Best Injen Cold Air Intake 2023: Reviews & Guide

Looking to upgrade your vehicle’s performance? Look no further than the Best Injen Cold Air Intake 2023! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve rounded up the top reviews and provided a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about this cutting-edge product.

Getting extra horsepower and torque out of your car engine always makes the difference when it comes to car performance. And a cold air intake is what helps to get the extra power. Cold air (cold air intake provides cold air) is denser, which contains more oxygen so turns out, more oxygen reaching the engine means it burns more fuel to gain excess power.

As there are many brands, we only focus on a single brand and review air cold intakes from Ingen. All of the Ingen air cold air intakes we reviewed are easy to install, provide a better performance, and don’t break your bank.

So, let’s dive deeper into this article on Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews without further ado.

Why install injen cold air intake? Is it a Wise Decision to Buy?

Injen! What a dream name! We love our Injen air intake as it looks the best. The best thing we love most about Injen is its roaring sound. They sound badass.

Apart from the roaring sound, the performance it delivers is also noticeable. Its dyno-proven gains of up to 15 hp and 15 lb-ft. Of torque to give more power to our car.

The smooth intake piping of Injen helps to eliminate all restrictions and improves airflow. And the more air reaches your engine, the more fuel will burn to get the extra power.

Longevity is something that we highly recommend before purchasing a product. And Injen CAI’ meets our requirements. It uses massive 3.50″ 6061-T6 Mandrel-Bent Aluminum Tubing as its construction material, providing longer life.

On top of this, Beaded Pipe Ends is also responsible for adding extra days to its lifespan. It prevents the couplers from slipping or popping off over time.

And last but not least, multiple color options of Injen blow our mind to get it. We love the wrinkle black color most. There are also polished finishes available.

Indeed, it’s worth installing the Injen air intake if you want to gain extra horsepower and to make your car sound badass. It will be the best cold air intake the best money can buy.

Best Rated Injen Cold Air Intake: Top Pick in 2023



Fit Types



Injen Technology RD1482P Cold Air Intake

Injen Technology RD1482P Cold Air Intake

Honda Accord V6-3.0L, Acura TL V6-3.2L, Acura TL Type S V6-3.5L

Injen Technology SP1993P Cold Air Intake

Injen Technology SP1993P Cold Air Intake

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe V6-3.5L

Injen IS1340P Cold Air Intake System

Injen IS1340P Cold Air Intake System

2012-2017 Hyundai Accent & Veloster L4-1.6L

Injen Technology SP3026P Cold Air Intake

Injen Technology SP3026P Cold Air Intake

2005-2008 Volkswagen Jetta & Rabbit L5-2.5L

Injen Technology SP3085WB Cold Air Intake

Injen Technology SP3085WB Cold Air Intake

2012-2018 Audi A6 V6-3.0L(sc), 2012-2018 Audi A7 V6-3.0L(sc)


7 Best Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews & Guide

Now, you know why Injen is best for the buck to get a high-quality cold air intake for your car. Let’s talk about the top-rated Injen cold air intake.

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1. Injen Technology RD1482P Cold Air Intake

Fits for Honda Accord & Acura
Provides maximum horsepower and torque
Include complete hardware kit for easy installation
Come with high-performance filters to provide better airflow

If you are craving mid-range power, Injen RD1482P Cold Air Intake will be your go-to air intake system. It places the filter strategically to draw more cool and dense air to gain maximum horsepower and torque.

You can find the tubes are precisely placed behind the front bumper to draw in cooler & denser air. The more air your engine draws, the more fuel will burn to provide extra power, which increases your car performance.

We bet you will be pleased with the sound this air intake produces. When you drive normally, you can hear a nice whistle. But you will get the roar and more aggressive sound when you get deeper into the throttle.

Now, it’s time to check its strength and durability. Its brackets and flanges are TIG welded which provides the air intake extra sturdiness. And the construction materials this air intake system used gives it a long lifespan. Indeed, you don’t need to worry about how long it will last.

The high-performance filter is a remarkable feature of this CAI system. It provides better airflow and prevents dirt, dust, and pollen from reaching the engine. As a result, it helps to increase your car engine’s lifespan, maintaining its performance.

Nonetheless, we also find this RD series from Injen simple to install. It features a complete hardware kit to let you install the air intake with basic hand tools.

  • Include every hardware for easy installation
  • Feature professional-grade filters for better airflow
  • Provide maximum horsepower & torque as the filter is placed strategically behind the front bumper
  • Time-consuming installation process

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2. Injen Technology SP1993P Cold Air Intake

Resist corrosion
Aluminum intake tubing
Provide optimum airflow
Fits for 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe V6-3.5L

If you are looking forward to modifying your Infiniti G35 Coupe to gain extra horsepower & roaring sound, go for the Injen Technology SP1993P Cold Air Intake. We are confident enough the horsepower and torque it delivers don’t make you disappointed.

