Best Spectre Cold Air Intake Reviews 2021 – Tested, Compared & Recommended

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Breathing is a key function of the human body. Breathing problems will reduce your body functionality. Similarly, an air filter is one of the main features of a vehicle. If the air passing system doesn’t work well, the car won’t function properly.

Installing a Cold Air Intake is a pretty inexpensive way of improving air passing systems. It will accelerate the horsepower and torque of your vehicle along with fuel economy.

Although selecting the appropriate CIA among different brands is like a puzzle, choosing from a single brand like Spectre will make the selection process easier. Spectre Cold Air Intake Reviews 2021 will help you to choose the best option.

Our experts tested different Specter cold air intake filters to recommend the best model for your car. You will find every detail, including the pros and cons of each Spectre Cold Air Intake model, throughout the review.

Is it a Wise Decision to Buy Cold Air Intake from Spectre?

Improving the factory cold air intake system to Spectre can increase throttle response, HP, and more. Who doesn’t want that? Turns out, you will get better acceleration and uphill performance. But there is more.

Sound Improvement: Having the air intake system reduces engine sound even while towing. As there is no resistance while sucking up air, the engine won’t make that annoying sound. Turns out, it doesn’t feel any stress as more air will rush right in.

Engine Damage Resistance: An advanced oiled filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the engine. The best part is, you don’t have to maintain a Spectre cold air intake or clean it too much. Dirt buildup won’t be an issue anytime soon. Your engine will get a top of grade protection.

Better Torque: Extra torque works as a backup while transporting heavy loads. Spectre air intake systems help provide extra torque, which results in more power when moving in steep inclines. Your vehicle can bear heavier and larger loads without any internal issues

Reduces fuel consumption: More air in the combustion chamber means better fuel efficiency. After installing a Spectre air intake, your engine won’t need too much fuel. The ratio of air to fuel will be just right, even under high loads.

Increased acceleration: Who doesn’t want more acceleration? Though too much acceleration is bad, you still need to boost it uphills. Spectre cold air provides low fuel consumption and more acceleration combined. You will have the best of both worlds in a single package.

Now you decide. Is it a wise decision to buy Spectre Cold air intake? For us, the answer is yes. You will have to pay less but get the same durability as premium brands.

Top Rated Spectre Cold Air Intake 2021 – Comparison



Fits For



Spectre 9976 Cold Air Intake

Spectre 9976 Cold Air Intake

2011-2014 FORD (F150)

Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake

Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake

(Silverado, Sierra)

Spectre Performance 9006 Air Intake

Spectre Performance 9006 Air Intake

(Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra)

Spectre 9925 Air Intake Systems

Spectre 9925 Air Intake Systems

2004-2008 FORD (F150) SPE-9925

Spectre ‎9918 Cold Air Intake Systems

Spectre ‎9918 Cold Air Intake Systems

(Escalade, Suburban, Silverado, Sierra)


7 Best Spectre Cold Air Intake Reviews-Experts Guide

Not all the air intake does the perfect job except a few of them. We’ve researched many of them and finally we are going to show you the best traits. Now delve in and see all the infesitimal spectrum of them.

1. Spectre 9976 Cold Air Intake

Easy installation
Improves engine efficiency
MAF sensor and PCV hose mount 
Fits for 2011-2014 FORD (F150)

The Spectre 9976 is a Dyno-tested air intake kit, which increases horsepower and torque on the go. Turns out, you will get a 50% air boost and better towing during long drives. Now, you don’t have to worry about poor throttle response or low uphill performance.

Spectre cold air intake filter systems feature engine protection, easy installation and won’t validate your warranty any time soon. Engine protection

The 9976 comes with an engine protection feature that restricts debris from damaging your engine. Contaminants can hardly pass through its synthetic oil construction. The best part is, you don’t have to clean the filter for up to a hundred thousand miles of driving.

Performance boost: Performance stability is often an issue when your vehicle has a poor quality air intake system. With the Spectre 9976, your engine can suck up 50% more air, resulting in better drive quality. When you are on high roads, an improved HP and torque are a lifesaver. Now, you don’t have to go slow when riding uphill.

Easy installation: When it comes to installation, the whole system will take less than an hour. Just unwind the bolts and adjust the Spectre 9976 in place. Easy as pie, right?

