Best AFE Power Cold Air Intake: Reviews & Guide

Looking to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level? The Best AEM Cold Air Intake is here to deliver! Our comprehensive guide includes top reviews and a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about this high-quality product.

Going for a high-performance air intake is the solution to get serious performance gains without installation hassles or throat-cut costs. And a cold air intake can be your best trait which pumps more oxygen to your engine for better combustion.

Guess what- The more oxygen your cylinder gets, the more fuel will burn to get extra power. It brings monster gains in horsepower & acceleration, and even in fuel efficiency.

AFE is the top brand name well-known for its high-quality air intake. In this guide, we will walk you through some breathtaking features of AFE CAI and let you decide which AFE air intake will be best for your car.

So, let’s dive deeper into this article on AFE Cold Air Intake Reviews.

Is It a Wise Decision to Buy AFE Power Cold Air Intake?

Do you know what the acronym ‘AFE’ stands for? It means Advanced Flow Engineering. You get hints from the brand name what quality of air intake it will offer.

The high airflow and custom-tune design boost the acceleration and overall horsepower to give your car a new level of performance. And we are not lying about it. The cold air intake increases monster gains of up to 50 horsepowers for specific vehicles and engines.

All the air intakes from AFE include three filter options- AFE original, Pro-Guard 7 (heavy-duty filter), and Pro-Dry S (oil-free). The best part is- each of the filters is reusable and cleanable. So, you can use a filter for years to come that will save your bucks.

Finally, the bolt-on design! You can install the air intake quickly using the common tools scattering around your home. Surprisingly, you take only half an hour to complete the installation process. As a result, you don’t need to tolerate the woe of installation.

To sum up, it is worth buying the AFE cold air intakes as they are easy to install, budget-friendly, and help to gain peak performance.

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Best Rated AFE Power Cold Air Intake: Top Pick in 2023



Fits For



aFe FORCE 54-12192 Cold Air Intake

aFe FORCE 54-12192 Cold Air Intake

Ford F-150

aFe Power 54-72202 Air Intake

aFe Power 54-72202 Air Intake

Chrysler and Dodge

aFe 54-12162 Cold Air Intake

aFe 54-12162 Cold Air Intake

Chrysler and Dodge

aFe 51-11342-1 Cold Air Intake

aFe 51-11342-1 Cold Air Intake

Dodge 2003-2009

aFe TR-3001B Takeda Cold Air Intake

aFe TR-3001B Takeda Cold Air Intake

Infiniti & Nissan


7 Best AFE Power Cold Air Intake: Reviews & Guide

From the above comparison chart, you know what advantages you can enjoy if you purchase an AFE CAI. Now, let’s learn in detail why you should consider a cold air intake from AFE.

1. aFe FORCE 54-12192 – Best afe Cold Air Intake f150 Ecoboost

Washable and Reusable 
Dual 360 Degree Air Filters
Top Mounted Heat Shield Design
Compatible with Ford F-150 EcoBoost

Your driving friend F-150 gets old and starts losing its juvenility over time, which affects your riding excitement. You also observed your loving F-150 doesn’t respond well when you keep your feet on its acceleration. So, you get tensed and ask- how can I bring back life to my car that supports for miles after miles?

aFe FORCE 54-12192 Cold Air Intake

Don’t worry! We bring the magic pill ‘aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12192’ that will help to bring back life to your car. By feeding (installing) it, the vehicle can take a deep breath and draws more cold air into the engine

. As a result, you can gain the extra horsepower (32hp) & torque (35lbs.ft) you need for your driving. To discover what other magic features the aFe stage-2 cold air intake delivers, continue to read.

Equal Length Intake Tube: This CAI features a dual intake tube design with an H-pipe balance tube. It helps to scale up tube pressure for ensuring maximum airflow & velocity. You know that the more air your engine gets, the more fuel will burn to provide extra power. Besides, it will also improve the throttle response.

Dual 360 Degree Air Filters: You will love its 5-layer progressive air filters as it allows more air to draw in. The best part is- you can wash and reuse the same air filters years after years. Apart from this, the filters can also catch the debris efficiently and prevent the dirt from reaching out. So, it serves you for a long time between cleanings.

Top Mounted Heat Shield Design: It comes with a top-mounted heat shield to snap it onto the top of the lower half of the factory air box for easy installation. Besides, the heat shield also protects the air intake from the heat your car engine generates.

