Best Throttle Body Spacer Reviews 2023: Tested & Recommended

Looking for the best throttle body spacer for your vehicle? Our comprehensive review for 2023 has got you covered! We’ve researched and tested the top options on the market to bring you the most effective and recommended products.

Increasing the volume of the space between the intake runner and throttle body improves engine performance. This is where the best throttle body spacer springs into action. So, do they really work?

If you are curious, the spacers direct the flow of air into the manifold or throttle. However, for a high-affinity rate, you need a top-rated throttle body spacer for the engine.

Is a Throttle Body Spacer Worth it or not??

For an engine to work correctly, there needs to be a correct ratio of air to oil. If your car isn’t working smoothly as last year, it is probably the low air intake. Your fuel usage will rise up to the rooftop. So, what to do now?

Well, a throttle just might solve the problem. For starters, the spacer expands the space between the throttle and the intake for a perfect air ratio.

After you use a throttle body spacer, you will get improved performance and low oil consumption. How great is that? Turns out, a proper throttle body spacer is worth every penny. Here are some benefits of using a throttle body spacer. Don’t miss out on it.

Torque Boost: An old engine with low torque is a pain in the neck. What if you could increase the torque by 25 ft lbs? Fun fact, attaching a spacer will do the trick. Just make sure you attach the right one for your engine.

Soothing Sound: Won’t it be nice to hear a soothing sound when you start your car? The more air your engine takes in, the better it sounds. If there is a whistle sound coming from the engine, you probably fixed the wrong body spacer.

Faster Engine Speed: Spacers increase torque, horsepower, and oil efficiency. So, don’t you think the overall speed will get a boost too? The best part of throttle body spacers is that you don’t have to use too much oil for it.

Increase in Horsepower: When you get enough air into the combustion chamber, your engine starts to feel energetic. Kinda like your stomach with a good combo of food and water. If your machine had 100 HP before, now it will become 120 hp in now time.

Low oil consumption: The problem with oil engine is, when you have too much oil flowing to the chamber, you will see a rise in oil demand. The only solution to the problem is to get the sweet point ratio of oil to air into the burning system. Turns out, a throttle body spacer let’s just the right percentage of air to mix with the flowing oil. So, you can say bye bye to excess oil consumption.

Best Rated Throttle Body Spacer: Top Pick in 2023



Fit Types



Skunk2 309-05-1050 throttle body spacer

Skunk2 309-05-1050 throttle body spacer

Honda B/D/F/H Series Engines M/T

BBK 3503 Twin 61mm throttle body spacer

BBK 3503 Twin 61mm throttle body spacer

Ford F Series Truck And SUV 302, 351

Skunk2 309-05-1030 throttle body spacer

Skunk2 309-05-1030 throttle body spacer

Honda Series

aFe Power 46-33017 Ford Throttle Body Spacer

aFe Power 46-33017 Ford Throttle Body Spacer

2011-2016 Ford, F-150 & Ecoboost

BBK 1703 75mm throttle body spacer

BBK 1703 75mm throttle body spacer

Ford 4.6L-2V/4.6/5.4L F150


Best Throttle Body Spacer: Reviews & Guide

Frankly speaking, all engines don’t have picture-perfect throttle body spacers. That’s why you need to pick a perfect match. Here are your top 7 choices.

1. Skunk2 309-05-1050 – Best Throttle Body for Honda B, D, H, F-Series Engines

No fit auto refund. 
Maximum air flow. 
Fine texture and user-friendly.
Fits for Honda B/D/F/H Series Engines

The Skunk2 309 has a lightweight design of 2 pounds, making it the Honda throttle body spacer. With a simple pro series intake Manifold, the throttle body will give perfect airflow. Weighing just two pounds, your engine will never feel its burden.

Skunk2 309-05-1050 throttle body spacer

The best part is, an easy, built on feature will help adjust the spacer with zero effort. However, you do have to lock the screws tight.