  • Engine protection.
  • Highly durable and efficient.
  • Polished aluminum tube for good looks.
  • Includes MAF sensor and PCV hose mount.
  • Improves performance in all terrain roads.
  • Fuel efficiency may decrease for older cars.

2. Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake

Boost in HP 
Fuel efficiency increases
Easy to tweak while installing
Fits 1999-2007 CHEVROLET/GMC/CADILLAC (Silverado, Sierra)

If you have a Silverado or an Escalade, performance drop-down when towing can be annoying. But, the good news is, the SPE-9900 is here with its improved throttle response and acceleration. You can literally hear your engine roaring with grace after you install it.

The performance boost you will get is jaw-breaking, indeed. And don’t worry about the warranty. Spectre products don’t violate the warranty of your car in any way.

Robust engine Sound: When you don’t have a good quality air intake system, your engine will start making a buzzing sound. No one will like it. But with the 9900 cold air intake, your engine will get half the air more. This improves the engine sound, giving a smooth vibe in every drive.

Better air intake: A factory box air filter hardly does any good when your engine needs more air. So, if you are driving along a slope, the car will run slower than usual. Spectre 9900 helps improve all that and creates a sweet spot with better airflow. The 50% more air boost doesn’t sound half bad.

Install and forget: Air intake systems need regular cleaning to keep the performance in check. But in the case of the 9900, you can travel for years and not have to clean the filter. Just install it, and you rest assured. Give the filter a check after every twelve thousand miles.

  • Fine sound production.
  • Adjusts perfectly in your car.
  • Installation is a piece of cake.
  • Robust looks and keeps debris out.
  • Filter falls off once loose.

3. Spectre Performance 9006 Air Intake

Better oxygen flow
Good dust protection
Torque increase while towing
Fits 2014-2019 CHEVROLET/GMC/CADILLAC (Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra)

Somes the best thing you can give your car engine is a good air intake system. Turns out, Spectre 9006 hits your engine perfectly, resolving any sound problems. Having a washable and reusable system build, the 9006 can withstand decades of usage.

Additionally, there is a black powder-coated shield for protection against micro debris. So, the air intake system hardly gets damaged. You can rest assured, your SPE-9006 will last for generations to come.

Increased Torque and HP: When you go on a long drive, the roads aren’t always straight. In most cases, increasing the airflow can avoid car slow down and performance decline. Fortunately, 9006 is fully tested to intake 50% more air during high demand. After the installation, you will have better performance, toque, and horsepower.

Protection from dust and debris: When dust enters into the engine, cleaning it can be a pain in the neck. To prevent it, factory filters are somewhat inefficient. However, the SPE-9006 can protect the engine with its world-class filter. Now, dust/debris can’t jam your engine or decrease its efficiency.

Zero maintenance: The air intake system doesn’t need regular cleaning or maintenance. The best part is, you can use it for 100 thousand miles non-stop. An oiled filter protects the intake system from contaminants, which can otherwise be damaging.

  • Dust and dirt protection.
  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • Minimal maintenance effort.
  • Doesn’t validate the warranty of the car.
  • Performance may drop if the dust isn’t cleaned.

4. Spectre 9925 Air Intake Systems

Better towing
Improved throttle response
Dyno-tested with up to 50% more air flow
Fits 2004-2008 FORD (F150) SPE-9925

Getting a gush of cold air can be a blessing, especially if you need efficient fuel combustion. On roads, there are highs and lows; But Spectre 9925 takes care of them all. This f150 spectre cold air intake won’t meet its match anytime soon. The best part is, you just need an hour to install it.

Your engine will sound better and more efficient. There is also an oil filter system for catching debris and dirt. So, no more engine damage. Turns out, Ford F150 will retain its classic sound with a roar.

Engine improvement: Having an advanced oiled synthetic filter design, the air intake system protects your engine. Thus, you will get a better performing engine as contaminants can’t enter the combustion chamber. You will see a hike in efficiency, especially for the 2004-2008 Ford F150.

Easy cleaning: Each spectre performance cold air intake systems are washable, reusable, and low-restrictive. These features allow you to reopen the system and clean it easily. Just open, wash and re-adjust. You won’t need more than 10 mins.

Classic Muscle car sound: Ever seen a muscle car growl? Turns out, an air intake system is enough to give your Ford F150 its improved sound. When you have a muscle car and don’t know why the engine, just change it to the 9925. The sound won’t change even after years of usage.

