10 Best Well Pressure Tank to Buy: Reviews & Guide

Looking for a reliable well pressure tank for your water system? Our 2023 guide covers the best options on the market, with in-depth reviews and a comprehensive buying guide. Keep your water flowing smoothly with our expert recommendations.

We all enjoy and appreciate the steady stream of water flowing through the sink whenever we turn the tap on. But did you ever wonder how the tank continuously supplies water from the well?

Certainly, someone does the job of refilling the tank from time to time. However, in a residential or commercial building or firm, that would be a big chore. That is why you need the best well pressure tank.

It is automatic and has tons of other features that improve the overall water quality and supply. So, if you want to know why you need this genius device or have questions about the product in general, then keep following the rest of the article.

Top Rated Well Pressure Tank to Buy






Water Worker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank

Water Worker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank



Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank



Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank

Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank



Wellmate WM-12 Retention Fiberglass Tank

Wellmate WM-12 Retention Fiberglass Tank



Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank

Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank



10 Best Well Pressure Tank: Reviews & Guide

There are many tanks with various models and new features, but they might not be suitable for your well system or your house. So, we have gathered some of the best tanks that we believe will be suitable for most conditions.

1. Water Worker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank

Water Worker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank
20 Gallon Capacity
ANSI/NSF Certified
Insure Real Water Taste

Your tank might have several fancy features and attachments, but if it cannot keep water safe, it does not serve its purpose. So, you want a pressure tank that provides benefits while keeping the water clean.

The 25009 model by Water Worker has an enamel finish, which is glossy. And the finish protects the tanks from various elements and keeps the tank cool. It also meets all the requirements from the National Sanitation Foundation and other notable foundations.

So, you can drink the water without any worry. The product is also handy, aside from being safe. It has a pressure-sensitive valve that can detect the pressure of water and air inside the tank.

Thus when water significantly depletes, the valve can sense it, and it starts filling the tank. Consequently, you get a hassle-free water tank. However, you do have to make regular maintenance checks to ensure that the interior does not need any fixing.

These tanks are compatible with 1-inch national pipe tapered thread, so installation becomes very easy, and they also function well with hydraulic tanks such as the 25009 by Water Worker.

It is a large tank as well and can hold 20 gallons of water. So, before it needs refilling, you will get fresh water every day. Even if the water stays inside the tank, it will not start smelling weird.

Moreover, the polypropylene liner ensures that the taste and odor of water do not change while it transfers from the tank to taps. The layer will not crack or peel; thus, the chances of it mixing with water is gone.

  • Can hold up to 20 gallons of water
  • Can function under 100 PSI pressure
  • Has a protective layer inside that does not peel
  • Meets notable organizations safety requirements
  • Glossy enamel finish keeps the exterior fresh and safe
  • Will require a sediment filter for extra protection

2. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
Strength and Reliability
100% Corrosion Resistant 
Prevent to Loss of Air Pressure

Often these pressure tanks cannot function properly due to their incapability of handling pressure. Either the valves break, or the water quantity inside the tank is too much for the product.

So, to avoid all those issues, Amtrol came out with the WX-202 model with a superior quality steel shell. Thus, the tank remains robust throughout its tenure. Since the product deals with water, the steel is, of course, stainless.

Thus you will not have to worry about rust sediment at the bottom of the tank or the water having impure, undrinkable rust-substances. The Butyl diaphragm is also 100% corrosion-free.

Moreover, the hoop ring-seals have a polypropylene liner, which increases the hoop’s strength, and the layer will also not leak or fade in the water. Consequently, the water will remain safe, so will the tank.

Since it is a pressure tank, it has valves and pressure sensors that enable the product to pump water in and out of the container. To ensure that the product does the job well, the brand wielded the valve to reduce air pressure loss.

When the valves are threaded, there is a possibility that air may escape, but the WX-202 will not face such issues. Hence the pressure switch limit can be as low as 20 PSI, and it not exceed this limit either.

This pressure tank can hold 20 gallons of water and is perfect for one residence. As soon as the water hits the limit, the valve will un-wield, allowing more water to enter the tank and continue the flow of water.

  • Has a robust steel shell
  • Polypropylene will not leak
  • High-quality liner protects the hoops
  • Wielded valves reduce the loss of pressure
  • Stainless steel prevents corrosion and rust buildup
  • Not suitable for a commercial space

3. Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank

Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank
Greater Water Capacity 
Extended Life Equivalency
Standard Conventional Tanks

Water tanks are all the rage when it comes to convenient water storage. However, they do take a lot of space, which might be problematic for some owners. So what to do if you want to save water but also save space?