  • Increase throttle response
  • Take only half an hour to install
  • It fits fine without any modification
  • Maximize airflow which increases horsepower & torque
  • Produces 32 horsepowers and 27lbs. x ft torque to achieve max performance.
  • Include a high-performance 5-layer air filter to ensure optimum airflow & maximum filtration.
  • The largest connector is a bit big (1/4″). However, it doesn’t bring any issue in the installation process.

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2. aFe Power 54-72202 – Best Air Intake Chrysler 2011-2014 Series

Interface for easy installation
5-Layer performance air filter
Achieve maximum power gains
Compatible for Chrysler and Dodge 

Are your Dodge Challenger or Chrysler 300 choking in need of some power? Then, let it take a deep breath & give it the horsepower your car needs by installing aFe Power 54-72202.

The dyno-tested cold intake system helps you gain up to 14+ horsepower and 14 lbs. ft torque. So, you don’t need to think about your car performance as this air intake provides the power you need for an exciting drive.

aFe Power 54-72202 Air Intake

Unique One-Piece Housing: The custom roto-molded housing uses heat-resistant materials to keep its body safe from the heat. Plus, it minimizes the use of multiple components to make the installation process easier. We love its thoughtful design. Its clear sight window allows you to inspect the filter without removing the airbox.

Roto-mold Tube: Thanks to its roto-mold and dyno-tuned intake tube, which ensures maximum airflow. Besides, you can find a billet aluminum fitting mounted on the tube for establishing a secure connection for temp sensors.

5-Layer Performance Air Filter: We are impressed by observing the superior filtration rate and the way it improves the airflow. It can hold micro-particles and stop them from reaching the car engine to ensure the engine’s longevity. Moreover, you can use the filter for years after years as it is washable and reusable.

  • Convenient to install
  • Fit perfectly in my car
  • Add louder exhaust sound
  • Requires no cutting or drilling for simple installation
  • Pre-oiled 5-layer air filter for improved airflow & filtration rate
  • Dyno-tested cold air intake gains up to 14 horsepowers and 14 Lbs x Ft. torque.
  • Hellcat Headlight Air Inlet doesn’t fit Chrysler or Dodge Charger

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3. aFe 54-12162 Cold Air Intake (Chrysler and Dodge)

8" Tall 360-degree air filter
335 CFM @ 1.5" H2O flow
Comes with throttle body adapter
Compatible for Chrysler and Dodge 

Do you want to upgrade your old Challenger to revive its power that supports you like a friend in your long drive? Then, start the modifying workflow by installing a cold air intake to add extra horsepower & torque. And this aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12162 is what you are looking for.

This easy-to-install air intake system provides you extra 17 horsepower’s and 17lbs. x ft. torque, which surpasses the factory intake performance by 40%.

aFe 54-12162 Cold Air Intake

Huge Intake Tube: It features a sizable roto-molded intake tube. This massive intake tube helps to draw more air into the engine for maximum performance. The more air it sucks, the more fuel will burn, which increases the horsepower. And getting more horsepower means the throttle response of your vehicle will improve.

Throttle Body Adapter: For establishing a secure & durable connection, this air intake features a silicone throttle body adapter. It doesn’t only build a tight fastening but also enhances your air intake’s life.

8″ Tall Air Filter: The massive 8-inch air filter of this CAI maximizes airflow and offers an efficient filtration rate. It can filter 98.6% of particles, pollen, and dust and stop them from entering the engine.

T-Bolt Clamp: Now, you don’t need to worry about an insecure installation as the t-bolt clamp ensures a fast & secure installation.

  • Easy to install
  • Offer hassle-free installation
  • Reusable & washable air filter
  • Heat-insulating roto-molded tube ensures maximum airflow.
  • Increase throttle response by providing more horsepower & torque
  • Provide 17 horsepowers and 17lbs x ft. torque for gaining max performance
  • The fit is a bit tighter than we expected.

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4. aFe 51-11342-1 – Best afe Cold Air Intake for Dodge/Chrysler

Powder-coated heat shield
Includes a durable 16 gauge
Built with 100% polyurethane
Compatible for Dodge 2003-2009

Could you feel your DODGE 2500 doesn’t provide you the horsepower & torque you need for the drive? And what about the mileage it delivers?

If you expect your car to give you extra power for an impressive ride, forget about it unless you modify it by installing an air intake. Right off the bat, aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11342-1 is what you can give your riding friend to gain peak performance.

aFe 51-11342-1 Cold Air Intakes

This cold air intake system delivers extra 14 horsepowers & 27lbs. x ft. to reawaken your old car for the long drive.