  • Washable and can be reused.
  • High-quality synthetic filter media.
  • User-friendly and will last for years.
  • Improved performance and better airflow.
  • Perform drops if all parts are not installed.

5. Spectre ‎9918 Cold Air Intake Systems

Up to 10 more HP boost
Advanced air filter system
Easy air flow to the combustion
Fits 2009-2014 CADILLAC/CHEVROLET/GMC (Escalade, Suburban, Silverado, Sierra)

Whether you have a Yukon, Escalade, Suburban, or a Tahoe, the SPE-9918 rules them all. It improves acceleration and uphill performance, all without consuming too much fuel. You will clearly notice an improved throttle response while towing. Who doesn’t want better HP, and torque at low fuel use?

Additionally, you don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning it. You can drive for thousands of miles without needing to open or clean it. Just make sure to check whether the filters are dirty or not.

Better towing: When pulling any vehicle with a rope, the extra weight restricts proper acceleration. In uphills, the performance drops to a bare minimum. However, with the Dyno-tested SPE-9918, you will see a hip in performance and overall response time during towing.

Industry-leading protection: Most of the time, air filters limit the airflow while covering for engine protection. With an oiled synthetic filter of the 9918, no dirt or debris can enter your engine. Additionally, you will get a world-class protection feature, all with all without any air restriction.

Efficiency boost: If you are searching for a boost in engine efficiency, there is hardly any spectre cold air intake replacement. Having a wider air intake hole, you will get 50% more airflow. Unlike the factory box air filters and intakes, your engine won’t lose its grip, even on roads with slopes.

  • Great looks and well-built.
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • Zero compromises on fuel efficiency.
  • The installation will take less than an hour.
  • Improved protection against dust and debris.
  • The two lock washers and heat shield screws aren’t up to the mark.

6. Spectre ‎9981 Air Intake Systems

Improved engine sound
High Performance air filter
Increases Horsepower and Torque
Fits 2012-2015 CHEVROLET (Camaro) SPE-998

What is the best Spectre cold air intake for Chevrolet Camaro? Well, it is hard to beat the SPE-9981 here. Having an advanced oiled synthetic filter, the air intake system lets more air during high demand. You will find less sound and more HP. The fuel consumption will significantly drop too.

With improved acceleration and throttle response, towing a car will be like a knife on butter. Just hear the fuel burn with nothing but complete satisfaction.

Sound improvement: Chevrolet Camaro cars hardly have the perfect air intake system match. Luckily, the SPE-9981 fits perfectly and gives you a satisfying engine sound. Your engine will have a proper ratio of air to fuel during work, eliminating any buzzing sound.

Better throttle response: While towing, a boost in acceleration and HP can be a blessing. Turns out, the SPE-9981 improves the throttle response, giving you better acceleration and torque. Now, you don’t have to worry about high roads or stopping down due to it.

High Air filter: When there is up to 50% more air entering your engine, the air filter has to be top-notch. Here, the oiled filter pushes the limits of the factory box air filter, protecting the engine in the process. No contaminants can harm the engine or cause it to wear out anytime soon.

  • Engine friendly.
  • Allows better airflow.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • A 3.5-inch clamp may be dysfunctional during installation.

7. Spectre ‎‎9051 Air Intake Systems

Better uphill performance
No throttle response problems
Better towing and acceleration
Fits 1991-2001 JEEP (Cherokee) SPE-9051

With a perfect fit for the 1991-2001 JEEPs, the SPE-9051 stands top of its game. For starters, you will get an easy fitting, more hp, acceleration, and more. An oiled filter system protects against any contaminants, so the engine stays clean.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with its performance. The best part is, your vehicle’s warranty won’t turn void.

Top Jeep Performance: Cherokee Jeeps can lose their acceleration due to time and overuse. Additionally, the throttle response isn’t great, either. But when you have the Spectre 9051 installed, your engine will find a new life. Everything starting from horsepower to uphill performance will improve.

Easy to clean: Just as the air intake system is easy to install, cleaning it is pretty similar. You don’t have to go near it for years to come. But when the time comes, just open it and clean the washable filter. Having an oiled filter system, the debris sticks to the filter and hardly enters the pipes. Just clean the filter, and you are good to go.