Well, try getting the FP7120 by Flotec as it will cover all your problems and provide more benefits than you asked for. According to the company, this tank occupies 50% less space than most other pressure water containers.

The pre-pressurized system makes the item even more convenient as you only need to fill the tank up, and it will do the rest. However, you do need to keep in check that the pressure level inside the container does not exceed 100 PSI.

If that happens, the valves can explode, which can damage the whole system. It does hold 35 gallons on the water with ease and should not need regular maintenance, but if you think it is holding more than 35 gallons, only then you need to do a checkup.

It is a one-piece PVC container that supports NPT pipes. So, the installation process will be familiar if you had water tanks before. The package should also have an in-depth installation manual, so you can work with it even if you are new.

This tank is also water-safe due to many reasons. The coating is electrostatic baked-on polyester. So, the chances of it chipping is very low. The hydrostatic factor also means that it will not react with water. Furthermore, it also has airtight valves which you can manually manipulate if you need to reduce the pressure inside the tank.

  • Occupies 50% less space
  • Has air-right, manual valves
  • Compatible with 1-inch NPT pipes
  • Has hydrostatic polypropylene layer
  • Can contain up to 35 gallons of water
  • Not the best option for commercial firms

4. Amtrol WX-202 144S29 20 Gallon Water Well PRESSURE TANK

Amtrol WX-202 144S29 20 Gallon Water Well PRESSURE TANK
Heavy Duty Design
Durable & Long Lasting
Conventional Steel Water Tanks

A product from the brand Amtrol already made a debut on our list. However, if you do not want to compromise on those features but also want a bit more space, we just have the product for your liking. This Well-X-Trol model is a spacious tank that will hold 20 gallons of water at a time and keep it flowing.

It automatically adjusts the pressure valves to deal with the water weight whenever water passes through the tank. So, the weight can significantly drop to reach its potential, but the tank will not stop functioning. However, it does have a certain temperature and pressure range within which it can operate smoothly.


If the temperature rises significantly above 200 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day, then water inside the tank will evaporate quicker, causing an imbalance to the air pressure. Thus the tank may stop working.

The maximum PSI under which this model can operate is 125 units, which gives you a lot of scope for evaporation. So, you do not have to worry about air pressure and valves in general.

Like the previous model from Amtrol, the Well-X-Trol also has protective layers on both external and internal sides. The external shell is reflective so that sunlight can bounce off, and the tank can repel he

Thus, the water inside remains cool. Meanwhile, the internal liner protects the tank from corrosion from moisture overexposure. As a result, you get a tank that is durable and long-lasting.

  • Can handle up to 125 PSI
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Requires common NPT pipes
  • The spacious tank can store 20 gallons of water
  • External and internal protective layers increase durability
  • Will cost more compared to other pressure tanks

5. Wellmate WM-12 Retention Fiberglass Tank

Wellmate WM-12 Retention Fiberglass Tank
Provide Greater Efficiency
Less Expensive Installation
Perfect for Residential and Commercial Area

Fiberglass is all the rage in a lot of industries for its amazing qualities, and you better believe that even fiberglass water tanks are some of the best tanks in the game. The unique material brings factors such as durability to the table.

So, if you want a pressure tank to last for decades, splurging on a fiberglass tank would be the best choice because the material is not metal, rather non-metal. So, the chances of being corroded or forming rust are significantly low.

No corrosion means the exterior should, in theory, not get any scratches or dents.

Moreover, the outer shell also has an epoxy-resin layer. The epoxy should keep the surface nice and smooth, so you do not have to worry about maintenance.

However, the inside does not contain any harsh chemicals like that. Moreover, lead-free construction ensures that water remains fresh and clean, and chemicals from the tank surface do not leak into the water.

The fiberglass material also makes the tank extremely lightweight. Consequently, replacing air cells becomes more manageable, and you can move it around with ease. The lightweight factor does not affect durability in any way.

Even when you fill-up the tank to its maximum holding capacity, which is 40.3 gallons, you can still connect and detach the exterior parts with ease. The lightweight frame allows you to do so.

This tank is incredibly easy to install, as well. The instructions are straightforward and will require less manpower and hours. It consequently makes the process affordable as well.

  • Easy to install
  • An easy water drainage system
  • Corrosion-free fiberglass tank
  • Epoxy-resin prevents dents and scratches
  • Lightweight exterior ensures easy replacement
  • Might face issues with O-ring packaging

6. Goulds V60 HydroPro Pressure Tank

Goulds V60 HydroPro Pressure Tank
Heavy Duty Design
Strong and Durable
Provide Convenience Service

Having a well-circulating pump system makes a lot of difference in how you run the house. Since the taps can water all the time, you do not have to make a schedule for filling water pots, or even worse, run out of water mid-shower!

