How To Sharpen Drill Bit? A Complete Guide

Need to sharpen your drill bit for your next project? Our 2023 guide covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right tools to sharpening techniques and maintenance tips. Keep your drill bit working at its best with our expert advice.

In masonry work, one of the most familiar scenery is that one is drilling through the material, but nothing happens. It is like turning and turning into the same spot without any outcome. You are trying, but nothing is drilling through is the moment you need to sharpen your drill bit.

It has become dull and therefore keeping you in the same spot without any improvement. Drill bit lose their sharpness often. Several types of drill bits lose their sharpness after a certain period. Some drill bits work suitable for an extended period, where are some other works for a limited time.

Drill bit sharpening is a simple work if you know the original method. In this article, I will try to enlighten you with some of the easiest ways to drilling your bits in no time. Let’s get started.

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How To Sharpen Drill Bit: Most Useful Method

How To Sharpen A Drill Bit

Hundreds of ways are there to sharpen your drill bits. Some are easy; some are not. Here, I will talk about the easiest and popular method to sharpen your drill bits. You can follow it for a more effective outcome.

Bench Grinder Method

Using bench grinder is probably the most popular and secure method for sharpening drills bits. Most of the people use this method. It is one of the cost-effective solutions. Let me share how you can do it effectively.

Bench Grinder Method

Materials: Those are the material you should gather for drill bit sharpening using a bench grinder:

  • Dull drill bits of course
  • Bench Grinder
  • Goggles for safety
  • Hand gloves for keeping your hand safe
  • Coldwater
  • Scrap Wood


  • Turn on the bench grinder
  • Your dominant hand should be used for guidance, and the other one is a feeder
  • Put the land of the bit against the grinder at a sixty-degree angle and hold it
  • Put enough pressure so that you can cut the land
  • Now you should move your hand to the right to create a chiseled edge. Forty-five degrees from the bit’s lip is necessary.
  • Now it is time to show your skill. You have to use both your hands at a smooth and slow pace to get perfect shaping. The rotation must be consistent as well.
  • Now you should repeat the previous steps with a slight angle change. 180 degrees is good enough.


Place sharpening machine guards at a 1/8-inch far away from the wheel or belt

How To – Basic Drill sharpening on bench grinder

Prevention is better than cure:

If you master the art of drill bits sharpening, congratulations. Nevertheless, this task is not a pleasant job. Instead, it is a bit irritating. Therefore, it is always better to keep your drill bits in good shape so that they can serve you an extended period. This way, you do not have to sharpen your drill bits repeatedly.

Here are some hot tips for keeping your drill bits healthy:

After drilling an inch, you should stop and put out the bit and blow off any flakes as well as any chips of wood. Otherwise, they will be stuck into the flutes of the bit and make them hot. Remember, the hotter the bit gets, the sooner it will become dull. If you do that, you do not have to do the frequent sharpening.

After drilling an inch or so, especially when the material is hardwood, you can apply the cold-water method. Simply put the bits on the cold water and keep it there for a few seconds. It is an effective method to keep the bits healthy for an extended period.

You should keep two sets of drill bits. You can use one set to start a hole and another set to complete the task. In that way, your drill bits will remain healthy for an extended period. This is an effective method that usually pros follows.

If you follow these three rules, I am sure you can keep your drill bits sharper for a long time. Keeping things in good condition is better than fixing it, right? Do not forget that.

Most Popular Drill Bits Type: A Brief Discussion

Most Popular Drill Bits Type

In the market, you will notice several drill bits kind. Different drill bits are used for various purposes. In this segment, I will try to elucidate the meaning and flaws of some of the most popular drill bit types. I hope after reading this portion, you will be able to pick drill bits wisely. Let’s get started:

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Bits are created for drilling through brick, concrete, stone, and other masonry surfaces.

These bits are formed with tungsten carbide associated with a spiral steel shaft. Nevertheless, some masonry bits are built with silicon bronze alloy in the cutting point.

In the market, you will find masonry bits ranges from 300 to 400mm. Sharpening Masonry bits requires a regular drill sharpener or a grindstone.

Positive Sides

  • Able to drill through masonry materials like bricks, stones, concrete and more
  • Can drill masonry walls with longer masonry bits
  • Matches with power drills, hand brace, and powerful hammer drills

Negative Sides

  • Overheating is common for these type of bits
  • Extended drilling using these bits makes them dull quickly

Wood Drill Bit

Wood Drill Bit

They are also known as Spur Point Bit. The names say it all. They are designed for wooden surfaces.

A wood bit has a central point and able to bring up spurs so that they can drill straight and accurate.

You can use these with a power drill. The size varies from 3 to 10 mm. You can even use them on plastic if you wish.

Positive Sides

  • Able to cut through wood and plastic
  • Excellent result
  • Available in different sizes

Negative Sides

  • Not suitable for other materials
  • Not easy to sharpen by hand

Bullet Pilot Point

They are almost like a wood bit. However, they are stronger and able to go through various materials like metal, plastic, and wood.

Positive Sides

  • Works through metal, plastic, and wood
  • Able to create clean woods
  • Powerful
  • More accurate than regular twist bits

Negative Sides

  • Sharpening is difficult
  • Powerful and ready to break the material so carefully handle these bits is mandatory

All About Wood Drill Bits: Woodworking for Beginners

Tile Drill Bit

Tile Drill Bit

Tile bits are formed with ground tungsten carbide tips so they can create a hole in tiles and glass. You can use them on hand drills and a power drill.