The MR technology, which stands for Mega Ramp, lets us control the fuel trim in the vehicle. The late-model cars have a sensitive factory air/fuel ratio. This MR technology allows the Injen intake to be tuned within that factory ratio and provides max horsepower and torque.

When it comes to durability, you will appreciate this Injen air intake system. It uses aerospace-grade aluminum as its built-in material, which makes the CAI corrosion-resistant. As a result, you don’t need to think about its longevity.

On top of this, this air intake from Injen serves for a long time and doesn’t slip off over time as every hardware is TIG welded. Indeed, you will get a sturdy CAI for your hard-earned money.

Considering all, you can hardly find such an air intake system for your car that provides the max horsepower & torque. So, we recommend you have this CAI in your lineup.

  • Long-lasting
  • Provide consistent airflow
  • Feature MR technology to gain maximum horsepower & torque
  • It improves the throttle response but very little to notice.

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3. Injen IS1340P Cold Air Intake System

Super-fast shipping
Make a nice rumbling sound
Quality product with ease of installation
Fits for 2012-2017 Hyundai Accent & Veloster L4-1.6L

This cold air intake from Injen will be the best trait if you want to modify the 2012-2017 Hyundai Accent or Veloster. By installing it, you can see how the CAI improves throttle response and acceleration.

The smooth mandrel-bent intake piping removes every restriction and improves airflow. And the more cold air your car engine gets, the more fuel it will burn to offer the power you need for an exciting drive.

Also, this air intake system impresses us by providing a throaty sound. When we drove our car at average speed, we could hear a nice whistle. But it makes the louder yet attention-grabbing roar when we get deeper into the throttle. We hope you will love the sound and the performance it delivers.

Ease of installation is another notable feature that motivates us to include it on this list. It takes us only 30 minutes to complete the installation process using just basic hand tools.

  • Easy to install
  • Last for a long time
  • Provide better sound and power
  • Fit only Hyundai Accent or Veloster

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4. Injen Technology SP3026P Cold Air Intake

Easier installation
Come with every mounting hardware
Provide enough power to make a throaty sound
Fits for 2005-2008 Volkswagen Jetta & Rabbit L5-2.5L

Does your engine choke for air and in need of some horsepower? Then, let your car engine take a deep breath and satisfy its hunger by installing the Ingen SP3026P.

Injen Technology SP3026P Air Intake

The soul of SP3026 is made of a 6061-T6 aluminum air intake tube. It creates an uninterrupted path for consistent airflow. And guess what, the more air will reach your engine, the more fuel it burns to get the power.

Moreover, the dyno-proven adds up to 15 horsepower and extra torque for peak performance.

Like other Ingen CAI, it also features a SuperNano-Web dry air filter. It doesn’t only draw in greater cold air but also stops dust, dirt, and filth from reaching your engine.

Still, if it can’t satisfy you, we bet this air intake will please you by providing the power you can feel & hear. It provides enough power to make an aggressive and throaty tone.

Lastly, the installation process! We manage to install it with the help of basic hand tools. Indeed, it is one of the best aftermarket air intakes the best money can buy.

  • Sounds great
  • Competitive price
  • It fits perfectly on the 2005-2008 Volkswagen Jetta or Rabbit.
  • It requires a foam filter cover and soaks it in 2-stroke oil if you drive in rainy weather.

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5. Injen Technology SP1230WB Intake System

Fits perfectly
Well customer support
Make the installation is a breeze as it includes every hardware
Fit's for Scion FR-S H4-2.0L, Subaru BRZ H4-2.0L and Toyota 86 H4-2.0L

Everyone loves to modify his car to bring back life to it. And installing an air intake is such a modification that only helps to gain horsepower to increase car performance.

This cold air intake from Ingen will be a gamechanger for you. Though you don’t gain enough hp from any cold air intake, this will be an exception. It adds up to 8-10 hp for peak performance.

Now, let’s discuss how simple it is to install the air intake. You can use the basic hand tool to complete the installation process without any difficulty.

Apart from these, we love the sound it makes. It growls and provides a deep throaty sound under full throttle, which obviously grabs your neighbor’s attention.

Overall, we suggest you have this air intake in your lineup.

  • Provides rumbling sound
  • Straight forward install
  • Include every hardware
  • There is a gap all the way around the intake tube and the rubber grommet

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6. Injen Technology SP3085WB Cold Air Intake

Convenient to install
Fits for 2012-2018 Audi 
Include every hardware
Provide extra horsepower and torque

This high-performance CAI comes with a smooth design and polished silver color. It also features a special air filter to ensure max airflow while preventing micro-particles from reaching the engine. Like other Ingen products, it is also dyno-proven and designed for a specific make and model. So, we recommend you pick the proper air intake that goes with your car.