However, having water tanks can cost you big bucks. So, the V60 model by Goulds should be a great purchase if you want a water storing tank system within budget. What is great about this model is that it is also a pressure tank.

So, not only do you get water around the clock, but you will not have to fill the tank manually either.

The pressure system is unique, which can detect the level of water and air inside the container.

Thus when it hits the mark, the valves open, causing an imbalance of pressure inside the tank. As a result, water gushes through the pipe into the tank, without you having to move a finger.

These tanks also support basic NPT pipes so that installation becomes easier. Moreover, union tees will provide you a bunch of benefits in regards to installation and servicing.

You can also change the switch sizes if you are not satisfied with what the initial purchase offers.

Besides being affordable and user-friendly, the tank is also safe. So, you can store the water for a long time, and it will not get contaminated. The lead-free exterior means that no harmful toxins can mix in with the liquid. The exterior is also sturdy and should last a long time.

  • Lead-free interior and exterior
  • Replacing attachments is easy
  • Can change switch sizes on request
  • Easy to install and union tees provide benefits
  • Affordable tank with a pressure sensing system
  • The design is a little outdated

7. AMTROL WX-101 Pre-Pressurized Well Tank

AMTROL WX-101 Pre-Pressurized Well Tank
Seamless Design 
Performed as Expected
More Strength and Reliability

Even though most pressure tanks claim to have high trigger ability, they usually fail in sensing the difference in air and water pressure. As a result, the tank either runs out of water eventually, or the valves break.

This problem usually happens when the tank does not have a proper diaphragm. But if you do not want such faulty tanks, you can always rely on the WX-101 pre-pressurized tank AMTROL.

It has one of the strongest diaphragms that the pressure tank industry can offer. This diaphragm can improve the discharge and suction ability of a container by a lot, and it also effectively separates water and air.

Thus it becomes easier for the tank to utilize the pressure surges. Another reason why the diaphragm can be so strong is that the container is very sturdy. So, it can support the diaphragm with ease.

The deep domes of the tanks multiply its durability compared to regular tanks. In the middle, it also has a hoop ring, which ensures that the diaphragm does not break. The container also has a shiny exterior that prevents heat absorption.

A seamless design on the inside helps the tank to maintain a smooth interior; as a result, sediment cannot gather in the cracks or seams and cause gradual corrosion. It also helps to keep the water sanitary and safe.

  • Deep domes improve durability
  • Unique hoop ring provides more strength
  • Can easily sense subtle pressure changes
  • A sturdy diaphragm utilizes the pressure surges
  • The seamless interior design eliminates chances of sedimentation
  • Can hold only 2 gallons of water

8. Water Worker HT-2B Well Pressure Tank

Water Worker HT-2B Well Pressure Tank
Insure Solid Taste
Bacteria Resistant Butyl
Reliable Water Tight Seal

Since these pressure tanks perform by themselves and need minimum supervision, you cannot really control how much power they are consuming. So, you either have to install a tank that intentionally uses less power or shut the machine down from time to time.

The latter option means hassle, but you can choose the HT-2B by Water Worker if you want to save money on energy consumption. However, do not be worried about output thinking that less power means less efficiency.

This tanks systematically reduces the number of drawdowns your tank will require. As a result, the tanks store a lot in one pump, and it will take time for you to run out of water.

Moreover, the diaphragm has a role in helping in this mechanism. Water Worker uses a butyl one that is strong and capable of handling the pressure. Thus is can effectively hold off till the air and water pressure reaches the cut-off point.

Even though this tank can hold 2 gallons of water, the larger drawdown system allows it to minimize daily pumping. Moreover, the deep dome shape of the tank also makes the process of separating air and water easier.

Like other Water Worker tanks, this model also has several national safety certifications. These certifications are dependable, and you can be stress-free knowing that the water is safe for consumption.

Also, the liner inside the tanks does not crack or peel, and the external layer protects the tank from elements as well, so the product will last a long time.

  • Requires less space
  • Butyl diaphragm with deep domes
  • External protection increases durability
  • Polypropylene liner will not leak into the water
  • Larger drawdown capacity reduces energy consumption
  • The knob on top is prone to rust

9. Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank

Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank
Insure Solid Taste
Perfect for Residential Area
Heavy Gauge Steel Construction

There are various models if you want a small water pressure tank. It saves your space while doing the job. However, small containers often draw more energy as they constantly pump water. But we have a model that will provide you space while saving energy!

