big bumps on the road

2. Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber

Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber
Great value for money
Has a fluid that flows smoothly
ASD technology for perfect alignment

With innovative design tweaks and weather-proof fluid inside, this Monroe shock is going to exceed your expectations. The shock absorber is superb at dampening the shocks that your truck receives on bumpy roads, and the price that it comes at is just pleasantly surprising.

This is a mid-range shock that acts as a high-end one. You won’t look for an expensive or advanced shock absorber once you get a taste of this one. 

Moreover, this shock comes with an ASD technology that takes care of valving for you. It regulates the valves in a way that gives you much better control while driving.

The angling of the valves is set to be so nearly accurate that you won’t even be able to tell when you’re on a bumpy road unless you’re looking.   

What more, the ASD tech benefits the driver and the passengers by providing comfort and raising the capacity for handling the vehicle better.

One thing that assists the valves in operating is the special all-weather fluid inside the shock. This special fluid cuts down friction between the moving components of the suspension and protects them from damage so that they last longer.

The piston is sealed with a Fluon band so that the tube inside stays secure and lasts long. With the tube properly stable in its state, the piston will be able to pump the hydraulic fluid more efficiently so that the shock absorber can convert the kinetic energy from the bumps into potential energy much faster.

  • Fluon banded piston keeps the fluid pumping seamlessly
  • Has a high efficacy due to the in-built advanced technology
  • Simple installation that can be completed in under 25 minutes
  • A very durable device that instantly improves the quality of ride
  • Consistently absorbs energy from small bumps and big bumps on the road
  • Improper installation ruins the device completely within a few uses

3. Rough Country Shocks for F150

Rough Country Shocks for F150
Durable and lightweight material
Prepares car for off-trail journeys
Make the front and rear wheels level

This is a rust-free device that will last you a long time. They are made with composite – a material that is chemically resistant to rust and corrosion. What makes them such a suitable component for making shock absorbers is that they are as light as steel as but more durable than steel.

Devices made with composite are quite weather-proof and won’t need to be replaced with the change of seasons.

Now with the question of durability settled, let’s move on to the other aspects of this device. The name itself is an indicator of the strength of this device. As such, this device comes ready for the rough shocks that your Ford will go through when you’re driving off the trail.

This shock will also help to level the front and rear wheels of your F150 so that the vehicle stays stable and can disperse the impact force from rough bumps you hit on the road. With this shock absorber installed in place, your journey will be comfortable no matter how challenging the terrains are.

It is the perfect strut styled shock for trucks that are frequently used. This one comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee of 3 years, and if you face any problem, you’ll get an immediate response.

Installing this shock in your car doesn’t take any hassle at all. You won’t even have to use a jack for this – the device can be installed while your vehicle is at ride height.

After installation, you’ll be able to tell that the device has given your car a bit more ground clearance than before. This will further help to reduce the effect of impacts and make your journey smoother.

  • Gives the car more ground clearance
  • Built with a composite material that doesn’t rust
  • Supports a bolt-on installation system that doesn’t require a jack
  • Spacers are made with plastic and are prone to breaking

4. KYB 344415 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 344415 Excel-G Gas Shock
Fully calibrated
Seamless mounting
Improved stopping distance

This shock absorber is certified to replace the original equipment of your vehicle. Not all shocks come with this certification, but this one does. It has been particularly calibrated so that it can adjust seamlessly with the handling and controlling of your vehicle without problems.

The cylinder inside the shock also helps to provide that seamlessness to the main operation of the device. There is a piston band inside, which is coated with Teflon to give it more chemical endurance. The cylinder and the piston have lifelong seals on them that enable them to work together without the risk of leakage.

To ensure this tight seal, the piston road was given a triple coating of chrome, and multi-lip oil seals were put on the shaft so that they don’t wear out with use. 

The effect of friction on the shafts will be minimal; that’s how the piston action will be unhindered – thus, the shock will be most effective in dampening the impacts of rough bumps.

This will not only improve the work of your suspension system, but it will also help prolong the life of the tires in your car by helping the wheels to be in alignment.

However, this is not a monotube design that you’re looking at. But a highly advanced twin-tube design that is built to give your vehicle the biggest boost of stability. This is one of the best shocks for Ford F150 you can find in the market.

  • Quick and easy bolt-on installation
  • Helps to maintain the health of tires
  • Certified to replace the original shocks of your F150
  • Features a nitrogen gas containing twin-tube design
  • Multi-lip oil seals put between the shafts to slow down wear
  • The piston rod has been made extra durable with chrome-plating
  • Comes with special calibration with the corresponding control settings
  • No negatives have been observed

5. Detroit Axle Shock Absorber for Ford F150 4WD

Detroit Axle Shock Absorber for Ford F150 4WD
Features a spring strut design
Weighs about 20 pounds each
Levels both the front and rear tires

There are different versions of this shock absorber available for different models of the Ford F150.