The Ingen SP3085WD includes a lot of breathtaking features. Among them, its SuperNano-Web dry air filter is reusable, which gives greater airflow and ultimate protection. And the 6061-T6 aluminum intake tubing efficiently collects cold and denser air to boost your engine performance by increasing horsepower.

Thanks to its easy installation. You can install it with ease using basic hand tools like a 7mm nut driver.

  • Easy to clean
  • Provide ample airflows
  • Include a clear instruction to make the installation process easier
  • It takes time for the beginner to install it


7. Injen PF9015P Power Flow Air Intake

Advanced air filtration system
Aggressive engine tone under full throttle
Made of durable aluminum materials to ensure the long-lasting life
Fits for Ford expedition, lincoln navigator and ford f-150

At the bottom of the list, we enlisted the Injen PF9015P power flow air intake. Do you want to add some excitement to your ride? Then, don’t forget to get this Power-Flow cold air intake from Ingen.

This air intake has dyno-proven to provide the power you need to fulfill your desires. You can get an extra 11 hp and eight lb-ft of torque by installing the PF9015P air intake.

The notable feature we spot out is its SuperNano-Web dry air filter. It helps to flow maximum air into your engine while protecting the engine from dirt, dust, and pollen. And the surprising fact is- you don’t require oiling your engine to let the engine function properly as it provides compressed air. As a result, you don’t need to worry about a dirty air filter due to over oiling.

Smooth intake piping is another remarkable feature of this Ingen CAI. It eliminates all restrictions and ensures maximum airflow to get the horsepower you need.

The thing that really melts our mind is its roaring sound. It lets your car make a badass sound under full throttle.

Now, let’s talk about the durability of the air intake. It uses 6061-T6 aluminum intake tubing to ensure ultimate longevity.

For easier installation, this CAI includes every kit you need.

  • Reusable filters
  • Convenient to install
  • Provides more power & torque
  • A bit challenging to line up every piece

What to Look Before Buying Injen Cold Air Intake

The following considerations will help you to pick the best Injen cold air intake.

Car Makes & Models

Each of the Injen cold air intakes is designed for specific makes & models. So, you must pick the right product for your car. For example, Injen PF9015P Power Flow Air Intake goes with 2015-2020 Ford F-150 V6-2.7L Twin Turbo or 2018-2020 Lincoln Navigator V6-3.5L Twin Turbo. Indeed, you must consider the year, make, and model of your car before choosing a cold air intake.

Air Filter

The air filter of a cold air intake is the most crucial factor you should consider. Whether you go for a cold air filter or warm, it helps keep the dirt, pollens, dust away and prevents them from getting into your car engine. Most cold air intakes feature their own specialized filter, and Injen is not an exception to that.


Tubing carries a meaningful purpose in terms of cold air intakes. The tubing helps the cold air intake to collect cold air and delivers it to your car engine. So, we recommend you check what materials are used to design the tubing. Tubing made of aluminum or stainless is always a good option.


You don’t want the air intake you will purchase to get broken down after using it for one or two months. That’s why considering the longevity of it is indispensable. Fortunately, every Ingen cold air intake we listed is durable. They use Mandrel-Bent Aluminum Tubing as their construction material, which can resist corrosion and give a long lifespan.

Heat Shield

Heat Shield is an extra feature that increases the durability of a cold air intake. It protects your air intake from the heat your car engine generates. Each of the Injen cold air intakes includes this feature to ensure longevity.


You should also consider the price of a cold air intake. To get an Injen CAI, you need to spend over $200. Yeah, it’s pricey, but you also get a cheap air filter between $30-$100. And you know that you will get what you pay.

Injen Cold Air Intake FAQ’s

When to clean Injen cold air intake?

Ans: As Ingen cold air intake features reusable filters, you must clean them. Ensure you clean the filters after every oil change or check the filter doesn’t get too dirty.

How good is Injen’s cold air intake?

Ans: Ingen cold air intake provides more air to your engine to burn more fuel to get extra horsepower, increasing your car performance. Therefore, cold air intake from Ingen is durable and makes your car a badass sound.

How much horsepower does an Injen cold air intake add?

Ans: An Injen cold air intake adds up to 11 hp.

Where to buy Injen cold air intake?

Ans: You can visit the official website of Injen Technology or follow the links we inserted above to buy an Injen cold air intake.

How much does an Injen cold air intake cost?

Ans: The average price of an Injen cold air intake falls between $200-$500. Indeed, you need to spend that amount of money to get a cold air intake from Injen.

Final Words

After extensive research, we reviewed the top 7 cold air intakes from Injen. Each of the Injen CAI features more horsepower under the hood. They are also durable, looking cool, and affordable.

And the best part is- you will get the roaring sound by installing the cold air intake from Ingen to get people’s attention.

Now, questions for you. Which cold air intake are you going to pick? What do you think about this article on Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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