However, the power drill has to have a multiple-speed control system. Otherwise, it will not work better.

While drilling glass, you have to follow some rules. For instance- you need to use lubricant for best result and keeping temperature perfect.

Tile bits are difficult to sharpen as they have tungsten carbide. You have to put a lot of effort, as these are hard material.

Positive Sides

  • Compatible with power drills and hand drills
  • Able to drill glass and tile

Negative Sides

  • Difficult to sharpen
  • Overheating problem

How to Drill a Hole in Porcelain Tile – Which Drill Bit to Use?

Flat Wood Drill Bit

Flat Wood Drill Bit

They work with power drills only. By using these types of drill bit, you can produce holes with a flat bottom. You can use them on larger projects as well, but for that, the drill must be powerful.

Don’t forget to wear protective gear like goggles, face masks while using this kind of bits. They produce a lot of splinters that can lead you to any unwanted accident.

Positive Sides:

  • Ideal for large projects
  • Work with a power drill
  • Easy sharpening using different sharpening methods

Negative Sides:

  • Creates splinters

Flat Wood Drill Bits Guide

Twist Drill Bits

Twist Drill Bits

Twist Bits probably are the most popular kind in the market. They are easy to find in different shapes and sizes. You can use them with both electric and hand drills.

They can cut the materials and also kick out debris from your way. They are suitable for applying for timber, plastic, and many other kinds of stuff. Some company makes twist bits using HSS. They can create a hole in hardened material.

You can get twist bits ranges from 0.8 to 12mm. They are excellent for creating the smallest hole in thin surfaces. Sharpening them is not that difficult. You can use drill sharpener, grindstone jig, and oilstone.

Positive Sides:

  • Simple and efficient bits
  • Works on different materials
  • Provide cleaning and cutting action together
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be found in HHS and carbon steel
  • Creates excellent holes
  • Precision is guaranteed

Negative Sides:

  • Drilling big holes can be difficult

Basics of Twist Drill Bits Selection


Q) What are the drill bits?

Ans: Drill bits are cutting devices that used to create holes in solid materials. They held in the drills and got torque on rotation from that to make holes of different sizes.

Q) How long the drill bits last?

Ans: It depends on the type of drill bit. With a drill bit, you can generally drill anywhere from 80-200 blanks. If you care about the drill bit a little, you may work a bit more. After that, it will become dull. The lifespan of your drill bit will shorten if you drill some materials life drilling antler, stabilized woods, acrylics, and other synthetic materials.

Q) What is the best speed for drilling?

Ans: Well, the opinion on this matter varies. However, 800-1200 RPM is the most accepted and highly recommended speed said by many experts.

Q) What will drill bits work for drilling pen blanks?

Ans: Drill bits that are created for drill through wooden material will work for pen blanks as well.

Q) How do I hold the pen blank when drilling?

Ans: For this job, you can call the Pen Maker’s Center Drilling Visa. It is by far the best device. It can hold your pen blank correctly. With it, you can effectively create larger holes.

Q) What kind of drill bits is suitable for hardened steel?

Ans: If you want to drill through steel, you should pick cobalt bit. They are specially designed for hardened steel material.

Q) How to drill effectively in any hardened steel material?

Ans: Before start drilling, you should put some oil on the metal to lubricate the drill. It also helps to keep the bit and component fresh in times of drilling. Start drilling slowly as well. Also, put a black wood under the metal surface so that it does not touch other surfaces.

Q) What are the safety factors must follow during drilling task?

Ans: Drilling is a nasty and risky business. This process can lead you to any unwanted situation. Therefore, you have to be very careful and be aware of some safety methods. The first thing you should do is to use a holding device that will keep the workpiece on its place and never let it escape.

Keep calm while drilling, and never try to shake or adjust the workpiece while you are in operation. Also, to avoid burn, you can use a brush to clean drilled matter. Never keep any flammable material nearby while you are drilling. You need to wear face protector and goggles to keep your face and eye protected. Never use a dull drill bit.

Q) Are drill bits pricy?

Ans: Well, the price of drill bits varies from brand to brand and from types. Nevertheless, none of them is pricey. They are one of the cheapest and useful components you can use. You can pick a complete set at a reasonable price.

Q) What are some best drill bit brands?

Ans: Lots of brands are making and selling excellent quality drill bits at present. But among them, DEWALT, BLACK+DECKER, and Makita are the most prominent names. You can pick their products as they always maintain top quality. However, if you research more, you will find that many other brands are making the right products apart from them.


I have talked about different types of drill bits, effective ways to sharpen your drill bits, and answered some of the questions people often ask in various sources. I tried to make this article a complete guide for drill bits. I hope it will help you on your way.

If you are a handyman and use drill bits often, replacing them just because they have loosened their sharpness is not a wise idea. Also, it will cost much. If you follow the mentioned method, your drill bits will serve you many years for sure.

This is I signing off with the drill bit article. However, I am not leaving forever. We will meet again soon with several other tips, tricks, and product reviews of different power tools. Keep an eye on our blog.


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