If you have an F150 manufactured between 2004 –2008, then the new body style of 4 x 4 style will suit you best. And if your car was manufactured between 2009 and 2013, then the 2WD version will be your best fit.

These are some of the great best shocks for Ford F150 4×4 – they weigh about 12 pounds each and last for an average of 100,000 miles.

Detroit Axle Shock Absorber for Ford F150 4WD

This is an excellent replacement for the original equipment of your car. After installing this strut, your drives will be much smoother on round grounds.

However, one thing you must know about this is that it’s not an easy bolt-on system. 

The installation is a bit of a hassle, and the package doesn’t come with the necessary apparatus like nuts and bolts.

You’d also be required to use an impact wrench to set properly in place. Therefore, it will be a much better idea to get a professional to set up for you.

After installation, this tool is going to keep the tires on both the front and rear end at a level throughout. The friction between the components of the suspension will be reduced, and as a result, your tires will also last longer.

Moreover, the spring strut design is much better at handling jerks than the shock suspension style – so you will be greatly satisfied with the post-installation of this device.

This will make riding your car feel like new again.

  • Improves balance and stability during drives
  • Has two different versions for Ford F150s of different manufacturing years
  • Installation requires an impact wrench
  • Should be installed by an experienced mechanic

6. Bilstein B8 5100 Shocks Rear Pair for Ford F-150 4WD

Bilstein B8 5100 Shocks Rear Pair for 15-18 Ford F-150 4WD
Easy to install
Suitable for Ford F150s (2015-2018)
Gives the whole vehicle a 
more balanced feel

The problem with most shock suspension systems is that they create an imbalance between the front wheel and the rear ones. Most of them are good at creating some kind of impact conversion for the front wheels, while the rear wheels have to keep suffering. Fortunately, these Bilstein B8 rear shocks will change that.

Upon installation, they create a leveling force between the front and rear wheels so that the car feels more stable, and you have more power to control it even when you are on rough unmanageable terrains.

The rear wheels generally have to endure a more significant force as the impact energy travels from the front to the back. But this is exactly why the rear wheels start to deteriorate so fast. When you install suspension shocks, particularly on the rear wheels, your whole car will stabilize itself.

Moreover, the front and back wheels will be kept in alignment; thus, you will have a more balanced ride. 

These shocks are super easy to install. It will only take you about 30 minutes to complete the task. If you’ve handled shock installations before, then it should be all the easier for you. These are a perfect fit for the Ford F150s that were manufactured between 2015 and 2018.

Also, these rear-end shocks will be a general upgrade to the smoothness of your ride, and you’ll immediately learn that this is what was missing in your vehicle until now.

  • Increases the lifetime of all four tires of the car
  • Makes the rear wheels a lot more stable and smoother
  • Made with aluminum – these are lightweight and strong shocks
  • Requires wheels to be removed before installation

7. Monroe 58643 Adjust Shock Absorber

Monroe 58643 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber
Keeps the car planted on the road
Performs with consistency and stability
Can take loads of a 
maximum of 1100 pounds

Another Monroe among us – and this one is even better than the previous one with its load adjusting mechanism in place. This one looks much more robust – its valves are fully positioned to work by the velocity of your vehicle.

Depending on whether the speed is high or low, the fluid inside the container of the valve will travel through the opening in the slot areas. At the same time, the springs work up the pistons so that there is a constant flow of fluid through the valve.

This ensures that most of the kinetic energy from the impact quickly dissipates and is converted to chemical heat energy. The motion of the car gets stabilized in this way, whether you’re on a bumpy road or a smooth one. Thus, your rides feel smoother and more in control.

Another thing this helps with is the condition of the tires. The reduced impact force from the suspension system means that there is less friction between the components so that your tires can be more evenly planted on the ground while you’re driving.

Moreover, the weights on them stay balanced for most of the journey, and thus they don’t deteriorate as fast.   

The piston has been banded with Fluon, and this means that the seals on its shafts are much more secure. Secure bands hold the fluid safe inside and prevent all kinds of leakages from making your shock absorber much more durable.

  • Has secure piston that has been banded with Fluon
  • The piston and the tube for pressure are securely sealed
  • Fluid inside the container is resistant to temperature changes
  • The velocity-sensitive valving mechanism keeps the car stable
  • Contains all-weather fluid that never falls short during sudden impacts
  • Some springs are spongy – don’t work well and cause a lot of body rolls

What to Look for Before Buying Ford F150 Shocks

Before you buy a product, you need to know how to recognize the good ones from the whole lot that the markets are laden with. Some features should be kept in mind even if you have read up on plenty of Ford F150 shocks reviews. Let’s see what these are in the case of shock absorbers.