Easy of installation: Unlike other air intake systems, the 9051 takes less than an hour to install. Simply bolt on the system and attach the clamps in place. No special equipment is need for the installation process. You just need some extra clamps, a bolt opener, and your bare hands.

  • Looks nice and premium.
  • Near-zero maintenance effort.
  • Fits all Cherokee Jeeps, starting from 1991-2001.
  • Boosts acceleration by stabilizing the throttle response.
  • Clamps don’t secure properly.

What to Look Before Buying Spectre Cold Air Intake

Though Spectre makes some of the best air intakes in the market, finding a perfect match for your vehicle can be challenging. But hey, we are here. Don’t just rush or buy just any air intake system.

Search for a boost in acceleration, HP, torque, and fuel usage. If the new air intake doesn’t boost engine efficiency, change it.

Here are the things you need to consider before getting a cold air intake system from Spectre.

Reusable filter system

Every air intake system will face dirt and dust buildup. Nowadays, disposable air filters have become the norm for the average American. But it costs money.

Getting a reusable filter will be a bang for your buck, where your neighbors have to break the bank. Turns out, reusable ones are environmentally friendly as well. So, you will be doing the environment a favor at the end of the day.

Efficiency boost

When you install a new air intake system, the first thing you should notice is the fuel efficiency. The increased combustibility will reduce fuel needs while boosting power. So, a perfect fit for the engine will improve engine performance without burning too much fuel.

If your engine doesn’t respond to the system, then don’t use it. Get a new one.

HP, torque, and acceleration

It is no surprise, better airflow to the combustion chamber means more power. But the only way to see an improvement is to get the right match. Spectre cold air intakes offer a wide range of versions, including Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Avalanche, Silverado, Sierra, and so on.

Just pick the right one, and you will be just fine. If your efficiency drops, change it immediately.


Price is always a turning point when buying sometimes. However, a premium product doesn’t always cost more. Universal air intake system costs more, but won’t the scale of improvement isn’t great.

Then again, if the price of the air intake system for a specific vehicle is more, try to get it first.

Note: All Spectre Cold air intakes come with a warranty supporting feature. So, Your car warranty won’t get void after you install it.

Spectre Cold Air Intake FAQ’s

When to clean the Volant air intake?

Ans: Like all air intake, you need to clean the Volant air intake after it gets dirty. Unfortunately, there isn’t any fixed time for cleaning it. Just make sure whether the filter is dirty or not. If you see the color has faded or just became dirty, just clean the filter. Generally, after every 12000 miles, you drive, give the air filter a check.

How good is Spectre Cold Air Intake?

Ans: If you want a long-lasting air intake system, Spectre is pretty hard to beat. All the air intakes of Spectre come with polished or powder-coated cast aluminum tubing. Under the hood, the building design looks amazing. You will get better HP, torque, and uphill performance.

How much horsepower does a Spectre Cold Air Intake add?

Ans: Depending on the road condition, Spectre cold air intakes add up to 10 HP to the engine. Whether you use a Silverado, Suburban, or Yukon, extra HP is always a bonus.

Where to buy Spectre Cold Air Intake?

Ans: Due to the corona pandemic, it is hard to find shops opening for the mass public. However, you can order them online using Amazon, Ali-express, etc. Turns out, used spectre air intakes are also available on eBay.

How much does a Spectre Cold Air Intake cost?

Ans: The cost of Spectre cold air intake is around the 200 dollar mark. If you don’t want to consider shipping charges, the thing will cost you around 180 dollars max.

What is the best Spectre Cold Air Intake?

Ans: Well, all Spectre air intakes are industry-leading products when it comes to ease of installation and performance upgrades. If you want the best fit for your vehicle, try a Spectre universal cold air intake. However, picking one according to the vehicle model will be better.

End Note

We hope the above guide on Spectre Cold Air Intake Reviews went through the ins and outs of Spectre air intake systems. Rule of the thumb, get an air intake system after its efficiency boost.

If you want a universal Cold air intake from Spectre, go for the SPE-9918 and SPE-9900.

To calm your Cherokee Jeep (1991-2001), try out the SEP-9051.

For Ford 150 Spectre cold air intake, competition is tight between SPE-9976 and SPE-9925.

Choose any air intake system you like, but replace it when your engine loses its performance. So, no more today. Have a good day.

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