Inlet diameter: An even airflow to the combustion engine isn’t always possible for a general engine. This is why the Skunk2 309 offers a 70-millimeter air inlet. Turns out, the inlet size is just enough for the air circulation, but not too much oil flow.

Smooth body and low weight: Having a rough body and too much weight is wrong for the engine. Your engine structure will rub against the throttle wall and ruin it. However, the Skunk2 stands pretty low on weight with a smooth exterior. So, no more engine damage.

No fit return policy: A feature so plain and yet a lifesaver. Now you don’t have to worry about the spacer not fitting to the engine. Get a complete refund if it doesn’t fit.

  • Smooth and durable.
  • Refund if it doesn’t fit.
  • Wide inlet for maximum airflow.
  • Doesn’t fit on factory Manifolds.

2. BBK 3503 – Best Throttle Body Spacer for Ford F Series

Easy to install
Performance boost available
Adjustable on factory settings
Fits for Ford F Series Truck And SUV

BBK 3503 Twin is an industry-leading throttle spacer in the market. It has a 61 mm throttle body, which adjusts firmly over stock engines. If you want a better torque, throttle response, and horsepower, the BBK 3503 is the one to pick.

BBK 3503 Twin 61mm throttle body spacer

With a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory unit, the spacer is highly adjustable. You will get better sound quality and more speed while driving. Though it is kinda heavy, your engine will hardly notice any difference.

Improvers The Engine: If the air to oil ratio is not proper, your car’s efficiency will not reach the maximum level. However, if you use the BBK 3503, your horsepower and torque will see a 10% boost. The throttle response over stock will get better as well.

Sound Clarity: If the sound of your engine isn’t good, your mood may see a downfall. This is because, adding the throttle spacer to your engine, your sound will improve, and the buzzing will decrease.

Easy fitting: A simple screwdriver can help you separate the joints and fit in the BBK 3503. It has a direct bolt-on replacement feature for all factory units. Surprisingly, it takes less than 30 minutes to set the whole thing up.

  • Easy to install.
  • Fits on factory Manifolds.
  • Improves engine performance to the maximum.
  • The spring of the throttle feels tight.

3. Skunk2 309-05-1030 – Best Throttle Body Spacer for Honda

Good feel to the touch
Improves HP and torque
Not restricted to fixed Manifolds
Fits for Honda Accord, Civic, Del Sol, Prelude, & Acura Integra

The Skunk2 309-05-1030 is another throttle body spacer for Honda B, D, H, and F-series engines. Unlike the 1050, you can force-fitbit to other engines with factory intake manifolds. When you hold it for the first time, the clean shot-blasted surface finish will charm you for sure.

But if you have the Shunk2’s Pro series intake manifolds, you will have maximum horsepower and torque. Turns out, the spacer optimizes the engines’ airflow to a sweet spot, giving you your desired performance. Swapping over your TPS and map sensors, you can bolt-on with all the hardware necessary fittings.

Skunk2 309-05-1030 throttle body spacer

Easy fitting: Sometimes, the factory intakes are stubborn and don’t let throttle spacers fit perfectly. But in the case of the Skunk’s 66 mm throttle spacer, the scene is entirely different. Just open the screws and fit them into the blend.

Fits factory manifolds: Honestly, this feature is a lifesaver. For a start, the spacer fits on any factory manifolds. Having a spot blasted finish, your engine won’t even feel the external spacer. If you have a Honda series spacer, the results are always off the hook.

Boosts performance: Want an increase in horsepower? The speed? Or maybe the torque. Well, the result of using this spacer is simple. You will have tons of fun using the spacer with a massive boost in engine performance. In the end, it is a win-win for all.

  • Smooth and durable finish.
  • Boosts torque, HP, and speed.
  • Easy to adjust on factory manifolds.
  • Sometimes modification is needed.