The FP7110T by Flotec is a fantastic pressure tank as it can work with 100 PSI pressure. So, it will require less energy as the drawdown number decreases. The high-pressure rate means the tank can continuously keep filling the tank.

So, it does not dry up all at once. Moreover, it will not take a lot of power to fill the tank up again. Hence, you get less drawdown while having smaller dimensions. It is only 28 inches in height but has 16 inches diameter, letting it hold about 19 gallons of water.

And the capacity of the product also helps in keeping the drawdown number to a minimum. Moreover, this product is extremely easy to install. All the essential parts for attachment will be available with purchase.

These tanks have a sturdy bottom that holds the container, but the design allows the user to move it around conveniently. Connecting the main pipelines for water movement is also easy, and it supports basic pipe designs.

Although the tank has a steel surface, it will still be free from rust formation or sedimentation. The stainless steel also ensures that the surface has a seamless finish. As a result, water cannot accumulate in the cracks and cause corrosion.

  • Can handle up to 100 PSI
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Small container saves more space
  • Stainless steel exterior prevents rust formation
  • Seamless interior eliminates pockets of corrosion
  • The pipeline connectivity might leak

10. Red Lion RL6H Horizontal Precharged Diaphragm Well Tank

Red Lion RL6H Horizontal Precharged Diaphragm Well Tank
Extend Pump Life
Bacteria Resistant
Compact Horizontal Pressure Tank

If you want a pressure tank for your house only, but still want the product to have excellent power and capacity, then we have just the product for you. It is spacious and packs a punch! The Red Lion RL6H is a cast iron pressure pump that makes the product extremely sturdy.

This material helps the tank to stay protected against buildups, such as rust or sedimentation. Cast iron surface also allows the product to hold the pressure box on top. Since the surface is so strong, the pressure box will not cause any dents. A separate pressure builder box allows the product to function even on low pressure of 30-50 PSI.

The tank, as well as the pressure box, lays horizontal to the floor. As a result, the container can function at low pressure. You will need to connect the product with a 115 or 220-volt outlet. So, the tank is suitable for any household.

Also, this pressure tank might look small, but since the container is practically empty, it can hold up to 14 gallons on the water with ease. It can have 5.3 gallons and will still push water because of the separate pressure box.

You will not have to worry about the installation at all, as this product comes pre-installed. So, although it looks complicated, the manufacturer took care of attaching everything. All you have to do it select a location and connect the pipes.

  • Horizontal tank saves space
  • Requires 150 or 220-volt outlet
  • The spacious water tank holds up to 14 gallons of water
  • A separate pressure box functions with low pressure as well
  • Cast iron surface prevents rust formation and increases durability
  • Over-tightening intake can cause the pipe to split

What to Look for before Buying

Now that you know your options, you need to know which model will be particularly suitable for your household, whether it is a residential space or commercial. So, we have gathered a few points that you must consider before making the final decision.


The shape of the pressure tank will determine a lot of what you can achieve with it. For example, if you want a container for commercial purposes, going with an upright large water tank will be more suitable for you.

On the other hand, small horizontal models or smaller vertical containers will be more suitable for a residential house or a nursery or farm. Shapes such as cylindrical, domes, and oval tanks will also provide a different result. So, choose a shape that will hold the amount of water you will need.


Depending on the size of the container and its cut-off limit, the pressure will vary. Every brand will specify the PSI limit within which the product can perform smoothly. Going any higher or lower can cause the valves and pipes to explode.


Take into special consideration whether these containers have proper certifications or not. Always go for stainless surfaces as they can combat more effectively against rust. Most pressure tanks will also have special liners and lawyers for added protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best well pressure tanks: Can I change the valve if it leaks?

Yes, but you will have to take the valve apart and manually install a brand new valve.

Q: Can I install vertical models in a horizontal position?

Ans: With proper support, the vertical models can function in horizontal positions.

Q: Can these tanks double as steam boiler?

Ans: No, the enclosed pressure tank cannot work as a steam boiler.

Q: What other things will I need to install these tanks?

Ans: Most kits will have all the essential parts, but you might need a brass T, a pressure, and a pressure regulator.

Q: What is the ideal PSI level for these products?

Ans: There is no ideal pressure range. It will depend on the capacity of the container.

Final Words

The best well pressure tanks make your job of refilling, supplying, and maintaining water quality that much easier. All you have to do is install, sit back, and relax.

Moreover, there are small, big, horizontal, and so many shapes and sizes to choose from! So, what is stopping you from getting one for yourself?

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