Heat-insulating molded plastic tube: The molded plastic tube is responsible for gaining extra horsepower & torque. But how? The intake tube works like an intake manifold to draw a massive amount of cold air into the engine. We know an increased airflow improves & delivers extra power & torque.

A reusable conical air filter: A conical air filter can filter a greater amount of air which requires you less cleaning. Above all, it’s a washable air filter that you can use for years to come.

One-piece Heat Shield: This CAI features a heat shield that protects your car engine by directing heat away. Plus, it’s a one-piece heat shield you don’t require to assemble, which offers hassle-free installation.

  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to install
  • Improve throttle response and mileage
  • Help to increase throttle response and mileage
  • 3-layer non-oiled air filter helps to filter air optimally and needs a little maintenance
  • A bit challenging to install the filter on the end of the intake tube

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5. aFe TR-3001B – Best afe Cold Air Intake for Nissan 350Z/Infiniti G35

Made of long-lasting material
Produced 19 hp and 16 lbs. x ft. of torque
Compatible for Infiniti & Nissan

Are you in the process of upgrading your daily driver (2003-2007 Infiniti G35) by installing a cold air intake? Are you skeptical what the difference this little change-out will bring? Then, grab this Takeda Stage-2 Cold Air Intake from AFE to notice the differences.

This CAI produces 19 horsepower and 16 lbs. x ft. of torque. We bet you will notice the increase of throttle response and the deeper throatier sound.

aFe TR-3001B Takeda Cold Air Intakes

On top of this, it includes step-by-step instructions that make all the guesswork of installation out of the equation. So, you never hassle if you don’t install an aftermarket air intake before and just get your feet wet into this.

Lightweight black clear-coat anodized tubing: The air intake system of this AFE CAI uses anodized aluminum tubing. It doesn’t only ensure maximum airflow to the engine but also provides superior durability.

Pro DRY S Air Filter: This cold air intake features a massive 360-degree Pro Dry S air filter to ensure maximum airflow and optimum filtration. The vast amount of air it draws into the engine helps you to gain max hp and torque. Besides, the air filter can optimally filter dirt, dust, and pollen and prevent them from reaching the engine.

Cleaning Convenience: You don’t need to oil the engine after each clean as it’s a synthetic air filter. Plus, you can wash the filter with soap and water.

  • Simple to install
  • Require no drilling or cutting for effortless installation
  • Provide additional 19 horsepowers and 16lbs x ft torque
  • Come with a Pro Dry S filter that needs no oil after each clean
  • Help to increase throttle response and provides a deep throatier sound
  • You may lose some low-end torque

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6. aFe Power 54-72201 Best Universal Fit Cold Air Intake

Convenient to install
Compatible for Universal
5-Layer performance air filter
Ensure maximum performance

Your driver 2018 Dodge Charger started losing torque, and it doesn’t provide you the mpg as it did before. Also, you noticed it chokes in need of some power which impacts the performance.

Now, you want your driver to provide the horsepower & torque you need for your next drive. But the heck is- what modification do you need to make to bring back life to your car?

aFe Power 54-72201 Cold Air Intake

Simple, install a cold air intake. And this aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake is what you should consider. Its dyno-tuned, roto-molded tube provides enough air into the engine to let your Dodge take a deep breath. As a result, your driving friend can gain 18 horsepower and 22lbs. x ft torque for peak performance.

Unique One-piece Housing: A unique roto-molded housing decreases the need to use multiple components for effortless installation. Besides, the housing is made of heat-resistant material to give a longer life. On top of this, the transparent window lets you inspect its filter with no need of removing the airbox.

Roto-molded Tube: The computer-designed roto-molded intake tube gives your air intake system a pathway of free-flowing air to your engine. As a result, it boosts your car performance by providing horsepower and torque.

Large 5-Layer Performance Air Filter: Ensuring maximum airflow and optimum filtration is the key feature of the 5-layer performance air filter this CAI offers. You don’t need to worry about the dirt, pollen, and dust that can reach the engine. The air filter filters them and prevents the filth from reaching your engine to ensure longer life.