4. aFe Power 46-33017 – Best Throttle Body Spacer for Ford

Highly durable 
Enhances user experience
Fits for 2011-2016 Ford, F-150  & Ecoboost

Do you want a spacer with a maximum of 16 HP boost? For the record, the aFe is just what you need. Additionally, it improves the torque up to 17lbs. x ft. Having a 6061-T6 billet aluminum built, the spacer is both durable and lightweight.

aFe Power 46-33017 Ford Throttle Body Spacer

Turns out, a Helix combination design allows optimum airflow to the chambers for a performance boost. If you have an OE and aFe Power cold air intake system, the spacer will work like gems. In the end, this product is 50-state legal, and so you can find it anywhere in the US.

Durable Design: Aluminum can be pretty durable if it has a 6061-t6 billet built. The same technology is implemented here for low weight and durable spacers. Your engine won’t feel the edges or weight in any manner. Be confident to use the spacer for ages to come.

Maximum Boost: Some spacers boost the engine’s speed, whereas some may boost the torque. However, the aFe Power 46 offers all this with its maximum limit. You will boost your engine with up to 16 HP performance and 17lbs. X ft torque. Isn’t it awesome?

OE and aFe easy fittings: Fitting a throttle body spacer on OEM and aFe both isn’t something you will find as a bonus. However, just by removing the screws and the side parts, you can fit the spacer in any aFe and OE system. You have to be a little careful not to damage the throttle while adjusting.

  • Maximum performance boost.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Fits on a lot of factory inlet manifolds.
  • More oil usage is found.

5. BBK 1703 75mm – Best Throttle Body Spacer for Ford F Series

Works as a charm.
Mounts within 30 mins.
4-5 Years of service life
Fits for Ford 4.6L-2V/4.6/5.4L F150

BBK offers tons of fantastic throttle bodies for a high flow of power and speed. It offers many returns and is one of the best throttle body spacers for Silverado. Having a warping 75mm throttle body, the airflow is just mind-boggling. You will also have an additional throttle response overstock.

If you want to modify your vehicle for cold air intakes and exhausts, the BBK 1703 is just for you. A CNC machined casting component elevates the OEM stands to new heights. The best part is, attachment is easy-peasy, and once done, you will have a trouble-free experience for years.

BBK 1703 75mm throttle body spacer

No installation hazard: Ever had the trouble of replacing a factory unit spacer with a custom one? Now no more trouble. A simple direct bolt-on replacement feature helps adjust the throttle to your OEM system. The whole process will consume half an hour tops.

Fine durability: When it comes to durability, the throttle body spacer stands out tall. A new CNC machined casting assembled with components makes it highly durable and long-lasting. You can use the throttle spacer for 4-5 years straight.

Modifications made easy: The BBK 1703 throttle body offers a performance boost to vehicles by offering cold air intake and exhaust. So, when you want to modify your car for the best performance, make it yours.

  • Easy mounting feature.
  • 4-5 Years of service life.
  • Great performance boost.
  • HP and Torque improvement not available.

6. aFe Power Silver Bullet 46-38009 throttle body spacer

Fits for Scion and Subaru
Long-lasting and durable
MPG, HP, and torque boost

aFe Power Silver Bullet bangs the market clean with its excellent design and easy fit feature. For the right engine, the throttle spacer results in more gain and torque. It has a 6061-T6 billet aluminum structure, making it the best throttle body spacer for 5.3 chevy.

The only drawback is, the product isn’t available with a CARB exempt. Additionally, you can’t buy it in the US as well.

aFe Power Silver Bullet 46-38009 throttle body spacer

Durable design: A 6061-T6 billet aluminum body helps the throttle get the best of both durability and lightweight. A serrated combination design allows more air into the chambers for better performance.

In-house dyno-tested: This feature allows the manufacturers to check the actual output of the engine. In this case, the engine gains +5HP and a +4 lbs x ft. torque.

Low price: Unlike other spacers, which cost more, the aFe 38009 punches performance at less. Spending about 50-60 dollars, you will get a boost in MPG and add some crackle to the engine.

  • Low-priced and durable.
  • Relatively easy to install with a few tools.
  • MPG boost along with the HP and torque.
  • Not a massive boost in power.

