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So many thoughts are floating across your mind to know what is a canister purge valve?

Well, it’s a part of your vehicle’s evaporative emission control system that restricts the fuel vapors from escaping into the air by collecting them in a canister.

If the purge valve gets broken, the gas mileage of your car will begin decreasing. Therefore, it affects your car engine due to the damaged vent valve. That’s why it’s important to replace the faulty purge valve to trap the excess vapor and let it move in your vehicle engine.

But the problem is- there are thousands of vent valves available in the market. Each of them claims to the best, making it challenging to pick the right one. Fortunately, we included a list of the best brands that provide high-performance purge valves. As a result, you will get what you need.

So, stay in tune with us till the end to learn everything about a canister purge valve.

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What is a Canister Purge Valve?

A canister purge valve, mostly known as a purge valve, is a principal component of your car’s EVAP or evaporative emission control system.

Due to this system, fuel vapors created in the fuel tank can’t escape into the environment as a charcoal canister catches & collects the fuel steams. A solenoid is used to operate the purge valve. Sometimes the solenoid doesn’t function properly. Consequently, the valve starts failing.

What does a canister purge valve do?

The purge valve catches the fuel vapor from your car fuel tank and stores the vapor in the canister for a limited time. When your vehicle engine runs under a certain condition, the vapors are expelled to the engine and burn inside it. The canister purge valve will control how much fuel vapor will eject from the canister to the engine.

In late car models, the purge valve will function automatically and be controlled by the engine computer. The purge valve will remain closed when your car engine is off. When you run the engine, and it gets warmed up, the engine computer starts opening the valve to let the fuel vapor move from the canister to the engine. Several sensors control the vapor flow.

What are the symptoms of a bad purge valve?

The following signs let you determine about the purge valve failing.

Check Engine Light Will Illuminate: The first symptom that lets you identify a susceptive purge valve is- the check engine light. If your car computer senses an unexpectedly high or low purge flow, it will light up the check engine light.

Decrease fuel efficiency: A decreased fuel efficiency is another sign of a faulty purge valve. If your canister purge valve doesn’t function correctly, it causes the fuel vapor to burn to escape. Consequently, your vehicle requires more fuel to generate power, which reduces fuel economy.

Engine Issues: A vacuum leak will form if your car canister purge valve is stuck open. It affects your vehicle engine severely. Due to the vacuum leak, an unexpected volume of air will flow into your engine that your car computer couldn’t monitor. It will mess up the air to fuel ratio, causing your vehicle rough idling. Plus, you can have trouble starting or other engine issues.

How much is a purge valve?

Generally, you need to spend around $55-$110 to get a high-quality and expensive canister purge valve. You can also get a better-quality purge valve at a lower cost. And the labor cost of replacing a purge valve will be around $50. It means changing a valve is a simple task and doesn’t take a long time.

Who Makes the Best Purge Valve – Top Rated Manufacturer in USA

Don’t know which brands provide the world-class purge valve? Then, check out the below that includes the top 5 vent valve brands.

1. ACDelco

ACDelco is the prominent supplier of General OE automobile components and provides aftermarket performance parts for late vehicle models.

The company offers premium quality and high-performance parts for most vehicles. You can even get off-road, marine, and industrial equipment from ACDelco. The product lineup of ACDelco includes air filters, oil filters, intake systems, suspension systems, car batteries, spark plugs, and so on.

Canister purge valves from ACDelco are high in quality, durability, and performance. All of the purge valves are designed and tested to fit, form, and function. Easy installation is the best feature we spot out about the ACDelco purge valves.

You need only 5 minutes to install the purge valve. Just disconnect wires, remove the bolt, get rid of the old part, and install the new one. Therefore, all of the purge valves from this brand are affordable. So, you don’t need to break your bank to get the new one.

Now, it’s time to check some of the best ACDelco purge valves.

2. Dorman

Dorman is one of the leading automobile part manufacturers in the USA, founded in 1918. Since then, they are designing and releasing hundreds of automotive parts & components vehicle owners could buy once from the original factories.

As a result, this company opens up the door in front of car owners or mechanics to repair damaged parts.

The product catalog of Dorman includes over 80000 vehicle performance parts. Air suspensions, chassis, air modules, air intake systems, exhaust systems, purge valves, and more are the products this company provides. 

Like other parts from Dorman, the vapor canister purge valves are excellent in quality, durability, and fitment. All of the purge valves of the manufacturer fit and function like the OE products. They ensure the proper function of your vehicle’s evaporative emissions system. Each of the purge valves uses premium material to assure longevity. Besides, every purge valve from Dorman goes through a quality test to ensure proper fit & performance. 

Here is the list of best Dorman Canister Purge Valves. 


APDTY stands for Auto Parts Direct to You. As the brand name suggests, this company provides wholesale auto parts & components direct to the public.

The manufacturer offers high-quality aftermarket car parts at a discounted price. Therefore, this company makes helpful tutorials on repair instructions. So, following the guidelines they offer, you can fix your broken car. 

Now, let’s move on to the purge valves this brand offers. Each of them is designed to be used as a replacement for a failed canister vent valve. They fit your car & trucks and offer the same performance as the OE valve does. However, we recommend you check your car make & model first before choosing a purge valve. 

Below, we included some of the best APDTY purge valves you can consider. 

4. Standard Motor Products

The journey of Standard Motor Products started in 1919. Since then, it has become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of vehicle performance parts.

This company has two operating parts- engine management and temperature control. Each of the units focuses on producing high-quality aftermarket automobile parts & components. The product catalog of SMP includes air intake systems, exhaust systems, purge valves, spark plugs, and more. 

When talking about the canister purge valves, you can hardly find a brand that can beat SMP vent valves. Each canister purge valve uses professional-grade plastics. As a result, they can resist low and high heat coming from the engine to ensure durability. Besides, every purge valve from SMP features OE quality connectors & terminals for a perfect fit. Indeed, the SMP purge valves will be the best trait that you can use instead of a factory vent valve. 

Take a look at the following canister purge valves from SMP for your car. 

5. Bosch Automotive

Bosch started its journey as a supplier of automobile parts & components in 1887 when Robert Bosch and his engineer built a magneto ignition device. To this day, it becomes one of the largest manufacturers in the world that provides vehicle performance parts & systems.

The manufacturer has a wide range of products including, brakes, wiper blades, filters, alternators & starters, spark plugs, and more. 

Like other Bosch automotive products, canister purge valves from this brand are excellent.  Its emission-relevant parts control the fuel vapor flow precisely. In other words, the purge valve surpasses the factory vent valve in performance. For added longevity, every Bosch vent valve uses high-grade plastic materials. 

Due to this sturdy construction, it can shield high temperatures coming out from the engine. Easy installation is another remarkable feature of Bosch purge valves.

Now, let’s check the list of Bosch automotive purge valves that fit your car. 

Final Words

From top to bottom, we discussed everything about a canister purge valve of your vehicle. We also broke down what causes your purge valve to fail. As a result, you can determine when you should replace the vent valve.

Therefore, we also provided you with a list of brands that offer high-performance canister purge valves. It will help you to choose the right vent valve for your vehicle.

Indeed, there is nothing that we don’t cover related to your car’s purge valve.

Still, if you have any questions about your vehicle vent valve, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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