  • Increase torque
  • Take only 30 minutes to install
  • Look great in the engine compartment
  • Oiled Pro 5R Filter to ensure optimum airflow & air filtration
  • Large 9″ Tall Inverted Top Filter to draw more air into the engine for gaining max performance
  • It would be best if the coupler from the intake tube to the throttle body includes a reducer

7. aFe Power 52-74202-1 – Best Cold Air Intake for Chevrolet

Compatible for Chevrolet
3-Layer oil-free air filter
5-Layer performance air filter
High quality plastic CAD designed

At number 7, we bring aFe Power 52-74202-1, which is simple to install and fits the 2015-2019 Chevrolet Z06 properly. All parts of this cold air intake are machined precisely for fitment, and each of them uses high-quality material.

aFe Power 52-74202-1 Cold Air Intakes

Unlike other AFE CAIs, this cold air intake produces 49 horsepower and 39lbs x ft. torque for maximum performance. You can feel how this CAI increases the throttle response and gives you the power for driving.

Flow Optimized Tube: The cold air intake system uses a CAD-designed, dyno-tested intake tube to maximize airflow for gaining max gains.

High-performance air filter: This Momentum Air Intake System comes with a Pro Dry S Filter that can filter air optimally and catch dirt before allowing them to reach the engine. In other words, the CAI helps to increase your engine life and gain peak performance.

Premium Hardware: Every part of the CAI uses professional-grade stainless steel to add longevity. Because of the construction material, it can resist corrosion and abrasion.

  • Convenient to install
  • Made of stainless steel to add longevity
  • Made from durable material for ensuring longevity
  • Feel the increased throttle response in the 0 to 60 range
  • Come with picture-perfect instruction for easy installation
  • High-performance and 5-layer air filter ensures max airflow & air filtration
  • A bit challenging to install the aluminum vent tube into the intake tube

What to Look Before Purchasing the AFE Power Cold Air Intake?

Not every aFe cold air intake comes with the same specifications, and all of them will not meet your requirements. That’s why you need to consider the following criteria to pick the right one for your car.

Vehicle’s model & make

Each of the cold air intakes is specially designed for a specific vehicle. It is mandatory to check what car model & makes you are currently driving. Then, choose a CAI that fits your car. And, of course, you don’t want to curse yourself at the end of the day by going with the wrong one. So, double-check whether the air intake will fit your car or not.

Intake Tube

The intake tube has a meaningful purpose when it comes to the cold air intake system. It helps to draw cool air and provides the air to your car engine for gaining horsepower. AFI brings different types of intake tubes like dual and roto-molded tubes.

Air Filter

The air filter of an air intake system is responsible for the airflow. It ensures your engine gets enough air to gain max horsepower and torque. Besides, an air filter prevents dirt, dust, and particles from reaching the engine and protects your engine from potential damage. AFE’s air intake system features a 5-layer filter for optimum airflow and cleaning cycles.

Heat Shield

Heat shield is an additional feature that enhances the durability of your air intake. It protects your CAI from the heat the car engine produces. Don’t all of the AFE’s air intake includes this feature. But you can go for one to enjoy extra benefits.


What materials an air intake uses determine how long it will last. Each of the aFe cold air intakes uses premium-grade stainless steel as the construction material. And we know how durable stainless steel is. So, there is no fear of breaking down after three to four months of use.

AFE Cold Air Intake FAQ’s

How good is aFe cold air intake?

Ans: AFE thoughtfully designs each of the air intakes with minimum parts that require minor assembly. It goes with the car model & makes and fits like a glove. The installation is also a breeze. Most importantly, it provides maximum airflow to gain peak performance. Indeed, you will love the air intake from AFE, which boosts horsepower and increases your vehicle’s overall performance.

How much horsepower does a aFe cold air intake add?

Ans: It depends on your car model and the engine it has. Some of the cold air intakes from AFE provide a monster gain of up to 50 horsepowers.

Who makes aFe cold air intake?

Ans: The company itself (Advanced Flow Engineering) makes aFe cold air intake.

Where to buy aFe cold air intake?

Ans: You can visit the official website of AFE or follow the amazon links we provided to buy aFe cold air intakes.
How much does a aFe cold air intake cost?
The average price you need to spend is $440 to get high-quality aFe cold air intake. You can buy a CAI from AFE at an affordable price that eats up to $290 (we included it).

What is the best aFe cold air intake?

Ans: We recommend you pick the aFe TR-3001B Takeda Cold Air Intake System if you are on a budget.


After conducting thorough research, we compiled the list of the 7 best aFe cold air intakes. You can go for any of them to satisfy the hunger of your car engine by providing airflow.

Each of the air intakes we enlisted is simple to install, which requires no drilling or cutting.

However, we recommend you pick the aFe TR-3001B Takeda Cold Air Intake System if you are on a budget.

Now, it’s up to you.

Which aFe cold air intake are you going to purchase? Do you find this guide: AFE Cold Air Intake Reviews? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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