7. Airaid 300-577 PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer

Decreases fuel usage
Fits for Chrysler & Dodge
Long-lasting user experience
Pricing will not break the bank

You will never see a throttle body spacer easier to install than the Airraid 300-577. For starters, it has four bolts, which help mount on your engine within minutes. If you want something with an unlimited warranty, then you are in luck with Airraid.

Sometimes low-end torque and throttle response can be an issue. However, this throttle body spacer gives you all you need, including all hardware required for installation.

Easy Installation: Fixing a throttle isn’t accessible if the mechanism is complex and not user-friendly. However, the Airaid 300-577 is precisely the opposite of that. Just remove the screws and find your way into the fitting sweet spot. Turns out, you don’t need any previous experience to the job correctly.

Pricing and durability: In many cases, manufacturers provide low-quality items if the price is low. But here, you will get top durability for just a hundred bucks.

Vehicle performance: Enhance off-idle torque, improve your RPM, HP, and overall performance with it. If you are a fan of spinning action air-charge, then this throttle body spacer is what you need. Producing a super atomized mixture, the spacer improves the overall gain to new levels. You will also get an overall efficiency for better fuel consumption.

  • Long service life.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Boosts user experience to new heights.
  • Makes a noisy sound.

What to Look Before Buying Throttle Body Spacer

Before you dive into buying a throttle body spacer, you need to know some things.

Ease of installation: If the installation isn’t easy, you can’t just swipe a new spacer in place of the old one. Besides, you may damage any internal components while adjusting it.

Performance boost: When you find zero performance boost after installing, then why use it in the first place? Frankly speaking, throttle body spacers won’t constantly adjust to the throttle body. You have to modify them.

Low noise: A whistling noise will for any mismatch in joint adjustment. Sometimes, though the fitting looks the same, the whistling sound will notify you that it is not.

Reduced oil consumption: To be honest, you will either see a low oil consumption or a high oil consumption. Try finding a throttle body spacer that consumes less oil on the go. Sacrificing oil usage for a low boost in performance isn’t a stable solution.

Finding a ready-made throttle body spacers can fall hard on a new soul. If any of the above methods doesn’t work, try getting professional help for modifications and reattachment.

Important FAQ of Throttle Body Spacer

Q: Does throttle body spacer really work?

Ans: Yes. Letting more air into the combustion chamber improves the horsepower, torque, and overall speed. Though a throttle body spacer is small, it provides the best air to oil ratio for best performance.

Q: Do throttle bodies increase horsepower?

Ans: Throttle bodies let more air into the fuel-burning chambers of the vehicle engine. This results in more horsepower and top speed. However, if the inlet size to too significant, your oil combustion will increase. So, choose carefully.

Q: Do you need a tune for throttle body spacer?

Ans: No. You don’t need a tune after installing a throttle body spacer. The reason is, these spacers have a bearing on performance, which eliminates the need for a tune.

Q: Do throttle body spacers make noise?

Ans: Sometimes the throttle body spacer makes a whistling sound if the adjustment isn’t proper. However, you can avoid the problem by using the right shape for the spacer.

Q: Where to buy Volant throttle body spacer?

Ans: Nowadays, the internet has everything you need. Just go to Amazon and buy any volant throttle you want. You can try out for the Volant 727636. It is really good.

Q: How much does a Volant throttle body spacer cost?

Ans: You can get a Volant 725253 for about 70 dollars in the US.

Q: What is the best throttle body spacer?

Ans: Like every other product, there isn’t a single best throttle body spacer for all vehicles. However, the Airaid PowerAid, Taylor Cable Helix, aFe Silver Bullet, and Rugged Ridge Jeep give the best service life.


For us, all throttle body spacers are suitable. Then again, one brand may fit perfectly for your friends’ vehicle but not for yours. So, you need another one or modify it slightly.

Try reading the online description to get the best adjustment for your engine. In fact, people will buy the throttlers just for the fun of it.

If there is a whistling sound or the efficiency went down, your throttle spacer wasn’t adjusted well. Now it is your turn to reply. Bye and have a good day.

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