Types of Shock Absorbers

There are three types of shock absorbers – each serves particular needs. If you determine your needs first, it should be easy for you to choose between them.

The types are telescopic, strut, and spring.

Telescopic: Telescopic shock absorbers are the common type that you’ll find everywhere. These may be hydraulic or gas-charged as per your requirement. They are quite economical but not recommended for heavy trucks such as the Ford F150 – so these are entirely out of consideration for you.

Strut: The benefit of using strut suspensions is that your vehicle will get some additional structural support – they will improve the alignment of the brakes, steering wheel, and all other components of the suspension so that the vehicle runs more smoothly than with regular shocks.

But the main job of the struct suspension is, of course, to provide a good amount of dampening to the vehicle.

Struts are heavy-duty and thus far more durable than other shocks. They are also tougher than telescopic shock absorbers and, therefore, may be considered for the Ford F150.

Spring Seat: These are the best of the two worlds of shock absorbers that we have just discussed above.

Spring seated shocks are both durable and straightforward – the spring portion of the shock will absorb the pressure created in impact and result in some level of dampening. These are also an ideal choice for heavy-duty trucks like the F150.

Two Types of Fluid Containing Tubes

Shock absorbers have fluid inside them. This fluid’s function is vital to the dampening of shocks that the vehicle receives upon hitting bumps on the road.

Each absorber only needs one container for storing the fluid inside. Based on the type of container inside, there are two different types of shock absorbers – monotube and twin-tube. 

Monotube Containers: As their name suggests, these tubes have a single-cylinder; they can disperse the accumulated potential energy from the shocks more seamlessly throughout their length.

This means that they can absorb potential energy and turn it into kinetic energy more quickly than twin-tube containers.

Twin-Tube Containers: Twin-tube containers have to simultaneously move several different pistons to convert the same amount of energy. So, they take a bit longer to respond.

Monotube VS Twin-Tube: Monotubes have quicker responses than twin tubes.

They can also store more oil than twin-tube containers. If you’re going on off-road drives, monotube will be a better option for you. For smooth roads, twin-tube absorbers will do just fine.

However, twin tubes are cheaper than monotubes. But they last only for about one-third the life of a monotube shock absorber.

We’d say that by all intents and purposes, a better fit for a truck like the F150 is the monotube container.


Shock absorbers need to withstand very high levels of pressure.

The hydraulic forces push against the internal walls of the vessel with a lot of force. So, if the materials are not strong enough for this, then the shock absorber will get damaged on first use.

There are two materials generally used for making shock absorbers – high-strength stainless steel and aluminum. Both of these metals are good for making the shock because these materials are strong, and they do not corrode.

But the aluminum one is more suitable if you have a low budget. It’s strong, but it won’t last as long as steel.

Watch the Video – How to Choose the Right Shocks

Frequently Asked Questions (Ford F150 Shocks)

How can I make my Ford f150 smoother?

There are a lot of things you could do to make your Ford drive more smoothly. Starting from installing a high-end suspension system, changing the tires to changing the chassis, removing extra gear, and so on.

What are the signs of bad shocks?

The first and definite sign of a bad shock absorber is when your car shakes too much after hitting bumps on the road. Another obvious sign is when your car bottoms out. In other words, when it feels like the car has hit the very bottom of something with a clank.

How do I know if my rear shocks are bad?

Know that the rear shocks are bad when you see the rear tires deteriorating faster than the front tires. Bad rear shocks will also cause your car to tip-off to the sides more than usual. And last but not least, if you see your rear shocks leaking, then you’ll know that they are not in their right state.

Does a Ford f150 have shocks or struts?

Ford F150 has shocks as well as struts – after all, it’s a heavy-duty truck. The front suspension is a strut while the back suspension uses shock absorbers.

How often should you replace shocks on a truck?

It will depend on the type and frequency of usage. But in general, it would be recommended for you to replace them after you’ve covered about 50000 to 100000 miles on them.

How long do shocks last on F150?

This depends on how long it takes for you to cover a maximum of 100,000 miles with it. But with moderate use, a heavy-duty monotube shock could last you for five years approximately.

Which brand of shocks is the best for Ford 150?

Bilstein is the most trusted and popularly used for the Ford 150.

Final Words

With a heavy truck like the F150, you must take special precautions for safety and comfort.

Road bumps aren’t only a hindrance to comfort, but they’re also a health hazard. Make sure that you always use the best shocks for F150. Nothing can improve your in-car experience better than a good suspension system!

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